tagRomanceA Good Working Relationship Ch. 10

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 10


Chapter 37

Marisa came fully awake as she heard Hugo's voice and she pulled herself tightly against Paul in a futile gesture to get more protection against the man who had attacked her the night before. Despite her fear she kept her composure enough that she stared at him coolly and saw his sneering look as he surveyed her in Paul's arms.

"Well look at you two, all cosy and cuddly! Well Paul you certainly have gone down hill from my niece and sister, haven't you? You obviously felt like slumming it with a bit of nigger cunt ... I hope your dick drops off. It couldn't happen to a nicer chap."

Marisa could feel Paul's body tense at the insults and could tell that he was going into confrontational mode. Whilst she felt sure he would physically beat Hugo, who had proven to be a coward the previous evening, she thought it sensible to prevent a full scale fracas which might give WHG an excuse to fire him and possibly ruin his reputation.

"Put me down please, Paul. Even with one leg I can beat the crap out of this pussy."

He looked down at her with a straight face.

"My pleasure, I suggest you kick him where his balls should be ... if he had any! That should do the trick. Try not to get blood on your blouse and skirt."

Hugo visibly swallowed and moved away as Paul gently lowered her to the ground. She took her weight on her good leg and experimented to see how much pressure the other would take. The combination of the pain killers and the ankle support was sufficient that she could move more freely and wanting to continue the bluff of physical violence against Hugo, she moved purposely towards him. He scuttled away behind the dining table in the large living area.

"Ok, let's not get too hasty ... it was just banter ... that's all. I came looking forward to pass on a message from Maurice ... we have abandoned the merger ... it would appear that we could not agree terms ... we are all heading back to the UK tomorrow ... the Gulfstream will be departing at 10.00."

Paul stood there with an incredulous look on his face.

"Just like that ... we walk away? What do you mean we could not agree terms, they were in the heads of agreement that were signed months ago?"

Hugo's face was a picture of innocence which to Marisa was a sure sign of duplicity.

"I have no idea. I was not in on his meeting this afternoon but he rang me about half an hour ago to say it was off and that he would fill us in at the airport before we leave. He is staying in Bridgetown tonight with some friends and will meet us at the airport."

Marisa could see that Paul was suspicious.

"I spoke to him about 40 minutes ago and he never mentioned anything."

Hugo looked shiftily from Paul to Marisa and back again before sneering contemptuously at them again.

"Maybe it was the wonderful analysis work you did that convinced him to walk away. Now if you will move away from the door I will let you two ... err ... do whatever I interrupted."

He picked up a candlestick from a side table and waved it threateningly at them as he moved further round the table to get nearer the door. Marisa put a hand on Paul's arm to pull him away and he reluctantly followed her. Hugo's face was triumphant as he reached the door but a look of panic passed over it as Paul took a quick step towards him and went ' Boo' and he rushed out into the night.

Paul grinned at Marisa.

"Sorry, that was childish but he gets everything he deserves as far as I'm concerned."

Marisa moved gingerly towards him and put her arms around his neck and turned her face up to him for a kiss. Her eyes were sultry and her voice low and sexy.

"Never mind him; I'm sure there was something more important that we were planning to do when we got back."

Paul grinned teasingly at her.

"Well now that you mention it I am a bit hungry. Shall I ring across to the main house for some dinner or shall we see what's here in the freezer?"

Marisa's eyes narrowed in mock anger.

"Paul Cook, you have about 5 seconds to save your manhood if you have not started to ravish your favourite nigger slave by then she will wait until you are asleep and then cut off your tiny little white dick with a rusty spoon."

Paul's eyes opened wide in horror but his voice was teasing.

"Oh my god, in that case I better get on with the ravishing."

With that he scooped her quickly back into his arms and she squeaked in surprise but then put her head against his chest and purred.

"This is just as it should be ... a man doing all the heavy lifting while the woman just gets on with being beautiful."

"In this case it's a lot of heavy ..."

Marisa narrowed her eyes and growled at him.

"Don't even go there with the weight reference ... it's getting old, very quickly."

Paul tried the stereotype black character accent.

"Yes Miss Marisa ... you ain't but a feather Miss Marisa ..."

Marisa groaned in mock despair.

"God! That was garbage."

Paul shrugged acceptingly at her and smiled into her laughing eyes.

"So true ... but you ... you're a proper little mimic aren't you?"

Marisa's nodded thoughtfully.

"Once I could hear I naturally picked up what I heard around me so ended up with a New Orleans accent ... a lot of The South ... a little French ... a good mix of ... um ... negro (giggle) to use your polite expression. That was ok when everyone around me sounded similar but when I went away to college I was different to most of the others so found it easier to blend in if I copied what I heard around me. That's why I don't have an accent like my parents ... firstly Harvard and now Oxford-shire ..."

Paul grinned at her as he interrupted.

"You just called it Oxford-shire, the locals ... well all Brits ... would say Oxford-sheer."

Marisa looked at him with faux incredulity and laughed.

"Duh ... you dummy ... if you had been listening to me over the last four months instead of getting lost in my eyes you would have noticed that I always say 'sheer'. That was irony you dork ... and you bloody Brits think Yanks don't do irony ... Jeez! Now take me to bed and stop delaying the inevitable ... anyone would think you did you didn't want to fuck your favourite nigger ..."

Paul grinned wolfishly.

"You don't know how wrong you are ... this is just foreplay."

Marisa pulled herself up to whisper sexily in his ear.

"We have already had a day of foreplay and my panties are starting to chafe they are so wet. I just want you inside me before I explode."

With that she pulled his face roughly round to meet hers and raped his mouth with her rampant tongue. Paul lifted her higher in his arms and her own hands gripped tighter around his neck as they lost themselves in a deep, passionate soul kiss that went on for a long time despite the uncomfortable position. The broke apart, panting slightly, and looked at each other with smoky, lust-filled eyes.

Marisa looked teasingly at him.

"Did that remind you of what you have to do next?"

Paul nodded exaggeratedly with eyes rolling and popping and set off towards his bedroom where he gently set Marisa down in the centre of the bed and lay down beside her, propped up on one elbow as he looked down at her with tender, smiling eyes. Despite how horny she felt, Marisa's thoughts were going a mile a minute as he gently stroked her cheek to move an errant strand of hair from off her face and behind her ear.

'Does he know how sexy I find that? It's like when he does that thing with his thumbs when I'm crying.'

'Well girl, judging by the way you seem to melt every time he touches you, he would have to be blind not to notice.'

"Oh, you think he's doing it deliberately just to ... I don't know ... to seduce me?'

'He's a guy isn't he ... they do anything to get inside a girl's panties.'

'Yeah but he knows I'm ... err ... gagging for it as the Brits would say.'

'Still don't make it right if he ain't asked for permission.'

"OHHH ... he's undoing the buttons of my blouse ... GODDD ... he just grazed my boob with his fingers ... he hardly touched me and I ... UHHH ... he's nibbling my ear and now his mouth is moving down my neck ... he is making me squirm ... I love it ... he seems to know exactly ... UHHH ... what to do to me.'

'He's a skilled lover, girl, so stand by to be another notch on the bedpost.'

'NO! We have been here before ... he's one of the good ones ... a caring, gentle, loving man. I got it wrong before when I doubted him and it hurt him to think I was ... judging him unfairly.'

'One way to find out isn't there ... '

'You mean ...?'


Chapter 38

I could tell something changed by the sudden tenseness that crept into Marisa's body and I looked up from nuzzling her neck and met her gaze from eyes which had gone from smoky and sexy to cloudy and panicked. I stopped running a trail of butterfly kisses down onto the hollow of her neck. I made my quizzical expression soft and concerned.

"What's the matter sweet Ninja? Are you having second thoughts? We don't have to do this ... now or ... ever."

My own cock was telling me the complete opposite especially as Marisa's hand was in close proximity but I ignored my big-little friend and saw a look of relief wash over her face. Her beautiful eyes were still troubled and a stream of consciousness issued forth from those lovely lips as she tried to explain her misgivings.

"Paul ... you ... umm ... are the sweetest, most caring man I have ever known and ...err ... The Thing has grown out of nowhere and I don't want you to think I'm a slut who sleeps with their boss ... or with any guy after just a ... few days ... hours really ... I wouldn't want to spoil The Thing ... we may not work if it changes to The Sex Thing I mean ... umpf!"

I placed a gentle finger onto her lips to silence her.

"Beautiful ... lovely ... sexy ...smart ... thoughtful, Marisa ... I could say you are worrying about nothing ... but ... I'm here wondering if I have taken advantage of you and pressurised you into an inappropriate relationship. You don't need to sleep your way to the top ... you can carve that path by your ability and intellect ... but, having said that, I like you a lot ... even love you a lot ... who knows ... and I would very much like to make love with you but only when you are really ready.

"You do realise that The Sex Thing could actually improve on The Thing but you are right, it has happened very quickly and we don't actually know that much about each other so maybe we should go on a proper date ... have dinner ... talk about our backgrounds ... get to know each other ... maybe sit on a terrace and drink cocktails while we watch the moon over the sea ... walk on the beach and listen to the waves ... all the things that people falling in love do ... before rushing back here and ravishing each other."

I said the last in a teasing voice hoping that she would see that I was trying to lighten the mood. She gave a small grin in recognition but her eyes were full of emotion and I could see the glint of tears in the corners as she reached a hand up to gently stroke my face.

Her voice was husky and cracked.

"You are an amazing human being, Paul Cook, and you say all the things that make so much sense to me and I guess that is part of why I am falling for you. I know The Sex Thing will be better because you are going to be an awesome lover ... because I know you will care about my pleasure ... my enjoyment ... but I'm ... I'm not very experienced ... I wouldn't want to disappoint ... umpf."

This time I silenced her by kissing her tenderly, just to let her know that it wasn't important. Her free arm came round the back of my head to pull me in tighter and kiss deepened and became full of passion and she moaned into my mouth. I broke the kiss and she mewled in disappointment and I saw an adorable pout appear.

I chuckled and smiled into her eyes.

"There's no use you getting all stroppy ... I'm saving you from yourself.

She giggled ruefully and play punched my shoulder.

"Come on we have a date to go on ... so you have an hour to get showered and changed and then we can go somewhere nice ... I'll book ..."

She interrupted me with pleading eyes.

"Can we go back to Mullins please? It is really beautiful there and being with you will make it even more wonderful."

"Are you sure you won't have too many bad memories from last night? Jesus was it only last night ... so much seems to have happened? Ok ... Mullins it is although we may have to skip the moonlight walk because of your ankle."

She growled fiercely at me although her eyes were sparkling.

"We will have a moonlight walk even if you have to carry me. This is a full service Thing that includes every romantic item in the playbook. I will demand a refund if I feel that I'm being short-changed."

The pleading puppy-dog eyes were back and impossible to resist so I gave a sigh of mock-exasperation and gave up.

"Yes Ma'am. I will be honoured to carry you on the beach ... well ... anywhere you like actually."

She looked at me with a questioning grin.

"What no cracks about my weight? Are you slipping Mr. Cook?"

I laughed.

"Well you haven't made one about my age for a while so I thought I would give you a break too."

She smiled tenderly back at me and pulled me down for another kiss.

"I love how old you are ... it is what makes you the perfect man you are ... a caring, sexy, mature man ...what's not to love?."

It wasn't quite a declaration of undying love, but it would do for the moment.

Chapter 39

Marisa hurried to get herself ready but was hampered by her ankle. At one point she did think of asking Paul to help her shower but knew that if she did they would never leave the shower let alone the guest house. However, the thought of showering with him sometime soon got her juices flowing again ... not that they had really stopped.

Her ploy to test his motivation for having sex with her had worked a treat or spectacularly back-fired, depending on your point of view. On one hand he had proved yet again to be the caring and sensitive guy she really knew him to be by stopping immediately he sensed she was unsure. However, on the other hand, she was now incredibly frustrated that they were not making mad passionate love!

The irony of the fact that she had effectively cock blocked herself was not lost on her as she sat along the built-in bench in the large shower cubicle. Her back was against the wall and the multi jet shower was set to produce a gentle rain as she attempted to keep her hair dry with a shower cap that struggled to contain her thick, wavy locks.

Her hair was one of the things she disliked about her body and over the years since adolescence had tried many ways to deal with it from short and straight to full afro. Recently she had actually had started to copy the Vogue model that Dawn thought she looked like and kept it long and wavy to frame her face. If it was good enough for the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated then it was good enough for her. Her biggest complaint about her physical attributes were that her breasts were too small and a bit saggy in her opinion, and, despite Paul's delight in looking at it, she still thought her ass was too big.

Perhaps she had been going with the wrong guys as most of her insecurities came from comments made by previous boyfriends, all of them African-American, who had moved on to girls with bigger boobs after splitting with Marisa. She would be quite nervous when finally she got naked with Paul although she giggled at the memory of the dash to the bathroom that morning.

The thought of all that had happened during the day gave her tingles deep inside her and she could feel herself getting wet again. She had not been exaggerating in an attempt to get Paul's motor running when she said her panties were chafing. Now, as she ran her fingers teasingly over her puffy labia and throbbing clit, she wished it was him touching her. Better yet would be the feel of his tongue licking her to a mind-blowing orgasm or the rigid cock she had felt in his pants as they lay on the bed, sliding deep into her needy pussy.

She sighed in frustration and started the practiced motions that she had used over the years of, mostly, celibate adult life to bring herself pleasure. However, this time she would not be imagining a phantom lover but have a definitive face in her mind which she knew would speed her orgasm and she dispensed with her usual preliminary motions of stroking her nipples and labia. The middle and index fingers of her left hand stretched the hood of her clitoris back allowing the thumb of her right hand to gain better friction as she moved it in a figure of eight pattern over the hard nub. Meantime her long middle finger was buried deep into her flooding cunt rubbing a similar pattern over the rough surface of her G spot.

It did not take long for the sensations to start to build and the waves of pleasure came faster and longer.

"Oh fuckkk ... this is going to be big ... Ohhh ... fuckkk ... Paul ...Godd ... bigggg ... fuckkk ... coming ... alreadyyyyy."

She was right, it had not taken long, 38 seconds from the point at which she first touched her clit to be precise (not that she was counting) as the effects of the day-long stimulation roared through her body in a tidal wave of snapping synapses and rigid muscles as her back arched and she groaned out his name as her clit pulsed and her juices flooded down onto the bench.

"Fuccck ... Paulll ... Ohhh fucckkkkkk!"

Not only was it quick and big but it seemed to last for a very long time before, eventually, her muscles relaxed and she slumped down on the bench as her finger movements resumed more slowly and gently as her body twitched through the small after shocks. She was panting heavily and tried to still her heart rate but all the time she smiled at the thought of how much better it was going to be in real life.

She sat up and realised that the shower cap had been totally inadequate especially as her exertions had dislodged it. Oh well, she would just have to pull her hair back in a thick pony tail as it would take too long to dry and she wanted to get to their first date as quickly as possible.

She giggled to herself and gave a fist pump.

'First date ... and India had said he wasn't dating. Go, The Niggah From N'Orleans ... yeah!

'I think you will find that should be the negro from New Orleans.'

'Since when did you start talking like the Queen?'

'I think we should try to blend in with those we mix with.'

'Paul is not like that. He said he came from humble beginnings ... in fact it will be good to hear more about his background. That's what first dates are about.'

'You're excited about this. I hope it lives up to our expectations.'

'It will ... he's wonderful.'

'Just saying ... is all.'

'Paul would say that should be ... that is all. You should use a pronoun.'

'So now you are the Queen?'

'Shut up you, we have to get going.'

'Don't we need to ... umm ... tidy up a bit down there first?'

'Fuck ... yes ... there is a bit of stubble.'

She busied herself and then got dried before having a mild panic about what to wear. She had not brought many clothes and nothing that would really be suitable for a first date so was limited to a simple yellow summer dress with spaghetti straps showing a bit of cleavage, a fitted waist and a flared skirt. The bigger challenge was what lingerie to wear with it and she giggled naughtily when she decided to go without a bra and chose a simple white lacy thong. It didn't matter really; the date was nothing more than an interlude until she could get him into bed and then clothes would be irrelevant!

Chapter 40

I was on tenterhooks waiting for Marisa as I had no idea how this evening would turn out. She was as worried about damaging The Thing as I was but I felt we both wanted it to grow and develop.

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