tagRomanceA Good Working Relationship Ch. 16

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 16


I have decided to rewrite Chapter 16 completely.

Be warned there are darker elements to this version compared to the previous ones and there is anal sex involved. If this is not your bag then please go elsewhere.

There will be at least one more chapter.


Chapter 62

I was silent for a beat realising that pretty much anything I said would alert Dawn to the truth of the matter.

"What nonsense, have they nothing better to write about?

Yeah, it sounded crap to my ears too. I carried on, trying to gloss over my inane sound-bite.

"Have they asked Caroline for a comment and if so what did she say?"

"Not much. She's in the Azores bringing back the body. She made a statement saying that she wants to be left alone to bury her husband and grieve privately."

"And they are still going to run the story? Insensitive bastards!"

"As far as they are concerned they are being responsible by delaying it until the weekend and not running it on their online version."

"Well hoorah for responsible journalism! Can you call them back and say I have no comment ... as I really don't know what to say to this fiction? I actually feel like a 'fake news' tirade a-la Chumpy but that just keeps it running."

Dawn was silent for a few seconds.

"And the photos they claim to have? What if they publish them?"

"I have no idea how they have photos ... as nothing ever happened, that is."

Yeah, the pause after 'photos' was too long and my guilty voice gave me away after that. Dawn was silent for a while. I could almost see her disappointed shrug of the shoulders.

"Whatever, Paul. I'll tell them 'no comment' but it would be helpful if you were here to do it in person. It would also be helpful if you were here to settle the troops down. They are very nervous about the implication of the take-over and you are one of the few directors that they trust ... me included."

Hey, how about they chuck a bit more guilt my way? I didn't say that but I could tell from Dawn's voice that she too, was worried.

"Yes, I'm sorry but that isn't possible for a bit. Has Simon not said anything? He's a main board director at least."

Dawn gave a hollow laugh.

"He's a bit of a chocolate teapot at the moment as he's as much in the dark as everybody else. He's even asking me for information!"

"Is he still there? I'll speak to him if he is."

"Yes, he's still holed up in his office. Probably refreshing his CV ... speaking of which I had a message from Sir Maurice ... before ... umm ... the flight ... to get Compromise Agreements in place for you and Marisa ... were you both planning on leaving us?"

I looked up at Marisa who was had a puzzled expression on her face and was mouthing 'compromise agreements?' at me.

"Hang on a sec Dawn, I just need to fill Marisa in on what they are."

I muted the phone and leant over to kiss her.

"You Ok, sweet Ninj? Compromise Agreements are nothing more that a legal device for getting us to agree that we have been paid off correctly and have no claim on the company for unfair dismissal etc. You probably call them waivers in the States."

She nodded and smiled but the strain was showing.

"What's this about photos? I thought you said it was all done discretely? It doesn't sound like it."

I shrugged.

"It may be them fishing unless ... unless ... she was recording stuff. But why? And then who has got hold of them and passed them to a journo?"

We both looked at each other and nodded knowingly.



I unmuted the phone.

"The answer to your question was 'Yes' we were ... are ... leaving. Let's say that certain irreconcilable differences with a member of the main board as a result of some potential sexual harassment claims and possible assault. The company's position was such that it forced us both to resign and that would be construed as 'constructive dismissal' in any tribunal. When faced with this situation the company decided to pay us off to avoid it becoming public."

Having just done a good impression of a lawyer I was not surprised that there was silence from the other end. I could tell that Dawn was trying to work out the 'who' and the 'what' but she joined the dots and got there in the end.

"Hugo ... he didn't ... Oh My God ... was it ... Oh Marisa ...I'm so ..."

Marisa scooped up the phone and turned the speaker off.

"Dawn ... sweetie ... it's ok ... "


"No ... I'm ok ..."


"Dawn ... shut the fuck up! I'm ok ... it worked out just as you thought ..."

She looked over at me and smiled and blew me a loving kiss. I blew one back.

"No ... he was ...wonderful ... it's wonderful ..."

I could hear Dawn's girlish scream over the phone. Marisa got all coy and turned away and lowered her voice as if to try to stop me from listening.

"No ... I can't tell you that now ... he's here ... he's big headed enough already ... look ... just stop ... you owe me big time for Hugo but I ... we ... owe you big time for ... us."


I couldn't hear what Dawn said but Marisa grinned like a Cheshire cat at me.

"Maybe ... but you may want to think about buying a hat."

Dawn's scream was even louder this time.

Chapter 63

Paul eventually spoke to Simon Wardhaugh and the CFO was, as predicted by Dawn, completely clueless as to what was happening but had a lot of hidden knowledge about the original negotiations. Paul put the conversation on speaker so that Marisa could hear the conversation.

"Look Paul, the last thing I heard was that we had broken it off because we couldn't agree terms ... which was bullshit because we had heads of agreement in place for months. I spoke to Sir Maurice the night before the ... umm ... flight home and he indicated that it was something to do with you and Marisa discovering a poison pill in the form of money laundering. To be honest we knew about that already as that was what gave us leverage in forcing them to provide financing for the takeover for us."

Paul was incredulous.

"What? They were financing their own takeover? Isn't that illegal? How does that work? Anyway, why did we need financing, I thought we were cash rich?"

There was silence for a while from Simon and then a loud sigh.

"Maybe we should have a chat when you get back. Let's just say that some old loans from people that you really don't want to mess with got called in and we would have found ourselves in a bit of a hole."

Paul still could not understand what Simon was saying.

"So, we had some loans that got called and we paid them out. I would say that's no big deal, it must happen all the time and they get rolled over with another finance house or bank. What's the problem?"

There was another big sigh.

"Have you seen our share price recently? We are not exactly flavour of the month with the international finance brigade ... leastways not at interest rates that make sense in a low-interest global economy. In some ways the reverse takeover solves a lot of problems ... and that's only been possible because of ... umm ... the crash ... Sir Maurice didn't ... he wanted to ... err ... well ... "

Simon's voice trailed off and Paul's hackles rose.

"So they killed him to get their own way ..."

"What? No ... there's no proof ... it was unfortunate ... timing ..."

"Fuck off Simon! Sir Maurice is blocking a deal and then mysteriously ends up dead in a plane crash that has a bomb on board. Open your fucking eyes, man!"

There was a gasp from Simon.

"Who said anything about a bomb? They have discounted that theory. They think it was a fuel tank explosion. Are you not keeping up?"

Paul and Marisa looked at each other in astonishment before Paul cautiously answered.

"So ... it's not an explosion ... well not caused by a bomb ... so ... there's ... umm ... not a problem then ... is there?"

He did not expect Simon to grasp his meaning and the CFO did not answer immediately and was on a completely different track when he did.

"Well, no ... unless you count the fact that WHG has no leadership just at the moment ... has Caroline not been in touch? She's wanting to make you acting CEO ... and I'm not telling tales out of school when I say that Hugo was against it ... but ... you know ... she can be very persuasive ... in fact fearsome is the word I would use!"

Paul grimaced and rolled his eyes in embarrassment at Marisa.

"Yeah ... I know what you mean! There's only one problem ... I tendered my resignation ... 2 days ago ... and Maurice accepted it. I'm sorry but I can't work with or for Hugo ever again. It's a matter of ... trust ... ethics ... call it what you will."

Simon's despondency was evident in his voice.

"No, I had heard ... about the resignation ... but not the reason for it. I still think Caroline will ask you to take over as acting-CEO if nothing more than to give the steady hand on the rudder that we need just at the moment. Who knows, the new lot may want to keep you on in that role ... they're a bit lightweight themselves in senior management ... but then you know that because you've met most of them already. One good thing for you is that Hugo is unlikely to be part of the new board as I think he's taking the money for his shares and running. I think Caroline will do the same ... I can't see any reason for her to stay."

Paul was reflective for a moment but was very sarcastic and incredulous in his reply.

"So ... let's get this straight. Maurice dies and this releases a shed load of money for Hugo and Caroline ... and we still think it was an accident?"

Simon did not reply for a moment but his voice was reproachful.

"Yes ... well ... they do happen ... accidents I mean ... and don't forget all the share options that you are carrying will suddenly be worth quite a bit of money ... a few million, maybe? I guess you could always do the ethically correct thing and hand them back."

The sarcasm in his voice was evident but an uneasy Paul said nothing for a while.

"I guess I do owe it to the employees to be there for them in a difficult period. It's for them, mind ... not for the blood suckers like Hugo and Caroline. Tell Caroline I'll be back early next week and we'll discuss it then."

Paul was stunned as he broke the connection.

No bomb and WHG taken over by a bunch of Colombians of dubious criminal tendencies!

What the Fuck?

He looked over at Marisa and shrugged as he couldn't hide his disbelief.

"Oh well ... I guess there's no reason for us to be in hiding anymore. Apparently, it was all an 'accident' ... yeah right!"

He did the bunny ears for 'accident' and Marisa smiled sheepishly but she desperately wanted to accept her life was not in danger anymore.

"Maybe we did over-react. Come on ... we can relax ... enjoy this place for a couple of days together before you go back and take over the world."

She wrapped herself sensuously around his body and lovingly kissed him.

"They have hammocks big enough for two people here ... I've never made love in a hammock before ... you can help me check another thing of my bucket list ... Mr. CEO!"

Paul grinned teasingly at her.

"Oh, Ninja, is that the hammock 'thing' or the CEO 'thing' on your bucket list?"

She grinned and put a finger to her chin with an exaggerated 'think' pose.

"Well, now you come to mention it ... Dawn did tell me that she found powerful men exceedingly sexy ... apparently she had the hots for Sir Maurice ... umm ... maybe that's in bad taste at the moment ... but ... you do seem a lot sexier than you were five minutes ago ... no ... no ...don't tickle me ... STOP ... pleeeease ...!"

Chapter 64

I walked back into the office on the following Monday at 7.45 after we had spent a further two, blissful, love-filled days on the island. We did try 'hammock sex' with, let's say, mixed results as we both ended up on the sand several times in a giggling heap. We started with Marisa on top but finally were successful with missionary as that seemed to be the most stable but either way it was just another strand in what was becoming the most perfect relationship imaginable.

Any type of love making with Marisa was special but somehow the fun and laughter as we struggled in the swaying hammock brought us even closer together. Snuggling in post-orgasmic euphoria afterwards we discussed how to handle the inevitable fall-out from our relationship becoming public knowledge and also the allegations about Caroline and I. We decided to keep 'us' as low key as possible and agreed to continue to go to the office in separate vehicles even if we did stay over at each other's homes.

Dawn was waiting for me when I arrived and we quickly scheduled a number of meetings and conference calls so I could brief my direct reports. I couldn't actually tell them much as I couldn't get much information out of Simon and Caroline was not due to arrive until later that afternoon but they seemed relived that I was back in the office and seemingly in control of things ... how little they knew ... about how little I knew!

Before starting the round of presentations I emailed my solicitor to instruct him to remove any obstacles that prevented the divorce from going through as quickly as possible. I wanted to be free to marry Marisa even if it would cost be money. She was worth it.

She sat in the front row on one of the meetings and, as much as I tried not to, my eyes were drawn back to her especially as she was showing a lot more leg under a much shorter skirt and a lot more cleavage than normal and a cheeky grin. She spent an inordinate amount of time crossing and re-crossing her legs and occasionally I could see her white lacy panties. This told me that she was teasing me big-time despite our agreement to be 'low key'.

I decided to get my revenge.

At lunch time I wandered round to 'Executive Corner' and found Dawn and Marisa sat at their desks. I looked over at the love of my life and gave her a scowl. She grinned mischievously back.

"Hi Dawn. Any chance I can borrow Sir Maurice's... sorry ... the Chairman's office for a confidential meeting with Marisa?"

Her eyebrows rose and a knowing smirk suffused her face.

"Sure, Paul. Just clean up any mess when you finish as Caroline will be using it from now on."

This was news to me but I blushed at the inference of the heavy innuendo applied to 'mess'.

"Oh ... ok."

I looked up at Marisa.

"Marisa ... would you join me. We need to discuss the details of your Compromise Agreement."

She frowned and the grin dropped from her face.

"Uh ... sure ... now? I was just going to lunch ..."

"Yes please ... now, if you don't mind ... I have a lot on this afternoon."

Her frown got deeper but she got up to follow me into Sir Maurice's office and I am sure I heard Dawn giggle and say 'Have fun' as she passed her desk.

I went in and waited for Marisa to pass me before clicking the lock. She went towards one of the two comfortable chairs placed on the near side of the desk while I sat in the big boss chair.

"No, don't sit down! Approach the desk and remain standing."

She looked confused and glared at me but did as asked.

"Excuse me?"

"Remain standing ... I haven't given you permission to sit down ... that privilege is reserved for employees who behave themselves ... follow company protocols ...like wearing appropriate clothing ...not trying to titillate other employees by flashing their panties ... do you understand me?"

Her mischievous grin was back.

"Oh ... now I understand ... I am to be disciplined for breaking the rules. That seems fair. Do you want me to assume the position?"

Our gazes were locked and I slowly nodded with a corresponding grin on my face.

"Yes please. Take off all your clothes then bend forward resting your torso on the desk and reach back to hold your lovely arse cheeks apart."

Marisa's eyes widened in surprise but then the erotic nature of what I had asked got to her and she closed them as her chest heaved with a big breathy sigh. When she opened them again they were smoky with lust as she started to take off her clothes.

"Fuckkk ... this is hot ...what are you going to do to me ...Sir?"

"I'm going to do what a mischievous cock-teasing slut deserves to have done to her ... I'm going to fuck her across this big desk ... and ... if the mood takes me ... I might even fuck her in her beautiful arse ...!"

Marisa's eyes widened in surprise and her voice was querulous.

"MY ASS? You can't do that!"

I got up and walked around and stood behind her as she leant on the desk thrusting her gorgeous naked bum back at me. I bent forward to whisper in her ear.

"Why not? I'm in charge here. You felt it appropriate to flash me this morning so I'm disciplining you in accordance with my protocols ... do I make myself clear?"

She gulped and nodded.

"But ... umm ... Sir ... my butt is virgin and we have no lube ... you will hurt me. Your protocol doesn't include pain does it?"

I chuckled evilly and reached into my jacket pocket for two small packs of butter that I had found in the fridge in the staff kitchen. I moved them in front of her eyes.

"If it was good enough for Marlon Brando in 'Last Tango in Paris' then it's good enough for me ... and you!"

My beautiful Ninja looked very worried and uncertain and I could see her trying to think of something to say to prevent me fucking her in the arse.

Her voice was little-girly and pleading.

"Umm ... Sir ... I thought we had agreed on a protocol that my ass was ... err ... off limits until I was ready?"

My voice was harsh and unyielding.

"Yes, but that was before you broke the agreement to be 'low-key' in the office. You deliberately tried to distract me by flashing your very sexy, panty-clad pussy at me during a public meeting. It's bad enough being distracted by your beautiful eyes but I had to hide my hard-on from a room full of people. That ... my beautiful Ninja ...is very naughty and needs punishing."

She giggled.

"Well, Sir, it is a good thing I left my panties on then isn't it?"

I groaned at the thought and slapped her right buttock causing her to yelp in surprise. It wasn't a hard slap but I could still see my hand print on her dark skin.

"Owww ... why did you that?"

I laughed.

"So I could kiss it better."

I knelt behind her and gently kissed the area I had slapped. Marisa moaned softly and I looked up to see her staring back at me with those gorgeous, smoky eyes which gave away her uncertainty but also betrayed her lust.

"Spread your buttocks sweetie. There's something else I want to kiss ... I promise I won't do it until you are ready."

She reluctantly bent forward over the desk again and her hands came back to separate the firm, fleshy globes of her arse showing me the dark pucker hidden there and the lips of her pussy below. I could see fluid glistening on the distended, parted labia and bent closer to smell her arousal.

"You dirty girl! This is turning you on ... what is it? ... the thought of me taking you over the desk? ... is that on your bucket list? ... it certainly is on mine ...or is it the fact that I might take your arse ... forcibly?"

She moaned quietly.

"Both ... all of it ... the desk ...my ass ... the thought of people outside ... hearing me moan and scream out as you fuck me ... just do it ... fuck me ...pleeease."

"Oh ... an exhibitionist huh? Is that one of your perversions ... you want them to hear you as I fuck you ... well not yet, sweet Ninja ... first I need to kiss ass."

I chuckled at my own crappy joke as I bent forward and ran my tongue gently down the valley of her bum, swirling it over her tight arsehole and down her perineum to suck on her juicy pussy. Her breathing became ragged and her buttocks twitched backwards to increase the contact and her fluids gushed over my face. I pulled back and growled a command.

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