tagLoving WivesA GOR-y Halloween Party

A GOR-y Halloween Party

byTx Tall Tales©


A wild Halloween party, where wives become slaves who are bought, sold and throughly enjoyed. Particularly by the men of Gor.

Although this story is written so it can stand alone, it is a sequel to A Gor-y Halloween. You might want to read that one first. Or after.

There's a lot to this tale. It's rather long, and covers a lot of areas. First time, group sex, (almost) non-consent, light bondage, slave relationships, and more. At the heart is a story about a couple, and their evolving relationship.

This is an entry in the 2012 Halloween Story Contest.


Chapter 1: The Dallas Halloween Slave Auction

My wife was livid. In her current state of dishabille, that description could be taken both figuratively and literally.

She snatched the artificially aged parchment out of her friend's hand, and read the Slave Auction Rule Sheet again, out loud, for the benefit of all of us.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dallas Halloween Slave Auction

1. All Masters must arrive with at least one slave

2. Only one Master per invitation, companions will be sold

3. All slaves must be collared at all times

4. Masters receive 500 Gold per slave for evening expenses

5. Additional Gold may be earned (Contests, etc.)

6. Slaves will be auctioned off in random order

7. No Master may bid on a slave they brought

8. Slaves who remove their collars are immediately free

9. Slaves shall not be required to remove any clothing

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We were standing on the front porch, along with several other couples deciding if we still wanted to play this game. A 'Slave Auction' Halloween party was already over-the-top, but this new twist required nearly every woman there to 'submit' herself to someone other than her husband. Or multiple someones.

Add to that the artificial and unspecified ways for the 'Masters' to gain their wealth and there was no telling how things might end up. It also made the pouch of silver coins at my side meaningless. An hour at the local numismatist store wasted.

"Can you believe this crap? Who's going to agree to these rules?" Amanda asked her friend.

She wasn't the only one questioning the setup. We'd already lost one couple that I knew of and it was obvious that our hosts 'creativity' wasn't going over well.

The rules didn't seem that heinous to me. In fact, if anything, they didn't seem restrictive enough, as far as 'slave' protection went. But prohibiting the Master from buying back his own slave was turning out to be the non-starter, at least for Amanda.

The hostess and her cousin Michelle, looking devastating in leather bondage gear, were intent on getting my wife to give in and join the fray.

"Come on, Amanda, it's only fair! Otherwise, for propriety's sake every husband would have to buy his wife, or look like a complete asshole. Now they're free to mix things up, at least for a little while, like they secretly want," Erika argued. She had a point. In her sexy outfit, I'm sure I wasn't alone in wondering how she'd look tied up and helpless.

Amanda wasn't biting. "Like they want? How about us? Who would want to chance some stranger controlling them?"

That got a laugh out of Teri, our third wheel. "Just about every woman here, except you and me apparently."

Amanda looked shocked, as if her friend had turned on her. "You're not agreeing with this, are you?"

"Hell no! I know who I want to be owned by, and he brought me here. But I can see where they're coming from. If Bill was still around, I'd still want to be controlled by your hunky hubby," Teri said.

Sweet girl. If she kept it up, she was going to make me blush.

"But now that's not going to happen. Do you really want to take a chance on someone like Cole, or heaven-forbid, Greg controlling you? Shit, Greg brought two slaves, he's going to have a lot of gold to bid with," Amanda argued.

Michelle was still working with Erika, trying to persuade the girls. "The way the contests are, I don't think he stands much of a chance to add to his wealth. Besides, even if he were to win, if you don't like it, all you have to do is say no and remove your collar." She put her arm around Amanda, walking her away from the gathered crowd. "Don't worry..." was the last I heard.

Even though I was nominally the Master over my incredibly gorgeous wife, and her (nearly) equally ravishing friend, I had no inclination whatsoever to get involved. Our rocky marriage was barely on the mend, and I didn't want to cause any trouble. The status of our new 'open' relationship with Teri, was equally precarious. Truth be told, I'd have been happy to take my slaves home and play with them alone.

I looked them over, Teri's diaphanous white silk and silver loincloth, reaching half-way down her thighs, her bikini top barely enclosing her smallish tits, the pink of her cold-hardened nipples beckoning. Amanda's rough brown tunic, open erotically on the sides, a simple rope holding it closed around the waist. Strategic tears exposing her skin, the strap of the thong exposed on each side. The side of her ample breasts were visible from the right angle, the teasing partial view in many ways better than a full exposed view. She was ridiculously sexy.

Teri walked over, rubbing up against me cat-like, the silk of her top soft against my arm. "Pet your slave, Master?"

I laughed and pulled her close, caressing her long lustrous dark hair, which had gained a white streak overnight, similar to Anna Paquin's Rogue character. It looked just as good on her. I couldn't help but notice the hesitation on the part of the other couples. "Looks like Amanda's not the only one with issues here," I said.

"Oh, the others are just waiting to see what we do. If we go in, most of them will. If we don't, there goes half the party. Erika knows it," she said confidently. "That's why she's pressing so hard."

"What makes you say that?"

She laughed at me. "Everyone knows Amanda's the most uptight here. If she's willing, it must be Ok. The men are equally interested in the outcome, since they know that if we don't go in the two hottest slaves are no longer part of the festivities," she teased, doing a little Gor slave dance for me.

I noticed that got the attention of quite a few of the bystanders. Maybe she had a point. Saucy wench.

I surveyed the porch, taking in all the couples waiting. Many were still covered up in wraps or coats, hiding their costumes from view. I was definitely curious. There were several women present I wouldn't mind owning, and I had no doubt that virtually every man there would kill to possess my stunning wife, never mind the hot vixen beside me.

"Tal, Jack."

I turned and saw Troy Brown waving at me. Looks like we weren't the only ones coming as Goreans. Troy's outfit looked more like Robin Hood than a Gor Warrior, but his curvaceous wife was rocking an open sided red silk tunic which reached halfway to her knees. Hers covered considerably more than Amanda's teasingly revealing barbarian tunic, with only about a 2-3 inch gap at the sides, and held closed by a four inch wide sash around her waist. Of course, there was considerably more to cover, but the curves looked good on her.

"Tal, Troy," I responded amiably. I looked over Kayla appraisingly. "Red silks definitely suit you," I teased. "Who's idea was that?"

"Hers," Troy laughed, "but she's certainly earned them."

We laughed, while she blushed prettily. On Gor, red silk identified sex slaves, trained in the arts of pleasuring a Master.

They were an odd looking couple. She was taller than he was, and probably had him by 20 lbs or so. Not that she was that heavy, he just wasn't that big. Maybe 5'6, 140 lbs. He was in good shape, and didn't look bad in his outfit. Her soft curves contrasted his lean muscles nicely.

He moved closer, dropping his voice. "This thing about not buying back your own slaves, not good."

"No," I agreed. "At least not for us."

He nodded emphatically. "I was thinking the men of Gor should team up. We could pool our wealth and buy each other's slaves, then share them. Kayla's a little concerned with being sold to the wrong guy."

His offer intrigued me. I knew there was more to it than face value. He could have offered to exchange them, not share them. Like many of the men present, it was obvious he had a thing for Amanda. But unlike most, we saw them sociably, if not often. His wife was friendly and cute, and easy to get along with. He was likable and decent, and they had a good marriage. At least as far as the rest of the world was concerned. Recent events made me wonder how good anybody's marriage was behind closed doors.

More to the point, it might work. It would resolve a lot of problems. And the 'sharing' part of the deal could be kept under control. The opportunity to share his red-silk wife was a titillating bonus. Emphasis on the tit. I wondered how far the sharing might go.

As if I needed any more encouragement, Kayla dropped to her knees beside me, in the classic 'Naru' kneeling Gor position. "Buy me, Master. Please? Buy Kayla."

I grinned. She had the look and the attitude. I felt a tug on my arm from Teri. "I can't think of two men I'd rather be owned by," she said with a sexy smile. "I'm sure Amanda would agree. We like Troy."

I stuck my hand out and Troy shook it. "It's a plan. As long as Amanda decides to stay."

Teri giggled. "Don't worry about her. The act's all for show. No way she's not going into the party, after all we've done in preparation. She just needs to be reassured a bit."

My sweet Teri was right. Amanda walked our way, and Kayla got up and made room for her. My wife came to me, clinging to my arm. "You'll watch out for me, right Jack? I'm a little nervous."

I put my arm around her. "Troy and I will both watch out for you. We're going to work together to buy you all back, and keep you out of the clutches of these other posers."

That appeared to perk her up, and she looked over to Troy, who was patiently waiting. "Really? You'd do that for me Troy?" The devastating puppy dog look. Unfair.

Also, totally unneeded. He'd walk through fire for her.

"Of course, Amanda. Whatever I can do to help. You know that."

She gave a huge sigh. She was capitulating. "Alright. Let's do this then."

Before she could turn away, I grabbed her by the arm. "Once we cross the threshold and I collar you, I own you until the auction. You'll be my slave completely. Agreed?"

She gave me the big-eyed innocent look. "Amanda is Kajira. She will do nothing to disappoint her Master. Amanda will be good. Very good for Master."

Damn, that got me hot.

* * *

Our decision busted the log jam, and we entered the house with a half-dozen couples on our heels. Inside the door I stopped the girls. I reached into one of the pouches at my side, pulling out a leather collar. It was simple, no studs or designs, just a single metal loop on the front.

"This is for you, Amanda."

She held up her hair, and allowed me to place the collar on her neck. "It suits you well," I told her, giving her a kiss on the lips which caught her by surprise. We weren't usually publicly demonstrative. Shit, who am I kidding? Until the last week, we weren't privately demonstrative. When I pulled away she was blushing. "Pretty Kajira. I think I'll call you Mandy." I gave a little tug on her collar ring.

"Thank you Master," she said softly.

I turned to dear Teri, and drew out the second collar from my pouch. This one was a silver mesh collar, nearly an inch wide. It had a large loop on the front, perfect for leashing. "And this one, is for you, sweet Kajira. Do you like it?"

She stood tall, holding her hair out of the way. "It's beautiful. Thank you, Master."

"No more beautiful than you," I told her, closing the clasp on the back.

Dale was standing nearby, and gave me two small bags of coins. "Eight 50 gold coins, four 20's, and some small coins in each, Sir. May I compliment you on your taste in slaves? They look mouth-watering."

I didn't know the protocol for a male slave speaking. "Thank you. I hope your new owner tonight is to your liking. Don't let her use you too thoroughly."

We wandered through their home, absorbing all the changes. The place was filling quickly. Walking into the large central room, I saw a raised platform had been placed in front of the fireplace. A single wooden 6x6 rose from the floor to a height of about 8 feet, with two large steel rings attached to it.

Silks and pillows were scattered everywhere. The furniture remaining had been moved out of the way, leaving the place wide open. Walking through the dining room and formal living room, I saw much of the same. I started to wonder where all the furnishings had gone. Numerous flag staffs were scattered around, but instead of flags, long silken sheets were hanging from each. I contemplated their possible purpose.

The lighting was dim, with most of the overhead lights extinguished, and candles scattered throughout the house giving off dim flickering light and strong fragrances. The corners of the rooms were particularly dark, and I suspected purposely so, in order to create the ambiance of privacy. The centers of the rooms were mostly empty, providing room for standing and mingling. The house was warm, a good thing, with so many of us minimally dressed.

As we explored, I saw a few new girls dressed in provocative leather mini-dresses. The outfits had a large zipper down the front, begging to be opened up. Additional zippers crossed the low cut top, above each breast. More temptation. Leather collars completed the outfits. The girls looked young, probably college kids looking to make some easy money. They were all pretty, though not as stunning as several of the guests.

There were a couple of male servants present. Their tight leather shorts, mesh shirts, and collars were very revealing. Fortunately, they were both fit enough to pull off the look. Most likely more college students. I wondered briefly what they were being paid for the night. The last time we'd hosted the rotating Halloween party, we'd hired three pirate wenches as bartenders and servers. It had run me over $150 each. This whole setup was looking pricey.

Whereas the servant girls were walking around passing out drinks and snacks, the servant men were mostly standing off to the side, observing.

I was thirsty. "Mandy, paga," I told her firmly. "Teri, two cups of Ka-La-Na."

The girls moved away quickly, giving me an opportunity to see how things were shaking up. Nearby stood a truly ugly orc who I would never have recognized except for his lovely companions. His mask must have been uncomfortable. "Nice outfit Raul. Little heavy on the makeup, though."

Hell, it was my responsibility as a man to give him a hard time.

"Beautiful slaves you have there, Master Orc," I said to my long-time friend. He was one of our original guests, half-a-dozen years back.

He snorted. "These scum? Some trash I found on the way over here." I had to imagine the smile I heard in his voice, through the full face mask.

The 'trash' was his tiny wife Denise dressed as a World of Warcraft Night Elf. The long pointy ears were a dead giveaway. The mesh bikini and burgundy cloak worked nicely. Beside her was an extremely tall blue girl, with large curly horns on her head, and hooves for feet. I didn't recognize her at first, then it struck me. I grinned. "Sheila?"

"Greetings, Master," she said with a charming smile. "Perhaps you'd be so kind as to free us from the clutches of this stinking, uncouth, vile captor? I'd be ever so appreciative."

I hadn't seen Sheila in years. She'd gone off to college a few years back. I guess she'd graduated. She was extremely striking, with the hard body of youth, bright yellow hair, and a fabulous breastplate of gold and yellow. Another gold plate was strapped around her waist, with a long yellow silk hanging from it, making her barely presentable. She'd set some hearts to pounding. Top tier slave material.

"I'll see what I can do once the auction starts," I told her with a smile.

My slave Mandy appeared at my side, dropping to her knees and presenting me with a goblet of what I assumed would be some kind of beer. I took it from her, taking a deep swig. It was a dark beer, not Guinness, but something almost as thick. Just what the doctor ordered.

Teri showed up moments later, on her knees, holding up two more chalices. "You two may have one glass each," I told her.

"Thank you Master," she said sweetly, lowering the glasses, and passing one to her comrade in chains.

"Mmmm. Tork would trade. Both of these worthless chattel for either one of yours," Tork barked, tugging on the leashes attached to his two women.

"Tempting, Tork." It was tempting. If I made the trade before the auction, would I get the sellers cash, 50 Gold each? I'd be even more likely to be able to buy my own girls back. I'd have to talk this one over with Troy. "Perhaps later. Can I offer you something to drink?"

"Not now. Tork will try to find someone foolish enough to take these troublesome creatures off my leash."

He walked off, with the girls struggling prettily on their leashes, putting on a nice act of being dragged along against their wishes. In retreat, Sheila had to walk carefully, the footwear she was wearing adding a good six inches to her already considerable height. I noticed she had a large purple tail protruding from her loincloth. I wondered how she'd look on her hands and knees, with me moving that tail out of the way to get to her youthful goodies. Shame on me.

Too bad I'd be buying back my own women. Otherwise I'd have enjoyed having those girls at my feet. Either one, or ideally both. Not a true mother/daughter fantasy, since Denise was Raul's second wife, and only a few years older than her step-daughter.

I mingled for a while, my girls always close at hand, running small errands for me, doting on me otherwise. They were very openly affectionate, raising a few eyebrows. The fact that Teri was acting so intimate, and that Amanda was not only accepting of her friend's attention, but was mimicking it, must have been quite a surprise for most of our friends.

Hell, it was a surprise for me. Unthinkable until a few days ago.

The atmosphere was electric; I'd never felt anything like it. The submissive half-clothed women, the easy way the men held them, touched them, caressed them. The exposed skin, the flashes of breasts, smooth ass cheeks, it was all breathtaking. The outfits for the most part were extremely skimpy, designed to tease. Some were downright lewd. Each movement opened up new vistas of tempting flesh. Even those more fully clothed displayed a new sensuality and wantonness most had never even hinted at previously.

I had known these women for years. Amanda was somewhat standoffish, with a small circle of close friends. I, on the other hand, didn't have many close friends, but I was friendly with everyone. I was prone to flirt, but humorously, never pushing things too far, and rarely overstepping my bounds. Over the years I'd become a little friendlier with a few of the women, Erika our hostess, Tasha, and Raul's Denise in particular. That's part of what made the actions of Teri, and in a lesser way, Kayla so surprising. I'd never really pushed the envelope with either of them before.

Tonight, if I so desired, I could own any one of these women.

I sent Teri off to find out what she could about the contests. More gold would be good.

I won't bore you with the details of the contests they'd set up, but most were either skill or knowledge based. Made sense, any strength contests wouldn't be very fair for the female Masters. I'll admit that some of the frat games I'd played at, plus my endless knowledge of useless trivia came in handy.

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