A GOR-y Halloween

byTx Tall Tales©

I was surprised to see how well she was behaving, finally accepting the role she was dressed for. I don't believe I had ever touched her as roughly as I did then.

I was kneeling between the girls who were positioned on the floor in opposite directions just a few feet apart. I faced the blonde's feet, as she lay to my right. The pretty little brunette lay on my left, and I faced her head and torso. I looked down at her exposed ass, and caressed it.

Pausing in my caresses, I stopped to untie the brunette, then turned back to the blonde whose real training was about to begin.

I reached out with my hand and turned my wife's face toward the wall, and teased her womanhood mercilessly, trying to force her to respond. My other hand reached out and softly landed on Teri's thigh. She groaned, and whined in her need as I caressed her legs and butt gently but intimately, reaching between her legs, inside of the cloth and lightly petting her cleft.

Meanwhile I toyed with my wife, fingering her fiercely, pinching her clit, slapping her pussy, forcing three fingers deeply inside of her. She was trying to stay still but was losing that battle.

"M...Master," she groaned, "I must move."

"Move at your own peril," I growled squeezing her pussy hard.

"Please Master, please!" She gasped. Her hands were clenched in fists and her face was contorted in pain and pleasure. It was what I was looking for. I slid a finger into the quiet slave, once, just as a tease, then turned to the slave who was in need. I climbed between her legs, rubbing her clit hard, feeling her body twitching almost out of control. "Master!" she cried out, begging.

I leaned forward, and in one hard movement drove my entire length into the quivering slave girl. She screamed out and I heard a moan from beside us and saw that Teri had turned to face us, watching me take her sister in slavery.

"You may move, Pretty one," I told the slave underneath me.

She yielded to me completely, thrusting against me, crying out, wrapping her legs around me. I leaned over her and pounded her viciously, thrusting my fingers, wet with her own juices into her mouth. She sucked on them, her tongue bathing each independently. She was incredible, so alive, so vibrant. I'd never seen her so hot, and so sexual.

My new slave, still unsullied, was watching lustfully. "Master, please," she called out to me, reaching a hand out to brush my leg. I pointed to a spot beside me. "Nadu, Sweetness."

She eagerly moved to where I indicated, assuming the classic pleasure position. I reached out and moved the silk on her chest aside, exposing her breasts one at a time. She held her position, her eyes locked on where my body continued to pleasure her friend. With a tug, I released the loin cloth from the front chain and it fell beneath her, leaving her totally exposed.

"Yield to me, Pretty one," I ordered the girl underneath me, rising up on my knees, lifting her hips off the ground, and thrusting fiercely into her.

She was groaning continuously and a stream of words flowed from her. "Master, master, I love you master. Rape me. Rape your slave. Use me. Use me hard. Love me, Master."

"Punish her for her teasing, Master," Sweet whispered. "Punish her hard. This girl would never tease you and leave you unfulfilled, Master."

I looked over and found that her hands had moved between her legs and she was pleasuring herself. She had inched forward, as slave girls might tend to do, if not monitored carefully. Her knees were brushing against the girl I was using.

"Slave Lips, Sweet one" I said.

She puckered her lips and leaned forward. Only my kiss would free her.

I eased the girl beneath me back to the ground, and raised her legs to my shoulders. I leaned over her, fucking her as hard as I could, into the unyielding floor. She cried out for me, and I saw her looking at her competition, kneeling so beautifully beside me, so in control, while her own body betrayed her. I leaned toward my unused slave.

"Kiss me."

She leaned in and placed her lips on mine, kissing me hotly, her tongue alive in my mouth. I bit down on her tongue, hard, reminding her who was in charge. Her hand was still moving frantically between her legs.

Pretty screamed out her pleasure, yielding completely once more. I felt Sweet trembling against my lips as she approached her own finish. I reached between her legs and trust my fingers into her, making her scream for me.

It was enough. I finished inside my well used slave, thrusting to completion, filling her with my seed. She cried as she came with me inside of her. The pretty brunette cried out as well, her arms clinging to me, and her hips thrust against my hand, desperately, wringing from her body continual rolling waves of pleasure.

In one final paroxysm, Sweet fell to the floor, an arm thrown across her sister, trembling.

I took my fingers, slick with the brunette's juices, and placed them in Pretty's mouth. She sucked them, while I continued to push in and out of her, my cock remaining semi-hard.

Sweet clung to the girl I continued to use, her lips pressed against an exposed shoulder. Her hands moved down to untie Pretty's waistband, and expose her body to me.

A body I knew so well.

I reached down between the brunette's legs and wet my fingers again, feeding them to the gasping blonde.

"What are you, Pretty one?"

"Kajira, Master," she gasped.

My cock had remained hard enough to move in and out of her carefully, but the excitement was firming me up, making me harder, thicker. My movements lengthened and I was able to apply my full length once more.

My slender brunette was becoming more active, drawing the outfit of the slave beneath me up and over her head, exposing her excellent body. Then she moved forward, placing her face right above where I was entering the blonde.

She looked up at me, her large brown eyes glistening. "It has been long, Master. So long. Allow me to pleasure you." She opened her mouth before me.

I could almost feel the testosterone coursing through my system. Yes. This slave also was mine to use freely. She had offered herself to me, understanding full well what that entailed. The Blonde had brought her into my home, dressed her, and presented her to me. I would have her.

I eased my hardness out of the moaning Pretty, and with a slight raising of my hips, eased the head into Sweet's mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned as I slid a few inches between her lips. I eased my cock in and out of her mouth several times, before burying it once more between the legs of my first conquest.

Sweet kept her eyes closed, and her mouth open. Her tongue quested out, almost begging. Again, I withdrew from the wet cavern beneath her, and pressed into her warm mouth.

Back and forth I switched for a long while, the previous completion giving me added endurance, as did the constant change from one opening to the next. My motion into the tiny brunette's mouth became more aggressive, gagging her, and yet she pushed back hard, determined to service me.

Looking at the pretty face engulfing me, while my first love lay beneath her, I was getting too excited. My hand was behind her neck, pulling her forward, and I was thrusting into her throat, getting deeper. When I pulled out she gasped, staring up at me. When she caught me looking into her eyes, the she-devil licked her lips and opened wide again.

But tonight was about taming the blonde, not indulging in the brunette. A man, a warrior, did what was needed, not always what he wanted.

My pretty blonde slave moaned when I pulled out of her, but shrieked when I reached down and grasped her roughly, lifting her off the floor and tossing her on the bed. She felt like a feather to me and I was fearful she would land off the far side of the king size bed.

I removed the leather surrounding my waist, while I gave the slave on my bed directions. "On your knees. Head to the furs, hands to your head."

She only hesitated for a moment before moving to her knees, lifting her rear into the air and dropping her head to the bed. Her elbows were out to her sides; her fingers were intertwined behind her head. She trembled. "Please, Master, not like this," she said softly. "Not like an animal."

I climbed behind her, then looked for my brunette, and again pointed beside me. I looked down at the incredible ass presented before me. I caressed her butt cheeks, before smacking her ass sharply, eliciting a yelp. "I will use you however I wish. Your childish preferences mean nothing to me."

I lined up my cock, rubbing it against her wet opening, and then thrust into her mightily, pushing her forward on the bed. She moaned out loudly, and then, to my immense pleasure, pushed back against me.

I fucked that sweet pussy for a minute before I gave directions to my second girl.

"Get my binding straps. Bind this one's wrists behind her."

While I pounded my gorgeous slave the new girl tied the blonde's wrists together behind her. I reached forward and tested the binding. Adequate.

Holding her by the wrists I hammered her harder, delving her depths. It wasn't long before I could feel her responding again.

Briefly I thought of the 10 years of vanilla sex I'd endured. In over 10 years, we'd never played in bondage of any type. No role playing. No domination. Certainly no additional company within the bedroom.

"If only I'd known what a hot little slave you were, Pretty. There is much I would do to you."

She gasped, pushing back at me. "Always yours, Master. Always. Always here for you. Use me."

I pushed her to her side, and she couldn't help but fall to the bed, with her arms immobilized. I lifted her leg and used her hard. With her leg over my shoulder, my hands were free to play with her, tease the area between her legs, pinch her nipples, squeeze her full tits.

Sweet had done her best to console my Pretty, and now she cuddled up to her and held her, whispering to her. Her hands caressed the delicious body I owned so thoroughly, while her lips were pressed against her neck.

I reached for the brunette's leg and pulled her closer, so I could reach down and touch her. She shuddered when my fingers penetrated her.

The blonde was approaching the fullness of slave orgasm again. I could hear her gasping, and her body fighting for more. I pulled her legs together, tightening her opening, and pushed them back, achieving even greater penetration. This lovely piece of flesh was going to push me over the edge again.

"Yield to me, Pretty. Surrender." I growled.

She sobbed, gasping. "Yes, yes. Again. Again!"

My little brunette reached for her slave-sister's swollen breasts and squeezed them, twisting her hardened nipples.

The Blonde screamed out, a harsh gut wrenching scream, and then surrendered to her passion, heaving, thrusting back against me, crying out over and over. By the time I finished inside her, she was barely conscious, breathing hard, her eyes unfocused, gasping.

I left her on her side, the sweat glowing on her.

"Clean me," I directed my sweet little brunette.

She hurried to me, and took me in her mouth, taking her time, sucking me absolutely clean. I had hoped to harden again under her ministrations, but it looked like I was done for at least a while.

I lifted her to my lips. "You were wonderful tonight, Sweetness. I promise, your time will come. After the party tomorrow, you will come home with us and spend the night. I will own you once again."

She clung to me, pressing small kisses into my flesh. Her teasing tongue darted out and laved my nipples. "Thank you Master. I shall."

I pulled her off of me. "Take care of her." I nodded toward my wife's body, her hands still bound behind her.

I wrapped my waist cloth back around me and headed out of the bedroom.

I was hungry. I considered calling out to my slaves to serve me, but smiled when I saw the prepared dinner covered on the stove. I would let them rest.

I heard footsteps. Teri stood beside me, wearing a robe. "Amanda says to take those off before you make a mess of them. And don't forget to smoke the leather." She retrieved a bottle of water from the refrigerator and turned to head back to the bedroom. She hesitated and leaned over whispering to me. "Buy me tomorrow. Buy me and I'll be yours, completely, in every way." Then she kissed me lightly on the cheek, and wandered off with a mischievous giggle.

That night after Teri left, Amanda and I talked. Really talked. In ways we had never talked before. We opened up and discussed our desires and needs in ways I'd always avoided. There were some tears shed, and some defensiveness on both our parts, but it was an amazing breakthrough none-the-less. I coerced her into riding me, for the first time in our marriage. She was beautiful to watch, leaning over me, her beautiful breasts moving with her motions, her hair hanging loose, her face so expressive as she was able to find what felt best, and ride that feeling. She came on top of me, and berated herself for not having done that before. I fell asleep spooning her from behind, my cock pressed between her legs. It was the most amazing night in 10 years of marriage.

How sad it is that Halloween only comes once a year.


Thanks for reading my entry for the Halloween Contest, 2009. There are lots of great entries this year. Please enjoy a few - and remember to vote!

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