tagGroup SexA Grade Training Camp

A Grade Training Camp


Upon my arrival at the training school a woman met me in her 30's who took me to her office to explain to me the training techniques that took place here and to explain to me the rules that I must abide to while I was here.

"We train the girls here to please their husbands when they are chosen and bought from us here, as you know." She then turned on the mic. On her table and told her secretary to send in Hazel. "Hazel shall show the quality that our girls are expected to conform to." The door opened and a young 19 year old wandered into the room in just a tiny black thong. She crawled under the table and began to undo the zipper on my trousers.

She took my penis all the way into her mouth and sucked like crazy while whipping her tongue all around me.

"The teachers here shall explain to you how you are able to test out the girls on your tour of our facility."

Hazel continued sucking me under the table but had now started to develop a rhythm bobbing her head up and down whilst circling my cock with her tongue.

"Hazel is one of our greatest performers in the oral art." She then commanded Hazel to stand up and leave the room. I was given a white t-shirt to wear while I took the tour that covered my ass but left the bulge of my penis for all to see.

"This is where the girls perfect their oral skills." I was standing in a room where 20 girls were lined up on their knees in front of male mannequins with 8-inch cock, which the girls were sucking and licking like crazy.

"If you wish you may inspect the girls in here and allow them to try your own cock, but I'm afraid you cannot penetrate these girls."

I wandered behind the first girl in line and lifted her t-shirt over her bottom and examined her bottom. I then gently rubbed her clitoris whilst she continued to suck on the mannequin's penis in her mouth. I then inserted finger into her tiny virgin hole and watched her push her butt back developing a rhythm with the fingers penetrating her. I then moved in front of her and pulled her head off the fake penis and presented her with my own. She looked up with her big blue eyes and buried my dick in her mouth bringing me almost to the point of coming all over her before her teacher pulled her off me and took me to the front of the class.

She lined up all the girls and told them that they each had 30 seconds with me. I sat on the stool at the front of the class and waited for the first girl. The first girl in the line took off her white shirt and sank naked between my knees and sucked on me for 30 seconds. She then stood to the left of me and inserted my fingers on my left hand into her hole.

The next girl then came up removed her top and sucked on me whilst I felt the first girl and controlled the second girls head with my right hand. After 30 seconds she stood to the right of me and put my fingers inside her.

They then called in hazel still in her tiny black thong. She removed her thong in front of me and sank between my legs whilst I felt inside the first two girls. Hazel expertly licked and sucked until I came violently inside her mouth. She swallowed every drop the sucked and licked my penis clean.

"Right then, that's the oral training room. Shall we continue our tour?"

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