tagRomanceA Gray Area Ch. 17

A Gray Area Ch. 17


"Oh. My. God."

Damn it.

The one thing she had been trying to tell herself to avoid had just happened. "Dear Sweet Jesus—if I were paparazzi, you would so be in deep shit right now." Caden opened her eyes slowly, then closed them back at the blonde haired man looking down at her. "Go away, Collin," a deep voice rumbled before C.K. could say what she wanted to. Warm arms that had been around her previously encircled her tighter, bringing her closer to a firm chest.

The movement of her body brought a dull ache from in between her legs.

'Oh, yeah.' Caden said to herself. 'I missed that feeling.'

"Get up, you two." Collin ruffled Cady's hair. Unconsciously she swatted at him. "Go away," she groaned.

"How did he get a key to your place, anyway?" She felt warm breath tickle her ear and if she hadn't been so tired, would have laughed. "I don't even pay my own rent, remember? Of course he has a key; this is pretty much his place." She felt Jon give a satisfied nod near her head then roll over on the floor, leaving the blanket on top of her. Which left him...

"Jesus Christ, Jon, if I wanted to see you naked I would ask."

Caden didn't open her eyes but smiled at the picture she was seeing in her head. Jon, gloriously naked and proud; Collin, disgusted and pretending to look at the paintings he had seen hundreds of times. She heard heavy pats on the floor as Jon retreated to the bathroom, closing the door softly and switching on the shower. Only then did Caden open her eyes.

Collin was watching her, a wicked smile playing on his lips.


"What do you think?"

"How many times?"

"Twice last night. Two and a half times this morning. Maybe about an hour and a half ago."

There was a small silence.

"Wait...two and a half...a half, Cady are you serious?"

Jon came out the bathroom unannounced, still profoundly naked and his penis hard at half mass. Collin glanced up and then away in shock, this time not saying a word. In the same manner of silence, Jon hoisted C.K. into his arms, cradling her like a sleeping child and walking back into the bathroom.

"That's like sleeping with my sister, you know?" Collin called.

"Then welcome me to the family," was Jon's answer. He closed the door. Caden was released from his strong arms and immediately pushed up against the door as soon as her feet and the tile touched. Cady smiled as they kissed. "Good morning," she whispered.

Jon kissed her neck. "Ditto."

They showered together; taking extra care to make sure Collin knew what was going on beyond the white wooden door. "This is going to have to be a quick shower," Cady had said. "We have guests." Jon ignored her and continued his suckling on her nipple. In a matter of seconds she forgot her previous words and her quick shower turned into twenty-five minutes that passed by to quickly.

"Well, hello." Collin greeted the two as they exited Caden's room upon getting dressed. "Should I leave so you guys can cover all the sexual bases in the kitchen too?" Collin seemed annoyed but C.K. knew his sneer was good natured. Jon stopped what he was doing and looked at Caden, who was taking a peek in the fridge, looking for breakfast. As if she felt his eyes on her, she met his gaze.

"No," was all she said. Her attention returned to the fridge. Jon smiled at the back of her head then at Collin who figured out that his suggestion was actually being considered. "Your sick," Collin mouthed.

"And you're jealous." Jon smiled, popping a grape from Caden's fruit basket into his mouth. "You guys want pancakes?" Cady asked. She emerged from the fridge with eggs and milk cradled in her arms. Collin held up a white paper bag. Oil stains coated the outside. "Got my breakfast here." C.K. glanced at Jon and he nodded. "Pancakes it is..."

"Well, no, Benji called my cell a few minutes ago and he needs Jon for a little while." Jon finished chewing a grape and then said, "For what?"

"Well, gee, Johnny, I don't know. Maybe he needs you to do some music stuff with him considering you're in a band and he owns a music store. But I could be a little off. He might actually need you to—" Caden tossed a grape at the blonde man, cutting off his sarcasm. Collin squealed and ducked, the purple fruit barely missing his eye.

"I could have lost an eye," He complained.

"Damn, that's not what I was aiming for." Jon let out a chuckle. "Next time, open your mouth a bit wider. I'm hoping she'll get it lodged in your throat."

"Caden, let's not forgot who pays your rent. Because I am SUCH a good friend. And Johnny-boy..." Collin leaned up against the counter, a smug smile coloring his fair skin. "You're the last person to talk about hoping to get things lodged in people's throats."

Caden choked on a grape she had been eating and spit it out. Jon stared for a second until a smile broke out on his face. The smug look on Collin's face became broader. "See what I mean?"

Caden answered by launching a few more grapes at him.

Benji Ashton's music store was abnormally packed. Not that the man didn't get business, he just never got that much. His store specialized in older music. Most of the records he sold were exactly that—records, and not many people owned record players. Although he did supply a fair share of CDs—anything from rock, rap, techno and even disco—his overall state of mind was out of date.

Jon pushed through the crowd at Benji's, making a beeline for the back counter, where Ann Marie was quickly answering questions and handing back CDs. She flipped her hair, giving a quick nod to Jon who leaned on the counter, elbows supporting him, hands folded. He stayed for a few seconds, simply watching.

"No, Johnny. Of course I don't need your help with anything." Her voice was tight with annoyance. She snatched a CD from a customer's hand, swiping it then handing it back. "Oh," Jon said, as if finally acknowledging his surroundings. "Is that what that hair flip was? A call for help?"

The Hispanic girl's smile was sarcastic as she replied, "Gee, Johnny, I'm being pummeled by out of date CDs. Please don't help."

Jon relaxed on the counter even more. "Alright." The blonde haired man gave a smile that made Ann Marie squeal out her agitation. "There's a reason why Benji asked for you..." A customer almost hit her in the face, as he waved a record around, trying to get her attention. "Calm the fuck down! It's not like I don't see you. Ay Dios mio." Jon stood up. Ann Marie had used Spanish. Everyone was in danger when she got that mad.

He grabbed the swinging record and swiped it on the machine next to her and handed it back. The customer exchanged money and then began his trek to the front door, pushing through body after body. "Thank you." Ann Marie's voice was quiet. She was still angry so Jon skipped out on his next sarcastic comment.

It was scary how after only one night, Jon could already feel Caden when she walked into the room. It was almost as if the whole earth tilted and everyone fell off, leaving just her. She strolled through the front door as if no one blocked it and walked through the crowd towards him with so much confidence that he almost felt jealous. Her hair looked perfect under the fluorescent lights, and from halfway across the room he could make out the gray of her eyes, searching for his hazel ones.

They had made love in the shower that morning and again after Collin left them. In the Kitchen. On the kitchen floor. Just like Collins suggested. She watched him as she walked through the room and Jon felt his insides heat up. She gave him a smile and it reminded him of the look she had given him the night before. Right before she...

Jon dropped the CD he was swiping. It fell to the ground with a loud plastic clap. He dove down to get it and when he came back up, Cady stood in front of his side of the counter. "Ma'am," Jon said. He handed back the customers CD and watched the guy next to C.K. leave. "I'm afraid if you wanna purchase an item, your gonna have to wait in the back of the line like everyone else."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, ma'am. I'm really sorry. I—"

"I actually want to talk to a young man that works here."

"Oh, and what does this 'young man' look like?" Jon leaned on the counter, interested.

"Well, he's tall, a wannabe blonde, he's a musician so he doesn't always work here and he has gorgeous eyes."

Jon nodded. "And how well do you know this 'young man?'

Cady smiled. "Oh, I know him really well."

"How well?"

"Well enough to know that he likes it when I scream his n—" Jon covered her mouth even though the volume of the store would have drowned out her answer. She smiled under his hand, then licked it. "Ew." He yanked his hand away, laughing out loud.

A customer waved a CD around. "Hey, will you to love birds give it a rest. I got shit to do." Caden turned to the old man who made the comment. "Like what? Play your CD and die?" The man put his item down and stared at her as if she had struck him. Her gray eyes sparkled as she gave a sweet smile. "That's what I thought."

When she turned back to Jon he was giving her a stern look. "What? He was a prick." She made an attempt to hoist herself up on to the counter and wouldn't have made it over if Jon hadn't reached under her arms and pulled her over. Before her feet touched the floor on the other side of the counter, their lips were locked. Someone in the crowd said 'ew' and Cady would have flicked them off if Jon hadn't grabbed her hand, wrapping it around his back. "You suck," she whispered against his lips.

"I know, I know. Life's not fair."

"Can we save the dirty talk for the bedroom, children?" Benji Ashton almost poked Jon in the eye with his purple spiked hair as he came out the backroom and pushed them away from the counter. "I have a business to run."

Benji pulled a megaphone that had been hanging on his belt loop into his hands and pushed the siren button. People throughout the store covered their ears, ducking as if getting closer to the ground would decrease the amount of sound they heard. When the button was released Benji nodded, satisfied. The room was quiet. "Ladies and Gentlemen... For those of you who came for the limited edition Beatles record, we have officially sold out," The room erupted in disappointed groans, the sound overtaking what Benji continued to say. "Shut up!" He had used the megaphone, which proved effective. "Thank you," he said, taking his lips away from the receiver. "Please exit my store, go home and bid on the last one on EBay."

The shuffling of feet was deafening as deafening as people rushed out the door. When the store was clear, only three people were left in the store other than Jon, Ann Marie, Cady and Benji. It took Jon a few seconds to get used to the hum of silence. A customer in the back, wearing a fancily designed hat clacked through the CD's breaking the constant quiet.

"Whose soul did you sell to get that much business," Cady asked Benji. Ann Marie snickered. Jon laughed. "Yours. Why? Have you been looking for it?" Ann Marie let a healthy laugh burst from her and Jon receded back into a smile.

He took the moment as an opportunity to wrap his arms around, planting a small kiss on her forehead.

"I knew it." Benji sighed. He pulled his number books from under the counter and flipped through them, obviously making an attempt to ignore the two. "How did you know?" Ann Marie asked.

"Because. It's Jon and its Caden. I mean, Cady comes back, who else is she gonna hook up with other than—" Benji thrust his arms out in front of his almost as if to say 'Ta-daa'. "—Jon." He let his head fall back down to look at his books. "Sounds to me like someone is jealous," Ann Marie accused. She leaned against the counter, placing her hands on her hips. Her facial expression almost dared him to deny it. "Jealous of what? Jon?" Benji scoffed. "The whole town knows I'm hotter than him." It was Caden's turn to laugh this time. Benji glanced back at her. "You laugh because it's true."

The customer with a fancy hat approached the counter. He placed his CD down and took off his hat, running a hand through his semi-long black hair. Ann Marie used her hip to pu8sh herself up to a standing position from her lean and took the CD, still enjoying the conversation between the new couple and Benji. "Nine eighty-nine, sir." She glanced at the customer quickly, flashing a small smile that soon faded. Blue eyes looked at her and a smile began to form on the customer's face. Ann Marie gave a similar reaction that soon erupted into a full on squeal of happiness. A squeal that interrupted the conversation behind her.

"Oh, my God!" She said, jumping up and down, finally ending up on the counter, hugging the customer.

From where Jon and Caden stood, it would have looked as if he were being suffocated if his arms hadn't been wrapped just as tightly around her. "Oh, my God!" The Spanish girl said again. "It's Michael! Michael's back in town!"

It was almost like getting hit by a bus but not as slow motion. Cady had seen the hugging and heard the squealing. As far as that part was concerned she had felt normal. No slo-mo; no awkward voice from the beyond or light from above. Nada. It was actually pretty fast. One moment she had been in Jon's arms—those warm arms, tight around her. She had let herself drown in that for a little while, the feeling semi-new despite the fact she had just had a boyfriend. It had distracted her. So when she actually heard who the hugger-in-return was, it had been like getting hit by a bus.

"Michael Brosier is back in town!"

Like that was something to celebrate?

Cady wanted to throw a CD at the Hispanic girl. She wanted to throw a CD at Michael. She wouldn't have even minded if Jon had a few CDs lodged in his head because as soon as the name was ripped from Ann Marie's throat, Jon released her. He let his warm arms fall away and reach for Michael's cold hands.

They had to be cold.

It was only fitting that Satan's hands would be freezing.

Cady watched in stunned silence as Jon clasped hands with his long time friend. His long time friend that had almost raped Caden.

'Suck my fucking cock.'

His long time friend that had almost raped Caden and Jon still didn't know about it. No one did. Well, Deity did but where the hell was she? Shane sort of knew but not enough to make assumptions as to who.

"Michael, you remember Caden, right?"


The black haired man turned his attention to her. As if he had ice vision, Cady began to feel cold as those blue orbs settled on her. A knowing flicked flashed through them and Cady felt her stomach roll. "Yeah, I remember her."

And it was disgusting because he did. He remembered everything and Jon just didn't know. It was like a twisted inside joke.

He put his hand out—he actually put his hand out— for a handshake. Only because Jon watched her with expectant eyes did she step forward and clasp his hand. They shook twice and she slipped her fingers from his grip but not before he caught them. "Stay still—what was it? Kitten?" Caden caught herself before her legs buckled. No one noticed, thank God. She looked like she had a hiccup instead of catching herself from fainting. "Let me get a good look at you." And he did.

To everyone else it looked like he was trying to remember her. But Caden knew better. She knew what those demon eyes were doing: looking into her soul. Shifting through her body like some sort of disease. Her skin prickled so she released his hand. "I'm glad you two remember each other." Jon admitted.

Once again his arms found their way around her waist but this time she didn't want them there. With a small shove she pushed him away. Jon looked at her. "I'm gonna go in the back. See if I can get some stuff done."

The worry that had formed in Jon's eyes dissipated. He believed her.


She didn't think she was ready to tell anyone yet.

As Cady crossed the threshold of the back room, she felt a wave of nausea hit her and it took all her strength not to heave.

'He didn't rape you,' Deity had said that night.

'But it felt like he did. It felt like what he did and what he didn't do are exactly the same,' had been C.K.'s reply. And it felt like that now. It felt like he had something over on her. And Jon was completely oblivious to it. With the thought of him came the remembrance of the betrayal she had felt that night.

That night, Jon had passed out on the concrete, completely unaware of what he had unleashed upon her. He might as well have been passed out on the concrete right now, with the way he had looked at her back in the store, his eyes lit up and excited.

God, he had no clue.

Cady felt her stomach take another dive. Now that Michael was in town, something was bound to happen. She could feel it.

This wasn't going to end well.

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