tagBDSMA Great Recession Ch. 03

A Great Recession Ch. 03


This is the third in the "Great Recession" series of short stories. It picks up immediately after the second. This and all future stories are dedicated to my own Goddess and Queen, my wife, Mistress Marie.


Laura's collaring was not as significant as I might have led you to believe. She immediately explained it was a training collar for the week.

Both of us climbed into the shower in the master bath where I bathed her in silence, applying the shampoo and soap to her hair and body. I watched as she rinsed then told me to get clean and dry.

A few minutes later as I stepped into the bedroom, she was dressed in a simple, short black skirt and a casual, red top; sandals on her feet. Laura told me to approach, and I stood as she inspected me and my now soft cock and balls. She reached behind her and grabbed something.

"I want you to be chaste for me for the next few days, but I'm going to give you a choice first," she said. "You can simply refrain from masturbation or you can wear this."

Laura held out a clear, plastic tube with an adjustable metal ring attached that was like the ring of a handcuff in how it worked.

"What do you think, wifey?"

I thought for a minute. I had fantasized about this, a fantasy I'd shared very briefly with her in the recent past, so it only took a minute.

"I'll wear it, Mistress."

She smiled at me and asked me why.

"I choose to eliminate choice, Mistress, so I can be sure of obedience. It will allow me to more quietly accept chastity with less struggle."

Laura appeared to consider this and agree. She pulled my balls through the ring, adjusted it and locked it after my cockshaft was inserted in the tube.

Next, she held the key out in front of me, threaded its eye with a simple neck chain and put it around her neck.

"I'm not going to tell you when I plan on removing it. It will be sometime before Monday," she said with a devilish smile. "If you're worried about someone seeing you through a window or someone coming to the front door, then you can wear a pair of boxer shorts and a T-shirt, but nothing else. Or, a robe. I want you to give me a list of chores you'll be doing while I work in the morning. I may take things off or give you more depending on what I think. Once you complete all the tasks, you'll report to me for what I'm going to call pleasure service. You won't be allowed to serve me in that way unless you finish your chores. For a similar reason, I wanted you to spend your own money on the toys. I make enough for us, so I want you to spend all your money on me or the toys and tools for serving me. Do you understand?"

I told her I did and bowed my head in submission. Financial domination is NOT one of my kinks, but the arrangement nevertheless excited me. This meant even my professional labors now were dedicated to serving her, too.

Maybe it was the spontaneous bowing of my head or just the image of me kneeling there, but I felt Laura soften and possibly get just slightly weepy.

She rested her hand on my head as if blessing me and said, "You are my knight, Rob."

I swelled with pride, and then she removed her hand slowly.

"Get in bed," Laura said softly.

I obeyed she pushed me into a tight fetal position as she wrapped herself around me. No words were spoken as we both drifted off into a welcome Saturday afternoon nap.

When I awoke, I rolled on to my back and looked at her. In her slumber, Laura too had done the same. I turned my head and stared at her as she sleep. I imagine I was beaming because I felt like I was radiating love and devotion. To say that her domination had breathed new life into our marriage was an understatement. It was good before, even the sex, but now it was so much better even than that. Before I was willing to play the role of Mr. Mom and enjoying parts of it. Adding DS to our lives, made me embrace it with enthusiasm. Laura had eroticized mundane domestic service for me. It seemed much more significant and exciting to me.

All these thoughts must have stirred her consciousness because she awoke with a sleepy smile and slowly took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply. We stared at each other until Laura finally broke our reverie. She told me that we probably wouldn't be going out of the house for a few days.

After I had fixed some hot tea for us both, Laura and I both put on robes. I was otherwise naked except for my collar. She now was naked except for the key around her neck and some knee-high, stylish black boots she put on. Laura grabbed a book she was reading on corporate management or some such. I grabbed a novel I had been reading, and we went to the office library nook to read. She took the comfy, leather, wingback and I the floor. Both of us read as I sat facing away with my torso and head between her legs. Sometimes she would drape a leg over my shoulder. We sipped tea as we read. It was a wonderful quiet hour or so.

Later, I made us a light dinner of soup and salad. We repeated the moment of the library except with television and wine. I did massage her feet and rub them with moisturizer as I did. Laura petted my head at one point and told me how much she loved me.

In our home theater, two long couches run perpendicular to the 72-inch screen. A chaise lounge positioned between them ends in the space where the couches begin, leaving room to maneuver. It was a perfect throne for what Laura had in mind next. Propping herself up on a pile of pillows, she laid back with arms outstretched along the back of the chair and invited me between her legs. Facedown on the chaise lounge, I crawled between them and looked up at her.

"You are not to lick me without a command from me, wifey. I want you to bury your face and breathe me in deep. My scent is now the incense in your Church of Laura. Do you understand that?" she asked. I nodded by ascent. "I want you to smell me and be intoxicated. I want to get my scent all over you and mark you as mine. You're not wash it off."

Again, I nodded and she pushed my face into her delta. It was intoxicating. Her words and explanation made it more so. Laura's scent seeped into my brain and held me. Was this what opium smokers experienced?

Mercifully, she chose a network program I didn't like any way. She had said earlier she intended to get caught up on the episodes she had archived on our DVR. Many of the women at work watched it, and it would give her something to bond with them about, although she genuinely seems to enjoy it.

I meanwhile breathed pussy for almost 90 minutes, two episodes, before she switched it to some on-demand porno and ordered me to lick her. I took it slow, which she enjoyed. Her warm, buttery juices wetted my chin and nose. As I licked, I pressed deeper, teasing her lips and clit with the tip of my tongue before traveling down and inserting my tongue in her canal. I drank her in, then moved back up. Picking up the pace, I licked faster around her clit, suspecting the clit itself was now too sensitive. I knew well the spot near it that would be her trigger. With her silent permission, I inserted my finger into her cunt and found her g-spot. By then, she was gasping and panting and moaning. Her moans were hymns in my new Church of Laura. With my tongue, I teased her pussy lips, and then traveled back up. My precise service at her clit and g-spot were timed for maximum pleasure. Laura's lungs filled with air inhaled in a deep, deep gasp. She held it and shook, shook like never before. It must have been only a second or two, but it seemed much, much longer — her silent scream. I could feel the waves of sensation undulate inside before finally crashing out, drenching my face in her salty ocean water. On and On, she gave and I drank. I drowned until we both fell away from each other, our bodies insisting we desist.

The Next Days

We gathered ourselves, showered and went almost immediately to bed. Our words were rare and purely necessary ones — "Hand me the soap, please," "I love you" and "Goodnight." Both of us were in some weird, endorphin-drenched state of mind, leaving us capable of only the most routine functions. Laura and I slept deeply.

The next morning we went about what would become our new morning routine for the week. On my knees, I presented her with my list of tasks. Laura amended it slightly. Sunday morning, she relaxed while I did this. She read through some papers for work but alternated it with a novel and some television, the Sunday paper. Monday through Wednesday mornings, we did the same but she returned calls, answered emails and otherwise worked. I also prepared each morning's breakfast. On Sunday and Monday at breakfast, I also was ordered to crawl under the table to breath her pussy and lick her to orgasm. On Sunday and Monday nights, before retiring completely, she would straddle me on the bed. I was face up and she leaned against the wall with her hands as she humped by tongue and chin to orgasm.

Her scent seemed stronger and more pungent. It surrounded me and kept me drugged with her phermones. It never became unpleasant, which surprised. It just became more intense.

Tuesday was different. I awoke to find Laura in the master bathroom with the door locked. I heard splashing and other sounds but nothing like those associated with a full shower or bath. Through the door, she told me to get back in bed until she was ready. I dozed but did not sink completely into unconsciousness again.

Finally, she emerged. Laura apparently had showered while I still was completely asleep. The sounds I had heard were of an enema. More and more, she communicated her commands with hand signals. She stood and pointed to a spot on the floor. I rose and then kneeled there, eyes down. Still, I sensed Laura turn and back up to me.

"Kiss my ass, faggot," she commanded.

I started showering her ass cheeks with wet kisses.

After a few minutes, Laura ordered me to lick her crack, and I did. Her ass crack, fortunately, was very clean. It was then I noticed the Hitachi "back massager" in her hand. As my tongue danced over her anus, also very clean, she turned it on and began applying it to her pussy. She gasped.

"You are such an obedient ass licker, slut. I love it. Keep licking. Lick deeper. Stick that tongue in."

I started licking and was relieved to discover her asshole was as clean as her cheeks and butt crack. What I was doing was both humiliating and enormously arousing. Neither one of us had 'been here' before. As my tongue sank into her ass, Laura applied the massager in earnest. Her breathing was rapid, panting. Her words almost garbled in her lust, "Yeah ... Lick ... Bitch ... Faggot ... My bitch ..."

I could hear her approach the peak. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she yelled.

Her legs and lower body jerked and she came hard, very hard. I took the liberty of using my hands and strength to steady her and keep her from falling. Within seconds, she had gathered herself and stepped away. Laura beamed at me on my knees.

"God, that was great."

Laura walked over and collapsed into a sitting position. After she caught her breath, she gave me a come hither gesture and I crawled to her. She beamed again, took my face and head in her hands and kissed me deeply. I was passive and surrendered to the onslaught of her tongue, her oral penetration of my mouth.

Finally, she broke the kiss.

"I love you, Rob," she said. I noticed the use of my first name. She was addressing me now as her husband and lover, not just her slave and slut.

"I love you, Laura. I absolutely adore you."

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