tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Greek Island Encounter

A Greek Island Encounter


I was on holiday on a Greek Island (which shall have to remain nameless for reasons best known to me) and my wife had gone with some friends of ours on a visit to some ruins on the other side of the island. Ruins do not interest me, so I'd opted to stay behind, even though it I knew it would be late when they arrived back.

Now the Greek Islands are well known for their lack of inhibitions when it comes to sunbathing, and almost every one boasts a nudist beach; although this story had nothing to do with that. As yet, that is.

Anyway, being a typical red-blooded male, I was walking along the beach when I saw a face which seemed familiar. I looked harder and saw to my surprise that it was Audrey and her friend June - neither of whom I'd seen since college days. Both of them were wearing extremely tiny bikinis, and I was certain that they were the kind they would never dream of wearing at home, they were so miniscule. In fact, when I turned to make certain that I was correct in recognising them - and they in turn recognised me - as they sat up from their horizontal position, Audrey's legs parted slightly and I could have sworn that the gusset was narrow enough to partially reveal her pussy lips! It was also immediately obvious that she was shaved down there too, or else the narrowness of the gusset would have allowed stray hairs to be on view. I hurriedly averted my eyes, although I was excited from what I saw, and looked them both straight in the face as we greeted one another.

Sitting beside them, I gathered as we chatted, that they had come to the Greek Islands each year together, their respective husbands staying at home playing golf, as they were not sunbathing types, I could not help noticing though, (again, I am a red-blooded male), that their tops seemed to be almost as minimal as the lower halves of their bikinis, and barely covered their nipples whilst allowing most of their breasts to be visible.

During the course of our conversation, I found out that their apartment was nearby, and they invited me to join them for a drink. Of course I was happy to take them up on this generous offer; it seemed only polite.

I could have easily have been embarrassed when we entered their apartment for neither of them had tidied everything away from when they had changed into their bikinis. A couple of bras and two pairs of tiny knickers lay strewn on the bed, although two white muslin dresses were carelessly slung over the backs of two chairs.

"Oh, dear!" laughed June, as she picked up the underwear from the bed. "I had better put these away before they embarrass you. After all, you have never seen our knickers before, have you?"

I grinned as I remembered one occasion when we were all at a college dance, and both of them had been wearing very short skirts, (as was the fashion at that time). On that occasion they'd both been quite exuberant in their dancing movements and their skirts had flown up from time to time to show their black lace knickers, which both of them seemed to favour then.

So, grinning as I spoke, I reminded them of the time I had watched them both eagerly as they'd displayed their next week's washing, saying how much I had enjoyed the incident and how I hadn't forgotten.

But these knickers were not the same kind that they had worn then. The knickers on display all over the apartment were little more than g-strings; wispy nylon, translucent, and positively sexy.

Tantalisingly June held them out in her hands, almost emphasising their flimsiness, as she asked me,

"Are these sexier, then?"

Audrey was almost peeing herself with laughter at June's attempts to embarrass me, but went a little further in her own attempt by saying,

"But they are even sexier when they are actually on. Wouldn't you agree?"

Since we had always been fairly forthright in the past now was not the time to change that, so I replied, in the same spirit that she had used,

"How could I agree if I can't see them like that?"

Audrey and June exchanged looks, and then laughed again.

"All right!" said Audrey. "You win this round. But we will need some privacy whilst we change into them. Do you mind going out onto the balcony whilst we change?"

Without further ado I stepped outside, and deliberately turned my back to them to save any discomfiture they may have had should I have tried to watch. But I need not have bothered, for when June called me back inside I was confronted by two glorious nymphs dressed only in skimpy underwear, lacy bras which concealed less than they revealed, and tiny scraps of material covering, but not concealing, their smoothly shaven slits, immediately bringing to mind the term "camel-toe".

My eyes were drawn instantly to that area, and to my surprise neither girl seemed the least embarrassed, or even reticent, as they noted my lecherous stare with amusement.

"You had better look now," laughed Audrey, "as you won't get the chance later on. We are almost due to go out on a date. Our husbands don't know, but we have picked up two Greek boys who are taking us out for a meal, and then they have promised to take us for a walk to some mysterious place where tourists never go, and even the locals rarely go unless they are with a date. They actually knew the English word 'dogging' – from the internet, I suppose. Anyway, as I was saying, you had better make the most of looking at us in our knickers, as we have promised not to wear any for our date!"

"So we will have to take them off soon," chuckled June, "although we will let you see us dressed again before we go out, won't we Audrey?"

"Yes," added Audrey. "Tell us if you approve of our outfits please, although it won't make a scrap of difference to us, as we shall still wear them just the same."

"Now – outside on the balcony again, please," ordered June. "We'll trust you not to peek. If you do, we shall say goodbye; but if you do not then I suggest we meet again tomorrow so we can tell you about tonight. Could you manage to come round tomorrow?" she added teasingly.

I knew my wife wanted to go to visit some other ruins, but was staying back because of me; so I said that I would probably be able to meet them again tomorrow, and vowed to myself that I would make sure that my Linda went to her ruins!

I kept my promise to the two girls though, and turned my back on them whilst they got ready. Mind you, they could have gone into the bathroom to change, but I don't suppose either of them thought of that – they were still trying to tease me! As it was, I heard the bathroom door open and close, and they called out that they were going to put on their make-up, so I could come back in and sit on the bed if I liked.

Actually there were two beds in the room, both of them King-size, but only one of them seemed to have been in use, judging from the fact that two suitcases were balanced on the other bed, whereas the one which appeared to be in use, had the top sheets folded back in readiness on both sides. The girls seemed to be sharing one bed, in spite of the room having two!

I sat on this bed and waited, and eventually the bathroom door opened and out came two floozies! They were both heavily made up with lipstick and rouge, hair tied back, each wearing a cross-over muslin top through which their breasts and certainly their nipples were visible. Bare midriff and stomach, beneath which a low-slung skirt which just about managed to cover their pussies, and it was only just! In fact, when they turned round to let me see the rear view I swore that I could see the beginnings of the cheeks of their bottoms!

"Like we said – no knickers!" said June, as both girls gently tugged up the fronts of their skirts to prove it, letting me see for the first time their uncovered smooth lips.

I made a move towards them, but June admonished me, telling me that I could look but not touch.

"At least, not until we have had our date!" she said. "But if you come here again tomorrow... well I won't promise anything, but who knows?"

Just then there came a knock on their room door.

"Ah. Probably Dimitri and Georgio," said Audrey, allowing her skirt to fall again, even though it only served to cover up her most intimate area. "You had better hide in the bathroom for now, and after we have gone will you please make sure the door is locked and the key dropped at reception?"

I scurried into the bathroom as asked, as there was no way I wished to compromise the girls, and once again was able to gaze on those wispy garments they had demonstrated to me earlier, since they were draped over the side of the bath.

I could not resist the urge to peep through the keyhole as well, and was not surprised to see the girls embracing their two beaux, mouths glued in the most intimate of kisses, hands pawing breasts, and as one hand tried to insert itself beneath Audrey's micro skirt she broke contact to say,

"Not now, but as much as you want later!"

The boys - and I must call the that, for neither of them appeared to be more than about eighteen years of age in comparison to the girls' lower thirties; seemed quite willing to be given orders, evidently blessing their fortune on picking up two experienced English girls

A few seconds later and they had left the room, and I was able to creep out again, but a little cautiously in case they had to return for any reason.

But I heard them going down the stairs, and crossing to the balcony, I saw them emerge finally from the hotel door below, skirting round the swimming pool, and then crossing towards the exit out of the complex.

Naughtily, I had the notion to peer into their suitcases, and apart from obvious items left in there, they were almost empty. So I sneaked a look into the drawers and things instead. I found an odd dress or two in the wardrobe, shoes of various kinds, three or four pairs of knickers in each drawer -each as flimsy as the ones I had seen earlier - a couple of bras, lacy and brief, and of course another two pairs of bikini swimsuits, both of them equally as brief as the ones I had seen them in earlier.

I was also curious to see what kind of night attire they had brought, but despite looking everywhere and even under their pillows, I could find none. They had evidently opted to sleep in the nude for the entire holiday! And it also appeared that they were sharing the same bed! This was a side to them that I had not realised existed, for during our college days, they both were mischievous, yet not brazen; sexy but not immodest; willing to date, but not to be serious, and anxious to put their careers before anything else.

In fact, dating was the wrong word to use – they would accompany a boy for a night out, but that was as far as it ever went, and no way would anything be given, or even expected, other than a goodnight kiss at the end of the date. Not goody-goodies, but yet virginal. And now I had found this! How they had changed! Granted, we were all three married, now (obviously not to each other), and I had not seen either of them for some time until now. But what a difference those ten years had made to them. (And to me, too, I suppose.)

Anyway, I carefully locked their door behind me, making sure that I had left no tell-tale traces of my search and dropped the key at reception as requested. My wife must have wondered what had made me so horny that night when she finally came back to our apartment, and jokingly said that perhaps she should try to stay away for a day from me more often whilst on holiday, if that was how her absence had affected me! We made frantic love that night, and after her earlier remarks, I had little difficulty in persuading her that I would be all right if she went away with our friends for another expedition to more historic ruins.

In the event, she and our friends did not get away until almost lunch time next day, owing to a slight problem with the car, and so when I went round to find the girls they were sitting at the pool bar eating a light lunch. They were once again in their tiny see-through bikinis, and I was amazed at how much they were actually getting away with, particularly with the number of other people around the pool!

I joined them and enjoyed not only the lunch, but the banter between us, although they both flatly refused to talk about last night until we were back in their room, as they felt that they did not wish to be overheard in case anyone knew either of the two boys.

Then, rather teasingly, they both insisted on having a short swim before they went back to their room, and I could hardly object. June asked me to look after her digital camera, though, and said she would not mind if I wanted to take any snaps of them whilst they were in or out of the water. With no more ado I took a picture of Audrey, wantonly displaying all she had, for all to see, but she jumped up as soon as I had done so to join June in the water.

Inquisitive as I was, especially where these two were concerned, I began to idly scan through the past frames on the camera. But the first one I saw made my realise that I must definitely wait until we were safely in the bedroom, for on viewing it my cock stirred and started to become aroused - especially after taking that picture of Audrey!

I think that June noticed, though, that I was back-tracking through the camera pictures; for she quickly came out and said to me,

"If we go to the bedroom I am sure we can project those pictures via the TV in the bedroom. I noticed terminals on the front when I was tuning it in yesterday."

Scarcely dripping, for the 'costume', such as it was, was too small to absorb much water; I followed her as she went to reception for their key, where Audrey joined us, and together we made for their room.

"You will have to excuse us while we get out of these wet things", said Audrey, as she and June disappeared into the bathroom, reappearing almost immediately wearing just the flimsy g-strings, which I'd seen on the side of the bath. Breasts were bare, and I was fascinated by the firmness that both of them showed, and their complete lack of inhibitions in my presence.

June took the camera, took a lead out of a drawer; a drawer which I had earlier noticed held such things as brushes, hair dryers, batteries and other such items. She plugged one end into the camera and the other into the twin sockets at the front of the television set, which she proceeded to switch on.

We waited for it to warm up, then she pressed some controls on the camera itself, and we all three perched on the side of the bed to watch. The first pictures of the slide show which ensued were very innocuous indeed. The hotel from the front. The swimming pool. The bedroom. The dining room.

"Pictures to take back for our husbands," explained Audrey. "But I am dying to find out what they will make of these next pictures when we show them!"

The next ones must have been taken on a timer, for both girls were standing together in the bedroom, both of them dressed in the bikinis that they had just removed. The next one was a similar pose, but this time in bra and panties – the ones I had already seen and become excited by. Next pose had both girls without bra, but proudly displaying firm breasts and erect nipples. But the next one was even more outrageous. Still wearing the tiny g-strings, each of the girls had one arm round the other one's shoulders, and one hand crossing and down the front of those panties! And because of the see-through material it was obvious that each hand was actually fondling a cunt! Another followed in the same pose, but this time without the g-strings; both girls completely naked and half-turned to the camera, so as to allow their hands to be seen toying with each other and at the same time lips meeting in a far from platonic kiss.

"They will like that one for certain," said June. "My hubby kept ragging me when I told him we would not only be sharing a room, but also a bed. Now he can have proof of what he was hoping might happen!"

"That's true," added Audrey. "We have always loved each other, but had never shared any sexual pleasures other than horse-play with our husbands in the others' presence. I mean, we have fondled our husbands in front of the other couple on many an occasion, and we have never had any qualms about the other one's husband seeing us half-undressed. But they have never seen us in those knickers before – either one of them, and we know that they have been to strip-clubs together and been entertained by two girls at once. But they have ragged us in the past by the way we kiss fairly intimately whenever we say goodbye."

"And, knowing them as well as we do, we know that we shall be expected to act these scenes out for them when we get home, once they have seen them," said June.

"But press that control again, June," said Audrey. "Let's see what pictures we have from last night." Then, turning to me, she said, "We haven't seen them ourselves, yet. The camera was all we took with us – not even a handbag, as you know, and we each took pictures of the boys, and they took pictures of us. We had to use the flash control, as it was fairly dark except for the moon."

"And it gave the 'doggers' a better view, too!" laughed June as she pressed the controls once more.

First picture was of the two boys, both in jeans and t-shirts, standing side by side. The next showed them without their t-shirts, but still in jeans. Then the camera must have changed hands, for the next one showed Audrey and June, dressed the way I had seen them last night, each with one arm round the other one's shoulders but the other hand cupping the other one's breast! Next was a similar one, but without their tops on, their breasts now being completely bare except for where the other girl's hand was fondling it! The came a picture with all four of them on together! This time the boys were fondling the girls' breasts, and looking quite thrilled as they did so.

"That one was taken by one of the 'doggers', explained Audrey. "There were one or two people – both boys and girls – hanging around, and obviously only there to play at being 'Peeping Toms', so we made use of them. They took some more for us later on, but there are some other pictures before then."

"Actually we were quite pleased that they were there," said June, "because one or two of them had flashlights, so everyone could see easier."

Now, whilst at college, both June and Audrey had never been heard to use a rude word, let alone an obscene one, but now I had to revise my ideas there, as well as my opinion of them as being so uncorrupted. Certainly if they had behaved at college as they were doing now, they would never have been out of pregnancy. As it was, yesterday and today had certainly changed my mind about them! So I was not in the least surprised, although I would have been a couple of days ago, to hear Audrey say,

"That's true, for Dimitri had difficulty in finding my cunt when he tried to fuck me, until someone shone a torch on to it for him!"

Just then June pressed the remote button again and we saw Audrey, stark naked on her back, Dimitri just about to penetrate her; and a couple of girls holding torches onto them in the background, caught in the glare of the camera flash. The next one came immediately afterwards, and showed Audrey again, but this time with Dimitri's cock all the way inside her.

My shorts had become a tent by now, and June said to me,

"Look, let's all get more comfortable. But no touching until the picture show is over, OK?"

And with that she stripped off her tiny knickers, as did Audrey, whilst I took off my shorts, our sandals already having been discarded earlier.

Again though, June reminded us, "Remember – no touching until the slides have finished!"

However, she made one concession, as she added,

"But we can put our arms round one another, and touching breasts doesn't count, as long as you don't squeeze," she pointedly said to me.

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