tagHow ToA Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 06

A Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 06


A Guide to Great Anal Sex

Part Six:  Sequential Orgasms

Celeste and I talked for a long time about whether we should include a section on sequential orgasms in our guide. This is because it's one of the few acts that run directly contrary to the characteristics of great anal sex:  gentleness, shallow penetration, and the woman as the leader.  It is achieved by deep, male dominated thrusting that could almost be described as rough sex.  It is, however, part of our life when we both want it to be. So we decided that we had made a commitment to disclose all that we knew about anal sex and that we should follow through on that.  The experience, however, is at the outer limit of our comfort zone and may not appeal to you at all.  Sequentials are physically exhausting for Celeste and a somewhat frightening the first several times if you have an out of body experience. For many, this may be another example of how anal sex can take you beyond pleasure.  Celeste has chosen to have the experience more than a hundred times since we married for a very simple reason.  The aftermath induces an ecstatic relationship between her mind and her body that gives her extraordinary pleasure.

It is not a casual experience for a woman, nor do we think it should be a regular occurrence.  If ever there was something you should discuss in detail with your partner, this is it.  Does a woman want to go through what approaches a trauma to arrive achieve what Celeste thinks of as nirvana?  It is also hard to believe that this would be an appropriate activity for anyone with possible physical issues, particularly as regards blood pressure or a heart condition.  If this could be you, ask your doctor if some type of rigorous physical activity (mountain climbing) or something that really gets the adrenalin pumping (bungee jumping) would be safe for you.

To the extent that they are discussed at all, sequential orgasms are often mislabeled as multiple orgasms, but there is a big difference between the two.  Multiple orgasms, if they exist, occur at the same time.  Sequential orgasms, that do exist, occur one after the other.

They are not difficult for a woman to achieve with anal sex, but there are tricks to getting to them.  Obviously, a guy has to be disciplined enough not to cum prematurely as this would ruin everything.  The more important technique is for both the man and the woman to fuck through the woman's first and second orgasm if your goal is a third, as Celeste's is.  The man should not stop his thrusting or the woman the stroking of her clit.  Continuous motion toward the ultimate goal is the key.   A good analogy is to an urban jogger or runner.  If you ever see one at a red light, you'll notice that a serious athlete never stops his or her motion, but runs in place until the light changes and s/he can resume.  It's exactly the same idea in achieving sequential orgasms.  To give you a time frame, Celeste's second orgasm is about three minutes after her first and her third maybe two and a half minutes after her second.

We always start sequentials in anal doggy position, but roll over to spoons to avoid my pancaking on her if her legs collapse.  Then we fuck through her first and second orgasms to the third.  This, however, is very different from her first two and you shouldn't be surprised by it.  The first two are just the beautifully intense orgasms you associate with anal sex:  Celeste's sphincters begins to tremble and her body shudder as they approach, her body seems to rise up during a momentary pause at the moment of climax and then they slam shut on whatever is in her hole—my penis, tongue, finger, or toy— ebbing away into gentler and gentler spasms.  With sequentials, Celeste's third orgasm can only be described as a series of jolts or thumps that shake her entire body.  The first time I felt these I thought I had hurt her badly, but this wasn't true.   One thing that Celeste wants is for me to cum  exactly at the beginning of her third orgasm and I have become quite good at doing this.  The rhythm is jolt, spurt, jolt spurt, jolt, jolt, jolt...

Celeste wants to explain why she seeks out this experience, but before that, a couple of practical notes.

1) Before beginning, clear your calendar for a day and a half.  This has become almost exclusively a Saturday evening experience since the last kid left home, so we make sure we have no obligations either that evening or on Sunday, except for church.  It's also a very good idea to turn off all electronics that could interfere:  cell phones, computers, televisions, before beginning.

2) Bright pink splotches appear all over Celeste's torso after her third orgasm.  She somewhat resembles a pink Dalmatian when we're finished.  I don't know why this happens, but there's nothing to be alarmed about.  They fade very quickly.  

3) You would be making a mistake, at least from our point of view, to think that if three orgasms are as we describe them, four must be even better.  We've tried this a couple of times and Celeste is too exhausted to find it pleasurable and usually isn't even aware that the attempt is occurring. There is a rag doll quality to her body that neither of us enjoys.  As a matter of fact, it's probably a good idea if you are inexperienced with sequentials to go in the direction of less is more.  Try two orgasms before going on to three.  Two doesn't quite bring Celeste to the floating quality she loves, but it might be totally satisfying for you.

4) Most important, absolute trust is the key to a woman enjoying sequentials.  First, trust that you will not hurt her when things get a little out of control after the first two orgasms.  Guys who are big should be very careful; bruising is a real risk if you're not.  As important is confidence she has that you will be there to help and comfort her in what is, at least for Celeste, and out-of-body experience where she feels that she has lost control of basic facilities and is counting on you to protect her from the unknown.  Don't undertake this casually.  This is not an activity for a couple who do not have complete confidence in and love for each other.   Talk it out and be sure you both want to go down this path.

What follows isn't an exact description of what happens to us every time.  Each venture into the unknown and unpredictable is obviously different.  It is, however, a generally accurate synopsis of what frequently occurs, first from Celeste's point of view and then from mine.

Celeste: I'm going to try to describe something that really can't be put into words.  This is the best I can do, but I know it's not going to make much sense to many readers.

To begin, I have to say that I'm really embarrassed by what I do and say between my second and third orgasm.  It's actually a bit frightening to see how I lose control of myself, but I just get caught up in this desperate need to get where I'm going.  There's a feeling that I'll just go mad if I don't.  It's just raw, sexual need with all the gentleness and affection of our relationship stripped away.  I just want to be fucked, to be possessed and express this need in ways that aren't me and don't need to be shared.  When I feel the third orgasm building inside me, there's such a feeling of relief.  I know everything is going to be all right.  This is my last conscious thought for a while.  That first jolt or thump followed by Jimmy's warm spurt in my ass pushes me over the top and it's "down the rabbit hole."  I feel like I'm falling down a well with the circle of light at the top getting smaller and smaller.  I don't completely lose consciousness, but when I become at all aware of my surrounding again, I'm in a kind of a trance.

Jimmy is gone.  He would stay, but I really want to be alone with my body.  He has, however, turned me over on my back and placed my finger right on my clit.  It's a good thing he has done this as I can barely summon the energy to move at all.

This state of suspended animation is just an exquisite sensation.  I can't move, don't want to, and feel totally at peace with my own body.  The best way I can describe the feeling is to compare it to a level one hurricane whose eye passed almost directly over our house several years ago.  If you've ever been in the direct path of a hurricane, you know there's a period between the wind and the rain that come before and after when the eye passes over you and the sun comes out, birds chirp, and there's a perfect stillness to the air before the storm resumes.  That total calm is what I experience.

A recurring image is of me floating in a lukewarm sea with the sun beating down on my nipples and clit spreading heat everywhere in my body.   But I'm not part of my own body.  I'm floating on a cloud up in the sky looking down on it.

Another image is that I have fallen into a deep feather bed and am gradually rising to the top of it.

Another is that I'm lying in a field of wildflower and am a little bee buzzing around my body.

These are beautiful feelings that I can prolong for as long as I want simply by gently stroking my clit, which sends me back down the hole.

I know it doesn't make much sense, but that's the best I can do.

Jim:  When Celeste first began to have sequential orgasms, I stayed with her in bed because she was frankly afraid of what was going to happen even though she wanted to have the experience.  With practice, it became obvious that she really didn't need or want me there.  First, she was in this trance-like, non-communicative state and second, although I couldn't really understand it, she was in a special relationship with her body and didn't want me interfering with it.

So, while she is "floating," I take a shower, freshen up, and prepare a light, cold supper that we can eat with our fingers.  After about an hour and a half, I draw a lukewarm bubble bath for her and help, sometimes almost carry her into it, making sure that her arms are propped outside the tub so that she doesn't slip too deeply into the water.

While she is soaking, I perform the very necessary task of changing the sheets and tidying up the bedroom.  After I have eased her out of the tub, I pat (not rub because her skin in supersensitive) her dry, and wrap her in her favorite terry cloth bathrobe.  Then I carry/help Celeste into the study, put on a little soft jazz, gently feed her whatever food I have prepared (grapes and little pieces of cheese are her favorites), and help her drink a glass of her favorite white wine.  Most important, I hold her and gently stroke her hair as she curls up on my chest and just lies there, breathing softly.  After an hour of so, during which the two of us probably don't speak three sentences, I carry Celeste back into the bedroom and tuck her in.  She curls up in a tight little ball and is fast asleep in no time.

The next day, she is reborn as the energizer bunny.  When I wake up, it's almost always to the smell of coffee and bacon (which we almost never eat) and I know we'll have chocolate chip pancakes (which we also almost never eat) for breakfast.  Celeste will already have run five k, and the rest of the day is a whir of activity:  church, gardening, checking in with the kids, the crossword puzzle, comments on the football game that's being televised:  "he ran into the kicker and there's no flag.  I can't believe it," and on and on.  Celeste humming and singing to herself accompanies all of this.  (Did I mention that she has a beautiful alto voice, often performing solos in the community choir?)  

On one memorable Sunday, we had just returned from church and Celeste was wearing a long winter scarf.   She threw this around my neck, pulled me to her and, looking me straight in the eyes, sang "Danny boy" with a slight change in lyrics:

     But come ye back when summer's
          in the meadow
     Or when the valley's hushed and
          white with snow
     "Tis I'll be there in sunshine or
          in shadow
     O Jimmy boy, O Jimmy boy
          I love you so.

How, I wondered at that moment, could a husband and wife possibly be happier together?

Next:  Sex on Demand

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