tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Gypsy's Tale

A Gypsy's Tale


The fire rose higher and turned green for a moment as the drums grew louder, and the flutes played faster. Sweat stuck to the young woman's dark skin as her thin yet strong arms were held above her head. Her dark wild eyes danced with the flames and her thin pale lips were stretched into a smile.

She wore little clothing on her body, for even though the night was cool her body felt hotter than the fire itself. A dark green cloth covered her large breasts, but left her stomach bare much to the delight of all the men leering at her. Her long green skirt hung from her hips, deep slits showing the glitter of the golden rings that decorated her ankles

The rings on her ankles rung with a bell like sound every time she moved adding to the eroticism of the scene.

Her feet were in time with her hips, which were in time with the music " her body moved in time with the music the sound seeming to move like a wave from her hips to her feet" as she danced around the fire.

The woman felt free when she danced. Free from her nomad life, from the harsh words and dirty looks. She was also free from the men who try to touch her because they think they can. The men who treat her like a common whore.

However she was no whore, she was a simple gypsy girl trying to fill her stomach with food. The only talent she possessed was dancing.

She has danced longer than she has walked, or so she is told. Yet she would have it no other way.

She stopped just as the music did. Her long black hair swung around one last time as she took sharp deep breaths. Cheering and clapping came immediately afterwards yet she paid little attention to that. She was looking at a man who had seen her dance for two weeks now.

He was like the rest of the men, dark hair and bright blue eyes. His skin was not tanned like the others, and he was clean shaven, most of the time it was the guards that were like that. Yet the young woman knew he was no guard for he disappeared after she danced. Most guards tried to get into her bed.

The young women let her arms drop and she stared hard at the man. He met her gaze. Neither of them budged not willing to back down, until the next act stepped into position and she was forced to move.

She sighed and sat down on the far end of the fire so that she was by herself. She took a long drink of warm water. Cold was better but that was hard to get in the desert. Still the water refreshed her.

She smiled and watched her friends perform. They were all good dancers as well.

"They are good but you are far superior," said a dark husky voice.

The young woman's hand quickly found a small dagger she kept strapped to her leg. She bought it the first time a man tried to touch her without her permission. Then she saw that it was the man who had been watching her.

He saw her hand clutching something and smiled. "Relax," he said in a calm voice, as he sat down next to her. "I will not hurt you,"

She relaxed a bit and looked at the man carefully. "Alright, then what do you want?" she asked bluntly.

"Not the kind to waste words are you?"

"We only have so many words in our life, why waste them?"

"Very true. You are very wise for a gypsy,"

"One does not need a home to know the way things work,"

"Once again very true,"

"You have yet to tell me what you wish of me,"

"For now... I just wish for your name,"

"Why would you wish for something like that?"

"So we may have a civil conversation with one another,"

"Are we not having one now?"

She could see the man tighten his jaw with anger. Telling her he was a man of power few people spoke back to him so he was not used to such questions. However; this did not scare the young woman. If she was going to die then it was her time and the gods wished for her to join them.

The man relaxed a bit and let out a soft breath. "Will you please tell me your name?"

Please is such a simple word, yet holds so much power.

The young woman sighed in defeat. "Fine. My name is Tecor,"

"Such a beautiful name it is too,"

"Since you know me, who are you?"

"I am the High marshal of these areas. I control the lands you see around you and its people. However, you may call me Esric,"

Tecor took in a slightly shaky breath. A high marshal could kill her for the way she talked to him, or do much worse to her. There are so many things worse than death.

"So Esric what do you wish of a lowly nomad like myself?"

"Not much really. I just like the way you dance,"

"There is more to it than that," she stated.

"Yes. I am holding a banquet, and I want you to perform,"

Tecor wanted to laugh but she held it back. "I am not suited for your halls Sir,"

"With a bath and clean clothes you will be,"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really, but if you accept I will pay you generously and give you my word that you will be treated with respect,"

"Then I shall do it,"

"Good we leave tomorrow at first light,"


First light came sooner than Tecor wanted it to. Her eyes would not stay open as she followed Esric's horse with her own. The horse was not hers but she refused to ride with someone.

Esric of course did not travel alone; he had a handful of guards. However, Tecor got the impression that he really did not need them. They were more to please the people who look after him.

The journey was long and hot, but Tecor was used to such things since she had been moving around since she was born. The guards required more breaks than she needed or would have taken if she had traveled alone.

By the end of the day they arrived at the fortress of Kash. It was an unrivaled thing that was for sure. Its tall pale stones made a thick wall over thirty feet tall. The front door was reinforced with steel and made of solid wood as thick as Tecor's arm was long. It had four tall towers that spanned above it so they could see an enemy approaching.

Trumpets announced their arrival and the large door opened with a load groan.

People were cheering and Tecor wondered how many were actually happy to see Esric return.

Soon they were inside the main house of the fortress. Around the fortress was a small town like setup. Places like this needed many things and it was easier to move the maker of these things to them, than the actual thing.

Inside of the fortress was just as impressive as the outside. The walls were a dark shade of green, and hung with ornate tapestries. There were chandeliers made of colored glass hanging from the high ceilings. Tecor had seen fancier places but it was grand for what it was: a safe haven, a prison, and a home.

"I will show you to your room now Tecor. You will bathe and dress in the approved outfit, which I assure you it is not much different than the one you wore last night. "Food will be provided for you and then you will dance just after diner. Are there any questions?" Esric spoke in a militaristic matter. So proper and thorough that it made Tecor wants to laugh, but once again, she held it back.

"No," She answered as she followed him down the many halls.

"Good," He said stopping and grasping a door handle firmly in his large hand. "This is your room. There is a cord, pull it if you need anything,"

Tecor looked into his light blue eyes and saw lust. She sighed but smiled politely. "Thank you." She said as she waited for him to open the door.

Esric either saw that she was not interested or he had other things to do. Either way he opened the door, and bowed his head to her. "I shall see you tonight then." He turned and walked away.

Tecor sighed in relief and walked into the room.

It was a nice room, very large with everything the color blue. She found the bathroom with a bath already drawn for her. She smiled at the thought of a hot bath, and quickly discarded her clothing and was soon immersed in the hot perfumed water.

She let out a soft sigh and relaxed.

Tecor fell asleep, or so she assumed since the next thing she heard was her door opening and an old lady telling her that her dinner had arrived.

She noticed the water had gone cold. She slipped out of the now cold water and wrapped a towel around her.

The dinner tray they provided her with was rich, filled with everything one could ever want. A rich assortment of meat, vegetables, sweetbread, and fruit, she smiled and quickly ate her fill.

After she was done, she moved to the closet to see what they wished her to wear. Esric was right in the fact that it was something she would normally wear. It was dark blue with silver stars that danced upon the fabric. It was a simple two piece that would leave her midriff open for all to see.

She put on the brassiere, then the long skirt which, unlike her own, had a slit that reached up to the middle of her thigh. She would have to be careful about the way she danced if she did not want to rip it more.

Tecor slipped on her ankle bracelets and combed out her mostly dried hair.

Then she sat on the bed and waited. There was not much she could do. Fortunately she had a lot of patience. However she did not need to use it this time. Within minutes of her sitting there, there was a knock upon the door.

Tecor answered it to see a middle-aged man wearing a servant's uniform.

"They are ready for you miss." He said in a low tone, then turned around and continued "If you would be so kind to follow me." With that he started to walk away. Tecor quickly followed him for fear of being punished if she showed up late because she got lost.

The dining hall was elaborate and decorated with banners and flags of various things. Tecor saw Esric smile at her from his place at a long table of people. He then stood up and cleared his throat.

"Gentlemen may I present the dancer Tecor. I am sure will both entranced and entertained by her dancing,"

Tecor moved to the center of the room and stood there.

Silence gripped the room as if it was a matter of life or death.

Violins and flutes began to play. Tecor closed her eyes as her body began to move in the slow rhythm. Tambourines began to make their appearance and then drums. As the music moved faster, so did her body.

Sweat clung to her skin as her skirt tried to keep up with her movements. She let the music take her body and soul in a natural and exotic way, her body and soul making love to the music.

Tecor was lost in the music, lost in the movements of her body, and loving every minute of it. She longed for such a thing, and made her wish that she could live forever.

Soon the music stopped and her movements gracefully ended. The only sound that could be heard was Tecor's harsh breathing. Then applause erupted and crushed the silence with a deadly blow.

Tecor smiled and bowed to her audience. Then, stood up straight and waited to be dismissed.

A large man whom Tecor could not see because of the poor lighting, who sat to Esric's right, stood up. "My dear friend you have truly found a desert flower. Not only is she beautiful but talented,"

"Thank you. I am glad you liked the entertainment," Esric said warmly.

"Is she ripe for the picking?" the man asked. Tecor heard the lust in his voice and did not like it.

"Sorry my friend. She is a guest here, but there are plenty of slaves you may choose from if you must pick something,"

"Well I guess it is better than waiting to see my lady wife,"

Esric let out a deep roar of laughter. "So true my friend,"

"Now if you excuse me, my lord Prince,"

Prince! Tecor's mind screamed and she felt herself go pale.

The reigning King had four sons, which one Esric was she did not know.

Tecor stood there scared and not knowing what to do. She licked her lips to try to calm herself.

"You may go Tecor," She heard Esric's voice.

She nodded elegantly and slowly moved to the edge of the room. The same elderly servant was waiting there for her. He slowly led her back to her room.

As soon as Tecor was alone she stripped the clothes from her slender body and slipped on a night shirt that she found. She would have normally worn something more warming because the nights are cold in the desert, but the fortress was warm so that was unneeded.

She was not yet tired so she moved to one of the large windows. She leaned against the cool glass and looked upon the moon.

Tecor did not know when she fell asleep but the next thing she knew she felt someone stroke her hair lightly. She woke up with a start and looked up to see Esric's blue eyes shining in the moon light. She was stricken by the pure beauty of them and could not speak nor move for what seemed to be an eternity.

"I did not mean to scare you," He said in a gentle voice. "I just wanted to thank you once again for dancing tonight,"

Tecor took a deep breath and remembered to hold her sharp tongue, for this was not a man to let it loose on.

"It is alright," She said softly. "And you are most welcomed My Lord," She said bowing her head slightly to him.

"I am sorry I did not tell you who I really was. I did not think it was all that important,"

"It does not concern me," She said looking up at him. Once more she saw the lust in his eyes and did not like it. She was scared of it as well, for she has never been bedded before and this man could order her to do so and she could not argue.

"You looked like a scared cornered animal, why?" He asked, reaching out to touch her face. She quickly moved away from his invading hand.

"Like any animal I know a predator when I see one,"

Esric smiled slyly and arched an eyebrow. "So you think me as a predator?"

"The most dangerous kind,"

"The powerful kind?"

"No, the patient kind. The kind that wants their prey to come to them,"

"How do you know that?"

"Because if you were any other kind I would be on my back right now,"

"True," He said with a smile that quickly vanished. "However; I find that I have little patience with you. My skin burns with want like nothing I have felt before. When I look into your eyes, I almost lose control,"

"Surely you have some slave just as beautiful,"

"It is not just your beauty. It's your wit, your energy, and your quick tongue that I find so flattering,"

Tecor sighed and looked at him calmly. His eyes spoke the truth and yet she knew that neither of them was ready especially her, yet his eyes softened the harsh words she would have otherwise said.

"Your Highness," She said in a civil, even tone. "I thank you for your kind words, but I must ask you to leave. I am not some whore that you can just use for a good time. The ways of my people are different from yours and the coupling of two people means more than you think. Even a kiss means more. I am a complex person and you do not want that in your life so please leave,"

Esric sighed and his shoulders sagged a bit, and he looked down at the floor. "I can't..." He said lightly.

"Why not?" Tecor asked in a slightly angry tone.

"Because my friend, the one that wanted you... Well if I leave he will force you. He is not an evil man, just crazy when he has too much to drink,"

Tecor put her hand on her hip and gave him a level look. "You must be kidding,"

"I am afraid not my lady. I promise I won't try anything in fact I will sleep on the floor,"

"I cannot have a Prince sleep on the floor," She said shaking her head.

"Well I cannot sleep in the bed with you, now can I?"

"If you promise to keep your hands to yourself you may," She said, regretting it almost instantly. His eyes lit up like a child's do when they see something amazing.

"Are you sure?" He asked looking at her carefully.

She sighed, moved passed him and crawled into the large bed. "Yes now get over here before I change my mind,"

He smiled making him look like a little boy.

He then slipped off his shirt and Tecor's eyes swept over his now bare torso. Esric had muscle that could be seen in the dim light. Tecor could tell that he was lightly toned, just enough to make her lick her lips. She could not deny he was an attractive looking man.

Tecor saw that he was watching her stare at him. He had a knowing grin on his face.

Tecor scowled at him but she could feel the heat come to her face. She quickly moved under the covers in an attempt to hide it.

While she did that Esric moved to the other side of the bed and sat down, to take off his boots.

"So tell me Tecor. What does it mean to you when two people couple?" He asked in a gentle tone.

"It means that they are willing to spend the rest of their life with each other,"

"Like marriage?"

"Yes but more binding. You cannot get out of it even in death,"

"Have you ever wanted that?"

"What woman does not? However; I have not met the right man,"

"I see," Tecor could feel his eyes upon her. "How do you know if the right man comes?"

"I honestly do not know, yet who does?"

"True, I have also yet to find someone that I am willing to spend the rest of my life with,"

Tecor could feel him move under the covers. "Sometimes I think I will never find the right woman," She felt him move, turning his body.

Tecor sighed and turned to talk to him and found herself once again lost in his sea blue eyes. Her breath caught in her throat, and she forgot what she was going to say.

His eyes looked into hers and he too appeared lost, not that he seemed to mind. He slowly reached over and touched her face lightly, and this time she let him.

She wanted to be touched. Their breath seemed to come as one and she could feel something far greater than the both of them happening. She was unsure what it was.

Esric smiled and moved his head so his lips lightly touched her cheek. "We should get some sleep," He whispered. Tecor could only nod lightly. He removed his hand and turned away.

She blinked a few times and slipped into sleep.

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