tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Gypsy's Tale Ch. 04

A Gypsy's Tale Ch. 04


The "Esric..." Tecor said in a worried voice as she moved close to him. "Esric are you alright?"

Esric did not move; he just stared at her, barely breathing.

Tecor bit her bottom lip lightly, reached out and gently touched his cheek. "Esric," she said softly.

Esric blinked and looked up at her. He reached up and touched her face. His palm cupped her face gently.

Tecor smiled and leaned into his hand. She was relieved that he was alright, though she did not know why he seemed so stricken.

Esric licked his lips and moved his face closer to hers. He held that position to see what she would do.

When Tecor saw him coming closer she grew scared, and her heart beat frantically against her chest.

She took deep breaths, making her breasts move up and down in a rapid movement.

"Esric," she said in a scared whisper.

Esric heard the terror in her voice and he moved back a few inches. "I am sorry," he said softly. "You just looked so beautiful, and your eyes... I just lost myself."

"Are you alright?" she asked gently.

"Yes, I am fine; the heat of the sun got to me is all."

Tecor nodded and gave him some water, making him drink it. "You said, 'Raven' before you fell. What did you mean by that?"

"The birthmark on your neck," Esric said, sitting in more of a comfortable position. "It looks like a raven."

"So I have been told, but I cannot see it so I do not know if it is true or not."

Esric nodded then placed the basket he had brought between them. "Hungry?" he asked with a large smile on his face.

Tecor smiled and nodded as she replied. "Yes."


It had been two weeks since the incident in the garden.

Tecor sat once more within the garden. She leaned against the wooden bench and looked up at the night sky. The cool wind blew the nightgown she wore, rippling the fabric.

Once more Tecor could not sleep. Esric still pursued her even though she showed no interest in him, or so she thought. She could not be certain what he determined from the many signs she gave him.

She sighed as she looked up at her bedroom windows. He was up there sleeping on the floor next to the bed. He said that he liked to hear her, that it helped him sleep.

Tecor sighed and closed her eyes. The man is pathetic. Sweet, caring, nice, but pathetic. Surely, he can see I am not interested in him.


Esric watched her from the doorway of the garden. He had heard her move from the bed and feared something was wrong with her. He knew he was getting possessive over her, and that she did not like it.

She was a free spirit, she had told him many times. Yet he just could not give her the space she desired: it was as if his very being relied on her.

I need to give her more space... he thought to himself as he watched her. First, I should apologize...

He sighed and moved out to the garden. He was silent as he moved across the cool grass. Then there was a large snap underneath his boot, and he cringed and looked at Tecor, who was glaring at him as she sucked her finger.

"Sorry... why are you sucking your finger?"


The sound of a branch breaking startled Tecor so much that she literally jumped. A sharp pain went though her forefinger as she did. She looked down at her finger and saw blood. She growled and knew she must have gotten a splinter in it.

She put her finger in her mouth to suck on it and glared at Esric.

"Sorry... why are you sucking your finger?" he asked as he moved towards her.

Tecor sighed and showed him her finger. "I think I got a splinter," she said softly.

"We will have to get it out," he said quietly. "Come with me." He took her hand without waiting for her to reply, which annoyed Tecor to no end.

He led her into the brightly lit kitchen to better look at her finger.

Tecor sighed as she watched him look at it carefully. Then he brought her finger to his mouth.

Tecor quickly pulled her hand back. "What are you doing?" she demanded.

"I am trying to help you," he shot back quickly.

"I can do it myself."

"I am sure you can, but I want to help,"

"I do not need your help, Esric!" she said with a growl.

"Well like it or not you are getting it," he said with a glare.

Tecor met his glare with one of her own. She was not about to give in to him.

"Please..." he said softly, giving her a gentle look.

Tecor could never win against that look. She sighed and nodded, "Fine."

Esric smiled in triumph and placed her slender finger into his warm mouth.

Tecor relaxed and closed her eyes. She could feel his tongue against her skin, and it made her shiver a bit. He then scraped his teeth against her skin, which made her toes curl with pleasure. She gave out a soft sigh as he moved his tongue over her skin once more. Then he pulled her finger out of his mouth.

Tecor opened her eyes and looked up at him. Sometime during the whole thing he had moved closer to her. They were only about an inch apart.

"All done," he said still holding her hand.

"Thank you..."she said softly. She then licked her lips, stood on her toes, and lightly kissed his cheek. She slowly moved away from him, and her eyes locked onto his.

He was smiling at her, but all she saw was how his eyes were glowing in the light.

She could not look away from him; in fact, she felt herself drawn to him.

She moved closer to him and closed her eyes. She moved until her lips touched his in a small, short kiss.

His lips tasted like a warm summer wind. She broke the kiss and looked at him to see his reaction.


Esric enjoyed her finger in his mouth. She tasted like a sweet fruit that only came once a year. He never wanted to let it go, but he felt the splinter give, and he let go of the finger to spit out the small sliver of wood.

He had not realized that he had moved closer to her, but he was definitely not complaining.

"All done," he said in a soft whisper.

"Thank you..." She replied softly.

Esric saw her move closer and wondered what she would do. Then he felt her warm lips on his cheek and he smiled.

He watched her slowly back up then stop.

He watched her carefully once again, lost in her exotic eyes. By the Maker, how he loved those eyes. He could lose himself forever in them.

Then she moved again, and once more he wondered what she would do.

He felt her warm lips on his and kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her gently.

She tasted sweet and intoxicating like a fine wine.

Then her lips where gone, and he looked down at her.

He smiled and brushed her hair from her face. She was so beautiful just then.

Suddenly the door opened and a small messenger came in. "Sir, a message from your father has arrived."

Esric cursed under his breath and slowly took his arms from around Tecor, who quickly fled from him. He sighed and mourned what could have been that night.

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