tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Gypsy's Tale Ch. 06

A Gypsy's Tale Ch. 06


The bright light entering Esric's room woke him long before the pounding on his door startled him out of bed.

He groaned as he walked slowly to the door, opening it to reveal one of his servants. Esric could not remember the servant's name at the moment, nor did he care.

"What is it?" he asked in a sleepy tone.

"Your Father requests that you and your gypsy guest join him for breakfast,"

"Has Tecor been informed?"

"Yes your majesty,"

"Then I will be there momentarily."

The servant bowed, "Yes your Majesty," and then walked away.

Esric closed the door, and then made his way to his closet. Most princes would have a servant to help them dress, but Esric was never comfortable with the idea, and preferred to dress himself. He chose a dark green suit and donned it quickly. Then he made his way to the dining hall.

The sound of his father laughing stopped him from entering the room right away. Then he heard Tecor's voice. "So then my father was forced to prove his love to my mother,"

"How did he do that?" his father inquired.

"Well he wrote her a song, and made a dance for her, but that did not work. He gave her many handmade gifts, but still she did not accept. Finally, he dropped in front of her feet and said 'I do not have much to give you, in fact I have given you everything that I have, even my heart, and still you will not be with me. I cannot sleep, eat, or even think. You are my soul, my breath, my life, and I cannot live without you. You are more than beauty to me, you are my very reason to live, and without you I will surely die.' Well my mother did what any woman in that situation would do. She married him."

"I had a difficult courtship with my late wife. In fact you remind me of her. So spirited, and free. She was everything to me," his father said in a distant voice.

Esric loved his mother very much, and always tried to be like her, but going into the military had killed that. He realized now that it was one of the reasons he loved Tecor. She brought that out in him.

Esric smiled to himself, and then walked through the door.

Tecor noticed him before his father, and gave him a warm smile.


Tecor heard the door open, and saw Esric walk through it. She remembered the kiss they had shared, and wondered if she was being too harsh on him.

She decided to give him a smile to silently tell him that she was glad to see him.

"Ah Esric!" his father said in a warm voice. "Tecor was just telling me the most enchanting story of her parents' courtship. Do you remember the story of your mother's and mine?"

Esric smiled back, as he sat down. "Yes I remember that story, father," He said in a semi sad tone, as he put some food onto his plate.

The tone made Tecor wonder how close Esric was to his mother, and what she was like. His father had said she was free, and spirited, but what did that entail? She was so deep in thought she did not realize Alessio had been talking to her.

"I am sorry your Highness, I was thinking and was not paying attention."

"I was wondering if all men must go through such lengths to win a gypsy's heart?"

"Only if the gypsy is in love with them," Tecor said without thinking.

Esric picked up his head, and looked at her in confusion.

Tecor wanted to hit herself for saying that. She was only repeating what her mother had told her, and she never truly understood it herself.

"That is a little odd, don't you think?" Esric stated, his eyes steadily upon her. "Why not just tell him, and save him the trouble?"

Tecor felt her shoulders shrug. "That is just what my mother told me. I have never been able to figure it out."

Esric opened his mouth to say something when the door opened, and Damien walked in. "You ate without me?" he asked looking over at his father who sighed.

"I wanted to get to know Tecor, since she has captured your brother's heart. Besides I did not realize you were a child and required company to eat,"

"I do not require company; I prefer it to eat by myself," he pointed out. "Besides I wish to know her better as well," he said with a grin that reminded Tecor of a tiger stalking prey.

Alessio did not miss the grin and said in a strong tone, "You can do that when she is your sister!" Damien frowned at that.

Tecor nearly choked on her food when she heard the word sister. She quickly swallowed her food, and then asked in a puzzled voice, "Sister?"

The king looked at her with an arched brow, "You are the first woman my son has been interested in since the curse was laid upon him. I am not about to let you get away from him."

"Are you saying that you would force me to marry Esric?" she asked in a slightly angered tone.

"I am hoping I will not have to resort to force," he retaliated.

Tecor was just about to retort to his comment when Esric's voice rang loudly throughout the room.

"Father, I will not sit here, and let you dictate the life of my guest, who is only here as long as she wishes! It is true that I am in love with her, and would be with her without question, but I will not keep her here against her will. I promised her she could leave when she wishes, and I intend to keep my promise." He did not wait for his father to reply, he stormed out of the room.

Tecor sat there for a moment before going after him. "Esric wait!" she cried out loudly. He stopped and waited for her to catch up. She did not waste a moment, taking his head, and pulling him into a heated kiss. She felt his body relax as he put his arms around her, accepting her kiss.


Esric felt so angry at his father as he walked out of the dining room. How dare he try to keep Tecor against her will! No one was going to hurt Tecor while he was still breathing, and that included her spirit. Forcing her to marry him would kill her. If she wanted to be with him, than that would be her choice. "Esric wait!" Tecor's voice ran out calming him. He stopped, and watched her run up to him out of the corner of his eye. She looked so beautiful, her long hair flowing as she ran, her eyes full of mixed emotions. Soon she was beside him, and he wondered what she would say to him. She would probably yell at him for not letting her handle the situation herself. Instead, she took his head in her hand and guided his mouth to hers. It was a complete shock to him, but he found himself relaxing, and putting his arms around her to pull her closer.

He could feel the heat of the kiss, making his staff harden. His body reacted before he could even think.

His hands moved up her back slowly, and gently, as he poured his hunger, soul, and love for her into the kiss. He felt her respond to him, moving her body closer to him, her hand clutching the sleeves of his shirt. He heard her moan as she rubbed her body against him. He growled lightly at the feeling, and moved his hand to her hair running his fingers though it's silk-like texture, and holding her head in place. There was so much fire and hunger in the kiss that he did not want it to end. All too soon, she broke the kiss, carefully, breathing hard, and looked up at him with starving eyes. Esric touched her cheek with his thumb lightly. "By all the stars I want you Esric," he heard her say softly. "You stood up against your father for me. That meant a lot to me, that you were willing to let me go, because you love me,"

Esric felt his body shiver as she said the words. He wanted nothing more than to take her into his room, lay her on his bed, and make love to her, but it did not feel right. "Tecor...," he said in a soft voice. "I care too much for you, to have you without letting you think about it," He sighed. "Your mother put your father through a lot, because love is sacred to your people. I do not want you to regret your decision to be with me,"

The kiss felt so right that Tecor did not think about that. All she knew was that her body ached for Esric, as it ached for no other, but his words rang true. She looked up into his blue eyes trying to look into his soul, but the only thing she saw was the softness that was there. She smiled at them then kissed him on the lips again. "You have slept next to me without touching me, you have never pushed me even though you have wanted me, and even now you look out for me even though I know you want me," she said grinding her hip against his hard cock. Esric groaned and closed his eyes in the pleasure she gave him. "I do not come to this decision lightly. Come to my room tonight," she said with a grin. "I will show you what a gypsy does to a boy," She detached herself from him, and walked away slowly, making sure to really swing her hips.

Esric followed her hips with his eyes until she turned a corner. He was half tempted to follow her, but decided to wait until tonight. It would make the experience richer. He grinned devilishly, then turned around and started for his study. He wanted to make sure to get everything done before tonight.


Jealous eyes watched the two lovers interact from their hiding spot. The unseen spy growled as they watched them kiss, listening to them practically protest their love to each other. It was enough to make one sick to their stomach. The spy now knew that it could not do this alone, but who would be willing to help split up the happy couple? Only someone that would also gain from the destruction of this relationship.

Gears started to spin until they clicked into place. A smile drew upon a face. The spy knew exactly who to enlist in such a plan.


Night came quickly, though it did not seem that way for Tecor. She spent the rest of the day in her room, pacing and talking to herself, making sure this was the right decision for her. Wondering if Esric truly understood what it would mean for him. A gypsy did not give her body lightly, and her heart even less so. From the moment of the heated kiss, she knew she was in love with him. Her soul and heart ached to be near him. She lied earlier in the day when she said she never figured out what her mother meant by gypsies only tested those they loved. She knew the answer when he kissed her last night. Her mother was simply telling her to make sure it is truly love.

Tecor sighed, and moved her hand down the white nightgown she wore and looked up at the moon.

A knock on the door startled her. She opened it with a sexy smile, expecting it to be Esric, but the smile soon faded. "What are you doing here?" she demanded.


Esric did not get much work done for the day. He looked at the piles of papers on his desk, even reading a few, but his mind was on Tecor. He sat there watching the clock, playing with his fingers. He never felt this way with a woman, wanting to be with her in every way possible. If he had his way, Tecor would be his wife. Yet, he did not know if she would stay. She was born a nomad. Would she be willing to give it up for him?

Esric was putting papers in order a few minutes before he was to go to Tecor's room, when there was a knock on the door. He moved to the door, opening it to expect a servant, but instead he was looking at Lady Branwen.

"Lady Branwen," Esric said, bowing his head slightly to her. "What do I owe this visit to?"

"Oh, I just wanted to see if you would like to take a walk in the garden. The moon is full and it is a beautiful night," she answered, with a bright cheerful smile.

Esric gave her a regrettable smile. "I am so sorry Lady Branwen, but I have other plans, with Lady Tecor."

Lady Branwen gave a distasteful look. "She is hardly a lady," she said in a harsh tone. "She is nothing but a gypsy, while I am a Noble's daughter. I can give you many things," she said, putting her hand on his chest.

Esric grabbed it quickly and pushed it away. "She may be a gypsy, but I still have plans with her. I am not a man who breaks his engagements," he said firmly, trying to move past her.

Lady Branwen moved in front of him, taking his head in her hands, and forcefully kissing him. Esric felt sick, as her lips touched his. He quickly pushed her away, only to hear,

"See I told you he was only using you," It was his brother's voice. He looked over Lady Branwen to see Damien with Tecor, anger written all over her face.

"Tecor, wait!" he cried, as she stormed away from the situation. He looked down at Lady Branwen. "You will be escorted back to your home first thing tomorrow," he growled and then he ran after Tecor.


Lady Branwen fumed and looked at Damien. "You idiot! He is going to be able to talk his way out of that. She will forgive him, and the curse will be broken."

Damien rolled his eyes. "For a woman, you know little of your own kind. She will not listen to him tonight. He will seek solace in drink, and that is when you should make your move. With my brother out of the way I shall have the gypsy, to myself," he said with a large devilish grin.

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