tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Gypsy's Tale Ch. 07

A Gypsy's Tale Ch. 07


Authors Note: I would like to thank all of the people who were patient to wait for these last two chapters. I am sorry to keep you waiting for so long, but my editor became busy, and I no longer wished to be burdened with my stories. Now thanks to a few people who volunteered to edit my story, I was able to post once more. I would like to thank all the people who volunteered to edit my story. Thank you all for commenting, and voting. I hope you enjoy this latest chapter! Lady T


Esric stared at his wine glass as the shadows in his room enveloped him. His mind was fuzzy from the many drinks he consumed since his fight with Tecor.

She did not even want to listen to him, she shut her door, and that was the end of what could have been a memorable night.

Damien sat across from his brother, smiling as he saw the dazed look in Esric's eyes. The sleeping powder he had slipped into the wine was starting to take its effect.

Esric yawned and looked over to his bed. "I guess I should call it a night," he said with a slightly slurred voice. He moved to get up but found he had not the strength. "I think I shall just stay here," he told his brother as his eyes closed.

Damien waited a few more minutes before making sure his bother was sleeping. He smiled and went to the door where Lady Branwen was waiting for him. The small blond moved into the room, and fixed her eyes immediately on Esric's sleeping form. "How is this supposed to work if he is asleep?" she asked, her blue eyes turning to Damien with fury, waiting impatiently for answers. "No one will believe he slept with me unless there is proof!" she fumed, her pale face turning a slight red from anger.

Damien gave her a charming smile, then picked up a lock of her hair, playing with it between his fingers. "Well my dear," he said locking eyes with her. "I guess you shall have to settle with me."

Lady Branwen gave him a horrified expression. It had been Damien's plan all along to have both Lady Branwen, and Tecor first. His brother would be stuck with Lady Branwen, and he would be free to woo Tecor.

"Really my lady, do you see any other way to make sure you are no longer a virgin?" he asked, closing the gap between them. "My brother is incapacitated, and even if he was not, he would not be able to perform because of the curse, and you knew that." He put his strong arm around her small waist. "You knew he could not pleasure you, he would never be able to pierce your virginal vial, as proof he laid with you." Lady Branwen shook her head denying him, but Damien could see that he was winning this argument in the end. "In truth, you wanted me, not my brother. The only reason you settled for my brother was, because I am betrothed to another." Damien moved his free hand to cup her chin, making her look at him. "You want me Branwen. You want me to pleasure you like my brother never could. Try to tell me that is not so, and I will call you a liar." Lady Branwen's eyes were on the verge of tears, as she licked her red lips lightly. "I cannot," she whispered softly. Damien growled and then claimed her lips with his in a fiery kiss.

Branwen let out a soft moan as her inexperienced lips moved against his. Damien grew hard as he taught her to kiss. He knew she would be inexperienced, but he had no idea how much. He was going to have fun teaching her how to pleasure him.

His hands went to the buttons on her dress, undoing them quickly. He wanted to feel her skin in his hands, wanted to hear her as a man touched her body for the first time. He pushed the dress past her shoulders, letting it puddle at her feet. Now she was only standing her plain white shift.

Branwen let out a squeak of surprise, and went to cover herself, but Damien stopped her. "No need to be shy little bird," he whispered softly, his mouth kissing her neck softly. "You are beautiful, you know you are beautiful, so there is no need to hide your beauty." Branwen let out a soft sigh, her body relaxing against his, and her hands moving to his chest. She moved her small fingers under his shirt, exploring the toned skin that was underneath.

Damien let out a growl, smiled, and peeled his shirt away from his body. Branwen grinned and used her whole hand to touch his chest, moving down to his stomach. She saw how much pleasure it gave him. She mused on what would happen if she went a little lower.

Her hand went to her his hip, then to his thigh, moving towards his cock. She touched it briefly, amazed at how hard it was. She licked her lips and touched it again, exploring its length. It seemed impossibly large, and she wondered if it would fit.

A loud groan broke her away from her thoughts. She looked up to Damien who had his eyes closed. "You like that?" she asked touching him again.

"Yes," he growled.

"Is it supposed to be so hard?" she asked, as she explored him some more.

"Only for this purpose," he answered, his voice on the edge. His hands went to the thin straps that held her shift in place, and broke then easily, making that garment fall from her body. Branwen's face grew red, and she pressed against Damien's body in an attempt to hide her nakedness.

Damien smiled and kissed her shoulder softly, then moved up her neck slowly. His hands went to her back, rubbing it lightly. He then took her ear into his mouth, and sucked on it lightly. He was rewarded with a loud moan. "Are you scared little bird?" he asked, as his hand moved to her ass. "Do I frighten you?" he whispered into her ear.

Branwen could not answer, only nod her head slightly.

"There is no reason to be afraid. I want to pleasure you, not hurt you." To prove his point, he cupped her pussy with his hand, groaning when he realized she was already wet. He moved his hand up slowly then back down, inserting a finger into her when he did. He could feel how tight and hot she was. He groaned, slightly grinding his hips against her. "I can tell that you want me." he growled into her ear, moving his fingers in and out of her slowly. "You are so wet, for me."

Branwen moaned, moving her hips in time with Damien's finger. She was so lost in the feeling that she did not even notice when Damien moved her to the edge of the bed.

He pulled his finger out of her gently, picked her up and placed her in the center of the bed. He grinned as he undid his trousers and slid them off his body.

Branwen's eyes moved down his naked form, stopping at the large protruding flesh hanging from his hip, and her eyes grew wide.

Damien chuckled lightly, knowing the question on her mind. "Yes it will fit," he said, moving towards her, his hand moving slowly up her leg. "So smooth...," he whispered, as he stroked her leg, moving closer to her. His hand moved up her leg teasingly, until he cupped her pussy. Branwen let out a short breath of surprise, and then groaned as he pushed his finger into her once more.

"Do you like that?" he growled, just before sucking her nipple into his mouth.

"Yes...," she breathed.

Damien grinned, and pushed his finger back into her, which was rewarded by a loud moan.

Branwen felt like she was on fire from Damien's hot mouth touching her sensitive nipples, his finger driving her crazy with need and want. "You are driving me crazy," she breathed, as she clutched to the blankets on the bed like they were her life.

"Just wait," he growled, pushing another digit into her already wet pussy. He loved how she felt so tight, waiting for him to break her.

Suddenly, her muscles convulsed as her first orgasm rushed through her.

Branwen felt the wave of pleasure rush into her veins, making her let out a loud cry. "Wha...what was that?" she asked, in a ragged breath.

Damien pulled his fingers out of her slowly, and positioned himself in front of her waiting entrance. "That...," he said, kissing her lips softly," was only the beginning. Now this will only hurt once," he explained. Then quickly he thrusted himself into her hot, tight hole, feeling the resistance of her virginal sheath as it broke.

Branwen let out a cry, tears streaming from her eyes. Damien kissed them away gently, waiting for her to adjust to his large size. "Trust me," he whispered, as he moved his hips, slowly pulling out of her and then sliding back in, then repeating.

Branwen felt the pain give away to the pleasure of the wonderful friction between them. She could not help but try to move her hips in time with his, hoping it would increase the feeling.

Damien felt her move underneath him, and began to move faster and harder, making sure to push himself all the way into her, enjoying the small moan she gave every time he did. Her cries were music to his ears, the tightness that enveloped him was the cherry on top. He knew he had to be careful not to cum too early, and end this too soon. His large hand cupped her breast and his fingers played with her nipple.

Branwen clutched the bed tightly, letting the pleasure overtake her. Soon the bed did not seem enough in her hands, and she clutched onto Damien, her nails sinking slightly into his skin. He let out a groan, bucking into her a bit harder. Branwen smiled wickedly and clawed lightly down his back.

Damien arched his back, growling as he did. He quickly grabbed her hands and placed them above her head. Branwen looked at him confused. "I thought you were enjoying that?"

"I am," he replied in a husky voice, pushing into her harder to prove his point, making her let out a squeak. "However, I do not want this to end until I give you want you want." He let go of her hands and held onto her hips, gripping onto them tightly. He began to pound into her, hearing her ragged breathing telling him he was doing something right.

Branwen felt an orgasm build once more, much bigger then the first one she experienced.

Damien moved one hand to her clitoris, touching it lightly, moving in small circles, hearing her short groans and gasps.

Suddenly, the pressure peaked and rolled over her, making her shake lightly.

Damien let out a roar as he felt her muscles clutch around him, making him finally release into her.

Heavy breathing was all that could be heard for awhile. Damien pulled out of her, carefully, and got out of the bed. "Where are you going?" Branwen asked, sitting up slightly to look at him better, watching him pull his pants on, and move to his brother. "I need to get Esric into the bed then leave," he said, undressing his brother quickly.

"You are not going to stay with me?" she asked in an emotional voice.

"I cannot. We both cannot afford to be caught together in this situation." He picked up his now naked brother and carried him to the bed, placing him next to Branwen, who was on the verge of tears. Damien looked at her with slightly cold eyes. "Do not give me that look, Lady. You should have realized that I was not going to stay. You got what you wanted Branwen, now you will have to learn to live with the repercussions of your actions." He then pulled on his shirt, and walked out of the room, leaving Branwen to cry herself to sleep.

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