tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Gypsy's Tale Ch. 11

A Gypsy's Tale Ch. 11


Author's Note: Thank you to all my readers, I apologize for making you all think that Chapter 10 was the last chapter. This is chapter is not long but it did not belong in the last chapter. I hope you all have enjoyed this story, and yes I will be writing more!

Lady T

Esric felt like he was going to vomit, as he stood in the rose garden. People filled the garden as they talked quietly among themselves. His father put his hand on his shoulder. "Breathe Esric, it is important to breathe." He said with a large smile. "Yes I know, father," Esric responded as he straightened his shirt. "I am just nervous, that is all."

Alessio laughed lightly. "There are only a few times when a man has a right to be nervous, the birth of his children, and his wedding." Esric nodded and looked around at the guests. His younger brothers were there with supporting smiles, his friend Bron was there with Branwen in check next to him. They had stayed the week at the fortress while the preparations for the wedding took place. He wondered how Bron was going to keep her under control. I suppose he will have his ways. And his magic is stronger than hers, but that will still be an interesting story in itself. Esric then saw Damien who wore a submission collar. Their father did not know what to do with him, but still believed that he would redeem one day, he just needed a reason to.

The music began and Esric held his breath, as Tecor came into the garden wearing the most beautiful white dress, made of silk that clung to her curves, and a lace vale over her face. White flowers were braided into it her hair.

The world slowed for both of them, as she came towards him. She blushed gently as her eyes drank him in. It was a perfect moment for them both.

His hand took hers in his as he guided her to her place on the altar. "You look amazing," he whispered, with a smile. "So do you," she whispered back. Their eyes locked and they heard and saw nothing else but each other. The priest began the ceremony, and they both where aware enough to say "I do."

"By the goddess I join these two in life, till the end of their days." Esric smiled and kissed Tecor gently, yet passionately. The crowd cheered bringing them both back to reality.

The reception was filled with music, laughter, and dancing. Tecor danced with her sister and the other gypsies from her camp. Esric played his flute with the band watching his new bride with lust, and wanting.

Tecor's mother took Esric's hand, and pulled him to the floor. "Time to dance with your wife!" She said, as Tecor took Esric's hand and they danced together. Their bodies touched molding together as one, they grinded together as their bodies caught fire. "I need you." Esric whispered into her ear. Tecor grinned, and kissed his lips sweetly. "Then we should retire from the party, and you can show me." Esric let out a growl and gathered her in his arms, picking her up off her feet. The crowd laughed and cheered as he carried her out of the party.

Tecor let out a sigh when Esric placed her on the bed, still in her wedding dress. She smiled and watched him carefully, as he moved his hands up her legs. She placed her foot on his chest, stopping his motion. "Let me get changed, my sister will be mad at me if I ruin this dress." She slipped off the bed and went into the bathroom.

She slipped off the dress, and put on a simple silk night gown that reached to her knees, and a slight v-neck that pronounced her breasts. Her sister gave it to her as a wedding present; she thought it would make the first night more fun. Tecor smiled and brushed her hair free of the flowers and the braid, letting it lay against her back. Tecor opened the door, to see Esric sitting on the bed, his shirt undone, and his shoes off. His eyes watched her like a hungry wolf; she smiled, and swayed her hips as she walked to him. She put her arms on his shoulders and moved them down his chest. "I think you should become more comfortable." He growled in response as his eyes moved over her body. "I will take that as a yes." She whispered pulling the shirt over his head, then rubbed his body down with her hands, enjoying the heat coming from his skin. She kissed his shoulder, moving slowly to his neck as her hands undid his pants. Esric's breath caught in his throat, as her hand touched his member which was already hardened.

Tecor smiled and nibbled his ear, her hand rubbing his member softly. Esric needed more of her, and stood up, and gripped her at the same time, placing her on the bed. He slid his pants off kicking them across the room. His hands were on her skin hungrily moving up her body trying to touch every inch of her. "You are so beautiful, and now you are my wife." He kissed her lips. "And I look forward to spending every second of our lives making your life wonderful, blissful, and happy." Tecor smiled and kissed him back. "I already have that, because I have you. However, I look forward to it." Esric kissed down her shoulder. "Good," he whispered into her skin.

His hands caressed her skin, moving up to her breast, sliding the gown up her body revealing her body. She sat up and he took the gown off her body tossing it to the floor. She moved up the bed, and he climbed onto it with her. He bent down and touched her forehead with his, and they stayed there for a moment their naked bodies touching each other softly. "I love you, Tecor. You are my soul, and I could not live without you." Tecor smiled and nuzzled his cheek with hers. "And you are mine." He kissed her again passionately this time unleashing all he felt for her in one kiss.

Tecor wrapped her arm around him pushing her body into his, moaning softly as his hard member rubbed against her wetness. Esric moved his hands down her, and cupped her pussy lightly with his hand, rubbing it softly as his fingers moved up and down her slit. He became harder as he felt how wet she was. He inserted a finger into her hot wet core, groaning on how tight she was.

Tecor let out an impatient whimper. She had wanted Esric like this for so long, and they were here... He was hers, as she was his. She let out a ragged moan as he rubbed her clit softly, making her twist and turn in the bed."Like that, I see," Esric said with a smile as he watched her face, as pleasure took over her body.

Tecor felt like she was on fire, as she moved her body against Esric's hand. Her nails dug into his skin, as she felt like she was going to explode. "Esric." She whimpered softly. "Shhh... Just enjoy it," he whispered softly, kissing her neck, softly and gently biting the skin. Tecor let out a soft cry as a wave of pleasure rode through her body rocking her to the core. Esric was breathing as hard as she was, as he let her body come down before positioning his member in-front of her entrance.

Tecor shuddered slightly when she felt the head of his member touch the entrance. "Ready?" he asked, locking his eyes with hers. She smiled and arched her body, making him enter her a little. "Yes," she whispered. Esric leaned down and kissed her as he slowly entered her tight body.

Tecor gripped the blankets, whimpering slightly from the pain of stretching. Esric stopped when he hit a barrier, he knew she was a virgin but this was the true proof of that, so he waited until she was breathing slowly, then pushed forward breaking through. Tecor let out a soft cry, and tears ran from the corners of her eyes. Esric kissed them away and waited again for her to adjust to him. "I am okay," she said putting her arms around him, kissing him passionately.

Esric groaned into the kiss, and began to thrust in and out of her at a slow pace, enjoying the warmth of her around his member, as every inch of her gripped him, making him shiver and moan with each thrust.

Soon their bodies became one and moved against each other as their souls seemed to touch and meld together as one. Esric never knew that it would feel so wonderful; it was truly another world experience.

Sweat dripped from him onto her as Tecor gripped his skin moving against him. He felt himself getting close and his body moved faster, as their kisses became harsh and rushed. Soon his body could not hold it any longer, and he let go, letting his passion come to an eruption.

Esric shuddered, and pulled out of her gently, laying next to her, pulling her into his body. Tecor breathed deeply and snuggled into him. "The goddess has truly blessed us both, I have never heard of anything more wonderful than that." Esric smiled and kissed her forehead. "Yes, I think she has, we will have to see what else she gives us," he said as his hand moved to her stomach rubbing it gently. "Ready for that already?" she asked with a teasing smile. "I was the first time I realized I loved you." She giggled and moved on top of him, kissing him softly. "Then I guess we should get started right away." Esric smiled and drew her in again.


Esric paced up and down the hall as his father sat in a chair watching him. "You will wear the floor to nothing my son." Esric nodded but did not stop. "Have you thought more about being crowned prince? I have given you almost a year to decide." This made Esric stop and look at his father. "Tecor told me she would support me no matter what I decided." Alessio nodded and let his son continue without responding. "I will accept my responsibility to my country, Father. I will succeed you when the time comes." Alessio smiled, stood up and hugged him.

"This makes me happy, my son. Now if only we could get help for your brother." Esric smiled and hugged his father back. "Maybe he should spend some time with Tecor's family. Her mother would set him straight and living with women who can take care of themselves may give him respect for other women." Alessio, nodded and was about to respond when a loud cry came from the room. Esric's face went white, and his father patted his shoulder. "Go," he whispered.

Esric opened the door, and entered the room where Tecor's family was cleaning up bloody blankets, and her mother was placing a small bundle in Tecor's arms. Tecor smiled at the bundle before her eyes saw Esric. "Come meet your daughter." She said softly. Esric smiled and his whole body shook as he lay next to her, looking down at his daughter. He reached out and touched her face lightly. "She is beautiful, she looks like her mother." He kissed Tecor's forehead softly "She has her father's smile though." She said back, leaning against Esric arm.

Esric and Tecor ruled the kingdom with justice and many prospered. They lived many happy years together.

Damien was made the fort's new regent after spending many years in the desert with the gypsies. Bron and Branwen ruled the northern lands keeping the peace for all, but those are different tales for a different time.

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