tagGroup SexA Hairy Ride Into April

A Hairy Ride Into April


Anna was different. She'd known that at least since the ninth grade. Now, well into her thirties, any angst or shame was ancient history. Anna felt nothing but pride in her natural beauty.

Until now.

Anna was so angry she didn't even notice at first that her coffee mug was burning her fingers as she gripped it in rage. How could Sharla do this to her? Granted, they'd never met and didn't even recognize each other in person -- since Sharla was careful not to post photographs of herself on her website -- but after all the positive comments Anna had left on Sharla's website and the great feedback she'd received, she'd felt an undeniable bond with her favorite blogger. That bond now lay shattered as Anna's disbelieving eyes scanned Sharla's latest post, and she felt herself drawing her legs together as if to hide what was already hidden in her tailored black pants.

If only she had shown a bit more of that shyness at the gym a few days before..."No," Anna admonished herself silently. "You're not the one with anything to be ashamed of here. She is."

But Anna's beloved Sharla -- "The Lesbo You Know" as her blog was entitled -- showed no sign of shame whatsoever in her commentary about the beloved fan she was so callously insulting.

Y'all know how I'm all for women embracing their bodies of every shape and size, Anna read yet again, as if hoping the words would change magically on her computer screen. I'm having second thoughts about that after something that happened at the gym the other day.

I'm not saying which gym for now, because I don't want to give it a bad rap. It was my first time there and I found the facilities delightful for the most part. The staff was super-helpful, too. And most of the ladies I crossed paths with? Mrowwr! I may very well yet go back there.

However, in the locker room after my workout, I saw something I can never unsee. As I donned my towel for the march to the showers, I passed by three women who were standing naked by the stalls and chatting casually. Sharla's dream, right? Guess again! You see, one of these free-spirited ladies had a beaver roughly the size of South America. Seriously, we're talking the Bermuda Triangle here: huge and dark and dangerous. I could and did look away, but I don't think I'll ever drink that sight off my mind. I also can't get over the likely reaction of some poor gal or guy whom she invites up for coffee after a third date...just how would you react to a surprise like that?! Geez, lady, get a Brazilian, whoever you are!

No one could know, Anna reminded herself. Even Sharla herself couldn't have known the woman she had so callously insulted was her devoted fan, known online as AnnaBanana, with whom she'd been sharing flirtatious feedback for months.

Was her devoted fan.

But Anna knew.

Anna who had known she was different all that time, who had been ashamed of her huge bush in her younger years but had long since learned to love it, who had attracted her boyfriend by letting the secret of her uniqueness slip in a bathing suit when they were both living overseas, who had seduced him in an elevator just afterwards and let love grow as wild and untamed as her bush, who had since moved back home with him, who had started a trend at the gym of not hiding in one's towel before and after a shower, and who was utterly proud of her unusual but beautiful body...she knew a woman she had admired enormously had seen her body and concluded that she was a freak of nature.

She also knew she'd better close her browser and get to work. But she just couldn't let this go by without a comment. Hastily "AnnaBanana" clicked on the Comments box and typed, "Sharla, this isn't like you! Every woman's beautiful, isn't that what we always say? So you saw one who happens to have a lot of vagina hair -- that's hardly a crime, is it? If she was naked in public with her friends, it sounds like she's comfortable with her body, too. I think we ought to applaud that, not attack her for it."

With that, Anna felt a little better, and she closed her browser and turned her attention to work. She remembered a moment too late that she had used her and Chuck's private term, "vagina hair", something neither of them ever did in public. But it was too late to change that now, and it wasn't as though Sharla wouldn't know what she meant. In fact, Anna reflected, she was just as proud of her name for the hair as she was of the hair itself. She and Chuck had started calling it that after learning they had both used the term as children, before they knew the word "pubic," and that neither of them cared for that word. It had been -- and still was -- one of many ways in which they had bonded in the sweetest of ways after their unlikely meeting halfway around the world. That sort of touch was just what Sharla's horrible commentary called for.

By five o'clock, Anna was feeling quite a bit better and had nearly resolved not to dwell on it any further. But she just had to check and see if Sharla had paid her comment any mind. So just before turning her work computer off, she returned to The Lesbo You Know and checked the comments -- and promptly wished she hadn't.

"Hi, AnnaBanana! When are we going to get together for that drink, anyway?

Listen, you'd understand if you'd seen this gorilla. I would never fat-shame, weight can't be helped. This lady just needed five minutes with a razor and she'd have been fine. Every woman is beautiful, all right, but her grooming choices aren't always. What would you say about a woman who never washed her hair? On her head I mean, never mind...that! I'm sure you see what I mean, babe."

"No, Sharla, I don't," Anna whispered under her breath. And as she made her way downstairs to catch the bus, she felt like crying again.

She hoped Chuck would let her vent and find a way to comfort her. Chuck adored her body, after all, from the very first time he'd seen it in that swimming pool. The memory of how she'd teased him in the pool, cornered him in the elevator and invited him to "frolic in the jungle" (as she had put it, that time and many since then) made her smile through her outrage now. If she wanted that kind of TLC, she knew, it was just a matter of telling him what Sharla had written. Anna didn't really want to go through it again, but she knew herself well enough to know she'd never be able to hide it from Chuck.

To her delight, there was no need to explain anything. Anna opened the apartment door to find the dining area bathed in candlelight, and Chuck standing by the table in her favorite of his button-down shirts. "Thought you might need a pick-me-up tonight," he explained. "Who cares what Sharla thinks, really?"

"How'd you know?" Anna threw herself into his arms.

"I read her blog too now and then," Chuck reminded her. "Couldn't believe what she said this morning, and of course I knew it was you she'd seen. I know how much you love putting the other women at ease there."

"I know!" Anna sighed. "How could she be so callous about someone who was obviously so comfortable in her own skin?!"

"And in her own vagina hair," Chuck laughed.

"Oh my God, you saw that! I'm sorry I used that, I realized a second too late --"

"It's fine, Anna! I thought it was adorable."

"She didn't," Anna grumbled.

"I know, I saw that," Chuck said. "I guess we can forget about that encounter you were hoping for with her, huh?"

"Oh my God, Chuck, I'm really glad you're so openminded about that. But yeah, I think that's one name we can cross off our list." Anna had been floating the idea of a threesome with another woman almost from the day she and Chuck had become a couple. He'd always been all for it, but it had never happened.

"Never mind that, Anna." Chuck pulled a chair out for her. "Take a load off, and let's eat. Then if you want, let's shower and..."

"And?" Anna gave him a coy grin as she sat down and watched him take his own seat.

"And have some fun if you're up for it."

The wine and the great food didn't erase the horrible memory of that morning, but it did ease the sting quite a bit. Anna offered to wash the dishes, but Chuck insisted it was time to wash her first. "I've been looking forward to this all day," he said as she let him lead her to the bathroom and undress her. "You know what I like best about working from home, after all."

"Of course I do," Anna admitted as she watched Chuck unbutton her blouse. "Watching me get dressed in the morning."

"Nothing like trying to check my work e-mail while you're prancing around in your underwear," Chuck said, pulling her blouse gently out of her pants and pushing it over her shoulders. "Such sweet torture!"

"You know you love it, dear," Anna said as she looked down and watched him unbutton her pants. "I knew that from the very first time you saw me, after all."

"Didn't you, though!" Chuck pushed her pants down and she kicked them off, and let him pat the bulge in her panties the way she knew he loved -- and right now she did too. Admiring once again the golden-brown wisps of hair that peeked out from every side and the thin trail that wound all the way up to her belly button, he recalled that day at the pool. "I tried so hard to be discreet and not stare at you..."

"You did a fine job of that, Chuck, really!" Anna reassured him yet again. "I didn't feel uncomfortable at all."

"But you knew I was checking you out."

"You did a good job of keeping it to yourself, but women like me know what to look for. We get a lot of funny looks, after all. But we can tell a bad reaction from a good reaction."

"And mine was good."

"Also as gentlemanly as could be. That's why I let you play with me in the elevator!" Anna laughed at the memory, her first laugh all day. It felt good.

Chuck set about relieving her of her bra, which felt even better. "I sure am glad you did spot me," he said, rubbing her newly liberated breasts. Then he slid his hands down and pushed her panties down, and Anna was treated to her first look at her body in the mirror since before that morning's horror. Chuck stood behind her, still fully clothed, and teased her giant bush with his fingers. "Now, look at this," he said. "The only two people who matter know how beautiful you are. You and me. Right?"

"Thank you, Chuck." Anna turned and hugged Chuck, thrilled to be naked while he was fully clothed -- so erotic! But if she wanted him to join her in the shower... "Let's get these clothes out of the way, shall we?" she asked, pulling his shirt up.

A couple of thoughtless ex-boyfriends had commented on how filthy a big bush like Anna's was. It had long since become a running joke with Chuck that she couldn't get it dirty if she wanted to, not with all the time Chuck spent washing it for her. Never was his gentle soaping and scrubbing more delightful than it was that evening. Anna looked down with pleasure and adoration as he ran his fingers appreciatively through her soapy hair, and she savored the feeling of every stroke. By the time he finally rinsed her clean, she was ravenous for more. But first, he insisted on washing the rest of her body, which of course got her even more worked up.

"Let's get you dried off now," he said as he turned off the water.

"Everyplace but one!" Anna squealed, and they laughed together as they patted one another dry.

From the moment Anna flopped back on the bed with her knees up and her legs spread, her mind was off Sharla and on Chuck. Reverently as ever, he teased her dark curls with his fingertips, tickling her just enough for her to enjoy it and sending jolts of pleasure up her spine, just as intense as that first day she'd cornered him in the elevator. Only the slightest brush of his fingertips on her wet lips at first, then a gentle stroke on each side, and the first delicious sense of one finger inside her.

"Onh! Chuck! Oooh..."

For all her frustration in failing to find a woman to join them in bed, Anna had to admit Chuck knew his way around a pussy as well as any woman she'd ever met did. With his tongue as well as his fingers, she was presently reminded, as he flopped down on the bed and flicked his tongue across her clit. "Aie!" she yelped with a joyful shudder. "God, you're so good at that!"

"Mmm," was all he said in reply, and she felt his breath in her thick vagina hair, a subtle thrill that just whispered at what was in store as she felt his lips latch onto her vulva.

"Oh God! Don't stop!"

He didn't. Not until his tongue dancing about her clit and his two fingers gently rubbing within had her howling in pleasure as always, rubbing the mattress with her palms and grabbing fistfuls of it in turn as the intensity grew. He knew, as always, how to finish her off: a long suck on her clit and harder and faster rubbing inside. As always, it worked, and Anna found herself screeching in joy as she came.

"Put it in," she whispered breathlessly, and he did.

As he lay down atop her, she lost no time in licking her own juices off his face and kissing him hard -- if she missed eating pussy, at least she could taste her own. Not that she missed it too much when Chuck was ramming his lovely cock into her as now. In no time he had her just as worked up as before, and the day's angst was forgotten as she cradled him deeply within and rubbed his back and kissed him passionately.

"Come with me," she grunted.


"Yeah. Now!"

On her order, gentle Chuck rammed it hard and fast, to her growing delight. He got her off just in time for his own beautiful yelps, which she admired in awe from under him. "Ohhhhhhhh," he exhaled at last, gazing down into her eyes just before he collapsed onto her.

"Thank you," she whispered in his ear, sliding her arms around him and clamping her thighs tightly around him.

"Don't ever let anyone let you think you're anything but beautiful, okay?" he said.

"I never could once you get done with me!" Anna replied. "Never!"

"You know..." Chuck said after a few moments' blissful silence. "I was thinking, today..."

"Not about Sharla, I hope?" Anna said. "I'll get over it, Chuck, really I will!"

"I know you will!" he reassured her, propping himself up on his elbows so he could look in her eyes. "But let's face it, she hurt you, and you could use some closure. What was that she said about getting together for drinks?"

"Oh," Anna said. "Yeah, I've been commenting on her blog for quite a while, and she's always really liked my input. How ironic is that, anyway? And she's expressed interest in getting together for drinks. No offense, Chuck, but she doesn't know about you and she probably thinks I'm single. So...it might not be just drinks she was interested in."

"And still isn't," Chuck noted, teasing her left breast with his fingers. "After all, she doesn't know it's you she saw in the locker room. What if you still did get together for drinks, and then you let her know it was you?"

"Let her know..." Anna grinned. "I take it you don't mean tell her."

"It'd be so much more fun to show her, wouldn't it?" Chuck noted.

"And you'd be okay with that?"

"Anna, you know I trust you! And I know how good it would feel for you to put her in her place on this! Oh, and you do remember what this Sunday is..."

"Sunday..." Anna couldn't think of anything. Her birthday was months off, Chuck's was just passed, and they didn't have any upcoming plans.

"April Fool's Day," Chuck said. "I think you could make this a very memorable one for the Lesbo You Know!"

Anna burst into laughter and pulled Chuck back down into her arms. "God, Chuck, that's why I love you! Brilliant!

The next day, there were two things Anna knew she needed to do.

The first, as soon as she'd arrived at the office and poured her coffee, was swallow her pride and reply to Sharla. I'll have to take your word for it about this lady, I guess. And about that drink, a lovely new wine bar just opened up on my block. Care to meet on Sunday afternoon? E-mail me if interested...maybe we can compare notes on the good, bad and ugly of what we've seen in other locker rooms! After checking to see that her e-mail address was linked on her signature, she swallowed hard and clicked Submit. Then she closed the window, turned her attention to work, and made a point of not checking her personal e-mail all day.

The second thing came after work. Anna knew if she ever wanted any hope of putting the hurt and humiliation of Sharla's commentary behind her, she would have to go back to the gym and keep up her practice of not covering up in the locker room. So when five o'clock arrived, she sent Chuck a text saying not to wait for her for dinner, and set off with her gym bag clutched fearlessly in one hand. The late March twilight was chilly and damp, and Anna had little doubt the gym would be crowded. Maybe, she thought naughtily, there would even be a line for the showers.

Sure enough, both the exercise machines and the locker room were busy. So Anna wasn't very surprised to spot one of the girlfriends she'd enjoyed the fateful naked chat with. Nicola, a petite blonde lawyer who frequented the same weightlifting class Anna did, was finishing up a set on the bench press when Anna emerged in her t-shirt and yoga pants. Smiling with the recollection of learning the other day that Nicola was not a bottle blonde as she had suspected, she strode over to greet her. "Hey there," she said with a grin.

"Anna!" Nicola said, wiping down the handles. "So glad to see you came back!"

"Why wouldn't I come back?" Anna asked as Nicola stepped aside and let her take her turn on the machine. "I'm a regular here, aren't I?"

"Well, of course," Nicola said, an uncertain look on her face. "It's just that..." She leaned in and whispered in Anna's ear. "I'm sorry, Anna, but...do you read a blog called 'The Lesbo You Know'?"

Anna had recovered enough that she was able to laugh rather than getting angry. "Yes, and yes I know she was talking about me!" Seeing Nicola looked uncomfortable, she reached over and brushed her hand. "It's okay. It's her problem, not mine, and besides, I have a plan."

"A plan...to get back at her?"

"Exactly," Anna said.

"Well, that's great!" Nicola said. "I was so mad for you when I read that, I'm glad you're not going to take that lying down! But...what are you going to do?"

"I'll tell you what, Nicola," Anna said. "I'll tell you about it in the locker room, after. It's a little more private in there, you know?"

Nicola knew, all right, and she nodded and grinned. "I see what you mean. You're going to keep up your habits. I'll help with that, Anna, I love how confident you are in there!"

"Thank you," Anna said. "I'll see you there in an hour or so?"

Nicola leaned in again. "You'll see all of me!" They shared a laugh, and then Nicola was off.

And as Anna got on with her workout, another idea blossomed in her mind. Nicola was smart, confident, adorable both with and without her clothes, and evidently more openminded than Anna had realized up to now. Maybe she would like to be their third? She and Chuck would have to meet and hit it off first, of course, but an introduction would be perfectly easy to arrange. Of course, if Nicola read lesbian blogs, maybe she was a lesbian herself. She had never set Anna's gaydar off at all, but that didn't necessarily mean anything. Only one way to find out, and Anna resolved to do so when they met in the locker room.

The crowds were beginning to thin out by the time Anna waved Nicola to attention by the treadmills and they retired to the locker room, but there was still a line for the showers. Anna was feeling uncharacteristically shy for a number of reasons now, but she was defiantly glad to see the queue. "So what is it you've got up your sleeve?" Nicola asked her as they undressed.

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