A Half Demon's Diary...!


She kissed Max's left side of neck. Max closed his eyes, feeling good at the touch of her lips. Hers hands started to rub his chest, while she kept kissing his neck. Max was losing. He squirmed in her gentle embrace, trying to get free. But the enchanted feeling he was getting after his body stayed touched with hers was weakening his will every moment.

He suddenly got up, turned behind & sat straight looking at her. She looked sad down to her heart. Victoria knew that it was over. He didn't love her. It would have been better if she would have run away on the first night with him & killed that boy for revenge, rather than thinking of running away from that horrible feeling of revenge & her life. She had stayed with Max, hoping to get the love she always wanted. Meeting Max was like her wish come true.

She looked aside, "I... I want to go! I want to kill that bastard! I want... reve-"

Max kissed her on the lips. His eyes were closed, unlike Victoria's whose eyes were open wide in shock. She kept looking at him in surprise, before letting go of herself & hugging him around his back. She closed her eyes again. He kissed her more as she tried to figure out what to do, even if she was the one who had started all of it.

Max's hands wet on her both sides of waist. He touched her waist as though it was something very fragile; precious enough not to break it. His hands went rubbing the sides of her waist up to her sides of breasts. Victoria could feel his hands touches the corners of her breasts. As his hands rubbed her breasts she started to push herself against him.

Max's lips still remained locked with hers. They had forgotten that the door was still open, but they didn't care even if their sounds were going to be carried down. Max's hands pressed her boobs slowly, as his lips started spilling their moist mixed saliva.

Victoria couldn't help it for long. Her hands went down from Max's back & slipped into his pants, rubbing over his nice hips.

"And you... you call me 'pervert' you pervert," Max whispered breathlessly. It was the only moment their lips had left each others.

"It's your fault! You made me horny," Victoria said as she gasped for breath. "Now then... Uuummm," their lips met again, while she whispered again, "My hands are having hard time, to enter your tight pants. Can you please do the favor of... losing them for me?" She kissed his ear & whispered again, but this time it felt as though it was filled with unknown excitement... of lust, "I want to feel... it... against me!"

Max dutifully reached his hands don & unbuckled his pants. Victoria's knees helped him to push them down. Her legs coiled along his legs. Although she was in thin white stockings, the curves of his legs felt hot to her skin. And she finally felt it... the 'hard part' what she was waiting to feel. She felt Max pressing it gently against her private area. She could feel him being bold, but trying his best not to make her feel repulsive or embarrassed.

Max's right leg went in between her legs, parting them enough so that his thigh rubbed her private area. Victoria shuddered & hugged him close as his thigh rubbed her sweet skin behind her panties. She felt it getting moist as she grinded herself more o his thigh. Max caught her breasts & softly pressed them, making her moan.

He raised himself up & went down, bringing his face near her knees, while she laid still. He kissed her knees & started rubbing both of her thighs over his head. Her hands clutched the bed sheet below her, as she felt his wet lips kissing her hot spots & feeling his hands over them.

Max's face went up & down, in between & around her thighs, making her to moan more.

As Max moved his face up her thighs, her breathing changed. His hands started pushing up the lacey hem of her dress over her waist. He opened his eyes & parted her legs. He looked at the wet underwear. It was not attractive as the ones he had known from his 21st century; but they looked good for a change. His left hand went down under Victoria's hips, which she rubbed against his hand a little. Max raised his right hand & looked up. Victoria was looking back at him with tensed eyes. He smiled, telling her mutely that it was going to be ok. He looked back down at the moist region of her undergarment; which had started giving off its musky smell, & lowered his right hand touching her hottest spot, his middle finger being the one to fit horizontally in her crevice.

As soon as his fingers made contact with her genitals, there was a low & slow "oooohhhhhh" which escaped Victoria's mouth. She closed her eyes as she felt a small ripple of cold current going through her body. Max pressed his fingers on her covered pussy gently, causing Victoria to toss her head aside in arousal. He started running his fingers up & down, very slowly, enjoying giving her slow pleasure. He could feel the area where his fingers rubbed growing wetter every moment. His other hand holding her hips below felt her trusting her hips, which he groped softly. So small they were, yet so ripe too. He decided to give her another ripple of pleasure-current.

He pushed her dress more above her waist with his nose, making sure his nose touched her skin; while his both hands continued their magic "up & down". After he had pushed her dress up enough, he accomplished his mission by planting a very soft & wet kiss below her navel but beside her pussy, on her smooth skin.

There was a sudden "Aaahhhhhh," which came out in a breathy voice from Victoria's lips. Max knew that he was clearly arousing her more. He kept on kissing more, groping her hips & rubbing her pussy with both of his hands.

Victoria's both hands came down & held Max's back of head. She thrusted her pussy up; trying to get more of his sweet contact on her wetness. It was like her genitals were burning on fire, they needed attention; as if it was now or never, & she couldn't wait any longer. Max knew what she was going through her mind or more precisely what she was feeling. He slid his lips from the spot he was kissing & moved his right hand down to join his other hand in holding her hips. He parted her legs a bit more, before his lips touched her pussy, which still lay covered with panties. He could feel her stifling the moan, which would have escaped in a high voice if she hadn't bit her lower lip in pleasure.

Max closed his eyes & started kissing her damp undergarment. Victoria's grip around his head increased. She clutched his hairs, & directed Max to lick her up & down the pussy. She could feel Max doing what she wanted. His ears brushed to the sides of her thighs. His nose & lips rubbed in between her pussy. She felt his hands coming above, rubbing her flesh all over. The pushed up her dress above her breasts & caught them again. He slid his wet lips up & kissed her navel before coming up back to kiss her lips again. His hands groped her breasts.

They both sat up straight. Max's hands went back, pulling down the lace holding her dress; while she unbuttoned his shirt, looking in his eyes. They both got out of their clothes & sat in their undergarments.

Max unhooked her bra removed it off. There they were; her small but smooth & soft breasts. He kept looking at them.

"They aren't... ripe yet Max. But, you can try to make them," Victoria said shyly. Max looked at her in eyes, his mind confirming him that, 'This girl is bold.'

He smiled at her boldness. His hands went around her waist & pulled her up to make her sit on his lap. Her legs were folded back, their eyes locked to each other. She hugged him around his shoulders. He held her by her hips. Her nipples were pink & erect; poking his chests softly. He closed his eyes & kissed her deep, their tongues licking each other. She bit his lips gently, moaning. Max pressed her more close to him.

Victoria could feel a hard member poking her down in her exited part. She could somehow feel it pulsing. She slowly started to grind her pussy on it. Max let out a small moan of pleasure. He started grinding his cock against her pussy, unable to hold back his desire. They kept on groping, kissing & grinding the same way for like ages.

When they had finally separated, he pushed her down pulling panties off. He slipped down his underpants too. She hugged him over her but shivered when his tool touched over her wet sheath.

"Uuummm," she moaned, "That's somehow very hard." She kissed him.

Max whispered kissing her back, "It is saying that it wants to make you... ripe." She blushed.

He put his fingers in between her pussy & sent one first in, pushing & pulling it back in & out. Victoria moaned slightly, her eyes getting closed automatically again. Her insides were getting wet more. Max put in one more fingers inside. She arched a bit when he added third finger. He wasn't able to put in his fourth finger; she was definitely young. Max wondered whether she was even 18. After a small struggle he was able to put in his fourth finger. Victoria shuddered. He started to rub her insides slowly back & forth, to make her insides all slippery & moist. He kept his hand as much gentle as possible to make her more accepting without any pain. She let out her juices in a small shudder.

She got up & looked at Max. Max sat straight & looked back at her. He knew that it was the time... she wanted it.

He raised his hands & held her shoulders. Slowly he pushed her on her back again. He got up on his all fours & stood over her. His erect cock stood like a pole pointing towards her belly. He lowered himself to let his tip of cock touch her belly; upon which he felt a small twitch inside him. Victoria spread her legs apart, trying to breathe as normal as possible. Max held the tip of his cock with his left hand & touched it on her moist cunt. The moment he touched his cock there, he could feel his cock getting more hard & twitchy. He gave it a gentle push inside. But it didn't go in much far' "she was still so tight. He gave another gentle trust, leading his cock a bit further in the small tunnel. She let out a small stifled cry of pain. He looked at her tightly shut eyes.

He lowered his face & kissed her lips; whispering in low voice while licking her lips, "Uuuummmm...! It's going to be alright dear. Uuummm....Trust me.... uuummmmm... Just hold on a bit more. You will feel good!"

Victoria nodded a bit slowly trying to ignore the pain, & licking back Max's lips. But before she could realize what happened, she felt a quick & deep thrust inside her below. She realized that Max had talked her to distract her from his strong thrusts below, to cause her less pain.

She let out a high moan, "AAAHHHHH! UUUUMMM!"

Max felt his cock going in fully as far as it can. He started to thrust his hips back & forth inside her pussy, being gentle. But he knew that he wasn't going to last long being gentle. He felt the warm insides of her giving good sensations to his rigid cock. But the thing that made him harder to control himself was that her pussy was very tight of her age. He went humping on slowly for few more minutes which felt like long hours to him. He wanted to feel her more, but he couldn't go on fast to give her pain. But as time passed by, Victoria's tightly shut eyes in pain started to relax down. Her small cries of pain started to grow faint. He could feel her pussy spasm in pleasure. He knew that she had cummed just now. So he stopped humping. He heard her breathes calming down. He kissed her again on her lips, which she responded slowly. Now he knew that he could finally fill his pleasure along with hers.

Max raised himself with his hands on the bed & rocked his cock inside her very hard. She let out a small, "OAAHHHH!"

He drew his cock out & rocked it back hard again, leading her to gasp out her moan again. He kept on rocking back & forth in the same way, giving her two to three seconds of pause before pistoning himself in & before pulling out. Slowly & steadily he started to thrust himself in faster; causing Victoria to open her eyes half I pleasure. He started to increase his tempo of thrusting inside in & out. He could feel a load building up inside him. He was feeling that he was creeping more towards his peak condition. He humped on more deeper & faster as he felt he was about to burst. Victoria's arms went around his back. She hugged him closer. Their bodies touched each other, as Max humped her. She could feel his groin slamming her pussy hard. She was feeling so good that she felt herself nearing the climax.

"Aaaahhh... Aaaahhhh... Aaaahhhh... Uuuummm," Max moaned out, "I am going to cum... Victoria!!"

Victoria hugged him tight when she felt his trust getting more powerful & hard & suddenly slow; her pussy tightened hard along her body going stiff. Max's rammed his cock deep inside her pussy with a final powerful thrust; when he felt his dam breaking down. His cock erupted; bursting out his thick torrents of semen. He felt a large ripple of pleasure going on inside his body from his cock. It felt like he was not going to stop cumming, because it was more than he had cummed before. Finally, he felt his last drops of cum, draining inside her tight pussy.

When he felt that he was finally all spent, he dropped himself softly upon her. Victoria seemed to be calming below him. They could feel their hearts returning back to their normal beating slowly against each other's chests.

"Huhhh," Victoria gasped for breath out of breath, "Huff! Hmmm that felt... good!"

"Um hmmm," Max nodded, as he started falling asleep. Victoria was falling asleep too.

"Good night dear," he said before falling asleep with her.


Max opened his eyes drowsily. He thought it to be morning. But when he saw out of the window, the dark sky still stood before him he couldn't understand why he had woken up. He saw around.

Victoria was sleeping beside him. They were covered in the thick blanket. He smiled & hugged her. But as soon as he touched her warm body, he felt it. His cock was still hard squeezed in between her thighs even if he had fallen asleep.

He hugged her close from behind & held her breasts, squeezing them gently. Victoria moaned slowly getting up from her sleep.

"Uuuummmm," she moaned, "You are awake hard already!"

"Then what?" Max asked her, kissing back of her neck.

"Then," she said in a low voice. "I am waiting for it!"

Max didn't needed telling twice. He lifted her right leg up & guided his hard cock in her wet pussy again. This time it didn't take long as it had earlier. He pushed his cock in & out of her wet pussy. She turned her head a bit back & they kissed on lips while he continued humping her. His left hand rubbed her breasts, pinched her nipples gently, pulled her closer in him; while his right hand held her right leg a bit up, as they were still in the blankets.

He turned on his side & lied on his back, pulling with her flat over him, his cock still inside her. His left hand went down, releasing her left leg as they were now automatically apart, & touched his wet pussy where his cock went in. He gently rubbed her spot, causing her to moan a bit higher. He pumped her more as she responded her cute little smooth ass on his cock. He increased his speed & rammed his cock hard in her. As he closed his climax, he raised his hips higher above the bed & rammed his final thrust inside her wet pussy; cumming out hard in her.

They fell limp again with her on her back over him. They fell asleep.


Things started a different ways after next few days. Everything was normal apart from Emilie being lost in her own thoughts while she cooked these days. Max even found out some stains left on the floor which would be left by his maid unclean; which was weird because she liked her (his) house stain-free. He talked to her about it & she told that she was fine, except that she needed some money for her mother's health; which Max gave her generously. Victoria started getting along her life. She had got used to shopping in an elegant ladylike manner. She started taking care of Max's house along with Emilie. In the morning they would visit places around London, while in the night she would find her place in Max's bed. The only thing she hated was her lingerie.

"Sheesh," she said one night after they had finished having sex & lying naked. "These are so lousy! I hate these designs. I can do better than that."

"Hmmm", Max said thoughtfully, "If you want, you can design & make them on your own in the shop I own here in this time."

"Of course I would love that!" she exclaimed happily, before her face going down again. Max had told her that he would have to go back to his time... as it was the time. He had planned to go next day, so this was the last night with him for her. He had promised that he would come back to meet her from time to time, to keep her happy; which was the only reason she somehow was able to smile.

Max looked at her crestfallen face & held her cheek. "I will come back dear. I promise." He smiled warmly, at which she nodded back with a smile.

"Now then," he pushed her on her back & held her naked breast in his right palm (they had started growing a bit, as far as Max had felt them in past month). "You hate these lingerie's, I bought for you. Do you hate me for what I have done to these?" He gently roped her breasts.

"Uuuummmm," she kissed his lips, "No! I love you!"

"Then," he continued, "Will you tell me why you love me?"

She hugged him tight, crawling out her tongue & licking his, while they kissed, "Uuuuummmm... that's going to be a secret!"

Max kissed her back, before slowly pushing his hard cock in her, "Uuuummmm... Victoria has a secret... Victoria's secret!"

She giggled a bit before they went back to making love.


Max started his journey back home early next morning. Victoria cried a bit, but somehow was held warm by Emilie. Max had instructed her to keep a close eye on Victoria, to keep her out of trouble.

Before he went back to the secret spot, he used to travel back to his time he was interrupted by someone who was riding a black carriage with blue curtains. Black looked at him from the riders seat.

"Hmmm," Black said thoughtfully, "It seems you are on your way... back."

Max nodded without any expression. A voice from the carriage came out, which he recognized was of Black's Master. "You didn't come by our house, eh Dark?" the low but matured voice said.

"Sorry young Lord," Max said I a calm voice, "I was a bit busy. Ad it seemed you didn't have any job for me."

"Oh yes of course," the voice said, "But if you come next time, do visit us. I will have a job for you."

"Yes of course," Max replied. "Now if you will excuse me, I have to go."

He walked past the carriage, before he heard the low voice of Black, "You did an excellent job Dark. If you hadn't kissed her lips at that first time... that night... & hadn't made love with her... she would have gotten herself killed, by looking of my Master, to take her revenge... to try & kill him."

Black paused, "You are sly Dark. Though I admit it was a wise decision." He picked up his whip to lead the horses to start the carriage. "The love which you made with her in these days... made her forget her thirst for revenge. You did it on purpose. Although I don't know whether it was because of pity or love or duty or purpose..."

The carriage moved away, so did Black's elegant voice growing faint along the distance, "...It would always remain 'Victoria's secret'! Take care... my friend."

The carriage vanished in the mist. But as it vanished, a small smile appeared on the corner of Max's lips. He walked further deep in woods & vanished in the mist too.

Black was right!!!


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