A Hallow E'en


And so under the flickering candlelight of the Underworld's sole candelabra. Under the grinning gothic skulls and across the table from each other, the lovers conversed. Of the goings on in the Underworld and how life was up on the surface. It was long after the last bites had been taken and most of the scraps fed to the happy Cerberus that begged by the table, that Hades upped the ante of the conversation.

"I spied on you a little," he confessed. "When you were up there and I was lonely. You were dancing in a meadow."

"I know," she replied, "It's surprisingly hard to miss a giant spot of dead in a green meadow. I was dancing for you."

"Would you dance for me again?"

"No, but I may dance with you."

Hades blushed. Persephone giggled. She'd never get over how easy it was to make this elder, grisly bearded, and pale king blush.

A small light silence occurred as they looked into each other. As one they stood up out of their seats, Charon appearing to clean the dishes. Gently, Hades extended his hand in stiff formal fashion. Giggling, Persephone took it like a gentlewoman and curtsied awkwardly.

"May I have this dance, Persephone," he asked as the candlelight caught his eye dramatically, making his stoic features stand out and wink.

"Hmmm, let me think," Persephone began jokingly. "Oh what the hell." With this she twirled around his hand and they began. It was a slow dance and an unknown dance. There were elements of a tango, a standard slow dance, and even a gavotte. There was laughter at points, especially when Hades attempted a riverdance in a minor danceoff break, but overall there was connection. Their eyes were entwined together and every so often they'd break gaze and steal a small kiss.

At the end, they were wrapped fully in each other's arms and as close as they could be to each other with their clothes still on. "Oh, how I have missed this," Hades cried out. "I haven't had so much fun in a while."

"I believe it," Persephone answered. "You get so stiff when you're working."

"True," he said softly.

"It's been as much fun as I've had in a while too," she replied.


She nodded solemnly and then tightened her hug. He responded in kind. It was all a nonverbal code, a reassurance of reality. The strength of the hug conveyed all the love that mere words could not convey and mere sex tends to spend. It was pure and real and the muscle contractions comforted both of them for minutes. Time stretched out in the embrace, lasting seeming aeons of protected and private bliss.

Still, all things must end. Sometimes for the best.

"You want some dessert," Hades asked as he broke the hug.

"I thought you were my dessert."

"Don't worry. You should like this just as well," he replied walking to the table and pulling a lid of the tray. There on the silver tray was a single fruit, a pomegranate. "Fancy a taste?"

"Oh, you little..." Persephone said in mock anger. "Wow, this takes me back. Shall I play the role? 'No, I shalln't eat anything!'"

Hades laughed and put on a stern face. "Come on, what harm will it. You can't starve yourself."

"No, it is wrong to eat the food of the dead."

"Just a little, a few seeds, what harm could it do?"

"I daren't believe you."

"Please...you need to."

"Oh? Why?"

"Because I love you. I can't let you starve yourself."

"Oh...well maybe then a couple of seeds will be okay. Because I am so hungry."

"Yes, that's it."

"Oh, how juicy. Damn, that tastes good," Persephone muttered as she took a huge bite of the fruit. "And what's with the revisionism, lover. You didn't finally come around to saying I love you until at least my fifth winter here."

"Artistic license," Hades said sticking his tongue out and taking a bite of the fruit himself.

"Oh, you're an artist now," Persephone said mockingly while consuming another bit of the fruit.

"Maybe. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"

"No, better to a winter's night. Far more enjoyable."


"Oh, yes."

"Hmm, we seem to be out of fruit," Hades noted as Persephone finished it off.

"I guess I'll have to start on my second dessert then."

With that she kissed Hades violently, trading a piece of the pomegranate between their mouths. At the same time, she reached between his convenient black robe and fondled the stiff member he had inside.

Hades groaned into her mouth as he once again felt the touch of her velvet hand. Not to be outdone, however, he reached inside her dress and began to softly massage her breasts taking care to deliberately avoid the areole by smaller and smaller increments with each fondle.

She returned the groan with invigorating passion. Not to be outdone, she upped the ante, yanking hard on the member and slowly beginning a sensuous hand job with light twists and firm jerks.

Again Hades answered the call and let a hand wander down to Persephone's pan...lack of panties and toy with the soft lips found there. He parted them slowly, allowing a singular finger to circle around the inner folds of her labia. The exertion forced Persephone's eyelids to shudder and her knees to buckle. On his fingertips, he began to feel a gentle drip of sticky syrup.

"Oh, no, you don't," she murmured as she let a hand drift down to cup and squeeze his balls. For this she received a light grunt and a light twist to the clit that nearly made her orgasm on the spot. It was time to cheat.

She removed her hand from his balls and pulled him closer, allowing her to position a single finger on the ring of his ass. She circled idly tracing her nails over the pucker until Hades finally let go.

"All right, I concede," he said forfeiting the foreplay game that had become something of a tradition between them. So far he had one exactly one time when Persephone had started a little too excited to play well. She had made him pay for that victory. Oh yes, and pay well he did in white gold.

Still as loser of this contest, he removed his robe first and lay down on the ground. He lay still as Persephone descended down to him brushing her lips against his with suppressed lust. She winked softly and let her lips travel down his hair-endowed chest, stopping long enough to casually circle each nipple in a lazy figure eight.

"Ouch," muttered Hades as she bit one of the nipples playfully. "Watch it."

"Wimp," she said laughingly as she let herself slide lower and arch affording him a pure view of her cleavage through her loose dress. Her voice switched to husky on a dime, "Shall I make it up to you?"

"I'm not sure," Hades said with a laugh.

Persephone made a hurt face and then laughed pulling her hair out of the way. She lowered herself slowly, closing her eyes dreamedly. The cock entered her mouth smoothly, basking in the loving warmth and she sat still for a second merely letting the contraction of her mouth and throat work the shaft.

Hades grunted for a second as Persephone slowly traveled back up, letting her tongue corkscrew around the member as if it was the only lollipop on the planet. With one of her hands, she was grasping the thick and trembling base as if to let go would be to shatter the illusion, to let go of life itself.

She was lost in the action as she thrust herself down again, her eyes never opening. She was in a world of the cock. A private revelry of the organ she had been deprived of for so many months. The smell of her husband's sex, which had a masculine scent devoid of the unpleasantries of his role. To her it smelled of life, of power, of love. And she worshipped it like a grave idol. Lost her self forever in it.

Hades enjoyed it for a moment and did not want to disturb her, but still he did. Cautiously he tapped her head and made a hand signal of turning around. Unwilling to remove herself from his cock, she smiled around it and began to rotate her body a full 180 degrees.

The action of pure rotation on the head of his cock was almost enough to make Hades blow on the spot but he maintained control of himself. A difficult task when directly above your face was the dripping blonde framed cunt of a goddess, smelling enticingly of lavender. Still, maintain he did and placing his hands firmly on her ass lowered her to a level with which he was able to probe her velvet folds.

And probe he did, as delicately as the hands of a Victorian lady, licking reverently the stream of sticky fluid that already awaited him. The pent up excitement of the long summer days. In each lap, he tasted it, the surface world, the world of sun and flowers. The world of the real. He kept at it, tracing his tongue around the inner folds attempting to feel as alive as the day he stupidly tried to kidnap her.

They probed for awhile, neither driving the other to ejaculate, but more savoring the moment, drinking in the hedonistic self-realization. Losing each other in the realm of their partner's sex, trying to draw in the traits from the other that they each admired. In all of it, time passed. How much, who knew, but it was not wasted. Every moment built on every moment.

And then the rhythm increased and they both knew they were slaves to it. Persephone's tongue twirled daintily around his swollen head and Hades alternately sucked her clit and probed her g-spot. The tempo swirled around them, unstoppable, rushing into oblivion. Persephone was now vacuuming the shaft as she went even to the very hairs of his sac. Hades at the same time was biting. There were moans coming from somewhere, but the couple was far too engrossed to hark them or recognize them as their own.

For in this moment there were only the organs of the sex and the total slavery into giving them pleasure. The trading pleasures mountained, snowballed, avalanched with the tempo. The release was eminent and they didn't care. They were already past each other's thresholds and were purely into the territory of milking every single moment.

Still to all things and end must come and shuddering together as one, the orgasm hit. It was not a pair of orgasms because it was truly synchronized down to the very millisecond. Their groans and cries echoed and resonated off each other mixing in stellar harmony into the pitch of satisfaction. Somewhere on the surface world, couples felt twinges, the twinges of possibility, of invention, of life.

And so all devolved into cum. The backlog of furious months of non-activity. Persephone gulped greedily as it filled her to the brim. Still it flowed down her chin and gasping for breath she was forced to let a few strands of pearl paint her innocent face. On the other end, Hades was refusing to stop licking and was thus driving her straight on through her first orgasm, her second, and barely into a third. He was reverent in his cleaning of her nectar as it flowed into his mouth, drinking it like a lost man at his first oasis. Meanwhile, Persephone desperately riding the waves of orgasm, tried through unstoppable muscle spasms to funnel as much of the spilled cum into her mouth. Succeeding as best as she could and finishing her trip to bliss, she collapsed on top of him, her body covered in sweat and her hair as wet as if she had just come from a shower.


She awoke a bit later, still sprawled upon her godly husband. He was reverently or playfully inserting a finger into her pussy, tracing lovingly and slowly over her g-spot.

"What's this, flaccid and still wanting round two," she asked jokingly.

"Just waiting for you to recover love."

"Well I'm recovered now and I think it's time to awaken the bit that fell asleep while you were waiting. Bad naughty part that it was."

"Oh, I think it's sorry."

"Not yet, it's not," she said as she began to idly play with the member. "Sigh, you're not as young as you used to be."

"What, back when I had only lived a millennia? Face it dear, we're gods, we've been 'old' for awhile."

"Oh hush," she muttered as his member started to rise between her expert fingers. "Don't spoil the mood."

"Zeus forbid," he muttered as he leaned forward and kissed her bum. "Okay, I'm ready," he added raising himself up to his elbows.

"All right then," she answered swinging her legs off of him and standing up. "Shall we continue here or move to the bedroom?"

"Race you," he answered slyly.

"Oh," she asked idly. "Well then, how about winner gets top?"

"All right. On your-"

Persephone was already off and running up the stairs, ripping her sweat stained dress off as she went. "You can't catch me," she called back as it fell.

Below her Hades was springing up to his feet and hurrying after her, but she had gotten a decent head start. He caught up to her outside of the bedroom and in one motion swept her off her feet and exclaimed, "Got you!"

"Yes," she laughed as she snuggled against his bare chest and teased his charmingly bestial long hair. "But I still got here first."

"Fair enough," he said letting her down and flopping roguishly on the black bedspread. Persephone gazed on for a moment as the décor and his appearance conspired together to show him as darkly and mischievously as they could.

Her knees buckled like a schoolgirl in the strong arms of her first crush and flung herself on top of him. Riding astride his stomach, she leaned forward letting her small but perky breasts brush his nose. Slapping her hands on his chest, she rose like a spider and smiled malevolently.

"I've waited so long for this," she said duskily positioning herself inches above his stiff member, her legs stretched akimbo. With one motion she was filled completely and stars wheeled in her eyes.

As the passion swelled, her cunt muscles were involuntarily gripping along the whole length, trying to milk it where it stood. She couldn't help trembling where she sat, her horniness and the feeling of him so deep inside her were preventing any attempt at sentient thought.

"Ungh," she moaned incoherently as her eyes fluttered again. She was so lost that her only hope of being able to give Hades the pleasure he deserved was to get an orgasm right off the bat. Leaning forward she began to rub her clit against his pubic hairs. Quick to get the hint, Hades reached up and began to fondle her breasts, taking great care to circle the areole. He then moved to pure nipple work, teasing them softly and then gave them a soft but quick twist. She exploded.

Once the room had returned into her range of vision, she wiggled on the death god's cock still inside her. "Thank you, sweetie," she murmured.

"No...engh, problem," he grunted as she began to start slowly moving herself up and down. His eyebrows rose as he withheld himself coming too soon.

Meanwhile, Persephone was already losing herself in the motion. It was feeling like it was taking all her strength just to go up and down. Her lust-filled eyes pleaded to Hades as her hair kept shagging in her face with each downward thrust. Her legs were buckling so fast it was insane. It was as if the pleasure was drawing every ounce of her strength. She couldn't hang on, but she had to...

She felt firm strong hands grip her waist. "Shall I take over, dear," Hades asked worriedly.

"Please," she said relieved, her face exhausted and dripping with sweat.

"A change of position as well?"

"Why not."


"If I can hold on to the bedpost," Persephone said laughingly. "I'm having trouble standing."

"Let me help with that," he answered raising up to a sitting position while still remaining inside her.

"Oh," she exclaimed wrapping her legs around his waist. With that he turned and stood up, pressing her close against him. She laughed as he stood there for a second. "Now what?"

"One sec, I'm thinking," he answered as she nuzzled under his chin. "Okay, I think I got it, but you're going to have to trust me."

"Like you have to tell me to do that."

With that he grabbed the small of her back and told her to let go and pull her legs up as far as she could. She obeyed and he leaned back and tried to hold her entire body up with the whole of his strength. The difference of center of mass was making her lithe body a challenging lode indeed. She tried to turn and then let her legs fall back and lock around him again. He changed his hold and pulled her back up.

"Fraid not, dear. We're going to have to do it the regular way."

"Eh. I figured it was worth a shot," he said lifting her off him and setting her down.

"Ah, ground," she said turning around and sort of fell forward to grip the bedpost. "I felt like I was going to flip right off onto the ground for a second there."

"I wouldn't have let that happen," Hades said defensively as he guided his cock towards her dripping opening.

"I kn-oooh," she grunted as he pushed slowly into her. Words fell away as he began to motion back and forth torturously slow. "C'mon-on babe, give it to-ooh me hard."

"As you wish," he whispered as he thrust as deep as he could to her joyous cry. Her world exploded again as she gripped the bar with all her strength. It was cold to the touch, but she didn't much care. After barely a minute she was full on leaning on the bar, letting the quick pounding thrusts of her husband's dick keep her upright.

It was not long before she had cum again and slumped ungraciously down the pole. Hades, still hard, pulled out with a plop and began to jerk off.

"Oh, no you don't," Persephone said indignantly as she stood up. "Fuck, it's supposed to be the man that comes to early."

"I'm sorry," Hades began.

"Don't you dare apologize for my hair-trigger senses tonight. It's looking like one of those nights."

Hades rose an eyebrow. "Are you sure? You always say 'that's for men who are too cowardly to fuck boys.'"

"Damnitt, yes. Fuck my ass, let me just flop on the bed first," she said throwing the entirety of her body on the bed.

Hades followed suit and snuggled next to her. He reached down into her pink folds and gathered as much of the liquid as he could onto his fingers and then began to trace it down the curve to her ass. Once he had reached the puckered hole, he inserted a single finger, making sure the juice was lubing her. It was tight and he had to remind her to relax. Persephone did so, cooing under his arms.

Slowly a finger was added and then another and soon there were three fingers coating the inside of her rectum and making sure it was well lubed. It was now time. Positioning slowly he pushed the head of his cock as slowly as he could until it went in. He waited for long seconds as she grew acclimated to the feeling and began to relax the rest of her rectum.

Thus set, he pushed slowly in, her gasps forcing intermittent stops as she re-relaxed herself. Finally he pushed in the last of his length and Persephone's eyes were wide-eyed. The feeling of being filled had more than doubled. She disliked anal sex on moral grounds, but she was one to admit by pure enjoyment grounds, it was amazing. Nothing made her feel more filled up or greater showed the vulnerability she had to Hades. She would do anything for him and it was quite a bit because he didn't take advantage of this fact that she continued to love him enough to give it to him.

Slowly moving back, her ass muscles were contracting heavily against the invader and she could sense that it was taking all his willpower not to explode in this first stroke. He thrust in again and she began to furiously frig her clit hoping to hit her last peak before he came yet again. She felt it building up, riding on the body-shaking feel of his cock.

And so it was not long as Hades began to quicken his thrusts into Persephone's taut ass, before they were both ready to give as the bed rocked in tempo to them. And it came, blinding flashes of joy as he exploded in the deepest portion of her ass, practically filling her stomach with his cream. She rode this to her sixth and most definitely final orgasm of the night. She cried in joy and then eyes heavy with spent strength, curled up against the pillow.

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