tagBDSMA Halloween Adventure

A Halloween Adventure


"By personal invitation only – a preview of my Halloween haunted house. See scenes of horror up close and personal... you’ll be scared out of your mind!" said the invitation.

You read through the odd card one more time as you stood outside holding the rest of your mail, wondering if this was for real or some kind of weird Halloween joke. At first, you were ready to throw it away and thought the invitation was kidding. Still, your curiosity had gotten the best of you... and besides, you did love a good scare. You wondered what kind of frights would be offered in a haunted house.

As you pulled to the curb on Halloween night and checked the address on the card again, you thought at first that you must have made a mistake. No, the address checked out – but this old warehouse certainly didn’t look promising. As you looked at the forbidding shadowed entrance, though, you had to admit that it certainly set the mood well. Besides, you noticed a small hand-painted sign on one side of the door with "Haunted House" printed in simple letters.

You walked up and knocked on the door. Instead of an answer, you felt the door push inward, and heard a recorded voice intone deeply "Good Eeeevening! Welcome to our House of Terrors, where only the strong will survive! Enter at your own peril!"

You were startled for a moment, then laughed to yourself. "That’s sort of original – not having anyone meet you at the front door." You walked into the hallway immediately ahead, then turned in surprise as the door automatically shut behind you. Carefully you began to walk through the dimly-lit hallway, expecting to be surprised at any moment.

Instead, though, you were disappointed at the relatively low quality of the effects you saw as you continued to walk through the haunted house. Most of the decorations were fairly cheaply done, and nothing different than you had seen before. Even more annoying, there was nothing special about this thrill house – not a single effect that couldn’t be seen by a 10-year-old, much less a grown woman. Apparently this was some kind of rip off, you thought to yourself, and you began to express your displeasure out loud as you continued to walk through the exhibits.

"Oooooh, I’m so scared!," you taunted as you looked at a series of plastic masks on the wall, then watched as cheap lights shone on them in a prearranged order. No response was heard except for the background music you had heard since you arrived, and you grew bolder in your complaints. "C’mon, this is so lame! I can’t believe you asked me to see this." You walked next into a room of wax figures, posed around a collection of medieval torture equipment. On the walls were glass panels (windows?) but you couldn’t see anything behind them. What was back there you wondered.

At the very end, a wax figure wearing a monster mask stood near a door with a glowing "THIS WAY TO THE EXIT" sign above it. "You’ve got to be kidding!" you yelled as you looked at the sign. "This is all you’ve got? I can’t believe I wasted my time with this." You walked toward the wax figure, frustrated as you began to dig through your purse for your car keys. "I’m outta here – this stuff won’t scare anyone!"

As you passed by the wax figure, though, suddenly its right arm reached out and grabbed your left arm, while the other hand reached upward and sprayed some kind of mist right into your startled face and open mouth! You had only a moment to react before your head began to spin and you started to slump to the floor, but it was enough time to vaguely hear a voice from beneath the monster mask, "Ah, my dear, the tricks and treats in our show are only just beginning."

You awoke slowly from your drug-induced slumber, to discover that your arms were chained loosely to a nearby wall! The chain had about two feet of slack between your wrists, as well as another 2-3 feet of slack from your wrists to the wall attachment near the floor. You were still fully dressed, although the slit of your dress was opened sufficiently to see most of your legs up to the tops of your thighs. Otherwise you didn’t feel assaulted or violated…. or scared – at least not yet!

Then suddenly you noticed a door adjacent to you opened, and the monster-masked wax figure entered. Of course, as you mentally corrected yourself instantly, he obviously wasn’t really a wax figure – now the question was, what in the hell was he?

"Oh good, you’re awake," he said as if to himself, and walking over proceeded to kneel immediately in front of you. Ignoring your questions, he began to unbutton your long green dress from the bottom until it parted at your waist. Then he tore off your pantyhose, revealing lacy black string bikini panties below. He resumed unbuttoning your dress, discovering quickly that you had chosen not to wear a bra tonight as he exposed your bare breasts to his view. You reached out your hands through the cuffs in an attempt to push the green fabric back over your body, but to no avail. Your futile queries as to what was going on began to turn to pleas for mercy and apologies for your earlier insults. "Please, please – I’ll do whatever you want – just don’t hurt me. What do you want me to do?" His only response was to tear most of your dress from your body, leaving your clad in skirt remnants, your blouse and your skimpy lace panties. "Oh shit" was your only thought.

Reaching around you, the masked man released the cuffs around your wrists, then immediately pulled your wrists in front of your body and reattached them with black leather cuffs. He then pulled down a metal hook that you had not previously noticed, and attached it to your wrist cuffs. Before you could react, your captor began to pull on another rope, and you found your wrists being drawn upward toward the ceiling. In moments you found yourself standing on your tiptoes, with your arms hanging from the hook above you. He then attached a spreader bar to your ankles, forcing them far far apart and leaving your legs invitingly spread. The masked man rubbed your crotch through your panties, momentarily stimulating your pussy despite your growing apprehension. Now you were beginning to get REALLY scared!

Twisting your body around, the masked man then began to roam his hands all over your body, feeling you up from top to bottom. All you could do was try to twist away, and continue to plead over and over, "Why are you doing this? What do you want from me?" Finally, your captor looked directly into your face and stared into your eyes as he replied, "I want you to be scared. You said that you wanted to be really scared. So, are you scared yet?" Without waiting for an answer, he left your hanging there as he exited the door.

A few minutes later, he returned and looked into your eyes once again. "Let me explain to you how this is going to work. From now on you cannot say no to anything I want to do to you. Since you’ve so blatantly bad mouthed my Halloween exhibits, you will now have to pay the price. I have planned a series of "tricks" for you to see if I can change your mind about my exhibit. Eventually, if you perform admirably and change your mind, you MAY be allowed to receive a "treat" and allowed to go home. However, if you do not comply, you will be subjected to an endless series of "tricks." Do you understand?"

You reply meekly "Yes......anything that pleases you." You begin to feel waves of apprehension in your body.

"Good" he said. "Now let's begin."

You feel his fingers slide towards your breast and the firmness of your nipple. You gasp as his hand seeks out what was left of the split in your long wrapped silk skirt, immediately finding the bare flesh at the top of your legs. You quiver as his fingers push higher seeking the already excited lips of your sex. You feel his fingertip trace between your lips, rubbing the soft silk against you. You feels his silk covered finger just push slightly inside you. You know he can feel the heat and wetness of your sex through the silk. You can feel the material clinging to your sex, just between your lips, from top to bottom as two fingers touch you; one pushing the silk into your open sex, the other toying with the hardening bud at the top of your lips. Your breathing quickens and you move your hips unknowingly in rhythmic circles.

You feel his hand move slightly leaving only his thumb stroking between your open lips; warm fingers push the silk between the cheeks of your bottom; a silk covered finger again rubbing in small circles against your most private of places. You can feel a fingertip just inside you, teasing soft moans from your lips.

You feel a fingertip brush your nose and lightly trace your lips. You instinctively chase it wantonly with your tongue. He brushes the tip of your tongue with his fingernail teasingly. "I am planning to take you to places you have never been before. Put you through torments you have never experienced before….and the ending of all this will be all up to you my dear" he said as he squeezes the silk covered fingers firmly between your legs. As you open your mouth to reply, his finger closes your lips, leaving a soft murmur as your only response.

"You will be subject to a number of "indiscretions" tonight that will be of my liking. Some will be frightening, some will be "uplifting" shall we say. Some will be erotic, some will be wickedly "tormenting." In either case, I guarantee you this evening will be agonizingly maddening for you!" he mused. "Only then shall I decide your fate! You should be scared….very scared!"

You knew from this moment he could do anything he wants with you. You feel as though you have lost all control. Your skin quivers everywhere as his fingers cup the underside of your bottom, squeezing gently the silk of your underwear through the soft velvet, as he walks in front of you, your skin tingles even though his fingers have slid away.

"You are now my slave. You know that I will want you to submit to my every desire," He continued. "To take you and to use you exactly as I please."

"Yes," you hear yourself softly reply.

You feel hands pull your blouse open, the already tight buttons bursting open easily. He thrusts his hand inside grasping your left breast, your nipple hardens just as his thumb and forefinger begin to squeeze. You gasp at the intensity of the sensation. He releases your wrists and leads your back across the room. He began with the single word "Undress."

You throw back your hair shivering a bit in anticipation. You slowly undid the lace top of your blouse revealing your cleavage, your breasts rising in excitement over what was about to come. You threw the lace to one side, showing your breasts and light brown nipples. Your thighs were parted and the soft naked flesh quivered.

"Now remove your panties" He continued standing behind you running his hand over your naked flesh. You rolled your black lace panties down over your thighs and smiled demurely.

"Cross your wrists behind you"he said. You obeyed, the action thrusting your breasts forward towards him and closing your eyes. He stepped towards you, lifting your chin and kissing you lightly on the lips and picked out a wide red sash which he placed over your eyes. Lifting your hair he tied it behind your head. He ran his finger over your lips and gently parted them.

"I want all of you this evening, completely mine to use as I wish." He reached down ran his fingers between your thighs to make sure. He felt your moist lips clinging to his touch. You moaned softly as he teased his finger inside your pussy. You quivered and moaned louder as his finger moved in small circles around your bottom. You felt nervous, yet excited about what would happen next…you were getting scared. Nevertheless something inside you wished he would carry on forever, feeling the lips of your sex moisten and your knees weaken. "Please….." you moaned. He just smiled and removed his finger letting your writhe sensuously.

"How sensitive are your breasts?" he asked reaching forward to gently squeeze your left nipple, lifting your breasts. He cupped your breast in his hand and played his fingers over the hard brown nipple. You just sighed, your mouth parting more and your tongue flicking over the inside of your lips. Your nipples thrust forward hardening to the soft embrace of his fingers.

His fingers squeezed your firm breasts making your moan in abandon. Your legs trembled in excitement. He chose the black suede wrist bands with silver clips and each with a small lock attached. He took your left wrist and wrapped the leather band around it attaching the clips together and locking the small padlock. You offered your right wrist to be similarly attired. Each had a silver ring attached with a clip so they could be attached together or to whatever he desired. He pulled your wrists together behind your back and snapped the links together and thrust you towards the middle of the room. From the table he picked up a suede leather collar, similar to ones already on your wrists, and gently placed it around your soft neck fastening the silver padlock beneath your hair. The collar had silver rings at the sides and in front; He fastened a long chain to the ring under your chin, letting the cold metal fall between your sighing breasts, across your flat navel and dangle between your thighs. Your hips were spread widely. You wondered what would happen next. You surprisingly found yourself wanting to be taken like this.

"Kneel" he said placing a firm hand on your shoulder. Almost immediately he thrust his hard cock between your moist lips. Your tongue teased its length as you slowly moved backwards and forwards. It felt hard and hot to your caresses. His cock slipped from your lips and you wantonly searched for it with your open lips, unable to see it. You gasped as it brushed your cheek, as he holds it in front of you, he teases you with it, not letting it reach your waiting lips.

"Lick me everywhere" he continued. You obeying wantonly. "Make me come in your mouth"; You wrapped your lips around his pulsating cock and took him right inside you. "Does this make you want to come?" he quizzed. You did not answer but inside your mind was a resounding yes! "I am going to ravish you until you beg me to make you cum…...and even then my dear…we’ll see." Within minutes he felt his sperm about to explode and grabbed your head, spurting deep into your throat again and again. You swallowed savoring the taste, feeling his come on your tongue and lips. You gently licked his softened cock, knowing you had an arduous evening ahead of you.

He lifted you to your feet. As you recovered your balance you felt a tug at your collar as the chain tightened. He led your around the room pulling at your leash, telling your how he was going to tease you so slowly you could hardly bear it. He stopped and parted your thighs feeling your hot juices with his fingers. He pushed your ankles further apart and taking two anklets, which matched the ones on your wrists, and fastened one to each ankle. On the floor were two steel rings about three feet apart, he chained your ankles to each ring.

He released a silk cord on the wall and the pulley above your head lowered a candelabra from the ceiling. At each holder was a steel ring and he lifted your wrist clipping the rings together. Quickly he attached the other wrist, leaving your wrists at shoulder height. You lowered your head and let your hair fall forward over your naked shoulders. You knew he was going to tease you immensely before taking you. You were scared but also very excited. The mixture was exhilerating..something you hadn’t expected. Why was he so patient, you thought. He pulled the silken cord and lifted your arms above your head until you were standing on the balls of your feet. Deftly he tied the cord and mused on the almost naked woman in front of him. He reached behind your head and removed the blindfold. You had no idea what was next.

You rocked backwards and forwards suspended by the chain. You found yourself trying to move nearer to the warm fingers penetrating your sex. You had no way to stop him from pleasuring you and you moaned softly. He continued to tease the hot lips with his fingers thrusting his finger deeper inside you. Your soft moans changed to cries of delight as you struggled to lower your body held taut by the silver chains over your head. You quivered making small cries aloud as you almost began to climax. You groaned in despair as he stopped unexpectedly.

"Please, please….anything. Don’t stop."

He wanted to take your like this, but thought better of it. After all this was Halloween and this was his modern day torture chamber….and besides she DESERVED this exquisite torment. He walked across the room and picked a leather phallus with two chains attached to its base. He parted your mouth with his fingers letting you kiss his fingertips with your tongue. Then he pushed the leather object between your pursed damp lips letting your kiss the full length of it. He slowly made love to your lips with the leather instrument letting you chase it with your tongue. He stepped behind your and rubbed it against your clitoris gently probing inside your pussy lips. You moaned in delight and moved your naked bottom in circles to increase the sensations. You felt the damp soft leather rub against your sex. Your wetness was soaking its exterior and within seconds he thrust it inside you. You screamed with delight thrusting down with your damp lips, then arching your back to thrust down again. You moaned in ecstasy with each thrust. He slowly pulled it away from between your parted lips.

"Please," you begged "don’t stop. Do anything. Just take me."

You felt the sensations spread through your body with the phallic object inside you. Your moans and cries of pleasure amused him as he slowly played with you, gradually filling your with its whole length, then withdrawing. He knew the sensations would not be enough to let your reach your climax, but keep your almost there forever.

"Please," you begged "don’t stop. Do anything. Just take me."

The sensations spread through your body, to your breasts, your achingly open pussy and erect clitoris. Your muscles clasped the phallic object inside you making your moan and cry out uncontrollably. He stopped moving it inside you as you grew closer to climaxing.

Eventually he took one of the chains fastened to the phallus and tied it to the back of a leather belt he put around your waist, pulling the chain tightly between the cheeks of your bottom. He also reached down, and using the other small chain, pulled up it between your thighs and attached it to the front of your belt. You wriggled from side to side trying to increasing the tingling inside you, hoping there was some way you could take yourself to orgasm. He watched as you tightened your muscles thrusting your hot lips around the toy inside you, your hips gyrating and your voice lost in your sensual pleasure. But nothing worked.

You moaned "Please, make me cum. Please!"

He knew how much you wanted to cum and to enhance the effect, gently squeezed your left nipple firmly between his two fingers. You squirmed excitedly as he squeezed harder.

"Yes. Harder. yes," you sighed, remembering how toying with your nipples increased your excitement. You squirm even more.

"Please," You begged, "I want to cum. I want to be totally yours"

He stopped and smiled at your wanton abandon. You pleaded further, thrusting your erect nipples forward. As you did this he pulled out some pumpkin face Halloween earrings from his pocket. Initially you were confused wondering how earrings would increase your excitement torment. Then it hit you. The earrings weren’t meant for your ears, they were meant for your nipples! "They will exquisitely clasp your nipples in a moment my dear but remember you will not be allowed to cum until I say so." Your eyes were shut, lost in ecstasy, your breasts still wantonly seeking the earrings. As he places it on your left nipple, lightly pinching your tingling skin, you moan softly as he tightens it ever so slowly. He knew exactly how tight to make it once he heard that slight gasp at the last turn. He clipped the other one to your other nipple…only this time making one more turn on the earring clamp after your gasp!

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