A Halloween Anniversary


"Well, some are mine I guess, or my idea of what others may like. My stories aren't really my personal fantasies, but it is hard to write a hot sex scene if it doesn't turn you on."

"It's 'hard' is it? No pun intended." She grinned.

"Are you sure?" He shot back.

It caught her by surprise. They both laughed, too hard, too long.

She broke the silence that followed the laughter winding down. "Do you masturbate?"

"When I write? No, I'm a two-handed typist."

"Smarty pants. No. Generally."

"Of course. Who doesn't?"

"True. What do you think about? Do you think about your own characters?"

He looked at her, studying. "Honestly? Is this conversation ever going to be shared beyond the two of us?"

"No. If you can keep a secret, I can." More secrets to share.

"I think a certain father might kill both of us if he found out you and I were up here discussing sex, fueled by illicit drinking and drug use, and after I had held your bikini-clad body close in my arms."

"Wow. Okay. I can see why you became a writer. But are we having a conversation fueled by drinks and drug about sex, or a conversation about drug- and drink-fueled sex?"

"The first one, so far." He paused before answering her earlier question. Chemical courage egged him on.

"What I think about varies a lot, day to day, moment to moment. The next time I masturbate, though, I can say with great likelihood that my thoughts might at least briefly center on a certain bikini-clad hotty in some outrageous platform-heeled sneakers and thigh-high socks.


Rob re-lit the roach, drew in another hit of smoke. His voice was tight, speaking without exhaling. "Now, about you."

Her eyes widened.

"No. Not what you think about while masturbating, not even what you will think about later, when you are touching yourself."

Sara's hands clasped together in her lap.

"I want to hear more about your boyfriend and your roommate."

Her lips pressed together, thinking. Then she sighed. "Promise not to tell?"

"If that's the only way you continue. But I reserve the right to break my promise if you turn up missing or your life's in danger."

She rolled big blue eyes. "Mr. Dramatic. It's not that serious."

"Let's hear it then."

Sara downed the rest of her drink. "Okay. Here we go. It's Halloween."

"That much I knew."

She stuck her tongue out at him. "...and I wanted to surprise my boyfr...this guy I've been dating...twice. We had two dates."

Sara paused and stared at Rob, as if he was going to interrupt again. He didn't.

"My roommate is more...experienced than I am in some areas, so I asked her to help me surprise him."

"For the third date?"

"Before the third date. The third date was supposed to be tonight. But that ain't happening."

"The surprise didn't go well?"

She barked out a laugh. "Well, he was surprised. It started out just fine. Wait. Is this all gonna end up in one of your stories?"

"In my stories, no. Not without changing substantial details. But I can't promise you any erotic details you reveal won't end up in that fantasy I'm going to be having later tonight." He surprised himself saying it, though Sara had brought up the subject.

She pressed striped legs together. "I'm not sure whether to be flattered or disgusted. I'll go with both. Here's my disgusted face."

Her visage suddenly oozed disdain, bordering on nausea. She could only hold it for a second at most.

"What about the flattery part?"

"That just warms my insides." She gave a satiated smile. Eyes lost focus. Her hips made a small roll down into the deep leather chair cushion, thighs still pressed close. Her hips rolled again and her jaw slacked open, head beginning to fall back.

"Wow. If that's how flattery affects you, I think I'll have to warm your insides a little more."

Her grin was shy. Her hips stilled. Words spilled out. "I get...when I...pot makes me horny. Shit."

Then her hands clasped over her mouth below wide, panicked eyes.

Rob didn't mean to laugh, but once it started it grew. Sara didn't join him, though her hands left her mouth, knit together and settled, tense, on her lap.

The laugh trailed off into a series of coughs - he hadn't smoked in weeks - that almost ended when she asked, "Was that TMI?"

Rob tried to answer but was cut off by a choking laugh. This time, Sara's sweeter laughter did join in. He stopped first.

"Yes. Yes it was. Way Too Much Information - more than I needed to know about my new boss's daughter. But I think we're past that at this point."

"Are we?"

He gestured to the weed beside her. "There's that, and of course, the Broken Glass..."

Sara filled the dramatic pause he left for her with a hand-up O-lipped look of offense. "Not the dreaded Broken Glass."

"...Wait. You're distracting me again. I want to hear about Mr. Third-date and the roommate from hell."

"Nice. So. You find me distracting?"

"Not this time. Roommate. Dish. Now."

Sighing, she planted a hand on each arm rest. "Okay. But I need another drink before we get into that. Want one?"

She was up, had seized his glass from the table and was heading for the narrow stair by the time he answered.

"O...kay." He finished the answer, but barely, completely distracted by a sudden sight.

Flapping shirt tails revealed a lot of skin above Sara's socks as she stood. Lots of red skin and no sign of any underwear, but not enough pale skin to definitely confirm their absence. He remembered an earlier sight, when she had bent over in her bikini bottoms. He pictured a similar position, shirt tails revealing smooth flesh now and nothing else.

He pushed himself upright, followed Sara down to the kitchen. He was disappointed to see her kneeling to get ice from the low freezer, rather than bending at the waist. The disappointment disappeared when she turned back toward him.

"Brrr!" She hugged her arms close, cradling a two-handed pile of ice cube. Two hardened nipples were now obvious, pushing out the thick knit of the shirt.

Sara dropped the ice into the two glasses, wiping the cold water from her hands on a towel. "Brrr! It's cold!"

She hugged herself tight, pushing both breasts with their hardened peaks out at him.

"Come here." He didn't even consider his response before offering her two open arms. She stepped close immediately, wrapped herself close around him, letting him warm her in his embrace. He stroked both hands over her back, staying away from bare skin. Her breasts and their nipples were distinct and distracting pressed to his own chest.

"Mmmm." Her voice was muffled but content. "This is nice."

She shivered, a deep whole body shake. He moved his hands faster, adding friction to encourage a little extra warmth. "Poor little girl. Do you want me to make you a fire, get you warmed up?"

"Ye-e-e-es." Her teeth almost chattered. Rob felt stronger, more powerful, as she seemed more vulnerable. "Fire p-please. Wa-warm me up."

She tilted her face up toward his. "You take good care of me."

He smiled down at her, avoiding looking too closely into her wide, soft, moist eyes, fearing he could get lost in them. "Is that an observation, or a request?"

She gave him a tiny smile in return, arms snaking up and around his neck. He remembered the scent on her fingers earlier. Fingers teased the fine curls behind his ear before she answered. "Both."

She looked thoughtful. "Will you carry me? Or do I have to break another glass first?"

"Of course. No broken glass needed."

Sara surprised him with a squeal and a leap. The leap took her up and against him. His hands responded before his brain did and he caught her, her arms clinging around his shoulders, legs cinching tight above his waist. His knees bent slightly to hold their combined wait.

His hands had seized twin handfuls of her hips, the combined holds crushing their bodies close. He walked, with steps heavy, slow and careful, maneuvering her past the kitchen island, to the large, open great room near the woodstove.

The grip of her squeezing legs, hugging arms, eased. He allowed her to slip from his grasp and she slid down his chest until her toes reached the floor. Full breasts were pinned, high and firm to him. It dragged his shirt she wore upward. She stayed close, clinging.

"Remember what I said about groping?"

"I do, but I can't say as I agree."

"Agree with what?"

"With your idea that I should be less tempted to grope you now that you have more clothes on. I don't know if I have ever been this tempted."

"I was talking about uninvited groping."


"You're invited."

"Oh." Her meaning sunk in. "Oh."

Mmmm." Sara purred, letting her head come forward to rest against Rob's chest when his hands roamed outward from her back, tracing her narrow waist before sliding down and around her hips. Fingers stroked through his hair, along the sensitive ridge where his skull ended and his neck began.

His hands slid lower, until they found a strip of bare skin above thigh-high socks. Both hands rose again, slipping under the shirt tails.

"Mmmm." This purr was deeper, closer to a growl, and came from deep in Rob's throat. "I was wondering if you were wearing any panties under this."

He palmed a round smooth buttock in each hand, squeezing like a discerning shopper seeking fruit of a particular ripeness. Sara leaned into him, her breasts firmer against his chest.

"Now you don't have to wonder." Sara leaned her head back, looking up to him. When he turned his face down to hers, she rose on her toes. Soft lips found his.

They held the kiss for a heart beat, then two more. Neither escalated it, with tongues or fervor. Just held the tender, lingering contact.

Sara pulled back, eyes suddenly shy. Upper teeth caught at a moist, plump lower lip. "Can you make that fire now?"

He pulled her tight to him at the question and the shiver that followed it, laughing. "Somehow, I got distracted. Come over here."

Holding her hands, he led her to the couch opposite the wood stove. A blanket was draped over the back, and soon was wrapped around her. Sara giggled at the extra attention he focused on tucking the warming cover in all around her, on his knees.

It was almost dark, but neither of them had noticed the light dimming. Rob flipped on a table lamp, then returned to making sure Sara was securely wrapped in the blanket. Her pleased giggles as his hands smoothed over her covered body thrilled him.

"We forgot the drinks. Want yours?"

Sara shook her head. No. "Not now. Fire please."

Without thought, he leaned in to kiss her, though this one wasn't held as long. He knee-walked to the hearth, pleased to find a metal bucket filled with dry, split kindling, and a bundle of fatwood. The pitchy fatwood came from the same type of tree stump as turpentine, and burned fast and hot: the perfect fire-starter.

He looked over his shoulder. "If you want, you can start telling me about your roommate and the third date jerk, while I get us warmed up."

Sara sighed. "Oh, shit. Okay. Well. I guess I need that drink after all."

Rob pushed himself upright, on his feet, with an exaggerated sigh. "Alright, hold on."

Sara slugged back a mouthful of the drink as soon as he handed it to her. He watched his shirt fill with her chest as she took a deep breath in, blew it out. "Are you taking advantage of a young stoned and drunk girl? Getting her to tell you dirty secrets so you can publish them?"

He considered. "For publishing? No. Am I taking advantage of a sexy young stoner? Maybe. But I'm not going to be taking serious advantage of her, no."

He turned back to the stove and the promised fire.

"Serious advantage? Whatcha mean?"

He looked over his shoulder, once again on his knees. "First, are you drunk?"

"Nah. I've had two drinks in, like, five hours."

"Good." His hands stayed busy arranging the kindling with the fatwood underneath. "I mean, we can talk about sex, we can smoke a little weed, and I'm good with your dad not knowing about any of it. But there is no way I am fucking my new boss' only daughter in his cabin tonight."

Sara's eyes were wide. "Are you thinking about fucking me?"

"No. I'm thinking very hard, concentrating, on not fucking you."

"Because I'm so sexy? You said I was sexy."

"Yes I did say that. And you are. Very sexy." She grinned at his answer. "But no: not because you're sexy. Or just because you're sexy. You're pretty, smart, and wearing my shirt with nothing on underneath it. You ply me with drugs and alcohol and tell me you're horny. Then you kiss me and tell me it's okay to grope your ridiculously hot body which you had already pressed close against me wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini. A bikini that was probably already soaked from what I saw you doing outside on the chaise lounge."

Now her eyes were stretched open, jaw dropped. "You...saw?"

"Uh huh. And then I caught a little confirming hint of your scent on your fingers when I carried you out of the broken glass." He stopped himself, shocked he had spilled so much. The weed and vodka weren't only effecting Sara.

She didn't speak, her brow knitted as she thought. He struck a long match he found in a metal can on the hearth, held the flame to the fatwood until it caught.

Without turning, he continued, breaking the short silence. "Well, I just revealed more than I meant to. Your turn: third date. Go."

He heard the clink of ice from another deep slug of her drink before she spoke.

"It wasn't really a third date. The third date was supposed to be tonight. There's a big Halloween party at his frat." She sighed. "The problem is, I really like oral sex, but so far, all-the-way-sex hasn't been so great."

"Giving or receiving?"


Rob struggled to keep his voice calm, almost disinterested. He could hear his heart pounding behind his ears. "Do you like giving oral or receiving?"

"Both." She laughed. "Definitely both."

"But not the all-the-way stuff?"

"Umm. I can tell my body wants it, kinda craves it. But I've only done it a couple times and it...hurt. I think I'm too small or something."

"Probably just under-prepared." Rob cut himself off; needed to change the subject. He was already picturing himself being the one to make it feel good, and not hurt, for her. And that was way too far to go with John Martin's daughter. "Back to the non-third date."

Ice clinked. He added some bigger pieces of cedar to the growing fire.

"We're in the same Geology class. So..."

"Asshole date guy, or bitch roommate?"

"Asshole date guy. So...we met to study one time and it was fun. Until he asked me to study, I didn't even think he knew who I was. He asked me to a cocktail party last weekend."

"That was date two?"

"You can count. That's good. Study date was date one. Cocktails was date two. I wore a kinda clingy dress and he looked good all dressed up in a suit and cleaned up. The party was at his frat house, so he took me on a tour. I stumbled when one of my heels caught in the carpet upstairs and he caught me. We kissed."

Rob felt a heat rising on his cheeks and neck. It was not from the fire beginning to spread to the bigger wood pieces.

"I felt him getting hard against me, and I felt bold. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into a little alcove. No one was around. I pulled him out of his pants and...you know."

"I think I know, but you should still tell me."



"I blew him. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock." Her eyes were bright, defiant. "I took my time and showed off, flashing my eyes up at him, lapping at him with my tongue, then sucking him deep. The look on his face when he finally came, and I swallowed it, was so cute. Like a lost puppy finding a home."

Rob didn't trust himself to speak, his throat tight with a mixture of jealousy and arousal.

"He was so sweet after that, almost doting. He kept leaning close to whisper about how he wanted to 'return the favor.'"

Rob pictured Sara, back arched like she had been on the chaise lounge but naked, legs wide, having the 'favor returned.' He tried to stay somewhat focused on building the fire up. It wasn't long at all before larger split cedar logs were roaring, whistling air through the stove vents to feed the growing blaze.

"Then there was a big drunk fight at the party and everything fell apart. I wanted to make Halloween special, so I asked my roommate for ideas. She has more...experience."

"Ideas so you could get the 'favor' returned."

Sara giggled, taking another swig. Her drink was almost gone. Though disguised by the tightly tucked-in blanket, Rob thought he saw the shape of her thighs rubbing close together. "Yeah. I'd been thinking about a nice, slow, prolonged return alright. For days."

He added some smaller pieces of almond wood, no doubt from one of the many orchards in the valley. They took longer to catch, but could last through the night, unlike the fast-burning cedar. "And?"

"And my roommate took me out to shop for a Halloween surprise. I was planning on going as a cat, and I had already sewn a tail onto a black bodysuit that looks great on me..."

"I'll bet it does."

"Shush. I'm the one talking here...but she suggested a more revealing kitty to get his attention. I invited him over this morning and I was ready as the Sexy Cat."

"In the bodysuit?"

"Nope." Her smile was wide and knowing. "More like a birthday suit."

"With pointy ears?"

"Yep. Furry, pointy ears. Cute little furry claw gloves. Make up. And. Nothing. Else."

"Wow. Wait. No tail?"

"Oh. Yeah. And a tail."

"Well, how did you attach the tail?"

Loud pinging sounds came from the black metal pipe that acted as a chimney, signaled the expansion of metal from high heat, breaking the sudden silence. Even though the room air was still cool, the radiant heat was evident on his skin. Though the radiance shouldn't be effecting Sara, further away on the couch, her face was flushed a deep red.

She downed the watery, icy remains of her drink. "My roommate found a tail with a...plug at the end."

"A plug? It was electric?"

"Nooo. A butt plug." Sara rushed the last three words out.

Rob coughed, his hand covering his mouth and a smile. "Really?"



"I know. Seriously wow. I wasn't sure if I could actually, you know, go through with it."

"But you did?"

Her head made a tiny nod above the blanket. "I did. I got all slippery and...pushed. It felt huge. Then all of a sudden, it was in me. And not so huge. But still like there was something in there that wasn't supposed to be, a pressure."

"Like you had to take a poop?"

"Did you just say 'poop?'"

"I guess I did."

"It was kinda like that, but definitely different. I put a robe on 'cause he wasn't due for fifteen minutes or so. And you know what?"

"What?" Rob was very aware of just how stiff he was now in his shorts, and stuck in an awkward position along his leg as he kneeled.

"The longer it was in...there, the better it felt. Every time I moved it sent this little charge through me. Every time I bumped it, or tried to sit, I got a bigger charge. I was alone - my roommate said she'd be nearby if I needed anything, which I didn't really think about until later - with a black plastic plug up my bottom, and I was soaked. I mean full-on drenched."

"Anticipating the favor?" Rob thought his voice almost broke, but Sara gave no indication that she's picked up on it.

She made a face. "Maybe. Partly. But I think more of it was just the sensation of how it felt. And the idea of it. In there."

Her eyes almost glowed now, intense. She seemed to have lost any earlier embarrassment, replaced by an eager enthusiasm clear in her rising inflections and complexion.

Rob gathered cushions from the surrounding furniture, arranging them on the floor in front of the stove. He did it without rising off his knees. He had learned in a Communications class that people talked more freely, were more at ease, when they were elevated above the listener. It seemed to work.

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