A Halloween Anniversary


"Should I continue?"


"Even if it gets graphic?"

"I can take it if you can." Rob tugged a larger, plush blanket from the other side of the couch.

"Okay." She took a focusing breath, then began again.

"So. He knocked. I asked if he was alone, told him to not come in until I told him to, then unlocked the door. He waited.

"I dropped the robe and I was on the bed, on my hands and knees, stretching like a cat. 'Come in.' I called.

"'This little pussy wants a certain favor returned.' I said it over my shoulder, since he just stood there with his mouth hanging open. 'Lock that door and come here.'

"He was on his knees behind me on the bed in a flash. I felt his hand up between my legs. Too fast.

"'God, you're so wet already.' He sounded amazed. It took all my concentration to not groan at his first touch, I was so keyed up.

"He scrunched down behind me and I felt warm breath, then... his mouth was on me for, like, three seconds and he was standing back up, pushing his pants down. No mention of the outfit, the tail, nothing."

Rob stayed silent, listening, holding the blanket. The stove was too hot on his back he didn't want to move.

"I turned my head to ask where he thought he was going and he tried to just fucking shove his dick into me. It hurt like hell. I mean like sudden electric fire. I screamed and pushed away from him." The words tumbled out.

"He grabbed at me and would have missed. Except for the damn tail. I pulled myself away from him on the bed and that pulled the plug right out of my butt."

"What an ass." Rob said it and realized how it sounded before the last word was out. Sara gave a short snort of a laugh, her tension tempering.

"Why thank you. And Jerkface must have agreed."


"I thought you just complimented my admittedly fine ass." She leaned half way toward him, blanket still around her, finding his eyes. It caused a shimmer of hair to swing down, flashing red in the glow from the glass stove door. "Have you ever had a butt plug unexpectedly pulled out of you?"

"Uh. Let me think. Unexpectedly? No." Rob shook out the plush blanket, covering the arranged cushions to make a soft nest in front of the fire.

"Where were we?" He couldn't hide a grin. "Something about an ass?"

"An Asshole." Her smile was wider. "Or two."

"An asshole or two and a sex-kitten anal pleasure accessory being way too rudely removed."

"Yeah that. It...surprised me. A lot. Enough that I lost my balance and fell down flat on my belly onto the bed. I might have whimpered. Or moaned. I don't know. But he took it as an invitation and was on me trying to shove his dick in where the plug came out."

She shook her head side to side, jaw set. "'No. Way.' I yelled it as I twisted away from him. I caught him with an elbow pretty hard."

Sara rubbed the back of her right arm, made a face when she probed behind the elbow. "Yeah. That was either jaw or skull, I think. But anyhow, I screamed at him a little more, and stormed down the hall to the bathroom."

Rob turned to check the fire, the whistle of air pitching higher as he fiddled with the valve, not sure if her pause meant the end of the story.

She wasn't done. "I locked myself in a bathroom stall. I was pissed off. Then I heard my roommate, loud and angry.

"'What the fuck did you do to her, you piece of shit!?' The girl does have her own way with words."

Rob retreated from the heat, back onto the nest, looking up at her.

"For some reason, hearing her defending me set it off: I started to cry." Sara shook her head. "Once I started, I was balling. Sobs shaking my body, the whole thing. I haven't cried like that in a long time."

Rob patted the nest he had made with one open palm.

"Come on down here and get warm."

"I'm already pretty hot." She shrugged out of the blanket cocoon and crawled down onto the nest he had created, then closer to Rob and the warmth.

"Braggart." Reclining on one elbow, he indicated the spot in front of him, toward the hearth. Sara stretched out in parallel, facing him, close.

She slid an arm over his shoulder, fingers finding a small curl behind Rob's ear. His hand found the deep indent of her waist.

She inched closer and his arm eased behind her.

He could immediately feel the heat on his arm. "Warm enough?"

"Very." She leaned in until her tiny nose brushed his. "You do take good care of me."

"Get used to it." He just held her. "I'm so sorry."

"What are you sorry for?"

"That you went through all that today."

"Nothing you could do about it." She shrugged against him as she said it. "And you haven't heard the rest of it. I mentioned my roommate was a bitch, right?"

"Uh-oh. And nothing in the story so far would explain the appellation."

"Exactly. So I finally stopped crying, rinse my face and left the bathroom. And what, you may ask, did I find in my room?"

"I may. I may. Please, do tell."

"My roommate, ass in the air, getting pounded from behind by my fucking date."


"And I mean pounded."


"Yes. And on my bed."


"And wearing my fucking cat ears she had picked out."

"I was angry-horny too, like make up sex."

"Have you ever had make up sex?"

"No. But it's a clique. Anyhow, at that point I grabbed my keys, some clothes and headed up here. After a few choice words for the two of them."

"Wow. Well, now I'm sorry you went through all that."

"Thanks, but still not your fault."

"Okay. I'm sorry you still haven't gotten your favor returned then."

She paused look closely at him, grinning. "Nothing you can do about that either. I might have let you make it up to me, just because you've been so nice, building a fire and all, but you said you were too scared of my dad to fool around with me."

He ignored the scared part and the tongue she poked out after she finished. "I didn't say I wouldn't fool around with you. I should have, but I didn't. I said I wouldn't fuck you tonight."

Rob paused, the more cautious part of his psyche telling him to stop now, the rest urging him on. Caution lost. "I didn't say I wouldn't lick and touch you, taking my long, slow, sweet time, until you were a limp puddle of post-orgasmic bliss basking in the fire's warmth and my embrace."

She shuddered. "There you go again with your fancy words again, Cerano. So quick with the tongue. Do you mean it?"

"Do want me to show you how very much I mean it?"

Yes. But..."

"What is it?"

"I have to be right back." She stood, ran off, an inspiration in his shirt and those high socks. Rob had the hardwood banked well, arranged to take care of itself for hours, before he heard running plumbing kick off and stockinged feet scampering over hardwood floors.

"Brrr." She almost tackled him, launching herself down onto Rob and their padded nest. "So cold. Hold me. Warm me."

"I've got you." Rob held her close, hands rubbing over her back. The radiant heat pounding his own back reminded him. "Let's warm you up right. Turn around for me. Like this."

He maneuvered her shivering body to face the fire, snuggling close behind her, his chest to her back, one arm diagonalled across her front, pinning her to him. She made a small, satisfied sound, pushing her hips back against him when his hand palmed under one breast, over the nobbly shirt. Her two hands clutched over his one, pinning his grip to her.

Rob felt the direct heat on the back of his arm, so he knew Sara was taking the full force of the stove, its thick metal walls finally at a high enough temperature to radiate. Her hands held his single one trapped between two full firm breasts.

"I'm too hot."

"I know. I don't think I've ever seen a girl as hot as..." He whispered it next to her ear.

"No. Too close, sweet man. To the fire."

Rob inched back, pulling her with him. Sara twisted in his arm's hold to face him, then slipped a leg over his waist and pushed him onto his back. She straddled him.

Neither said anything, just looking. Rob, looking up from his back, half-sunk in the cushions; Sara, down from her perch, trapping, riding his hard shape tight between them. Only his shorts separated them from too intimate of contact. Her chest rose with deep, quick breaths.

"Phew." She leaned back, riding tall on her saddle. One hand pushed fine hair - glowing red in the fire's light - back before wiping across her forehead, smiling, wide and bright. "So hot."

"Take your...take my shirt off."

Her eyes went to his. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"I'd love it."

"Really? The L word? Already?" She toyed with him and the first closed button of the shirt.

It was his smile's turn. "Damn it. I make it a habit to never drop the L-Bomb first. Just a slip of the tongue."

Sara's hips ground a single circle on him. "Speaking of which, Love-er, you were going to show me what a talented tongue-slipper you are."

"Love to. But my answer is the same: take that shirt off."

Her hands went to the button, paused. "And you're really, honesty, not going to try and fuck me?"

"I said I wouldn't and I don not make promises lightly." His face was serious.

Her pout looked almost disappointed, but it vanished before he was sure. It was abruptly hidden by his shirt being pulled straight up over her head. Any interest in looking closer into the pout vanished with it, replaced by the sight of her bare body, arms stretched overhead.

The position displayed the most perfect breasts Rob could remember seeing to their best advantage. Held high, and accented by the crisp definition between red, over-sunned skin and the two central triangles of pale cream peaked with rosy-pink nipples, they wiped any memory of any other breasts from his mind.

"You. Are. So. Beautiful." There was no art or conceit to his word choice. Just a shocked honest response to what he saw.

She tucked her chin in close, eyes down, embarrassed. He reached up, silent, to cup a breast in each hand. Her hands covered his before her eyes met his own.

He was surprised at the weight, the firm resistance to pressure he felt. They felt almost over-full, pneumatic. One thumb stroked sideways, catching, tugging at a raised nipple. Both of her small hands squeezed, and her mouth dropped open. Her hips rocked, grinding along his trapped length.

"Okay." He said it with finality, a decision made and ripe to be acted on. Sara squealed when he heaved upward, throwing her off balance to the side. One strong arm moved, snaking around her, guiding her down onto the padded, plush nest he had made for them, for this.

Rob leaned down, close to her, for a soft slow kiss, then pulled back a few inches. "Ready?"

"Very. I don't think I have ever been this ready." She nodded and he felt her legs slip wider under him.

He eased down along her naked body. Sara groaned when his lips found a nipple and paused to tease it, taste it, alternating between suckles and faster flicks of his tongue over the rising tip.

She whined when his mouth left her, when he pushed himself up to sit on his heels, just looking at her.

He watched her chest rise with each excited breath, the abandoned nipple standing higher, harder than its former twin, and glistening wet in the firelight. Below that, his eyes traced the double-arch of her ribs delineating the upper edge of a soft, feminine belly. He thought he could see a tiny quiver there.

Lower yet, his sight lingered over the slight rise of her mons, hairless and smooth. It was his turn to groan when he settled his gaze on the nearly hidden, shadowy slit below that, a hint of folded petals beginning to part.

He reached down, tender and gentle, stroking one finger tip upward there. It found wetness, and soft lips opened as though awaiting his touch. A second stroke slipped slickly deeper and her back arched in response. The still-dry, ignored nipple crinkled hard to otherwise match its twin.

A second finger joined the first for another pass. They paused in mid-passage, then curved into her instead of continuing upward. He hesitated there, just shy of his second knuckles, when he saw tension cross Sara's face, a brief tightening worry. Then it relaxed and she smiled up at him.

Sara nodded, blowing out a quick exhale through pursed lips. "Feels good."

"Sara." His voice was almost worshipful. "You are so wet. And so tight."

"I know. I get really wet sometimes." She bit her lower lip, considering. "I haven't had a whole lot of things in...Ahhh!"

She cut off her own words with the cry as the two fingers pulled back before pushing deeper, slow; back another time and pushing.

"Aayyyee!" His eyes held hers, saw the worry leave her face.

Fingertips curved up and in, massaged over tightened, almost crinkled flesh they found inside her there. They circled before exploring further, until his palm snugged close against sopping lips and the hooding folds above.

"Oh fuck! Ahh!" Sara's hands torqued handfuls of the plush blanket to either side oh her. Tensed, her body shook at the sudden extra sensation, the deeper penetration.

Rob drank in the fire-lit sight of her, awed. The beauty shuddered on his hand, her midsection held in an backward bow above the nest, her eyes wide and glinting.

"Wait! What?" Eye grew almost round. She protested the fingers' sudden withdrawal, leaving her empty and untouched. She writhed between the twin clenching fists. "Where did you g..."

The words trailed into silence as she saw his hand rise, pausing for the fire to glint off soaked fingers. Then he pushed both between his own lips, slurping her juices from them, watching her.

Again, he eased them both inside her, massaging there and also above, where his thumb teased over and around a hidden swollen kernel.

"Yes. Yes. Yes." They were a whispered chant.

"Nooo." A half-serious whine, when he pulled back away to taste her on his fingers again. Rob took his time cleaning, savoring her.

"You look good up there." She smiled, watching. "Though I think that shirt needs to come off."



Rob obliged. When he had tugged his shirt past his face and could see again, Sara was still grinning, but she was looking lower, staring at his crotch. His shorts jutted out, stretched tight around a central, darker wet spot.

"What's that?"

"That's tab A."

"Tab A has a wet tip. Is that to help cool off?" She continued without waiting for an answer. "It's too hot again."

"Let's move you."

She scurried to the spot further from the heat where he had pointed. He kneeled again between her legs, looking down at her, his body blocking the direct radiating warmth of the stove. "This will cool you off a little more."

He brought one of her feet up to his shoulder, against his neck. Beginning at her thigh, he rolled the striped top of the sock with his fingers, then double-palmed the roll slowly up her leg, exposing rosy skin and a bare, soft foot. He brought the other leg up.

Sara did nothing at all, outside watching him strip off her last clothing, until he started to roll the sock up and off the second foot. She reached down, found his stiff shape in his shorts. "Tell me about this tab A."

Rob's back was to the wood stove, leaving Sara in his shadow. He spoke while continuing to roll the sock upward.

"There are two philosophies of oral sex, at least. One: get some spit on the parts so we can get tab A in slot B."

"Been there. Not my ideal." Her smile was grim.

"Two: bask in the power of arousing my partner to heights of mind-shattering delight, using only my mouth - and possibly hands - to leave them quivering with pleasure. Sometimes it might be a passionate, intimate, prolonged prelude to more...penetrating pleasures."

He noted a wrinkle that creased her brow as her went on. "Other times, the quivering is that of post-climactic shudders, the only response available to a partner left limp as jelly, beyond thought or motor control, their prolonged ecstasy and overwhelming climax the sole goal of my oral ministrations."

"Not just trying to score?" Sara looked skeptical.

If a gorgeous, bright, sexy girl - and there is an argument to be made that everyone can be gorgeous and sexy in their climactic bliss - is reduced to a puddle of her own pleasure, I've won. There is no score then, just basking in our mutual victory.

"I'll take the second one, then, please."

One leg, then the other, slipped from his shoulders, bent and wrapped around his hips. They tugged his weight forward until he had to catch himself with a hand to either side of her. "Gimme. Please."

"Silly girl, it would have been easier where your legs were."

She looked puzzled, pouty. He dipped his head close to flit the tip of his nose past hers. "But it's okay. Your way, I get to do this again."

He pushed down enough to seize the same nipple between his lips. His tongue's flicks were faster, less reserved then before.

Sara squealed and her hips shoved up against him. They shoved up again, a third time, before the nipple was released and Rob pushed lower. Her legs eased their hold, allowing him to continue his journey.

"Ow. I think I'm burned." She loosened her legs more.

His next contact was a kiss, low on her belly, where red skin met pale. "Poor baby. If you're really nice to me, I might rub lotion on you later. At least the sunburn makes for very sexy tan lines."

After the single soft kiss below her waist he continued moving down her body. He let warm breath escape over her sopping swollen folds and Sara moaned.

Rob pushed her thighs wider before his mouth again found her. He kissed at her soft inner thigh, one side, then the other, closer to the center of her need, but not yet there. He repeated the action to either side, holding lips pressed to her.

"Robby!" He heard amusement in her voice, and frustration. "You've been down there longer than Jerkface and you still haven't gotten to the goods."

Rob chuckled. He let a relaxed, open tongue drag up between soft petals and the more complex folds above. She moaned. It ended with his face floating above her shaved, smooth mons. "Patience will be rewarded. I promise."

"You and your promises."

Lowering his head, he sealed his lips around the hidden swelling above her eager opening. He held still there, warm breath concentrated on that small, sensitive spot.

"Oh. God." Sara's whispered the words at the ceiling. Then his tongue began to move between his lips, over her. Soft at first, ovalling around the central rise of the nubbin there, with more focused flicks over the swelling added in.

Her hips rose to the attention. "Oh god yessss!"

He lowered his head enough to lick upward along her slit, tasting and opening her. Her returned to the folds above, then back down. This time, his tongue slipped inside, lips slurping around it.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes." Rapid fire encouragement escaped her, while slim fingers wove through his hair.

"Robby?" Sara sounded almost sad, embarrassed.

He rose up enough to see her looking down the length of her naked body at him. Both nipples were crinkled tight, surrounded by tiny goose bumps. "My sunburn hurts. On my legs. But I'm cold."

He laughed. "Move sideways, sexy Sara. Bring your upper body closer to the heat."

On her back, she wriggled sideways, squealing loud when he resealed lips to her, following her as she moved her legs further from the fire, and her head closer.

"That's it, baby. Just move away the parts that are hot. And scoot the cold parts closer." He licked, sucked, flicked, still languid, not increasing the pace or intensity.

When she spoke again in sounded almost mischievous. "I think I need to move again. Now one leg is cold."

He unsealed his mouth only enough to encourage her. "Move all you want."

Slurp. Lick. "That's it. Move how it feels good. Move away."

Lick. "Move closer."

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