A Halloween Mishap


Janice blinked and quickly shot a look into the kid's room. A sight of horror met her.

Her children were both still in their beds from what she could see, but pillows were lying on top of their faces. They weren't moving.

She screamed, screamed as loud as she'd ever done in her life and then bounded down the stairs, four steps at a time towards the master bedroom. She inside just in time to see her husband of nine years finish laying the tied knot about his strong neck. His angular features even seemed rather placid, she thought in the back of her mind as he wound it tight.

"Alfred, NO!" She leaped forward, only to helplessly watch as her own body flew straight through the placed footstool and his legs. She rushed straight through it all and through half of the bed. Spinning to face him, she came to watch in time as he kicked the stool free and hung from the beam with a dull 'snap' of bone and cartilage.

It was shocking how much it sounded like a dry branch breaking.

Janice Peacock was left standing with her mouth open, watching her husband hang. He'd died instantly, at least. But the way something had happened, it bothered her to no end.....

She reached out to touch the body of her husband, and her hand went through his still-solid leg, fingers poking out the other side. Shocked, she put her hand through his chest as though not quite believing the consequence.

The same thing happened.

She swallowed hard. What had...

Turning, a slow realization dawned on her. The bed she had shared with her husband was not empty, as it should be. No -- her own body, though she was not covered with a pillow -- lay across the white sheets. She didn't need to walk forward and try to feel her own pulse to know that the eyes of the woman on the bed -- her eyes -- would never open again. Not in life, at least.

Janice buried her hands in her incorporeal hands and wept though no one was around to listen to her crying.

Today, 83 years later.

The girl that Eric was eating out squirmed again, quavering on her seat as her waist and lower body seemed to rise towards his mouth by itself. He kissed and licked her, running the tip of his tongue along her wet slit in a way that made her react with small shivers.

"Oh...Oh!" She whispered, looking down at him with eyes he could no longer see due to the darkness in the room.

Perhaps two minutes had gone by since they'd entered the house on the direct order of their host and every second apart from her sitting down he had spent with licking her. He'd always had a knack for that sort of thing. The proof was writhing her way around the dusty, cushioned sofa before him as though trying to escape with her upper body, while simultaneously pushing her lower body firmly against his tongue.

"God...dear...oh...fuck!" She exclaimed the last word in a harsh whisper, a small drop of saliva trembling on the outer edge of her lips and shimmering like a pearl in the moonlight.

"Gwonna...cwum?" He managed to ask her without really lifting more than his eyes from her delicious sex.

"Mh...HMMM!" Her back rose sharply, arching as though trying to form a bridge.

He looked up and saw her gaze down at him, between the two mounds beneath her costume that were her breasts.

"Aaihhh." When their eyes met, she inhaled sharply and gave a muffled cry. Her fingers dug deep against and into the fabric of the cushioning. The girl before him shook violently, alternating between gasping and shivering.

"Fuck...oh my fucking...Fuck!" The string of expletives rolled from her lips and she hooked her legs tightly around his neck, squeezing tightly in a way that forced him closer to her sex.

He eagerly ate her out and licked her as she came. Until she stopped cumming. Her legs slowly fell away from his neck and she leaned back on the couch, panting heavily.

She slowly rose from the couch. Her back was covered with dust from the old piece of furniture. Standing up, she walked up to him as he did the same and kissed him -- tiptoeing to reach to his height.

"Mmm..." He pulled her closer and kissed her deeply, their masks still preventing more than lips and tongues touching as the plastic material scraped against the painted cardboard of his own. Her tongue tasted sweet and quite familiar in a way he couldn't really place.

Though it definitely wasn't Maggie.

The thought that he had just done this -- what he usually only did to girlfriends -- thrilled him. He pushed her backward, ignoring and not even noticing the creak of wood coming from the hallway behind them.

He had a hard time estimating how much time of the allotted seven minutes had expired already but...as long as they didn't call them back out, what did it matter? Feeling bold and with the hard feel of his cock pressing against the pants of his costume, he took her by the shoulders and gave her a push that sent her kneeling to the floor.

She looked up in surprise.

Wordlessly, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free from it's restriction. He gave a shuddering groan as the cool night air enveloped his raging erection and took her by the hair -- easier said than done with her wearing that hat!

He pushed it off her head. It struck the grimy floor and he took a fistful of soft hair in a grip as he smiled down at her.

"Suck me off." He ordered her with a purposeful voice. Now it was her turn, and he wanted to feel those unfamiliar -- yet familiar -- lips wrapped around his throbbing cock. He didn't care if it wasn't Maggie. He wanted this girl sucking him.

"I..." She began, hesitation audible in her voice as she leaned forward as if to fill her eyes completely with the sight of his cock before her. "I don't know about..."

"Do it!" He ordered her with a growl, pressing the slick cockhead against her soft lips. At the sensation, he gave a sharp shudder and groaned as he felt precum flow to cover her lips. "Ah...yes. Suck it."

"Alright." She impulsively leaned forward and opened her mouth, engulfing his cock in the warm recesses between her lips. A loud sucking noise came from her as she tried to take him in deeper, and he felt saliva trickle from the corner of her mouth to run down the length of his cockshaft.

From the very start, it was clear to him that she was a beginner at this. The way her small teeth sometimes would brush -- and more than brush -- his cock. The way she chaotically moved her head back and forth, betimes coughing and drooling over his cock before swallowing it again to continue her wet, sloppy task.

"Mhmmm...that's good...fuck, you're learning." He encouraged her, stroking the strands of hair he held in his fist.

Despite of her small mistakes she seemed genuinely enthusiastic about what she was doing. When he thought she'd taken it as deep as she could, she forced herself to move her mouth further down on his shaft even if she gagged from it for a moment or two.

"Mmm..." She slurped, looking up at him. "You like it?" Her voice was breathless and she continually licked her lips, clearing trails of precum and saliva."

He gave her a firm nod. "I love it." He looked over the contours of her body visible beneath her costume and pulled her to her feet. With a firm tug, he opened the strings of her corset.

"What..." She began, her eyes widening when she understood his intentions. "We can't!" The girl protested in a breathy, anxious whisper. "The seven minutes must be over now...stop...please!"

The last pleading exclamation sounded half-hearted and he glanced at her.

"Did you hear them call us out?" He asked her.

She shook her head slowly.

"I want to fuck you. I want you." He told her, as harshly as before.

Either his tone or the way he said it -- brutal and raw -- made her step back with one foot. Her eyes went over his body and she bit her lower lip, the mask scrunching slightly from the face or smile she was currently giving him.

He took her hand and pulled her firmly against his chest, using the other hand to give her a firm slap on her ass.

"Oh! Hey! What the..." She squealed, her eyes wide.

He wondered what had gotten into him. He'd often been coarse and firm with girls, but he couldn't recall ever being this insistent.

"I'm going to fuck you. Who are you?" He demanded.

"I...ah..." She glanced about nervously. "Alright. Alright, dammit! If they haven't called us out..." She slowly undid the final laces of her corset and stepped even closer. For the first time, she initiated a kiss and planted her lips on his.

A very chaste kiss.

He pulled her corset open, leaving her in a bra of unrecognizable color, thanks to the dark. Roughly, he fondled both of her breasts with his hands while kissing her back. She gave a muffled 'Ooh...' and rode up his thigh, rubbing her crotch against his legs.

He felt her hands tremble as they went to fully undo his pants. She gave a pull and got them down to his knees, then his ankles. He kissed her, and even her lips seemed to tremble at the relatively innocent tongue-kiss.

"Are you okay?" He asked her, concern managing to penetrate his sex-addled thoughts for a moment.

"I'm...I'm okay. Really. Just...excited." She gave a giggle that sounded forced but as if to prove it to him, she leaned forward and kissed him again while her hand wrapped four fingers around his shaft.

"God..." she murmured, leaning to whisper into his ear. "How...you're so damn big! How am i ever going to fit that into...into..." She hesitated and looked at him, then leaned against him again and whispered. "Into my cunt." A raw undertone tinged the final words.

The way this girl spoke...this innocence, mixed with the sometimes blatant honesty. Her words made him harder instantly. She must have felt it happen, for she giggled.

He looked at the couch where he had licked her. That wouldn't do as a surface for fucking. Not without...

Eric pulled loose his costume cape and pulled her alongside him. He laid the cape on the couch and turned to her. "Take it off." He ordered her. The harsh tone of his voice had seemed to excite her before, so he made it an order.

"Take off your fucking clothes." He embellished.

She shuddered from the order as though from a blow and slowly unhooked her bra, revealing a pair of large breasts tipped with nipples stiffened from the cold.

He could now see in the light of the moon outside that she had trimmed and shaved to having only a strip of short hair above her cuntslit.

Eric stepped forward and touched her cunt with two fingers, rubbing the digits along her opening. She was very moist.

A gasp came from her. "But my..."

"Leave the stockings and boots on." He interrupted her and pushed her down on the couch. Tugging off his shirt, he held her down as he positioned atop of her. "Your legs."

She nodded and spread them apart slowly, again exposing her cunt to him.

He held her by her shoulders and slowly sank down, positioning himself before pushing the tip of his cock into her pussy.

Her cunt gave way only slowly. She was incredibly tight, though obviously not a virgin. Her hands tightened on the edges of the cloak she was pressed against and she gave a moan that was muffled by her biting her lower lip.

Her eyes were closed and she pushed -- slowly at first, but then more firmly -- against his cock, burying it deeper into her sex until it was hilted well within her.

She was panting heavily at that point, slowly opening her eyes to thin slits and looking up at him. "You're so...fucking...big. Just go slow...please" She added the last word emphatically and mewled as he slowly pulled out and pushed inside.

Slowly he began to fuck her where she lay. Slow thrusts that came with wet sounds as he forced his cock inside her, again and again. She gave a little 'oh!' for every thrust he gave her.

The feel of her sex was exquisite. Her cunt squeezed his cock as though it belonged there, as though it wanted to keep him inside as he tried to pull back and thrust forward again. He was unable to stop himself from moaning and panting and she was already panting continually.

Her hands moved to grip his wrists, just above where he had gripped her shoulders in a firm grip and was pummeling away at her.

"Fuck...so good." She mumbled in a drunken slur. "Fuck me...aah...keep doing me. God that feels good. Give it to me...do it...fuck." Her voice was a breathy whisper, punctuated by the occasional moan and squeal.

"Mhmmm..." He responded, fucking her harder. She felt amazing, and he had been building to an orgasm since the minute they stepped into the house. Faster and faster he thrust into her, one of his hands going to gently tease and pull at her right nipple.

"Uuuh....." She gave a loud moan. "God...i need this...you're gonna make me come, okay? Fuck...keep doing that. I want to cum...again...fuckfuck." The last exclamation was a high-pitched squeal and she pressed up against him.

Something about the way she said 'keep doing that' froze him while he still was buried as deep as he possibly could. It made him recall once when he had given his sister, Amber, foot massage after a hard day of track.

Slowly he reached down and pulled the mask from her face. While it was dark there was no doubt about who exactly was below him, legs spread apart and his cock as deep inside someone as it ever had been.

"Why'd you stop!" She demanded with a breathy accusation, a voice that was no so much of her that he wondered how he ever could have taken her for someone else. "Fucking do me! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Do it! Don't fucking stop!" Crude expletives rolled from his sister's tongue as though her mother hadn't punished her for swearing until she was sixteen, like himself.

He shuddered from the raw undertone in her voice. Even knowing who she was, his cock did not soften a whit.

If anything, it hardened.

"I'm so close! Just a little...more..." She whined as he removed his mask. Obviously, she didn't recognize him in the dark, just as he hadn't seen who she was.

"Kitten..." he said, and the pet name for his sister stopped her mid-word and in her tracks. She froze like a statue and stared up at him.

"Oh...no, no, no, no, NO! This can't be." She whispered, reaching up to trace the lines of his face as though making sure it wasn't some depraved prank.

"How...you were supposed to go as a Dancer. A fucking Dancer! Maggie was the pirate! Maggie!" He protested in a harsh whisper.

"We...we switched costumes. Fuck...FUCK!" His sister's voice was hysterical. "Why didn't you say anything! Why didn't you...FUCK!" Again the curses came, though he was sure it wasn't in the same context as before this time.

"I didn't know." He said lamely, feeling stunned.

"Can't you at least check who you're dragging into some house?!" She berated him, her voice rising, then suddenly lowering. "You're still fucking inside me, Eric. You're inside my pussy!" She whispered into his ear with a mixture of whine and accusation.

"I know. I'm too close, Kitten...if i move..." He warned her.

She moaned in response. "Fuck...me too...me too" She whispered. "Try to...pull..."

He pulled back a little, only to have her give a muffled, guttural growl and slam her feet against his lower back, forcing him back inside her. His cock went deep, penetrating her to the core. He was about to ask...

"I'm coming...god, this is fucking sick, Eric..." His baby sister hissed in his ear, her cunt quavering around his cock. "...but I'm fucking cuuuuummiiiiNNG!" Her squeal became near a scream towards the end.

She rose against him, pressing her chest against his. Her fingers dug into his shoulders hard enough for her nails to pierce his skin and she scratched. Amber was sobbing violently he realized, violent spasms and shivers wracking her body as her cunt announced what must have been a truly powerful orgasm.

His sister had buried her face against his chest and was crying, nails still at work clawing his shoulders.

In the middle of her orgasm, he felt himself rapidly approaching orgasm as well. "Kitten..." He groaned into her ear as she lay up against him. "You're making me cu-" He grunted wordlessly and instinctively pushed inside her as hard as he could when he felt himself cum.

"oh...GOD!" She exclaimed against his chest as she must've felt him beginning to cum inside her tight cunt. "Ohgodgod...Eric...fuck..." She whimpered helplessly and rubbed her tear-moistened cheek against his bare chest, sobs still causing her body to shiver.

When it was finally over for both of them she fall back against the mussed cloak with a small 'thud'. She alternated between panting and sobbing, small tremors still making her body shiver beneath him.

Finally, she lay still.

He breathed hard, slowly pulling free from her with a moan he was unable to restrain. He had fucked his own sister! Shivering -- from pleasure, exhilaration and fear - he went to stroke her cheek.

She didn't resist.

His sister rose from beneath him and stood up, panting. In the moonlight he could see two trails of cum running down her inner thighs, one to each side. He shivered at remembering the feel of her.

"I'm fucking sick..." She whispered , looking at him. "Getting off from..." Amber looked away.

He took her hand and pulled her close, firming his grip when she resisted. "You're not sick, Kitten." He made his voice soft and held her to his still-bare chest. "This...well...this was a mistake, okay? Mistakes happen. It's not like we did it knowing who the other was." Except towards the end, but he didn't say that.

Her face held against his chest, he felt her nod. She mumbled something.


She looked up. "I've always loved that nickname." She repeated quietly, her arms slowly snaking around his back in a firm hug.

He mutely returned the hug.

She took a deep, shaky breath and disengaged the hug, standing back. "You're...right. You're right. This was a mistake. No one needs to know and no one needs to speak of it. Ever." She gave him a significant look and finding no objection in his expression, she nodded. Pulling on her underwear, she stopped suddenly and laughed.

"Wow...i guess i must feel pretty good, huh?" She wiped the insides of her thighs with two fingers, collecting the cum that was flowing from her still-trickling pussy. His sister gave a trembling, nervous giggle and looked at him.

"You have no idea." He said honestly, again shivering at the memory. He too quickly got dressed and retrieved the cloak from the couch.

Suddenly it seemed odd to him that no one had called them out. He couldn't gauge time that well, but he'd wager a guess that at least half an hour had passed inside the house since they'd entered. Not having sex on his mind made the guessing easier.

His sister was pulling her bra on, her fingers obviously shaking at her back. She seemed unable to fasten it properly.

"Let me." he offered and walked over, taking the garment and easily hooking it.

"Thanks." She mumbled, looking back over her shoulder, then quickly looking away. She retrieved her corset and pulled it on, carefully tying each part of the cord so that nobody would be able to tell it had been undone.

He was dressed long before her. "Why has no one called us out yet, you think? Gotta be at least twenty minutes since we walked inside..."

She frowned and corrected her skirt. "I don't know. But i don't hear anyone from outside."

They walked back into the hallway, finding the door closed. Through a nearby window, they could see that no one was left outside. Frowns creased her face as he looked at his sister.

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