tagGroup SexA Halloween Party

A Halloween Party


Chelsea Bierhoff was bored. She blew a raspberry watching the football game. There was little more for Chelsea to do. The football team was slogging through a game, that it should have been winning easily. Chelsea turned toward the stands and looked at the bored faces among the university's students.

"This is stupid," Chelsea said, to Tina, one of the other cheerleaders and one of her better friends on the squad.

"Yeah," Tina agreed, nodding her head. Tina's long, brown ponytail bobbed up and down.

Chelsea was a junior business major. She had chosen the small college in the foothills of central Maryland as a way to escape her small town in South Carolina. Chelsea considered herself a Southern belle. She had been a cheerleader in high school. So becoming one for the university was a natural progression. The only minor part was the girls here were a little more athletic, not as bubbly and not to mention quite sexier, as she and her cheerleading squad had been back home. Chelsea looked the part of a cheerleader. Her tanned skin and Kardashian dimensions made Chelsea a stand out on an already beautiful squad.

"Let's see if we can do something," said Arjen Torres, the squad's captain. Arjen had been captain for 2 years and the squad reflected her attitude, outlook and appearance. Her sandy complexion, long black hair and toned body marked her as another beauty on the squad. Many of the other cheerleaders followed their captain in appearance. Arjen was from New Jersey and her accent sometimes came through when she was really excited.

"I doubt it," Chelsea quipped. She rolled her eyes.

"Just get ready," Arjen shot back. The beautiful Latino glanced over her shoulder to the other cheerleaders. "Make it sound good!"

The squad went through their routine, trying to get the crowd back into the lifeless 12- 3 game. Their team was barely clinging to the lead. Some in the crowd responded to the cheerleaders efforts.


"Hey are you going to the Tri Pi's party?" Arjen asked Chelsea, as they stood in the locker room.

"I might," Chelsea said. She looked toward the squad's captain, another of her friends. "I still gotta find a costume."

"Shit you could go naked," Arjen laughed. Her honey-colored eyes took in Chelsea's body.

Chelsea blushed slightly. She saw Arjen looking at her. "I don't know if Rafe would appreciate that," Chelsea laughed. She stood in front of a mirror, admiring her body. Chelsea cupped her 34 C cup breasts, propping them up, making them fuller.

Arjen laughed again at her comment.

The cheerleaders were in their part of the locker room, more a dressing room for them, after the football team's lackluster 15-6 win. All were in various states of undress. Arjen and Chelsea both went into the room near the showers, standing in front of the mirrors admiring their bodies, occasionally sneaking a peek at each other's body. Their bodies shone with a fine coat of sweat and steam. A fine mist hung in the air, providing the air with a dampness.

"Yeah, Rafael might have a heart attack, if you showed off all of that," giggled Arjen. She slapped Chelsea on her voluptuous ass.

"Girl stop," Chelsea laughed, slapping at Arjens' hand. She had been complimented on her rear for awhile. Both men and women talked about it. Chelsea used to get defensive about it, but during the later part of her high school years she had grown to love it and appreciate it. Her ass had gotten her many things.

"Bet you don't say anything when Rafael has you bent over, beating it up," Arjen laughed, sneaking in another light slap. Arjen had a healthy ass herself, that was plump but toned.

Chelsea blushed while laughing. "Girl I gotta hurry up," she said.

"Why?" Arjen asked. "You know the Sigmas are having an aftergame party at Vizions? Me and a couple of the girls are going."

"I got someplace to be," Chelsea said. She didn't tell her friend that she was a stripper at one of the Black strip clubs in downtown Baltimore. Chelsea had chosen the spot because it was a little more upscale than the rest and also because there was no way for any of her friends to ever see her. "I would come if I could though."

"You and Rafael got plans?" Arjen laughed.

Chelsea pretended not to hear the comment and Arjen dropped the matter.

After she got dressed, Chelsea stopped by Arjen's locker. The buxom Latina was unaware of Chelsea standing behind her. Several other cheerleaders were standing close by. "Hey you want to go costume shopping tomorrow," Chelsea whispered.

Arjen jumped, startled by Chelsea's sudden appearance. She nodded her head "yes." "We gon find you something sexy!" Arjen laughed.


The next day, the two young women went out shopping. They visited several shops but couldn't find anything to their liking. At their final stop, Arjen found a costume, entitled "Naughty Nurse." The one piece pink halter style dress was form-fitting, sported a big red and white cross across the chest, stopped at the upper thigh and had a plunging neckline.

Chelsea modeled the outfit for Arjen. The dress clearly showed off the tops of Chelsea's firm breasts. Her breasts giggled as she walked around. Chelsea bounced on her heels several times.

"Girl you look hot in that," Arjen said. Her eyes took in the shapely cheerleader. She marvels at the image in front of her. Arjen had to admit to herself that Chelsea looked hot in the costume.

"Are you sure," Chelsea asked. She twisted around in the mirror, trying to see ever inch of the outfit. "Does this work for the party?"

"Hell yeah!" Arjen giggled. She reached out and patted Chelsea on the thigh. Her hand lingered on Chelsea's thigh for a moment.

Chelsea tried to playfully avoid the touch, but was unsuccessful. Arjen's hand felt hot, where it had touched her skin. Chelsea shuddered involuntarily at the thought that suddenly popped in her head. "Ok, she agreed. "I'll get this. What about you?"

"I need to get one," Arjen said.

Arjen left Chelsea and looked along the rack of costumes. She had already selected several out. Arjen went into the dressing room that Chelsea had just occupied and tried them on. She could still smell Chelsea in the dressing room. Arjen can out of the dressing room in a witch's costume that showed off her sexy thighs. Arjen spun around modeling it.

"Girl you are going to hurt somebody's feelings with that one," Chelsea laughed. She eyes Arjen in the costume; sizing her up. In the back of her mind, Chelsea hoped that Arjen wouldn't get the seductive costume. She didn't want anyone to outclass her at the party. Chelsea knew that in that costume, Arjen would look breathtaking. "Are you sure about that one though?"

"I'll get it," Arjen said, looking at herself in the mirror again. She blew a kiss over her shoulder at Chelsea.

Chelsea pretended to catch the imaginary kiss. "Watch out I might want to see if you really can kiss," Chelsea mocked.


The day of the party arrived. Several other fraternities and sororities were hosting parties. However the Tri Pi's Halloween party was known to be the biggest and some said the best of the campus parties. Many of the cheerleaders were going to the party.

"Chelsea you look good in that," Tina said, watching Chelsea put on her costume.

"Thanks bitch," Chelsea joked. She pulled up the front of the dress, helping to prop up her breasts. Chelsea turned around in the mirror and admired her ass. She had discovered that the dress was thin enough to show off her nipples and show that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"I'll show you a bitch, slut," Tina retorted. Tina cute in her own right, was dressed in a black witch's dress, that was shredded by design at her knees and a black pointed hat. Tina's chesnut brown hair flowed down her back. She was shorter than Chelsea. Tina's iced-tea skin color, pretty face, slim waist and thick thighs, garnered her many compliments, but she still thought that Chelsea looked better. Tina walked into the bathroom behind Chelsea. She pushed Chelsea on the arm. "What now?"

"Let me get dressed," Chelsea giggled, slapping at Tina, who was grabbing at her breasts. "I need to be the prettiest girl there."

"I'm going to help you," Tina laughed. She grabbed one of Chelsea's nipples and pinched it. "I'm going to make sure your ta-tas show up and that way the boys will notice you!"

Chelsea tried to slap her friend's hand away. She twisted and turned as Tina's hand darted in and grabbed a handful of breasts. "Girl stop," Chelsea squealed. She had to admit to herself that she liked it when someone played with her breasts. Her mind was ecstatic with the touch from Tina. "They don't need no help to show up."

"You're right," Tina laughed. She hipbumped Chelsea, trying to get a little more space in front of the bathroom mirror. Tina adjusted her costume, trying to show a little more cleavage.

"Girl my nipples are hard now," Chelsea said. She looked down at her nipples, which were poking through the fabric of the outfit. Chelsea put her hands over her breasts, feigning indignation.

Tina just laughed. Her hand shot out a squeezed Chelsea's breast again.

The two cheerleaders got dressed and went to the party. Arjen had called Chelsea on the way, telling her that she would meet the two of them there. The Tri Pis had their own house on campus. It was a modest brown-stone, which had been renovated and redesigned for the fraternity. As they neared the building, Chelsea and Tina could hear the music before they saw the crowd of people.

"Damn everyone must be there," Tina said, looking slack-jawed at the line of people.

"You know it!" Chelsea smiled. She deliberately slowed her walk, causing her ass and breasts to jiggle. Chelsea heard several catcalls.

Tina playfully slapped her on the ass. "Look at you!" Tina laughed. "See you are going to start something tonight that you can't finish."

"Sure," Chelsea mocked. "The monsters in the dark are going to get me."

Once they got they got to the house, Chelsea and Tina stood in a line of costumed people. Both girls were getting approving stares from some of the fraternity boys who were mobbed around the front porch and other young men standing in the line.

"Look at these guys," Tina whispered. She nudged Chelsea with her elbow.

"Yeah I see them," Chelsea giggled. She glanced at several guys, dressed in various costume, who smiled and waved back. "I can't get into trouble though. Rafe is my baby!"

"Shit be free tonight," Tina laughed.

When the Chelsea and Tina finally entered the house, they discovered a house full of costumes partygoers, doing many different things. Some people were dancing, some drinking, some playing cards and others engaged in whispered conversations. The two cheerleaders took the whole scene in. They both laughed at what they saw.

"Girl, don't get lost," Chelsea yelled over the music at Tina. "Don't get too crazy."

Tina nodded her head acknowledging Chelsea's statements. She looked around, trying to see where she was going to go and what to do first. Tina adjusted her costume again, trying to show more skin.

Chelsea spotted two of the other cheerleaders, waved and headed over to them. She felt good as she got amidst the other girls, who were dressed as a fairy and a princess.


As the night went on Chelsea began to enjoy herself more and more. The other cheerleaders had helped her to relax, getting her what they said was a cranberry and vodka. To Chelsea, it tasted like more vodka than cranberry. The drink burned as it went down, but after a few minutes, Chelsea began to feel the effects of the alcohol. She danced with several frat boys. Twice they tried to feel her up. Chelsea slapped their hands away.

"Hey girl," Arjen said, surprising Chelsea as she danced with another touchy-feely-horny frat boy.

"What's up?" Chelsea said, Turning to look at the beautiful head cheerleader.

Arjen's costume fit her so well and her make up was done for effect, making her appear all the more sexy. Lavender eye shadow brought out her honey colored eyes. The tops of Arjen's breasts bubbled over the top of the costume, inviting stares.

"Trying to enjoy this party, Arjen laughed. She placed her hands on her hips. Arjen drank in Chelsea in the nurse's outfit. "Have you been enjoying yourself?"

"Yeah," Chelsea said. She continued to dance, although she had turned away from her dance partner to talk to Arjen.

"Hey we've got one of the rooms upstairs and we are having a private session," Arjen said. "Why don't you come upstairs? Get a drink with the rest of us."

"Sure," Chelsea said. She shrugged her shoulders and followed Arjen, leaving her one-time dance partner looking vexed.

Arjen lead Chelsea upstairs past people hanging out on the stairs. They arrived a room, with the door closed. Arjen turned and smiled at Chelsea.

Chelsea smiled back.

"Girl get ready, Arjen laughed. She reached out and squeezed one of Chelsea's breasts.

"Stop girl," Chelsea laughed. She thought that she heard giggles and laughter coming from the room. "They must be getting hammered in there."

"Yeah they are," Arjen said. The Latina head cheerleader looked back at Chelsea, as she stood in front of the door. "Come on Miss Southern Thang!"

Arjen leaned back into the door, barring Chelsea from fully seeing what was going on. Giggles and other sounds emanated from the darken room. There were mixed male and female voices.

"Sounds like they are really partying in there," Chelsea said sheepishly. She leaned in closer to Arjen.

Before she say anything Arjen had grabbed Chelsea. "Hold up!" Chelsea cried out.

"Nope," Arjen whispered in her ear. She licked and nibbled on Chelsea's ear. "This is something we've been planning for awhile."

Arjen pushed and pulled Chelsea through the door and into the darkened room.

Another set of hands grabbed Chelsea's legs, as she struggled with Arjen. Arjen's strength surprised Chelsea. She squealed when her legs were picked up. She flexed and bucked trying to free herself. Chelsea felt herself being laid on something soft; a bed she hoped.

"Don't struggle," Arjen whispered in Chelsea's ear. Arjen continued to hold onto Chelsea's arms. She planted light kisses on Chelsea's neck, hoping to calm her down.

"Let me go," Chelsea squealed. A flash of panic raced through her mind. "Please let me go!"

"Keep it down," came a male voice. "You'll love this."

There were several other laughs or snickers from the darkened room.

"Yeah," Arjen chimed in. Her hand crept up to Chelsea's breasts. Arjen began squeezing them. Her fingers, like magic, delicately applying pressure and the releasing them.

Chelsea felt a hand go up her costume and touch her shaved pussy. Arjen's massage of her breasts also distracted her. Then Chelsea thought she heard slapping sounds and a low moan. "Please let me go," Chelsea pleaded again.

"Nope," Arjen laughed.

In the darkness, Chelsea could barely make out shapes. A huge shape appeared out of the darkness in front of her.

"This will shut her up," came a voice.

Suddenly two hands grabbed the sides of Chelsea's head and something was shoved into her open mouth. She gagged when it hit the back of her mouth. Chelsea realized that it was a dick. She thought about biting it for a moment.

"You better not bite me," the voice menaced. The dick was pumping in and out of her mouth.

Chelsea tried to suck the dick as best as she could. Her face kept getting smashed into a forest of public hairs. Chelsea figured that this was some sort of hazing practice that the cheerleaders went through.

"Its good you ain't wear no panties," came another voice. "Even if you did you still would have gotten this."

Chelsea felt several fingers enter her pussy. Then she felt a mouth close over her clit and tongue massage it. The tongue was wonderful, Chelsea couldn't deny it. She bucked up to meet the wonderful tongue.

"She's liking it," Arjen laughed. She continued to massage Chelsea's nipples.

Chelsea moaned. She couldn't believe that the moan escaped her lips. The dick in her mouth was big. Chelsea couldn't believe what was going on. She was getting face-fucked, her friend was helping to restrain her and someone was finger-banging her. The fingers in her pussy felt good, Chelsea tried to suppress another moan. She continued to struggle against her captors.

:Damn she suck some dick," said the person face-fucking her. "When I bust you better swallow it all."

"Yeah," Chelsea managed. She worked the dick in her mouth

"You guys gotta tap that ass," Arjen said. She continued to squeeze and massage Chelsea's breasts, while listening to Chelsea's breathing quickly pickup. Then she began to lightly nibble on Chelsea's ear. "Lighten up Chelsea. Just relax and enjoy and let it happened. You'll enjoy. You need it!"

Chelsea couldn't deny that she needed some good sex. Rafeal fucked her, but he wasn't really laying it down. Chelsea had mentioned one of their episodes to Arjen and Tina one night. Chelsea felt the person face-fucking her shiver. She knew what it meant.

"Here it comes," came the voice from the person fucking her face.

The dick spasmed and suddenly erupted, flooding Chelsea's mouth with hot, salty cum. The person pulled their dick from Chelsea's mouth and smeared some of the remaining cum on her face. Several cheers went up around the room.

"Like that," came another voice.

Before Chelsea could respond another dick was pushed into her waiting mouth. She used her hands to get a better grip on it and started sucking it in earnest.

"Shit she's ready," came the voice again.

"I know," said Arjen. She stopped sucking on Chelsea's breasts. "I'm ready."

Chelsea wanted to know what Arjen meant. However she was too intent on waxing the dick in her mouth and the tongue and fingers in her pussy felt good as hell.

"You ready sexy," Arjen whispered to Chelsea.

"Why?" Chelsea asked, removing her mouth from the dick for a moment. She suddenly felt the fingers and mouth on her pussy leave her. Then she felt a pressure on her pussy lips.

"Because I am about to get you," Arjen cooed. She pushed Chelsea's legs out wide and then pushed the strap-on into her pussy.

Chelsea moaned at the intrusion. She had never been fucked with a strap-on or by a girl before.

"You like that baby?" Arjen cooed. She pumped Chelsea's pussy slow, allowing her to get used to the size and length of he strap-on and her speed. "I am loving this."

"Yes," was all Chelsea could manage. The person, who owned the dick currently in her mouth grabbed the back of Chelsea's head and began fucking her face. The strap-on in her pussy was bigger than she had thought.

"That's right," Arjen cheered. She began to pick up speed, thrusting into Chelsea's pussy with more power. Arjen wished she could see Chelsea's face right now. She wanted to look into her eyes as she fucked her with the strap-on. "Fuck her face good."

The person fucking Chelsea's mouth needed no more urging, as he continued to slam into her face. Chelsea thought that she might gag on the dick but she didn't. Then she felt a tongue on her ass. Chelsea couldn't believe that someone was now licking her ass.

"That's right," Arjen said, as she pumped harder and faster. "Tonight you're our treat."

Chelsea moaned. The tongue was slowly tracing a pattern around her ass and asshole. She was scared and excited at the same time. Chelsea wanted to tell the person to stick it in, to lick her asshole. Arjen was fucking her good. She had never been with a woman, but right now Arjen was making her see that she had been missing something.

"I'm about to bust," said the person fucking Chelsea's face. He unloaded in her mouth and then smeared some of it on her face as he pulled his dick from Chelsea's mouth.

"Damn," Chelsea moaned. Before she could say anything another dick was shoved into her mouth. She trembled, as a wave of ecstasy washed over her. She knew that she was about to cum.

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