tagRomanceA Halloween Soulmate

A Halloween Soulmate


Candace Brockton sped along the highway, making her way to her best friend's yearly Halloween party. Usually she was excited about making an appearance at Jasmine's party dressed up as some character or another, but this year she could feel her nerves building as she got closer to her destination. It mostly had to do with what she was currently wearing. If she hadn't lost the bet about how far her favorite baseball team would make it in the race to the World Series, she wouldn't be in this predicament right now.

Peter Channing sat with his lights off, his radar pointed toward the dark highway. It was Halloween and he had already pulled over a number of partygoers, speeding to get to their destinations. Peter didn't mind though, it gave him something to do and the costumes that he had seen so far had given him a lot to laugh about. His favorite of the night had to be the guy dressed in diapers with a woman who looked an awful lot like a dominatrix. Part of him suspected that they might not have been dressed up for Halloween at all.

It was pretty quiet when a car zoomed past, posting an 87mph on his radar. Someone was in a hurry. Peter stowed his radar and pulled out of his hiding place, turning his lights on and stepping on the gas so that he could catch up with the lead foot.

Candace felt a wave of dread wash over her as she saw the flashing lights off in the distance. Of all the times to get pulled over, this was the worst. Candace hoped she wasn't going to be on the cop's dashboard camera because if she was, she would end up on some Maury clip show where the person leading in the clip wonders what the hell she was doing going somewhere dressed as she was.

She pulled over to the side of road and waited, her face flaming. Oh how she wished that she could just melt into the damn seat right then. If her top had not been wedged in the backseat, she would have thrown it on quickly, but now she had to face her fate dressed as she was.

Peter pulled in behind the candy apple red Mustang. It was a nice car, all sleek lines and curves. He wondered what type of person was driving and what kind of mood they would be in. He didn't want to have to deal with any criers or angry old men right then. He strolled over to the car and watched as the window rolled down.

Peter felt his mouth fall open as he stared at the driver of the car. Her dark locks fell over her shoulders to fall to the middle of her coffee-colored breasts. Her face was an odd shade of red, but he figured that he would be red too if he were caught in her situation. Her almond-shaped hazel eyes screamed embarrassment and her full bottom lip was being worried by her front teeth. His eyes traveled back down to her breasts, which were totally exposed, seeing as all she was wearing was a short white skirt and a pair of heart-shaped, silver-sequined pasties.

Candace cleared her throat and managed to eek out a quiet, "Officer?"

Peter drug his eyes away from the woman's plump breasts, which hovered somewhere between a C and a D cup. He looked back into her watery hazel eyes. "Ma'am. Do you know why I pulled you over?"

Candace nodded. "I was going a little fast. I just want to get where I'm going and change. I lost a bet and I have to show up to a party dressed like this, but as soon as I get there, I'm putting some clothes on. Pasties aren't really my thing."

Peter raised an eyebrow. What? No attempt to get out of the ticket? "That's right. You were speeding. I clocked you going 87 in a 65. Can I see your license, registration and proof of insurance?"

Candace nodded and leaned over to her glove compartment, giving Peter a good view of her smooth back and the thong that apparently went with the pasties that she was wearing. She sat back up and Peter struggled to keep his eyes on her face. He noticed the tremor that shook her documents as she passed them to him out of the window.

"Thank you. I'll be right back with this." Peter turned and walked back to his car, perusing her credentials as he went. He opened the door and used the opportunity to adjust himself. While gazing at the lovely Candace Brockton, Peter had sprouted a considerable boner. It was hard not to imagine ordering her out of the car and taking her on the hood of her pretty little Mustang, pushing her skirt up and the thong out of the way. He sighed and readjusted again as he sat in the car.

Candace nibbled on her lip nervously. Of course the cop that pulled her over had to be fine as hell. His red hair was cut short, the ends barely brushing his forehead, and he had a cowlick that made him look boyishly cute...in a manly sort of way. His deep green eyes made her skin feel as if it was burning while he stared at her. The bridge of his nose was covered in a smattering of freckles that were too cute for words and his lips were the things that dreams were made of. She could imagine losing herself in his kisses and she wanted to, desperately. But, she thought about what he must think of her now, in nothing but some pasties, and decided that the hot cop was best forgotten.

Peter took a deep breath as he strolled back towards Candace's car. He could only hope that his grip on his self-control would hold and he wouldn't do anything stupid, like drag her out of the car and fuck her on the side of the road. One more deep breath and he was face to face with the woman that had his loins on fire.

"Here you are. Because I'm feeling generous tonight, I'll let you off with a warning. Slow down and take your time. Have a good night."

Peter handed Candace her credentials and walked quickly back to his car. He got in and waited for Candace to pull off. Once he felt she was far enough ahead, he took off after her. He felt a little crazy, but he wanted to make sure that Candace made it to her party without a hitch. He also wanted to know where she was going because for some crazy reason he wanted to meet up with her later and maybe see what could happen between them.

Candace tried to tamp down on her mortification, but it was hard. She had never felt so embarrassed. It was one thing to pull up to the party, show Jasmine her pasties and then throw on the shirt and wig for her Tina Turner costume. It was completely another to have someone else see her in the sparkly abominations.

She navigated the rest of the route and pulled up to Jasmine's house, parking on the street, which was packed with the cars of various partygoers, and called Jasmine.

"Hello? Madame Jasmine's house of pain."

Candace laughed. "Madame Jasmine, I am sitting outside. Come on out, but come out alone. If I see someone else, I'm leaving."

"Candy? Are you really wearing them?" Jasmine asked.

"Of course. I never renege on a bet. I'm here, but I'm getting dressed in two minutes, so you better hurry up and get out here."

Candace noticed the dead air and realized that she had been talking to herself. She frowned at the phone before tucking it into her purse. She watched as a decidedly unstable Jasmine made her way to the car. Jasmine stumbled a couple of times before she came to a stop at Candace's passenger side window.

"Wow, Candy. I didn't think you'd actually go through with it. Pasties. Wow."

Candace frowned. "Like I said, I don't renege on bets. I keep my word. I showed up in pasties. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be putting on the rest of my costume now."

"I don't believe you drove here like that. You know you could have put a shirt on and just taken it off when you got here."

"Whatever. You would have called me on it and made me do something else much more embarrassing," Candace remarked as she pulled her silver-sequined top on over her head. Candace slid the wig into place and got out of her car.

She stood, her silver stilettos giving her 5'6" frame another couple inches. Her white skirt stopped right at mid-thigh and clung to her generous hips and ass. Her shirt dipped low in the front, exposing her deep cleavage and showing off her small waist.

"Well, if it isn't Tina Turner," Jasmine smiled as she took in her best friend.

"Madame Jasmine, I am ready to enter your house of pain. Spank me as you will."

They entered the house, never noticing the police car idling close by. Peter smiled. He knew where he was going to be in a few hours and hopefully he wouldn't regret it.


Candace stifled a yawn as she listened to the man in front of her, who was dressed as a pirate, drone on about something or another. She couldn't remember his name and he hadn't given her the opportunity to ask again. In fact, he hadn't let her get a word in the entire time they had been talking. She wanted to just walk off, but she thought that she remembered that the guy had some real clout with Jasmine's boss or something like that and she didn't want to reflect badly on her friend.

The doorbell rang and Jasmine slid from the stool she was on to answer it. The door swung open and she found herself staring at a very handsome man in uniform. She hoped her bitch of a neighbor hadn't called the police on her for some imagined noise violation. The jealous bitch. "Hi, officer, can I help you?"

Peter smiled. "Hi. I'm looking for Candace. She invited me."

Jasmine was too busy ogling his muscular body to respond. Man, he was tall and hella fine. Wherever Candace found this one, she did good. His police uniform hugged his muscles in a way that made her panties feel damp. If Candace didn't want this hunk, Jasmine was positive that she would.

Peter cleared his throat. "Can I come in?"

Jasmine started and shook herself out of her alcohol-induced fog. "Oh yeah, sure. Sorry. Come on in. Candy is over by the kitchen."

Peter strode into the party with a confidence that he didn't feel. What if Candace rejected him or called him out as being a stalker. It wasn't like he could deny it. He had followed her there. He scanned the party's guests, looking for a woman dressed in silver sequins and a short skirt. He spotted her standing alone by the kitchen, looking around for someone. She turned and looked into the kitchen, chewing on her bottom lip again.

Just as Peter came up behind her, Candace turned and walked straight into him. He caught her easily, wrapping his arms around her and steadying her. Candace looked up and nearly fainted. It was the cop!


"Hey, Candace."

"What are you doing here? How did you find me? What's going on?!? Is this some kind of joke?"

Peter smiled ruefully. "One question at a time."

Candace stood a little straighter and pulled herself out of his arms. It was just to weird at the moment, despite how wonderful it felt to be held by the officer. "Ok. What are you doing here, officer?"

"Call me Peter."

"What are you doing here, Peter?"

"Well, a certain woman wearing nothing but pasties plagued my mind from the moment I laid eyes on her. I just had to see you again...so I followed you here."

Candace's eyes narrowed. "You followed me?"

"I know what you're thinking. I'm not crazy or a stalker. Not really. I've never done this before. I just...I...you're amazing."

Candace opened her mouth and then closed it. What was she supposed to say to that? She supposed that she should be flattered, that he would go to such lengths just to see her again, but then again, he had seen her in nothing but pasties. She gazed at him thoughtfully and then nodded. "Thank you."

"I'd like some time to get to know you better."

Candace continued to look up into his green eyes. "Well, I guess it can't hurt. What would you like to know about me?"

Peter and Candace started to talk, telling each other about themselves and the lives that they were leading. Candace found that Peter was intelligent and witty and he got her off-colored jokes. He didn't come off as a sociopath or a psychopath and he was attractive. Peter found himself deeply intrigued by the woman standing before him and he looked forward to talking to her more, outside of the noisy party atmosphere.

"Candace," a voice broke them out of their conversation.

Candace turned and wanted to groan, but she held it in and smiled at the pirate who had come back to talk to her once more.

Peter regarded the man carefully and recognized him for what he was, competition. He pulled himself up to his full height of 6'1" and thrust his hand forward. "Peter."

The man looked disgustedly at the hand before him and then up into the eyes that were issuing a barely concealed challenge. "Mark."

'Mark. That's his name. I'm glad I didn't have to introduce them 'cause I would have been at a loss,' Candace thought to herself.

"Peter is a friend of mine. Mark is one of Jasmine's co-workers," Candace added as the two men shook hands.

Mark's eyes flew between Candace and Peter. Peter eased closer to Candace and for some reason it rubbed Mark the wrong way. "It's a pleasure, Pete. So you're Candace's friend, huh? If I didn't know any better, I would say that you're itching to be more than a friend. Funny thing is, she was all over me before you got here. That should tell you something."

Peter's face flushed and his lips flattened out into a straight line. He looked really angry and Candace could only hope that Peter wouldn't do anything drastic. She, on the other hand, was fighting the urge to punch Mark in his face. She hadn't been all over him, she could barely stand listening to him talk. In fact, once he left to get something to drink, she contemplated hiding from him for the rest of the night.

"Yeah, it does. How sad it must be for you to have such a brief taste of such an exquisite beauty, only to be faced with the knowledge that she'll be all over someone else from here on out. I hope you have a good night. I know I will."

And with that, Peter slid his arm around Candace's waist, pulled her closer to him and kissed her gently on the top of her wig-covered head. Her eyes shot upward and she was graced with a simple smile. "Come, little one. Let's go before I go Ike Turner on this man."

Candace laughed, walking off towards the refreshment table with Peter. "Little one?"

"You are smaller than I am, Candace. That makes you little."

Candace frowned up at Peter. "Whatever. We'll see whose little later."

Peter growled and pulled Candace into him, her hands bracing her against his chest. "There's nothing little about me, dear."

Candace struggled to focus on something other than the feel of Peter's muscular frame. "You win. You win. I'll be your little one, but I'll be coming up with some name for you too and you probably won't like it," Candace conceded.

Peter gave her a wolfish grin before claiming a kiss. Candace was surprised by the move, but she didn't mind. Peter's hands settled on her hips as he walked her back towards the darkened hallway that was near the table that they had stopped in front of. Part of Candace wanted to protest, she wasn't the kind of woman that hooked up with a guy the first night, especially since she had just met him officially a couple of hours beforehand. The other part of her wanted to strip down to nothing but her thong and pasties and have her wicked way with Peter. His kisses made it hard to think.

He pushed her body against the wall a small way in, hoping that they would be hidden enough by the shadows to not call too much attention to themselves. Peter ravished her mouth, his tongue exploring every crevice before taking time to duel with Candace's tongue. He moaned when she sucked on his tongue, the sensations traveling straight to his cock, which he was grinding against her soft belly.

He pulled away briefly, taking a deep gulp of air, before coming back for another taste of Candace's sweet lips. This time she was the aggressor, her tongue staking its claim. He loved the way her fingers curled into his hair, her lips pressing against his, slanting one way and then another. She wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. That boded well for his plans for the night.

Peter pulled back slowly and moved to explore more of her exposed skin with his lips, starting with the soft lobe of her ear. Candace's hands slid to his shoulders, clinging to him because her ears were so sensitive and she felt as if her knees were going to give out. A moan slipped past her lips and was met by a quiet giggle. Candace froze and turned her head slowly, feeling her face flush with embarrassment once again.

"Peter," she hissed softly.

Peter was in the middle of exploring the crook of her neck when he realized that she was no longer responding so wantonly. He groaned and pulled his head back. "Little one?"

"We have an audience."

Peter turned and saw that there were at least 5 people standing by the refreshment table and watching them in the hallway, Mark being front and center in the group, glaring at them. Peter forced himself not to curse. He usually wasn't so vindictive, but there was just something about Mark that really rubbed him the wrong way. That guy must have been itching for a beating, but Peter would settle for having a few police friends write him a couple of tickets.

Candace squirmed beneath him and drew his attention back to her. "Stay calm, little one. There's nothing to be ashamed of. I should have picked a better spot. It's my fault."

"That doesn't make it any better, Peter."

"Want to leave with me? We won't have to worry about any voyeurs..."

Candace rested her head against his chest, her eyes darting to the group at the hallway entrance, most had left and it was only Mark and another guy still there. She really wasn't the kind of girl who would go home with a guy the first night, but then she had never really felt the kind of attraction that she felt between Peter and herself. Maybe just this once, she would give in to her desires.

"Little one?" Peter's voice rumbled.

"Yes. I do. But, we have to wait until after Jasmine does her costume awards. If I left before then, she'd have a shit fit."

Peter chuckled and pulled Candace closer. "Are you sure you want to leave with me? I don't want to pressure you."

Candace smiled up at Peter, looking into his eyes and assessing what she saw there. He wasn't just feeding her a line, he actually cared enough to ask. "What is this to you? This thing that's happening between us?"

Peter smiled. "Hopefully the beginning of something fantastic. I'm looking for more than just a one-night stand type of thing, Candace. I wouldn't have driven all the way out here if I was just looking to get some one-time booty. I could get that anywhere. I came here for you. I came here to see what we could have together and I think a relationship between us could work. I want to try it and see how it goes."

Candace nodded. "Sounds good to me. I'm sure I want to leave with you, but don't think you can get out of here without giving Jasmine all of your information. If I disappear, she'll know the least person I was with and where you live and work."

Peter chuckled. "Alright, alright. Find out when this contest is going to happen so we can get going. I want to get out of here so I can get my lips on yours again."

"What's stopping you now?"

Peter stooped down to plant a brief kiss on Candace's lips. "If I start, I won't be able to stop again, little one. Let's go party for a bit."

Peter took Candace's hand and pulled her past Mark and the other man to stand by the dance floor. They scanned the room, finding Jasmine lounging on the couch that was pushed against the wall to make room for the dance floor, her head lolling from the amount she had to drink.

Candace sat beside her and whispered into her ear. Peter wondered what was being said, but whatever it was, it made Jasmine's head pop upward, a slippery smile pasted on her face.

Jasmine pushed herself up and wobbled to the kitchen. She grabbed a glass and filled it up with water, chugging it down and filling it up again. She slowly turned in her black leather stiletto thigh high boots, cocked one hip and put her hand on it. "Officer, what are your intentions with my BFF?"

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