A Halloween Surprise


A few gulps later they were on their way to her place in the main hall again. The Vinyl Man informed her, "The fellow is a Federal Agent who was programmed into homosexuality, like so many of them are, so We have to take special care of them. They are powerful people."

She couldn't help but notice there were more than a dozen people dressed exactly like the Vinyl Man. Some were females with their sex on display and available for anyone who wanted some, just like all the men. As they got closer and closer to the center of the Hall the people there became more and more import in society.

Suddenly her friend called out to her in ragged breath. "Over here Christol!"

Christol turned to see her girlfriend fisting some frail looking blonde girl up the butt as the girl held a vibrator to her clitty screaming out in passion. Her friend motioned invitingly for them to join her and Christiol started in that direction but Vinyl Man stopped her telling her, "That is not your place tonight."

She shrugged to her friend as the woman enthusiastically asked, "Isn't this wild?"

The hungry look in Christol's eyes was answer enough.

She saw people she recognized as Senators and Congressmen/Women in the throws of passionate debauchery. A female Senator had her face buried in a young girl's pussy that couldn't have been a day over 18 years of age. A well known male Politician wearing a ballerina skirt had a very large black man with a humungous cock ramming the Politician's asshole for all it was worth, while he sucked on another man's dick with one of the Vinyl Girls stroking his own penis.

The dry dirt and hickory taste still in her mouth from the aphrodisiac made her cough and Vinyl Man said, "Don't worry, that taste won't be there long. You will find ways to quench your thirst because of it."

To her surprise her place was in the very center of the grand hall! A card lay on the bed for her to read, much like the Drama enactments that were so popular in the nineties. The gold embossed card informed her that she was honored by the role of Demoness and after she had played with some of her presents, she would be called upon as a Vampire to drain the blood of the Zygott. It explained that a true Zygott was chosen for this year's festivities. The person had either really died or had a convincing near death experience in his youth. After his flesh had necrated he was miraculously revitrified and there were two succinctly different gnomes that his body was now composed of. The card assured her that she would know what to do when the time came. It also requested that, as a sign of her willingness to the anonymous Dungeon Master, she need only raise the hem of her dress slightly and the games would proceed.

Suddenly the din of the crowd fell into almost total silence with the only sound coming from one of the loges, being a female's repeated wails of orgasmic passion "... oh ... oh ...oh ... oh."

So feminine and so enthralling. A very impressed Christol thought about what was happening and grasp her dress. She clutched it in her clammy hand and gathered the material together. She hadn't come this far to stop now and she slowly pulled on the dress wondering what a Zygott was anyway, saying, "I hope it's not a goat or anything."

Judging solely from the lavish expenditures for this party and the social position of the guests in attendance, the direction she pulled on the dress was upward. In fact she slowly pulled it until she had revealed her wanton, glistening pussy lips and let the dress lay there open in lewd predisposition. The roar of approval while not deafening was all encompassing and she felt as if she were being bathed in silver light from above. The whole Hall was now in relative darkness and she felt like she was being shown different scenes of people performing strange sex acts in a specific progression.

For a moment her fang felt uncomfortable and she tried to pull it off. She was alarmed but not distressed to find that she could not remove the fang from her eye tooth resolving to get it off later. In her attempt she accidentally jabbed the edge into her first finger. When it drew a small amount of blood she instinctively sucked on it.

Beyond her wildest imagination the salty, rich fluid tasted better than anything she had ever tasted before. Something wild and un-natural felt as if it crawled around inside her and her head began to spin in the most delirious pleasure. Suddenly a scene was brought to life only feet away from her. The lights came up on a woman who was menstruating smearing her bloody pussy all over a man she was with. He gratefully luxuriated in her blood and was covered from head to toe. As she strained against him, he kept trying to force her to feed her sex to him, wanting his mouth on her bleeding cunt. Christol felt a hunger that she had never known before. Her nostrils flared longingly at the mere scent of blood, even this woman's putrified blood had her lust building so strong that she felt an earth shattering need to feed upon her. It was a hunger so deep and wild she wanted to tear the woman from limb to limb and suck the fresh blood from the ventricles of her female victim's heart!

The woman was nothing but inferior prey to her, much like all the little girlie girls she had recently been plucking the chicken feathers off of, as she turned them into wanton lesbians and cut them loose out on the street to fend for themselves, after she had tasted their pleasures. She could feel herself changing, ravenous, and invigorated as every bit of her newfound strength was about to pounce on her victim.

Just then Vinyl Man stepped between her and the woman and held out a chalice with something for her to drink. He commanded beseechingly, "Drink this. It will make you feel better!"

As she fought off the delirium she asked, "What is it?"

He replied, "It's a bloody Susan sweet one. It will quench your thirst for now."

He stood close above her petting her like she were truly a wild animal and her senses amplified a thousand fold smell the shit juice that was now smeared all over his booty loving dick. She lapped, then sipped, drank then guzzled the concoction down.

"More!" she demanded.

A ravishing young woman bearing the sweet concoction pour her chalice full. As she smelled the drink, Vinyl Man thanked the young girl for her, and she noted he called that girl Susan. Her nostrils flair once more above her chalice and she didn't need to be told that it had Susan's blood in it. As Susan left to serve other guests the young girl looked over her shoulder at the magnificent feminine beast and her soft eyes smiled a mildly interested, gracious tone, toward Christol.

Christol regained her composure as she sipped on her life giving drink and gazed among the crowd. Suddenly she smelled the sweetest fragrance amid the heady aroma of female juices mixed with sweaty male cum. From the darkness step forth a gorgeous young girl in a silk nightie with the most beautiful breasts she'd ever seen. This girl also had one of the most enviable derrieres she'd come across in a long time. The sweet firm pear shape cheeks held so high on her hips seemed so succulent and yielding she wished she could ravish her immediately.

When the girl spoke it made Christol tremble with agonizing desire. As she acknowledged the aphrodisiac's effectiveness she could see those veins leading down to the girl's lavish breasts and starred openly. Turning to answer the girl she said, "Excuse me. I didn't catch that."

The girl smiled and said, "I asked if you would like to play. You seem lonely down here all by yourself.." Then almost as if she were Little Bo Peep or even one of the little lambs she added, "I feel that way constantly and it's horrid."

With that the disarming girl pull Christol up on her feet and began removing the black dress tenderly. Christol felt herself a statue in some romantic garden as the silk dress slid from her body. Her skin felt a thousand adoring kisses as she fell against the gossamer touch of those luscious feminine lips. Next the girl got on her knees and began unfastening the garter belt, breathing heavily on the clitty and majora right in front of her. Chrsitol could feel electric sensations from the woman's demure hands as they unfasten each strap. When they were all loose she reached up and tugged gently on the red panties.

Christol yielded in a heart wrenching sultry wriggle as the silk panties glide over her buttocks and pull between her legs. She opened her stance and the panties fell to the floor. Looking up to the ceiling with her head slung back and the hair flowing down her back and her hands pulling the girl's head into her womanhood, she felt the warm tongue forcefully exonerating all her nasty guilt as it probed her forbidden zone expertly.

Deeper and deeper she groaned as her whole body tousled on the girl's deft tongue reaching into her very core. The orgasm began as a whimsical breeze and built into a full force gale racking her bones and shaking her entire body. When she finally stopped shaking the girl arose from beneath her.

The slick, wet, nectar on her face glistened as their soft lips met. Tenderly they pressed together as both their lipstick smeared credulously as tongues extended simultaneously to entwine in a saccharine battle of surrender.

When the girl stepped back and removed her nightie she thrust those juicy melons out for Christol and waited invitingly. Chrsitol grasp her around the waist and pulled one beautiful breast into her willing mouth feeling that small ribcage buried against her.

The hall became silent as they slipped down onto the bed with Christol, pulling the young beauty down with her, never letting her mouth leave that gorgeous full breast. The young woman writhed in uncontrollable lust as Christol sucked and nibbled on those gorgeous breasts. The girl lifted herself off her shameless play thing and knelt above her. Christol whimpered in agony as the girl smiled down at her.

She said "Let me get these off." And Christol's mouth watered at the idea of this girl removing her panties so she could feast on her luscious pussy.

When the panties came off she noticed a leather waistband and the girl said "I really need to take this off too." Christol shook her head anxiously and the girl removed the leather strap. It had been holding the girl's cock tighly against her ass crack. It quickly sprung to it's full 8 inches as she rubbed it on Christols stomach and then her breasts and nipples.

Christol heard the woman say, "I'm a transsexual I hope that's okay." And Christol barely nod her head when the cock was swimming in her juicy mouth. She sucked and licked it as brazenly as she had devoured her breasts only moments before.

The girl/boy pulled away cooing, "Not so fast you'll have me cumming before I ever get to fuck you."

As she/he lay down next to her, Chrsitol quickly got on top of her and held that beautiful hard cock against her stomach as she once again sucked and nibbled on her breasts. She spread herself wide and slide her juicy hot pussy up and down that man meat on a woman's body. After a short while she needed that sweet bone inside her, deep inside her, and she lift her hips to hover over him/her. As soon as he/she moved to thrust upward just a little bit, Christol eased every inch of it, inside her cock starved pussy. She couldn't believe how badly she needed this real cock inside her open lotus petal. Sloshing, drenching that steel truss she fucked her/him as rapidly and tightly as her muscles could.

Silently she cursed the many times she had been fisted as she felt loose against the devilishly wonderful cock she had inside her. That just made her increase her exertion and her strenuous pumping, rolling and grinding on her sheman was bringing her to another awesome climax with everyone in the hall watching in delight.

The girl/boy looked up at her with dreamy eyes as he blew the largest load of sperm up into her sweltering pussy he ever could have. As she fall down exhausted on his/her lovely breasts she slipped the dripping cock out of her and slithered down to clean it up. She licked her own ambrosia off his softening cock and held it lovingly as she lapped the remaining seamen from it and his balls.

She slowly slid back up to those gorgeous breasts and once more began to suck and nibble upon them.

In her sudden hunger she ripped a slight bit of flesh apart and a trickle of red shown against that pale breast, along the line of her attack. She lapped the blood up quickly then rose to look deeply in his/her eyes with a pathetic need so intense and so ravenous in her own.

"Go ahead, Do it!" He/She cried out! "Feed off me!" and Christol fliched as she fought the animal blood lust. She fought to a point of vehemence so strong that finally she ripped her fangs into the exquisite breast and tore it open. He/She screamed out in pain. The nipple lay to the side of the severe gash and she sucked hard, draining him/her while constantly needing more.

After what seemed an eternity her animal need began to wane and she lifted up to look in his/her eyes apologetically. He locked onto her eyes and said, "It's okay Lover, I wanted this. There is nothing left for me to do."

Christol's lips formed the words "But I ... "

He asked her "What do you feel inside?"

She answered, "I don't feel anything, only sensation ... and hunger and darkness."

He hushed her and softly stated, "I want it this way. Finnish me.!" His pleading voice stirred Christobel once more as he begged, "Please!"

The Shemale turned it's neck to Christo and she saw and felt, even heard the delicious blood cursing in the main artery of that delicate feminine neck. A hiss escaped her lips as darkness descended into her soul and she bent down with her dripping pussy stretched across his/her belly and she fed ...

His life force slowly drained out of his body ... and she fed ... soon he/she was completely limp ... and she fed ... until she perceived the very subtle lifting of his soul from his lifeless body. Then her hunger was satiated ...

She had fed.

"If you don't fight it so much you can do this more gently," a soft voice came out of the darkness, Christol peer into it with cat eyes and there stood Susan adding, "even romantically." "You will have people giving their very lives to you someday, and you will at least need to thank them with the essence of real romance as you feed off them." Christol gazed at the young woman as she offered, "You won't be the demoness for very long. Then you'll be like all the rest ...except ..."

In an almost catty tone Christol queried, "Except what?"

The house lights came up slightly as Susan, who felt so familiar to Christol explained, "You will be the one who drinks the Zygott's blood. You will feed off the Zygott, a real Zygott!" She paused momentarily, and continued, "You will turn him. He was chosen by God. His death and rebirth proves that, and you were chosen by Satan himself. You are the Zygott's perfect match." Then whimsically she concluded, "Opposites attract ya know!"

Stepping into the light she said, "Well let's get you ready." She stood Christol and washed the blood off her body and removed her leather dominatrix vest. Susan admired her body and said so as she finger Christol's pussy.

"Oopsie," she chortled as some of the transsexual's seamen began to seep out of Christol's gaping famished cunt. "That stays in there for you to feed to the Zygott. Squeeze tight."

As Susan turned her back to Christol she felt the young Vampire's desirous eyes upon her and she warned, "You mustn't feed off me dear. I feed you all, but only in Chalices and I Am the one who gave you your first taste of blood!"

Christol withdrew her intense glare obligingly.

Susan asked in a matter of fact manner, "Are you really hungry again already?"

Christol shook her head yes tentatively and Susan looked in disbelief.

She motioned to the lifeless body of the transsexual and asked, "You don't need that anymore do you?"

Christol shook her head no.

"Then we'll dispose of it," Susan admonished as she motioned for two Vinyl Men for assistance.

Christol sat unrepentant and her empty eyes watched the two men carry the dead transsexual off into the night, more fascinated by the marquee of swinging dicks than the lifeless body they carried. It was obvious the cessation of a life force in so viscous an attack meant nothing to the Demoness. An aroused Susan put clean fresh sheets on the bed herself, willingly giving the powerful, hungry, young, Vampire a enthralling show of her firm booty and sleek form flitting about.

Eventually she turn to the Demoness and patted the bed, stating, "You should relax for a while, because the finale is next." Christol lay down on her side in the nude on the fresh clean sheets, keeping the transsexual's seamen inside her as best she could.

As the house lights went down primal music played over the elaborate stereo system. The driving drums of the Swahili were mixed with Voodoo chants from the depths of the bayou near New Orleans. The tempo increased steadily as the entire assemblage was driven mad with carnal lust. Most the men were fucking each other and licking each other's dicks while women were forcing larger and larger objects into one another's womanhood. They were presumably drenching each other with chicken blood but perhaps it was human after all. The white robes they now wore were all stained and the inhuman sounds coming from the animals on the highest tiers of the floor were terrifying.

Christol lay there not questioning anything, still holding her legs together obediently. Her brain had no inclination to analyze the situation or even a single one of her motivations. She didn't think about what she had just done at all. In that respect, for some men she was now, the truly perfect woman, but she fell short of that mark in so many other ways. The one thing that she concentrated on was her growing hunger. The blood lust and her ravenous sexual appetite both seemed to be one and the same. As she gaze out at the crowd, they seemed like distant beings from another civilization. What were once at least human beings to her, deserving some modicum of respect, were now more like Neanderthals or even worse a herd. Not a herd of sentients but a herd of animals to be consumed for sustenance.

She felt her dark powers growing inside her and with them came the understanding that she was somehow above the rest. She was Satan's chosen one. She longed once again, to thrust her body completely full and open her vagina, as wide and as deeply as possible, so she could please Satan and his mammoth, hard, animal cock. But just for now she would hold the timid transsexual's goo inside herself and force it into the Zycott's mouth to please her Lord and Master.

An old man with snow white hair stood above Christobel in immaculate white, with a single stroke of fresh blood slashed across the front of his robe, placed there with deliberate motion. When she noticed him she asked, "Are you the Dungeon Master?"

He smiled down at her and kindly spoke, saying "No my child, I am the humble High Priest, I will be your advisor and your obedient servant in the days to come. Soon you may ask or command anything of me, but my life." His soothing hands caressed her sleek thigh lecherously, and she shiver with iniquitous delight at his feeble advances.

He continued, "You must arise now, my tender butterfly, and put this robe on, but it can not be fastened. Your splendid naked body must be on display at all times."

The extremely thin white robe was of some material Christo never saw before. It was as smooth as real Chinese silk but nearly as see through as glass itself. Her body radiated from within it and she glowed as if she had been consuming white gold for years. Beams of majestic light emanated from her breasts and her swollen nipples shown like beacons meant to guide ships through dangerous waters on a foggy night.

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