tagRomanceA Halloween to Remember

A Halloween to Remember


Gillian was a younger woman, around 21, or maybe 22. She had long blond hair; it was straight, and easily reached the middle of her back. Her eyes were a deep dark blue, almost a violet color. Thick dark lashes framed them. Her mouth was full, and pouty. She was looking into her full-length mirror in her bedroom, while studying her body shape. She had a firm tight body. The belly had a soft roundedness to it, but was otherwise flat. Her legs were long, seeming to go on forever. They were slim, and well toned with muscle. Her thighs came together in a nice way, and she never felt they were too large. The top of her legs came together, and the skin was now covered by a black satin and lace thong. It had the kind of top that came to a deep V, instead of going straight across.

There was a tiny little bow at the bottom of the V. Her belly had a soft roundedness to it, but was otherwise flat. A matching bra, a black sheer lace one, with push-up style demi cups, covered her breasts. Her soft 36C breasts were pushed almost over the top of it. Her neck was sleek, and slender. It had a very graceful arch to it when it was tilted to the side, as it was now. Her wheat blond hair was pulled over one shoulder, and hanging down her side. Gillian sighed and smiled. Over all, she didn't mind her shape and form at all, and knew that more then one guy approved as well. Tonight was Halloween, and some friends she knew from school had invited her to a party. She didn't know very many people in town, being that she had just transferred to this school from one down south. She was looking forward to meeting a few people, and having some fun.

Gillian stepped away from the mirror, and turned to the bed. On it was the costume she had worked hard to come up with, and to make. The bundle of fabric was black, and sheer in most places. She had found a pattern in a catalogue that finally worked. The pants to the harem dancer outfit were completely sheer, but worked with more and more panels in some sections, so that it covered what was necessary, and revealed the rest. She knew she would need to be careful, because certain movements would draw away some of the protective material. The top was made specifically to go with the bra she would be wearing underneath. There were long full billowing sleeves, which had some gold braiding on the cuffs, and small rhinestones sewn into a line going up the sleeve. The bodice was low cut, and designed to tuck into the top of the bra. It was also covered in the gold braid, and rhinestones. The entire top was made of just two layers of the sheer black material. She quickly slipped the outfit on, and looked down to survey herself. She had to admit, it looked very nice.

On her feet, she slipped a pair of black ballet slippers. They were decorated to match the top, with the braiding, and gems. She hoped they would twinkle in the dark lighting, and sparkle as she danced. Gillian had made a veil as well, to cover the lower half of her face, and leave her eyes showing. She waited to put this on, until after finishing her makeup. After applying normal blush, and mascara, she started putting on some dark, burgundy lipstick. Her eyes she painted up heavier then normal, giving them a slanted exotic look, with a thick line of black eye liner defining the shape. Once this was done, she applied an appealing coat of gold glitter to her cheekbones, and into her hair. She then placed the headpiece on, and smiled. She turned to the mirror, and was very happy with the overall picture she presented. She glanced at the clock, and saw that she was running late to meet her friend. She didn't know where the party was, so she needed to be shown.

Gillian got into her car, and met the friend in just a few minutes. Isabella was dressed similarly to Gillian, but the costume was one from a store, and not nearly so nice, or costume fit. It looked rather good on Isabella, but was still not the same as the picture Gillian painted. They had met at a 7-11 near Gillian's apartment, and the school. Before leaving, the girls went into the store to get some supplies. The guy working the counter appeared near their age. He was young, and athletic looking. Strong arms showed in his short-sleeved shirt, as he leaned his weight on them against the counter. His eyes, which were a deep green, were riveted to the girls from the instant they walked into the small shop.

Gillian met his gaze for a moment, then smiled under her veil. She nudged Isabella who also looked at the guy. They made their way around the shop, grabbing some snacks, and some mixer material, like juice, and pop. After that, they grabbed a couple of 4-packs of wine coolers, and made their way to the front counter. They had attracted a lot of male attention along the way, and saw a girlfriend or two whapping at the men. The man at the counter smiled in a lazy self assured way at the two, and calmly asked for ID. The girls pulled their ID's and money from their cleavage, where they had tucked them. The guy just raised an eyebrow as he watched.

"Purses didn't exactly go with the outfits, so we had to put it somewhere." Isabella said as he watched them. Gillian just giggled softly, and nodded in agreement. The guy shrugged, as if to say, whatever, and rang up the purchases.

"Big party tonight, girls?" He asked them. They both nodded, and smiled.

"Open, or closed invite?" he asked. They looked at each other; before Isabella turned to him and told him it was open to any who wished to come. As he counted their change, she wrote down the information on where to find the party. She winked at him when she handed it over. Gillian smiled to herself, and took the change. As the man's hand touched hers, she felt a small jolt from the contact. She enjoyed that. Judging from the look in his eyes, he had felt one as well. They quickly grabbed their purchase, and went out to the car. Soon, they were on their way to the party. They talked, and laughed the entire way there, and were in great spirits when they finally arrived. The party was being held at a large apartment complex. Almost every apartment had an open door, with snacks, and drinks.

Some had music going, and had cleared away furniture for dancing, while others had tables set up with decks of cards, and other games. As they made their way to the friend's apartment, Gillian felt the hot gaze of horny, wasted men. She just laughed as one guy practically threw himself at their feet, and stepped over him. They decided to mingle together, until Gillian felt a bit more certain of herself. The party was well on its way when they arrived, boasting about 100, to 150 people. They fought their way to Isabella's friend's apartment, and snagged a few empty cups from there.

Jason, Isabella's friend, was there, dressed as a sheik. Gillian didn't realize any more people were going to be dressing in the theme the girls had picked, but did not mind, as he was very good looking in the costume. He quickly poured the girls each a drink, and put an arm around each of them as Isabella made the introduction to him of Gillian. He smiled at her, and let his gaze drift to the deep swell of breasts popping out of the top of her costume. Gillian felt herself blushing, either from the drink, or his gaze, she wasn't sure which. She smiled shyly up at him, and he winked when he finally got his gaze back up to her face. He turned and looked at Isabella for a moment.

"I approve… Where did you find her at, little one?" he asked her.

"She is in my calc class. And be good, she is new around here. We need to introduce her around, so she feels more at ease. Think you can manage that, big guy?" she responded. Jason turned towards Gillian again.

"Anything for my harem!" He led them around the room, and introduced a few guys, and some girls to Gillian. The names were flying by so fast that Gillian couldn't keep track of them, much less remember who was who. They mingled for a while, and almost the whole time, Gillian noticed that Jason kept an arm around each of them almost the entire time, and that he managed to refill their drinks every time they were empty. It had been probably an hour, when she realized that she must have had at least 5 drinks. She realized this when she started wobbling, instead of walking. She asked if she could go outside and get some air. Jason pointed to the balcony, and moved his arm from her. She fought her way through the crowd, and opened the door to the balcony. She thought she was all-alone at first, until a deep voice said, Hello, in a very sensual way. Gillian shivered, and turned towards the voice. In a dark corner, sat a hooded figure. There was a slight glow from a cigarette as the person took a drag from it.

"Oh, hello! I am sorry, I didn't see you sitting there…" she said, and drifted off.

"It's alright, no need to be sorry. What's your name, doll face?" he asked in that deep voice that made Gillian shiver just hearing it.

"Gillian.. Gilly…" she answered. "What's yours?"

"Markus. Just Markus, not Marky." He said with a small chuckle. She found herself laughing as well. A moment later, he stood up, and walked the short distance over to her. She smiled at him, and turned to face outward. The moon was nearly full, but not quite tonight. She felt him behind her, and the heat from his body was radiating towards her, even though they stood a few inches apart. After what seemed an eternity with no talk, or sound, she suddenly felt his lips on her neck, just under her ear. She gasped at the first contact of his mouth, and then sighed softly as she relaxed. She had had enough alcohol already to loosen her up a bit, and was enjoying the feeling she had in the pit of her stomach. She murmured softly a noise she didn't even recognize, his soft warm lips moved up to her ear. Again, she sighed softly, and felt her body start to go weak and she leaned against him.

His arms went around her waist, and tickled even more at her belly. He whispered softly into her ear that she was absolutely beautiful, and asked if she minded him being so forward. She shook her head no at once, and nuzzled her head back against him. He continued his assault of the senses with a mind-numbing array of licks, nibbles, and kisses to her neck, and ear lobe. Soon, his tongue had worked its way to her jaw line, and traced along it. Shaking a bit, she turned her head towards that side to give him a better access. He suckled gently at the soft skin, and then moved down to her neck again. His lips found the tender junction of where her neck met her shoulders, and he started to bite gently at first, scraping his teeth along the skin ever so softly. She shivered and shook as he did so, and felt her mind slipping into a warm dream filled place. Her eyes closed, then opened again, then closed.

She was feeling so many things at once. She felt warm, safe, loved, but could hardly explain any of these feelings, because she didn't even know this guy, other then his name. As his lips worked wonders on her libido, his hands had started to wander along her front. His left hand had creeper down ever so slowly, and was resting at the low riding waistband of her harem pants. After a moment of lingering, and gentle tickling, it slipped slowly inside the band. The hand played with the band of her thong panties for a few moments, and then opted to stay outside of those for now. The fingers were drifting down over her mound as his tongue was lapping at her ear lobe. Her eyes were closed as she leaned heavily against him. He chuckled softly in her ear. The warm breath and the warm tongue made her want to melt. The fingers were gently tracing the outside of her pussy lips ever so softly. Her hips were starting to press against the hand, and to try and grind against it. Every time she came closer to getting the hand where she wanted, it would ease the pressure up considerably. The mouth at her ear started to softly speak.

"Is that what you want, my dear? A release? Tell me… what are you feeling? What thoughts are going through that pretty head right now?" he asked her. She whimpered softly before answering.

"I feel… safe. Warm. Protected. I don't know why… or how. I almost feel loved. You are making me feel the most wonderful things. I think… I think I want you to hold me forever." Was her reply. He chuckled softly and asked her if she wanted to go some place more private. She nodded as she pressed and moved against his body. He nodded once, then bent over, and literally swept her off her feet. She gasped in surprise, and then giggled as she wrapped her arms around him. For the first time, he leaned into her, and kissed her lips gently. It was a very soft, very warm kiss. His tongue gently drew small circles on her lips, and then on her tongue. When he pulled away, she was breathless.

He quickly opened the door, and went back into the loud party. Gillian came a bit to her senses and looked around. She spotted Jason and Isabella, and they too, had spotted her. Isabella gave her a thumbs up, and Jason winked at the man. For the first time, she was able to look up at him to see his features. He had dark brown, almost black, hair that was slightly wavy. It was brushed back from his eyes, which were a deep chocolate brown. His face was very handsome, in an Arabian sort of way. His skin was darker as well. His costume was the same as Jason's, a sheik. He walked down a short, crowded hallway, and took a key from his neck. He sat her down gently, and unlocked a door. He quickly opened it, and brought her inside, and locked the door behind them.

The room was large, and nearly empty. There was a large king sized bed in the middle of it, and a dresser. In the corner of the room was a small desk, with a lap top computer on it. The bed was made of a dark rich wood, and had a long curving headboard. The comforter was thick and fluffy, made from a dark material. He leaned her back towards the door, and started to kiss her from the front, continuing with the assault he had started outside. She once again started to feel weak from the frontal assault, and leaned against the door. His hands were on either side of her now, caging her in. His hot mouth trailed down her neck, and over her chest. It quickly drew small circles, then lines, and other designs along her bare heaving skin. Gillian's eyes were closed again, and she was moaning softly.

One of Markus's hands had found its way to her bare midriff on the side, and was splayed against her skin. The warm fingers almost felt singing to her. His mouth started to work its way over the top of her breasts, and then left suddenly. Her eyes flew open and she looked down at him just as he started to blow cooling air on her wet skin. The skin prickled up, and tightened, giving her more sensation to deal with. After what seemed an hour, but must only have been seconds, she felt the warm brush of his lips on her belly, just under the brief top. One of Gillian's legs moved up, and rubbed against his leg, brushing back and forth against him. He finally made a sound, moaning as his lips played with her skin, and then his tongue. He dragged just the tip of his tongue downward, stopping at her belly button. It swirled around, delving into the small section, and then pulling back. He blew on the skin, and then replaced the cool air with his hot mouth once more.

The many sensations, coupled with the drinks, were driving her up a wall. Gillian's hand found its way to his head, and was spread through his slightly longer length hair. The hair was smooth, silky, and soft as a babies skin to her. It spilled like satin through her fingers as she pulled his mouth to her skin. He started upward again, and kissed up over her breasts, and started to drag his tongue again. It started just below her collarbone, and dragged a straight wet line up her neck, and throat, and to her chin, before driving into her mouth in a hard kiss. Her arms both wrapped around him now, one still in his hair, the other on his back. He pulled back, and looked into her eyes. His eyes were so expressive. So caring. She looked into his, and felt herself nearly falling in love. The emotions portrayed between them were endless. They were just looking, staring, into each other's eyes. He pulled back a bit more, and looked at her still. Finally, he spoke.

"I don't want to take advantage of you… I want to be with you, near you, holding you, loving you, but I don't want anything more tonight. I want to know you first, and love you even more then I do now. Is that alright, Gillian?" He asked her.

She felt tears prickle at her eyes, but she blinked them away as she nodded. Her eyes were shiny with the unshed tears, and she smiled at him. He smiled back, and pulled her to the bed. She slipped off her slippers, and threw her veil aside as she crawled up onto the large bed. The comforter was pulled back, and she slipped under it. He was soon in beside her. Outside the room, the party raged on. The sound and noise were muted, but were still there. She snuggled close to him, and laid her head on his chest. He wrapped a warm comfortable arm around her, and pulled her close. He gently kissed the top of her head, and she yawned like a little kitten. After the yawn, she curled up against him, with her head on his chest, and her small body tucked next to his. He smiled contently, and closed his eyes.

As she started to fall asleep, she heard him say softly, "Thank you, my little Gillian." She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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