tagRomanceA Halloween To Remember: The Next Day

A Halloween To Remember: The Next Day


A warm comfortable sensation greeted Gillian when she woke up. She stretched her lithe limbs, pushing her toes to a point, and putting her arms above her head. As she did so, she felt a slight tickling at her side. As she started to giggle softly, she cracked her eyes open. Next to her was Markus, her sheik from the Halloween party. He was slowly tickling her side with a feather. His eyes were on hers. The dark brown of them held hers, and they had a smile in them. She smiles at him before swiping at the feather in his hand. He pulled it back just out of her reach and laughed. It was a deep rich laugh, one that gave her a happy feeling.

She reached across him for the feather, and ended up splayed across his chest. He immediately wrapped a warm arm around her, and pulled her close for a kiss. It started on her lips, a feeling so warm, and tingly that she almost whimpered out loud. The feeling quickly spread, it went to her hands, her heart, to the pit of her stomach, and down to her legs. From there, it traveled slower, causing a warm blood singing feeling in her veins, down to her toes, which promptly curled in the blankets. Her leg rubbed up over her sheik, which she found to be wearing his pants still, but he had taken the shirt off at some point in the night. She was still dressed in her costume, sans veil and slippers, which were placed by the side of the bed. Markus' hands were traveling over her back, and bottom. One hand squeezed her bottom playfully, and she squealed through the kiss in response. After what seemed like an hour, but was likely only a minute or two, he let the kiss end in a lingering fashion, and then looked into her eyes.

"Do you regret staying with me last night?" he asked in that rich deep voice of his. "No… not at all." She responded, quietly. She then hesitantly moved her mouth down, until she kissed him lightly on the lips. He smiled softly at her, and put his hands on the sides of her face, letting them drift slowly down the sides of her face. Over her cheeks, and down her neck. They lingered at her shoulders before she felt herself being pulled down to rest her head on his chest. Though no more words were spoken, she knew what he was thinking, what he was feeling, for it must surely be the same as her own thoughts, and feelings. They were jumbled, but clear. Safe, and warm, happy and loved. She allowed herself to rest peacefully against his chest. The steady beat of his heart under her ear. The toasty warm skin keeping her own just as warm. His hand was ideally stroking her back, and hair. She soon felt herself being lulled into a peaceful nature. She struggled to remain awake, and finally just closed her eyes and breathed in the scent that was her sheik. He kissed the top of her head softly, and murmured soft words of love. She drifted back off to sleep with her leg thrown over his chest, and her head and upper body held to him by his sweet gentle touch.

She awoke again sometime later, and realized she was alone in bed. She sat up, and looked at the table next to it. On the table was a clock that told her it was 9:52 am. She glanced curiously around the room. It was neat, and clean. Everything was picked up. The bed was large, possibly a king size, but more likely a queen size. She felt like she was swimming in the large bed, as her own was only a twin size. She saw that on the dresser was pictures of what she presumed was family. One of him with an older couple, possibly his parents, or grandparents. She wasn't sure. Another was of him with a small child. One picture showed a girl, possibly her senior picture. The closet was closed, and next to it was a hamper, which was closed, with no clothing hanging out. He was obviously a very neat guy. She smiled as her eyes drifted to a single dried rose on the nightstand next to the bed.

Gillian stretched her muscles and removed the blanket from her legs. Standing up, she stretched once more. She saw her slippers and veil had been set on the table near the door. The veil was folded neatly, and the slippers were placed on top of it. She went over, and picked both up. She put the slippers on, but left the veil off. There was a door on one side of the bedroom, and she walked over to it, and opened it. Inside was a small, equally neat, bathroom. Gillian smiled, and walked in. The large garden tub had several candles placed around it, all unlit.

After a moment, she looked into the mirror, and gasped at what she saw. Her carefully put on makeup from the night before had left black rings around her eyes, smudges on her lips, and glitter all over herself. Her hair, normally brushed smooth, was standing at odd angles, leaving clumps, and tangles. She looked around for a washcloth, and started to scrub her face clean, when she heard the outer door open. After a moment, Markus came to the door, and she blushed bright red as he saw her looking the way she did. He just chuckled softly, and pulled her hands down from her face. He kissed her softly on the nose. "It didn't bother me this morning, and it doesn't bother me now. I have breakfast ready in the bedroom, if you are hungry. There are towels in the cabinet if you wish to shower." When he stopped talking, he reached down for her hand, and kissed the top of it, while his eyes held hers. Her knees melted, right along side her heart. She smiled at him shyly when he was done.

"I will be out in a moment. I think I will take a shower first, though. If… if you don't mind waiting breakfast?" she replied to him.

"I don't mind at all, doll face." With that said, he tweaked her nose, like she was a child, and left the room, closing the door for her privacy. She smiled as she thought of all the little things he was considerate enough to do for her. He knew her well enough already to realize she was not yet comfortable with him seeing her nude. She knew it was silly to be so old-fashioned now, but she was proud that she didn't have a reputation of sleeping around. She was not a virgin, no, but she had only had one partner so far, and he was a hopelessly inept boy that she was completely wrong to have been with.

She finished scrubbing her face, then turned on the shower, and adjusted it for heat. She looked down at the harem girl outfit she had worn the night before. Slowly, she stripped it off. Her body felt so alive, so erotic as she stripped from the scanty costume. Her hands drifted over her belly, and over her thighs. The fingers were light, and touching. As she pulled the top off, she caressed, and smoothed at the skin. It was soft, and supple. Youthful. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror from the corner of her eye, and blinked at the erotic form she was providing. She smiled and stepped into the shower. Markus had one of the messaging showerheads, which were removable from the wall. She took it off, and played with the dials, until she had found the soft relaxing message head she was looking for, and ran it over her body. It's slow pulsating streams of water made her feel even more erotic, and turned on then before. Her free hand was wandering her body slowly, brushing over her sensitive skin.

Over the peaks of her perky breasts, her hands went, down the contours of her belly, and thighs. Once, then twice, her hand dipped into the honey of the core of her body, and she moaned softly at the electric shock she received from the touch. Her body was alive with sensation, and soon she realized that she was leaning against the wall of the shower, with the water straying closer and closer to the center of her being. She teased herself, tantalizing her feelings, mounting her passion. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing harder. The room was filled with steam from the hot shower, and gave the room an ethereal quality. She moaned again, as the feelings mounted, the spark Markus had ignited in her fanned to a flame, consuming her. Her hand was lightly touching her clit, rubbing it, stroking the fire to even higher flames. The tingling sensation was mounting to a dull roar now, and her skin was practically quivering in response to the water and exploration. This was not a new way for her to find pleasure, but being in a man's bathroom, a man she just met, and doing this… it was a whole new level to the eroticism of the event. Suddenly, the flame she had been fanning, and building burst, exploding in a relaxing feeling of floating. Her muscles went limp, and the shower spray strayed down to her side.

After another moment, she opened her eyes, and stood back up, on wobbly legs. She quickly washed, and untangled, her hair. The shampoo was a sweet smelling green apple scent. She used the shampoo as a body wash as well, hoping she would smell nice when she emerged. She shut the water off, and replaced the showerhead. She stepped out of the shower, and grabbed a towel. After drying off, she looked down, and realized her clothing was gone, and in its place was a dark forest green terry bathrobe. She blushed instantly, realizing that Markus must have come into the room while she was showering, and that for the most part, she wasn't quietly showering. She got a hold of her emotions quickly, and found a hair dryer. She dried her hair as best she could, and brushed out the excess tangles. She donned the robe, and walked into the bedroom.

Markus was reclining on the bed, dressed in a simple pair of flannel pajama bottoms. His hard muscles on his belly were flexed from the position, and she could see he must work at least a bit on his physique. While not sporting a six-pack, he had nice muscle tone on the stomach. There were also some nice muscles defined on his arms. He was reading the paper when she first walked in, but he folded it, and put it down as soon as he heard her come in. He smiled brightly as he looked her over, liking the way her skin was flushed from the shower, the long hair dripping water down his robe, which was rather long, and overly big on her small frame. The sleeves were rolled up, almost to the top seam of them. She looked like a cute little waif. On the bed next to him was a tray, with nice linen napkins covering two plates. A small vase was on the tray as well, and held two roses. One rose was pale pink the other was white. She smiled softly, while a blush stained her cheeks.

Walking over to the bed, she softly thanked him for the use of the shower, and the robe. He merely nodded, and picked the tray up so she could sit. Once she was situated, he placed the tray between them, and uncovered the food. Surprisingly, the food was still warm. A perfectly done cinnamon roll waited, with creamy white frosting dripping from the sides. Two warm chocolate chip pancakes were sitting in a lopsided pile. Scrambled eggs with melted cheese on top filled the rest of the plate. Next to the plate, on the tray, was a small cup of syrup, and a plate with butter on it. A tall glass of orange juice was chilled next to it. She smiled at all the food, and looked up at him. "My favorites! How did you know?" she asked him. "It was simple… Isabella is very helpful with some of the things you like. I called her up and asked her. She is also going to bring over something for you to wear. I didn't think you would be all that comfortable wearing your costume home later." He replied. She smiled and nodded as she was buttering and pouring syrup on her pancakes. She sliced into them, and took a bite, marveling at the warm spongy texture of the food, the sweet syrup, and warm gooey chocolate chips sliding down her throat. He chuckled softly at the look of sublime pleasure on her face. He was happy that he was able to provide pleasure to her, even if it was just food. This was a good sign, he figured.

After they finished eating, he took the tray, and left the room again, but left the vase with the roses on the small table. She smiled at him as he left. When Markus came back, she was laying on her side, reading the comics in the paper. She was giggling softly over one of the comics, likely Garfield, or the Peanuts Gang. Those were two that were exceptionally funny this morning. Or at least, he thought so. She giggled again, and he walked over to her, sitting down behind her. He leaned down, and kissed her forehead as she read some more. She laughed over one last one, then looked up at him. She marveled at how at ease she was in his company, even though she had just met him last evening. He smiled at her, and placed a hand on her shoulder, gently pushing her into a laying position. He leaned over her, and kissed her. It was urgent, hard, and passionate. The kiss quickly brought forth feelings of passion in both of them. The feelings she thought she had quelled in the shower resurfaced, more urgently letting their presence known this time. His hand slipped under the robe, parting the top slightly, until his warm palm found her hard nipple. Markus rubbed against it gently, flicking at the hard nub. The reaction was instantaneous.

His kiss left her mouth, leaving it wet, and slightly bruised. The lips trailed down her chin, to her jaw line. From there, his lips traveled to her throat, and down in a straight line to her collarbone. In the hollow of her throat, she felt his tongue swirl around erotically, leaving a hot searing sensation in the pit of her stomach. She arched her back into him, and pressed her aching nipples into his palm. Her hands wound up into his hair, and down to his shoulders. They gently kneaded at his skin as he tormented her flesh, pulling, and pinching, tweaking, and sucking as much as he could.

His mouth came down further, and his hand pushed the top of the robe open completely, baring her breasts to his hungry mouth. His lips found, and latched onto her hard nub, and sucked it in between his teeth. He licked at it while sucking, and she gasped loudly at the fiery sensation that was growing between her legs. His hand sneaked down further, finding her leg. Markus found her bare leg, and rubbed up the thigh, parting the large terry robe. As he sucked her nipples, switching between the two, his hand pulled up further and further, closing in on the core of her feelings. The spot was on fire, leaving her burning, and aching for more contact. His mouth was searing a path downward now, parting the robe as he went. His hand left her thigh for a moment, to untangle the belt on the robe. As soon as it was undone, he parted the robe, leaving it open, and hanging on the sides. Her hands were tugging, pulling, pushing, and kneading at his skin. She knew she must be leaving his shoulders red from the contact, but she could not bring herself to stop.

Her body tingled, sizzled, and jumped at even the slightest contact. She ached from wanting. He trailed down further, his tongue hitting her on the navel. The little indent was providing a plethora of feeling for her. He knew by the way she was tensing, moving, arching, and grabbing that she was as hot as he was, maybe even more so. His hand went back to her thigh, dragging slowly up to the junction of her thighs. It was squeezing and rubbing as it went, sending sensations up and down the legs. Her legs separated for him, and made room to accommodate him as well as she could. He sighed softly into her navel as his hand finally touched the spot she was aching for. He explored the tender flesh, the folds of skin, the wet dripping nectar of her love. He rubbed at the sensitive flesh, and flicked at the little nub of a clit that was poking out from its hiding spot. She moaned in response, and her hand moved to his hair. She arched appreciatively. He kept at the pressure on her clit, trying to build the passion in her. Every few moments, he would tunnel his finger into her, and make sure that she was being kept wet enough not to chafe anything. She loved all the attention she was receiving. Soon, the pressure, and fire, in her exploded, in a flurry of sensation. She arched up, her back stiffening, her muscles tightening; her hands were grabbing at his hair, and holding his mouth to her navel. After a moment or two, she relaxed, lying back down with a deep, satisfied sigh.

He continued to kiss her belly, then slowly made his way back up to her chest, her collarbone, then back to her neck, and finally, settled in a soft gentle kiss on her lips. She smiled dreamily at him, and stretched under him. Her body was rubbing against his as he lay down next to her. His arms wrapped around her, and pulled her close. He kissed her forehead, then top of her head softly. She sighed deeply, and smiled. He was falling in love quickly with his little minx, and was very happy with all the responses she was awarding him with. He wanted her to feel sexy, loved, warm, comfortable, and safe. He had a feeling she did, and was glad he was able to produce the feelings and emotions in her that he did.

They snuggled together for a bit longer, and then a knocking on the door prompted him to go to the door. It was Isabella, with clothes for Gillian. He thanked her, and brought them into his little minx. She smiled, and left the clothing setting aside for now. She was happy just to remain where she was.

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