tagRomanceA Halloween Treat to Remember

A Halloween Treat to Remember

byfantasylover 43©

"Trick or Treat!!"

Dozens of times I've answered that call of the doorbell, to be met a vast array of little monsters, ballerinas, and soldiers. I really get a kick out of Halloween, all the excited little faces, and the chance to be a kid again, dressing up to fit the occasion.

I have a hidden motive , though, I have to admit. I like dressing in a costume just provocative enough to provoke some heated looks from all the daddies escorting their little darlings on the quest for free candy. It's a wicked little turn on, knowing that I am inspiring some very heated fantasies. I should feel guilty, I know, but I figure that I just might be helping some of the mommies out. I am sure some daddies return home later, and inspired by those wicked thoughts, provide a very heated and passionate bed time treat for their wives. Just another way to support my community...smile...

Last year, though, I may have gone a bit overboard. Though my costume started out to be a bit provocative, it snowballed into being down-right sinful. Because of all the turmoil caused by the dreadful September tragedies, Trick or Treating had been cancelled in my town. Disappointed, I looked for other options, and finally decided to attend the adult costume ball being held at the nearby school recreation center.

Knowing I could , with a bit of ingenuity, disguise my identity, I became very daring in my costume. I grew excited, thinking of the thrill of being incognito...letting myself reveal a bit of the wilder side of my nature, so carefully hidden from my neighbors.

My costume was selected with seduction in mind...a very slinky, sheer gown, with plunging neckline, and very high center slit up the front. I pictured myself as a lusty Elvira, Queen of the Night, but steamed up a bit, so to speak...

I dressed slowly that night, excited to see just what would transpire. After bathing, and lightly dusting my body with a sexy scented powder, I slipped my large, full breasts into the lacy confines of a very skimpy demi-cup bra...and arranged them so the nipples peeped just over the top of the lacy black cups. I knew, that being so sensitive, they would respond to the movement of my dress upon them..and stand pert and hard through my dress, inviting roving looks. I then slipped into a pair of very minimal thong panties..black and sheer, and adjusted them on my body. I am "blessed" with a thick thatch of hair on my mound, but keep it trimmed and in order, but the panties still allowed just a border of hair to peep beyond the elastic band. I wondered to myself if there would be opportunity that night to innocently reveal my secret to any wondering eyes.....the thought heated me in secret places...

Next came my garter belt and sheer spider web print hose...I enjoyed smoothing them up my thighs, their silky glide along my soft skin, before slipping into my dress.

Applying my makeup took only a few minutes, paying close attention to my eyes and lips..dark shadow and sultry liner on my lids, and a rich deep red on my lips, making them appear full and moist.

After slipping my blonde hair under the long dark wig, I studied my appearance in my mirror... before my eyes stood a woman unrecognizable as the demure, blonde , third grade teacher everyone knew me to be. Instead, a wickedly slutty, dark haired seductress stood there, legs and breasts shown to best and sexy advantage. I was thrilled at the transformation, my pulses rising in heated anticipation. Slipping into my black 4 inch heels, I was ready..for anything...

When I entered the room where the party was being held, I was encompassed in loud music, laughter and voices. I stood there just inside the door, allowing my eyes to become accustomed to the dim light, letting my eyes rove through the milling crowd, seeing if I could recognize anyone. There were a few recognizable faces here and there, but as a whole, it seemed most party goes were as incognito as I ." Hummm,"I thought, " This has real possibilities." I could play here, and anonymously fulfill my fantasies of being the elusive seductress, desired, yet just out of reach.

For the better part of the first hour, I slowly made my way around the room , enjoying the reaction my costume was causing. Several pairs of heated eyes followed my movements, and I could see pure lust radiating from them. A few times, I would "strike a pose", leaning against the wall, or on the edge of a table, sipping my drink, crossing my legs to allow a view of my thighs and just a hint of what lay beyond. It really was a rush to know I was causing a reaction in the men around me, spawning lusty visions of them locked between the thighs of this mysterious Queen of the Night....

As I made my way into the darker corners at the back of the dance floor, however, I found myself confronting an unexpected vision. Standing in the corner, casually leaning against the wall was the most handsome , mysterious and sexy man I had ever seen. I felt my heart drop, then pound furiously, and a small gasp of surprise broke from my red stained lips.

Tall and broad shouldered, with jet black hair slicked back from his brow, he stood there, ankles and arms casually crossed as he leaned there in the dim light, his eyes taking me in silently. Meeting those startling intense eyes, I felt myself sinking into a pool of desire, instant and unexpected.

A slow smile spread across his firm lips, and stepping forward, taking my hand, he spoke in such a sexy, husky voice, "Hello, my Queen of Darkness".

Although his features were half hidden by the Phantom of the Opera style mask he wore, I could tell they were both strong and square, and that mouth..oh, that mouth..sent instant visions of them exploring me rushing through my mind. Awed, flustered, I had no voice to respond, and could only stand there mutely and stare into those deep, sexy eyes.

"Silence?", he drawled, "No matter, I think we will communicate just fine." His soft warm breath tickled along my neck as the spoke, and punctuated his statement with a warm, erotic kiss on my neck.

Caught up in the moment, in the fantasy of this stranger and my surroundings, I felt a surge of excitement slide slowly through my body ,to pool between my thighs. I knew in that moment that I had become the seduced, and would willingly be led into anything my dark stranger would take me. I didn't know this man, and he had no way of knowing me, but it felt as if our souls had linked, our bodies drawn together as if my magnets.

A soft, "Oh!" escaped my lips as I felt the tender rake of his teeth there on my neck, followed by the soft flick of his tongue on my skin.

"Come with me," he whispered againt my ear, and the little sigh that left my lips was my acquiescence.

Taking my hand, he moved to slip through an almost hidden door behind the decorations there on the back wall. The door closing behind us muffled the din of the party left behind, and I suddenly became aware of my rapid breathing. My only consolation was that he seemed as winded as I, and just as caught up in the fantasy of erotic meetings. The first two doors we met were locked, but the third swung open at the touch of his hand upon the knob. We stepped inside, and I heard the closing and latching of the door behind me, as I blinked to see in the dim light. The moonlight pouring through the windows revealed the hide away we had found..a weight room, of all things, but neither of us cared, too caught up in the heat of the moment and our growing need for each other.

My gasp seemed to echo in the quiet room as I felt his arms go around me from behind, body pressed close to mine, lips once more on my neck. My legs grew weak as I felt his hands slide up my stomach to cup my already hard and swollen breasts. Kneading them in his warm palms, he pressed his hips into my bottom and I echoed the movement, delighted in the hard bulge pressed there against me. my hands moved back to caress his thighs, causing my breasts to lift into his palms all the more.

"Mmmmm ", he purred into my ear, "...sexy...hot..." and slid his tongue into my ear.

Grasping the edges of the deep v bodice of my gown, he tugged them aside, exposing my breasts, nipples peaking out above the lace cups. I moaned and rocked back against him as his fingers began to tug and swirl my swollen nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

My nipples were so sensitive to his touch, I could not help but moan. Sensing the effects of my pleasure, he slowly slid one hand down my stomach and under the hem of my dress. Brushing his palms over my upper thighs and stockings, moved to cup my mound, opened palmed, slowly rotating his hand on me there, dampness seeping through the skimpy crotch of my thong onto his palm. It felt so erotic, so hot, my body trembled, begging for more as my thighs slipped apart for easier access.

His mouth still gently sucking on my neck, he removed his hand to capture one of my own, and his palm against the back of my hand, slid both down along my stomach until I was cupping my own mound, his hand holding mine firmly in place, urging me into the same rotating motion he had used before.

"See how good you feel, baby?", he whispered in my ear. "Feel how wet and hot that sweet pussy is?", as he urged my hand under the waistband of my panties.

Fingers still pressed to mine, he urged my finger forward, dipping into my wet slit, our fingers immediately coated by the juices his touches had provoked.

"Oh", I moaned as our fingers slipped inside my aching hole.

"That's it baby...that's it...see how good it is to fuck that sweet hole?"

Passions mounting, it took only moments for my body to begin to tighten, and I was rocked with a powerful orgasm, hips rocking into our hands.

Shaken and limp from the power of such a wonderful cum, my body rested back against his own, as he lifted my hand from my crotch. Holding it in his own, he then slowly licked each finger clean, mine and his own, saying, "Mmmmm..so sweet, baby....your cum is soooo sweet.."

Moving in front of me, he slipped the three buttons that held my costume free, and eased it from my body. With a tiny tug, he snapped the flimsy elastic holding my thong to my body, and let it drop to the floor. I was dressed now only in my stockings, garters and little half bra.

"Mmmm, nice..we'll leave them on, " he stated as his eyes moved over my body. I wasn't sure if he meant the stockings, or our masks, but he made no effort to remove either, so I followed his lead. Part of me wanted badly to see his face, to burn it into my memory, but the fantasy did not call for that, and I would have to leave with only the memory of his touch and body to remind me of this night of passion with my handsome stranger.

He led me over to the weight bench sitting in the corner of the room, and helped me lay down upon it. Standing at my feet, I watched as he slowly revealed his body to me, my hands constantly moving over my own body, taking his erotic revelations.

The moonlight filtering through the window case a silver glow upon his skin, accentuating his broad shoulders and lean hips as they came into my sight. I gasped in wonder at the rigid rod now jutting so proudly toward me, watching it pulse and jerk in lust.

"Oh, my...oh yes.." I purred, as he finally moved to rest on his knees between my thighs. My hands sought and captured his hard cock between them, and I savored the heat and hardness there, hidden below that soft skin. Holding him with one hand, I ran my other palm slowly across his cock head, capturing the leaking moisture of his pre-cum. Lifting my palm to my mouth, my eyes locked with his, I slowly licked along my damp palm, capturing his taste upon my tongue.

"So good", I sighed, before returning to his cock once more. Leaning forward, I heard his gasp of pleasure as I slid my tongue slowly over the dark and swollen head. As my tongue moved over him, exploring, teeth gently raking over it, I was aware of his moans and his hand on the back of my head, gently clutching my long black wig. With my lover rocking slowly into my mouth, I took as much of his hard shaft into my mouth and throat as I could, hungry for the intrusion.

I could feel his cock jerk and swell between my lips, and knew that if we continued this way, it would be but moments before I tasted his thick cum in my throat. But he had other plans, for he pulled away slowly, saying "Wait".

Moving back, he kneeled and began to run his lips and tongue up along my legs, across my stockings, from ankle to thigh. From there, he pressed tiny little nipping kisses along my garters, until, finally, he reached my apex.

My knees moved high, opening myself to him, revealing the wetness of my swollen slit, so in need of attention. In a flash, his face buried in my mound, and his tongue began to dance and slide up my slit, over my hole, to rub and suck my pulsing clit. My back arched in pleasure, hips lifting from the bench to press close into his face as my hands grasped his hair to hold his head closer. My climax hit me swift and hard, causing my body to jerk and spasm, my thighs locked close around my lover's head.

As the first spasms waned, my legs relaxed, releasing him. Seizing the opportunity, he moved up over me, and with one , swift, deep stroke filled my pulsing body fully. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my cervix, he was so deep, and yet my hands clenched on his buttocks, pushing him into me as he began to stroke.

Mad with the heady sensation of his body in mine, I began to beg, " Oh, yes...fuck me...please , fuck me hard need you so much..." My pleas were answered with an increase in his fevered thrusting, so hard, my sex slick body scooted along the bench, driving me higher and higher. After what seemed ages of this heavenly fucking, I felt his body tensing, preparing for release. My legs raised high on his back, my ankles locked, I met his thrusts with increased power, needing to feel the sweet hot release of his climax deep within me.

With one final mighty stroke, he drove into all the way, buried balls deep within my soaked pussy, and held himself there tight against me. When the first hot spurts of his semen shot against my inner walls, my body convulsed around him in answering release.

Both of us totally drained and exhausted, we lay, his body resting on and in mine, as we gathered our depleted strength. My hands moved caressingly on his back and bottom as we lay, and savored the tiny soft kisses he pressed into my damp neck.

Finally, reluctantly, we parted, raising to dress. I would not be returning to the party. I did not want to share any of the wonderful emotions I had just experienced with this handsome stranger with anyone, in any way.

As we parted, I hesitated, reluctant to let go of this man I knew nothing of, but who had filled me so completely in unexpected ways.

"Maybe...", I started, but the tender brush of his finger on my lips halted whatever words I would have said.

"No, no talking tonight. Later..." , he said.

" Later? But how? I don't even know your name", I softly protested.

"Later..I promise..life is full of serendipity, my lusty lady. There will be another day for us."

With those enigmatic words I had to be satisfied, for in moments, he was gone, vanishing into the night. I hugged myself as I walked slowly home, catching the faint smell of him still on my flesh. I had never experienced anything of this sort before, and felt as though I never would again. I would carry this wonderful, bitter-sweet memory in my heart for a long, long, time.


A week later, still feeling that strange sense of loss mingled with fulfillment, I sat down, rather dejectedly in the teacher's lounge to go over my lesson plans for the week, but my mind kept wandering to that night. Where was this handsome stranger? WHO was he? Did he think of me?

As I sat there at the table, trying to make myself concentrate on doing the job I had always loved, I felt irritated when I heard the sound of voices, interrupting my moment of reflection and self pity, and the lounge door being pushed open.

"I think you'll like working here, John. We were glad to get you in the middle of the year. The kids are really looking forward to meeting their new gym teacher, " the voice of Don Large, the principal was saying.

"Oh, I'm sure I will, " a voice, strangely familiar, said, as my body froze..No..it couldn't be..not him..not here..

Willing myself to stay calm, I slowly turned in my seat.

"Things have a way of working out, it's all a matter of...." the handsome blue eyed gym teacher's voice wavered, as his eyes lifted to meet mine.

Pausing, looking deeply into my eyes, a slow smile spread across his handsome, sexy face, and eyes warming in recognition and rising heat , I caught my breath at the confirming words...

"...Serendipity", he softly finished.

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