A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 39


"You know those guys out there think you're hot, right," I said. "They're gonna cream their pants when they see that ass of yours."

With impeccable timing, Carol came in to get us. "I gave them the speech about discretion and respect and everything," she said. "They're very cool kids, I feel comfortable with them. You guys ready?"

I took Lee's hand and we walked out to the bed. I handed Carol my robe, and Lee glanced at me as she slipped hers off.

"Lay down big boy," Lee said quietly, her voice quivering a little.

She climbed onto me sixty-nine style, we both looked up at Carol, and she adjusted Lee's position a little. "Go for it," she said with a smile.

"Eroticism people!" she said loudly. "If you can't capture it from this you never will."

I kissed Lee's beautiful little pussy and her body was fully charged and electric again. She took my rapidly stiffening cock in her mouth and quickly lost herself giving a wonderful blowjob. The sound of six people sketching furiously took my mind back to the last time, with Julia, and I glanced out half hoping to see Chloe there again. Instead, right where Chloe had been, a cutie named Ashley looked mesmerized by what was happening just a few feet from her. Carol noticed too.

"Concentrate sweetheart," Carol said to her. "I know it's hard."

"It's not only hard, it's fuckin' huge!" she said, and almost everybody laughed, including Lee.

"Yup. it's a big one," Carol said loudly, for everyone to hear. "Channel that knowledge. Capture that bigness, without making it a caricature. Capture the fact that the woman loves that it's big, that she worships a big hard cock. Use that feeling in your gut that makes it difficult to concentrate, that energy that's radiating into you from them. Use it. Let it flow onto your paper."

Ashley started working, and when I glanced at her a few minutes later she was really into it, her nostrils flaring and her hand flying across the paper. She looked like she could have an orgasm from the act of making art.

A few minutes later Carol walked up to us and quietly asked us for orgasms. "I don't know what Steve's got left, but keep in mind the visuals," she said to Lee.

"Okay people, like I told you before you started, if you want to incorporate orgasmic expressions and motions, now's the time to pay attention. It's fleeting so don't take your eyes off it while it's happening, let it burn into your brain, and while Steve and Lee take a break you can work some of that in to your drawing."

I dove in to Lee's sweet pussy with increased vigor, and she squealed with delight again. With my tongue on her clit, I pressed my thumb into her ass. Her back arched and she came hard, with violent spasms and wordless mumbling moans that sounded wonderful. A super sexy woman oozing sex from every pore as she came hard for her admiring spectators.

She took two deep gasps of air, and plunged her head down on my rock hard shaft. Her hand went under my balls and Denise's massage technique started my launch sequence. Her sloppy wet mouth devoured me, I came with grunts that were much too loud, and I shot a spurt of cream onto Lee's chin as she continued her deep massage of my crotch. She took me in her mouth again, and then licked all around the tip and the shaft, sticky cum coating everything before she licked it all up and sucked me clean.

"Eroticism people!" Carol said loudly. "Eroticism. Keep working, I'm gonna give these two a break."

"Oh my God!" Lee said quietly as Carol handed us our robes.

"You can wipe you face on that if you want," Carol said. "I'll wash them later."

Lee wiped the sticky cum off her chin and face and giggled a little.

"Wow!" she said, still trying to get her equilibrium back.

I took her hand and we went in the house.

"That was fuckin' crazy!" she said in the privacy of the kitchen, and then she started laughing. "I mean what the fuck!" she said through her laughter, and I laughed to.

"Didn't I tell you it'd be a blast?" I said.

Carol came in and saw Lee laughing.

"I take it you had fun?" she said to Lee. "That was fuckin' hot! So what's next, more of the same, or are you in the mood to get fucked?"

"Oh I think I absolutely need to get fucked," Lee said, and she laughed again, a little nervously, and her eyes got big and sparkled even more as she thought about what it would be like.

"This is so fuckin' hot!" Carol said. "You guys are awesome. Come on out in about ten minutes."

Lee downed another glass of the crisp Riesling wine, and we walked out to rejoin the class. Carol joined us at the bedside.

"I didn't say anything yet," she said quietly to Lee. "You still wanna go for it?"

Lee looked out at the students, most of whom were still working on their drawings, and she looked very nervous again.

"You got anything left for me?" she asked me quietly.

I took her hand and put it on my robe so she could feel my growing hard-on, and her eyes swelled with excitement. She nodded nervously at Carol, who smiled and turned to the class.

"Okay people, listen up," she said. "You're gonna finish those drawings up on your own later, because we've got a special treat. We did this at another class last year, and it was lot's of fun and everybody loved it. Steve and Lee are gonna go a little more hard core for y'all, and it won't be a single pose. They're just gonna do what comes naturally. They'll be moving, changing positions — no sustained poses, so it's gonna be great practice for working fast and capturing fleeting moments. It's exciting, but try to channel that excitement and really capture the energy of it all. Burn up some paper, try some new things and have fun with it. I know Steve and Lee are going to," she said as she turned to us and winked.

Lee walked over to her portable CD player and took out the mellow acoustic guitar music and put in some modern jam-band funk. She turned it up, switched off one of the stage lights to cast us in a slightly dimmer glow, and smiled at us as she came for our robes.

"Did I ever tell you I love watching people fuck?" she said quietly, making Lee giggle and breaking some of her nervous tension as she disrobed in front of the suddenly very attentive class.

The music was in a quiet section, and you could have heard a pin drop as Carol walked off the little stage with a dozen eyes looking at us. They were probing, deeply observant eyes, and Lee froze. I put my arm around her and we got on the bed, both of us on our knees, face to face, and I pulled her tight against me. I kissed her and she was stiff and tight, and I could already feel her body getting sweaty. I slipped a hand between us to her pussy, and massaged it gently.

"You wanna fuck me now baby?" I whispered in her ear. "Fuck me hard in front of all these cute boys? Show 'em what a real woman can do?"

I massaged her pussy deeper and slipped two fingers inside.

"I'm gonna fuck you baby, with all these people watching," I whispered. "Fuck you deep. I'm gonna make you cum." Lee moaned and whimpered. "You wanna fuck me?" I said. "You wanna fuck this big cock?"

"I wanna fuck you," she said softly, breathing hard.

"Say it louder baby," I said.

"I wanna fuck this big cock," she said louder.

She reached between us and stroked my long hot shaft, and she stepped backward on her knees and lowered her sweetly arched back and took me into her moaning mouth. I reached over the top of her and my fingers slid down the crack of her beautiful ass and into her hot, wet pussy. She groaned on my cock, sending vibrations into it as I thrusted slowly, deep into her throat.

"Oh God baby!" I said. "You make my cock feel so good!"

She groaned her approval as saliva oozed around her lips and dripped down her chin.

"I love your cock baby!" she said breathily as she stroked the sloppy wet shaft with her hand. "Oh fuck!" she said as my fingers played with her clit.

"You want me to put it way up deep inside you baby?" I asked, making her shudder. "Turn around baby, let me fuck you way up deep inside."

Lee turned around and dropped her head to the bed, looking out sideways at the students with her eyes half shut as I slipped into her velvety pussy, balls deep with eight rock hard inches, way down in her steaming hot gut.

"Fffuucckk!" I said as I bottomed out, and Lee uttered a muffled scream.

"Shhiitt!" Ashley said quietly from the front row of easels, and I was suddenly aware of the students again.

I glanced at her as I started a fantastic feeling deep thrusting, and she was mesmerized again but Carol was on her way to get her back on track.

Lee rose up and started meeting my thrusts, encouraging me to speed up. Soon we were fucking in earnest, slapping together loudly, with a wild funk guitar riff mingling with our noises.

"God I love fucking you baby!" Lee said and she thrusted her ass back into me even harder. "Oh Fuck!" she yelled.

Her body was glistening with sweat, and her nordic light blonde hair was sticking to her and getting wet. She looked like a wild horny slut, a fuck machine that no man could resist.

I pushed her down flat on her stomach, with her legs together, and straddled them and fucked her that way, gathering the wet hair off her back and pulling it tight to arch her back so everyone could see the wildness in her blue eyes.

"Oh my God!" she grunted as my cock pumped into her tightly squeezed pussy. "Oh fuck yeeeaaahhh!" she yelled, and I gave it to her good and hard.

I tried to keep the students in mind, and held a position for as long as I could stand it, which was pretty intense for Lee, but she was wild and into it. She came hard, flat on her belly, her hair still tight in my hand, a deep, low pitched "Ohhhh Yeeeaaahhh!" emanating from her, rattling the rafters.

The time was right for her to be on top and really put on a show, so I lifted her still quaking body and switched places with her. She tried to lay on top of me, but I turned her, reverse cowgirl style, and angled myself so she was facing more towards the students. She started out with her hands on my knees, closed off a bit from her audience, and I lay still while she fucked me, rocking her body back onto my cock in fluid motions, exhaling with deep moans. As the feelings within her expanded, she sat up and rode me with her hands on her sweaty tits.

"Oh fuck yeah!" she said as she rode harder.

As the intensity built in her she leaned back, with her hands on my chest, and her sweaty sexuality was on full display. She was dripping wet, no doubt from the nervous energy and the 'performance' aspect of what she was doing, but it just made the whole thing hotter. My hands supported her slippery body just below her waist, and she continued to do most of the work, driving her pelvis hard, fucking nearly the full length of me. The view from the easels must have been spectacular — a beautiful sweaty blonde, her rosy red pussy wide open, riding a big cock for all it was worth.

I looked out at the students and they were working furiously, their eyes big and wild, darting between the intense action and their drawings.

"Fuck me baby!" Lee said, snapping me back into focus.

I started to thrust up into her, moving my hands under her hips to hold her up slightly, so I could get my big piston up to speed.

"Oh fuck . . . Oh Fuck! . . . Oh Fuck!" she said, her voice getting louder as the speed increased.

The springs in the bed were a perfect turbocharger for my movements, and soon my engine was spinning at red-line. I held it, hoping she'd cum, and her steady stream of shrieks told me it wouldn't be long. The shrieks turned to whimpers as her oxygen depleted, and a crying, stuttering, spastic orgasm overtook her. My cock was just about in flames, long strokes slithering in and out of her faster than ever before, and I came hard as her body spasmed. My long held breath escaped, sounding like a caveman yelp, and we slowed to a stop, every ounce of my energy given to Lee's beautiful body, and every once of her's given to mine.

"Oh fuck . . . oh fuck . . . oh fuck," she continued to say, quietly and between gasping breaths.

She laid back on me, my cock still deep in her, and she turned her tired head and we kissed. It was a beautiful, sloppy, passionate kiss, and my hands roamed her slippery, sweaty tits.

Carol turned the music down low, and Lee gave me a 'Oh my God, I can't believe we just did that' look. She glanced out at the students, still working on their drawings, and pushed the wet hair off the sides of her face.

"God I'm a mess," she said quietly.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," I said.

"I'll second that," a male student in the front said, and he blushed as everybody laughed.

Lee had slipped off of me and we sat next to each other as Carol approached.

"I don't even know what to say," Carol said to us and to the class. "That was beyond erotic. That was just . . . so beautiful. I hope all you guys got something great out of that, because that was as good as it gets," she said to the class. "I've never done this before, but I think the star of our show deserves a round of applause . . . Lee?"

Everyone burst into applause and cheers and whoops and whistles. Lee looked at me, surprised but excited. "Take a bow sweetie," I said, and she stood in all her sweat dripping, sticky haired, red pussy glory and curtsied like a ballerina.


"Did you guy's get some nice peace and quiet out there?" Denise asked as we unloaded our things off the boat at my dock. "You needed a nice quiet vacation like that," she said to Lee. "I pictured you lounging in the sun with a cocktail in some nice quiet cove all day, and a nice relaxing fuck before bed . . ."

"Somethin' like that," Lee said, and she winked at me.

"It's nice to have a few days away from reality once in a while," Denise said.

"You said it sister," Lee said with a smile.

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