A Hard Boss is Good to Find


"Spread your legs for me," he said. "I just want to look at you. Your body is just right for me."

I put my hands on my belly and opened my legs. The table was wet with sweat and semen and my juices, wet and cold against my back. He spent a long time touching me, fingering my cunt, running his fingers into it, spreading it open with both hands, massaging the mons, pulling the hood back from the shy clit, leaning over to tongue it gently.

"It's just all so pink and nice," he said. "It smells so good. I want my face in it. Can I put my face in your pussy? Can I eat you now?"

"Oh, yes. Please," I said.

I so loved the way he licked me and bit me and handled me that I came again with three of his fingers pushed up inside me.

Josh kept exploring my body while I rested, trailing his fingers over my belly, around my breasts, down my arms and back up again. He stroked all the little creases he could find: where my thighs run into my torso, where my ass ends and my legs begin, where my breasts meet my rib cage, behind my knees. He had mouthed all my fingers and all my toes, and then spent time with my nipples, tonguing each one softly before biting it gently. Fifteen minutes later, still naked, sweat-covered, smelling ripe and feeling so very well-fucked, I pushed myself up onto my elbows.

"Bend your knees up," he said. "Then let your legs fall open."

When I did, he pulled me towards him into a sitting position, and held me tightly, cradling my sweaty head against his chest with one arm, hugging my ass with his other. My wide open pussy pressed sweetly against his gym shorts.

"Oh, Sarah," he said. "How are we ever going to get a lick of work done now?"

I licked his chest languidly, hugged him tighter, snuggled closer.

"All I can think of..." he continued. "...is that we are going to have to pick a day of the week. And I will give you that day off with pay, so we can go somewhere and do this all day."

He ran one hand down my back, getting his fingers wet again with sweat and cum. Offhandedly, he began to probe my anus with his middle finger. I twisted my head around so I was looking straight up at him. He stroked my high, sexy ponytail a few times, then wrapped it around his hand. He came down and kissed me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth and a second finger into my asshole. I scratched his back and pushed his shorts down over his ass, and we made it to the floor without killing ourselves... where we fucked each other just as hard as we had the first time.

And so we invented Wild Wednesdays. We worked like maniacs on Monday and Tuesday, barely touching. Then we fucked like heathens all day Wednesday. And worked again on Thursday and Friday.

Unless Wednesday had been particularly inspiring... maybe there was a little finger-fucking and cocksucking on Thursday.. maybe he came in my hair by mistake that Friday... maybe he lied to his girlfriend on a Sunday afternoon or two and we turned the volume way up on the football game and knocked the magazines off my coffee table.

But we always worked really hard on Mondays and Tuesdays. And we never missed a print deadline. Never.

Because he was such a good boss.

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