tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Hard Daze Work

A Hard Daze Work


Tom and Connie Dolomite's live had changed when he received his promotion and they moved to the big city to begin their new life, he would be heading up the research and development for a large company and she would be his house wife and take care of the children, that were to come. Tom graduated at the top of his class from a large Mid West University and was a nice looking guy, five foot nine inches tall, and one hundred seventy five pounds brown hair with blue eyes. He was in good shape and stayed that way by jogging every night. Connie was a real knock out, five foot six, 38 -23-36, and reddish blonde hair with big green eyes.

Every thing started out good Tom had completed a few projects that saved the company tons of money and the people seemed to love him and his work. After two months on the job he and his wife were invited to the CEO, Mr. Rondale Robertson's house on snob hill to attend a party given for Jack Thomas a newly promoted VP. There would be lots of department heads and their wife's there so they knew they had to be attend. When they arrived Tom introduced Connie to the people who were in the foyer, and after all the pleasantries were given and received Mr. Robertson offered to take their coats, as he was taking Connie's she thought she felt his large black hand brush over her firm rear, but thought that must have been her imagination so she just continued on with her husband into the next room where the rest of people were waiting to meet her. They were given drinks as they entered.

Mr. Robertson took her by the arm, "Tom let me introduce her around while you mingle with the guys." He said as he pulled her away from her husband and into the crowd of people. Rondale was an older good-looking black man, six foot two, around two hundred fifty lb, and very muscular, she could tell he had been an athlete in his younger days. He led her across the room introducing her to people as they went until they reached a couple standing in a corner, "Connie, this is Jack Thomas, and his wife Debi. Jack is the reason for this little party." He said as the woman wrapped herself around his arm. The man was in his late forties with a bulging stomach and thinning hair. His wife looked to be on the backside of forty also but look remarkably good with shoulder length salt and pepper hair, chilling blue eyes and a body that had to be bought, her forty D cup breast stood high on her chest with ample cleavage showing in her very low cut evening dress.

"I'm going to leave you in Debbi's capable hands while the guys and I go to the game room to talk a little business." He smiled at Connie as he gave her hand to the older woman. "Ok guys, to the tables." He announced as her head out of the room with the men close behind.

As the room started to empty, an obviously drunk young woman came up to Connie taking her by the arm she pulled her close and whispered into her ear, "Watch yourself, it's not safe here." Connie looked confused as the woman was dragged by a small man and given to two young women on the other side of the room, before the man joined a stern looking Mr. Robertson, who scolded him before continued on with the man on his hells apologizing profusely.

"Don't mind her, that's Ronda, her husband has been a shipping foreman for years, she wants so much more, but they are not willing to do what is needed to get there." Debi said hugging Connie's arm in much the same way she had down Mr. Robertson's and taking to another group of women standing around in the room. Connie watched as the two women pulled Ronda out of the room and up the stairs.

Connie pushed the incident from her mind as she talked to the ladies and got to know each one of them. Debi introduced her to group of four other women who took a special interested in her. So she stayed with them most of the night. Judy Todd, a small burnet about thirty was about five foot two with large breast, and dark eyes, her ass was firm and round. Joann Wilson a young blonde, in her early twenties could have been a model. Erin Morgan, a forty something lady five foot nine one hundred and fifty lbs, with red hair and deep blue eyes, her 42 DD breast bulging out of her way too tight dress. All of these ladies were married to VPs. And then there was Ladonna Johnson a very good-looking black woman, who was Mr. Roberson's personal assistant.

The six women sat around and talked an got to know each other as Connie was given drinks as the night went on and while the crowd began to thin out the people would come by and express their pleasure in meeting her as they were leaving. Around ten o'clock they were the only ones there. Tom and the ladies husbands were still in their meeting when she felt as though she had had too much to drink the room seamed to get darker and she sat down on the couch, two of the women sat down on either side of her taking her arms as everything started spinning, then it all went black.

The next morning Connie woke up in a strange bed just as the door opened and Tom entered the room. "Hey your awake." He said as he sat on the edge of the bed. " I hope you didn't miss me."

"No, I don't remember a thing about last night." She said as she sat up feeling the aches in her body.

"You must have too much to drink last night, the meeting lasted until two am and you were out, the girls put you to bed." He continued, "Rondale was kind enough to let you sleep here."

"Where were you?"

"I went home so I could get us a change." He said sitting a bag on the end of the bed " Jack and I are going to play a round golf." He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead, I'll be back this afternoon Debi is going to pick you up to go shopping or something." Then he walked out of the strange room.

Connie sat on the edge of the bed her body ached, and she had a strange taste in her mouth even her jaws were sore. She had a pain between her legs and her rear end. She ran her hand between her legs her panties were coated with dry substances and her clit and pussy lips was tender to the touch. What happened to her, she wished she could remember but all she could thing of was a strange dream of sex and being used over and over again. She got up and went into the adjoining bathroom where she took a long hot bath, and tried to remember.

While she was getting dressed Connie noticed a video tape on the dresser with a note that read "For Sweet Connie watch alone." She picked up the tape and inserted it into the TV/VCR on the table beside the dresser when the TV came on it was as seine of the room she was in now. She looked around the same bed with someone lying on it. The camera zoomed in, it was her! She looked to be passed out, "this must have been last night" she thought. Then every thing changed the next seine was her lying on the bed nude Debi and Erin were holding her legs up over her head the ass high in the air Judy and Joann were sitting on the edge of the bed on either side of her but playing with her pussy and anus.

The camera zoomed out again and there was Mr. Roberson standing at the foot of the bed with the biggest cock she had ever seen Ladonna walked from behind the big black man and up to the head of the bed she had her hand between her legs working her pussy fast and hard as she walked, she moaned and quivered as she stooped down pulling her hand out and rubbing it over sleeping woman's mouth.

"Taste my wet pussy slut!" she laughed

With that Rodale climbed up on the bed and moved between the white woman's legs and placed his dick head at the mouth of her pussy, slowly he worked it up and down the slit then her pushed forward easing it into her opening.

Deeper and deeper it went until the whole length was buried inside of her. He then pulled out nearly all the way only to drive it deep inside again. Over and over he worked his black snake in and out of the past out woman's cunt faster and faster he worked. Connie watched as her tits bounced and swing back and forth on her chest harder and harder the man fuck her in and out deeper and deeper , over and over again until he swung his head back and plowed his dick as deep as it would go and held it there jerking and panting as he unloaded his rod deep inside of her. Then she heard the door open, it was Debi, "Hey girl, you sure put one on last night didn't you." the older woman laughed as she walked up to Connie.

"I guess so." Connie replied turning the video off as Debi took her by the arms and kissed her full on the mouth.

"W-w-whats going on?"

"Oh come on honey, after last night I know how you are, now don't pretend." Debi said taking her by the hand and leading her out the door and down the stairs. When they got down into the foyer they were meet by Joann and Judy. Judy walked up and planted another kiss on Connie this time she felt a tongue slip into her mouth, then Joann walked up beside her and wrapped her arm around her waist and lay her head on Connie's shoulder.

"How are you, I loved last night, I hope you did." The young woman said hugging her close.

"S-s-sure I-i must have." Connie replied feeling very uncomfortable.

"Ok, girls load up I want to get back and get out by the pool!" Erin called from the SUV sitting in the drive

"Hold you dildo, Red, We're coming Debi said as she opened the back door and Joann climbed in pulling Connie with her as Judy pushed her in and sat down beside her. Debi then went to the other side and got in. Then they headed for down town.

"Where are we going?" Connie asked as the two women crowded in on her sides each taking a hand. She could their breast pushing into her arms, and she became nervous. What had she done to cause them to treat her like this.

The truck turned onto a street that leads into a very bad part of town. Then Erin pulled into a drive at an old house with several black men and boys hanging around it. Then the vehicle came to a stop, "Don't worry honey, we won't let anything happen to you." Debi said turning around and placing a hand on Connie's knee, "you're too sweet to let these lowlifes get their hands on you." She said Debi smiled at Connie then said, "Ok Judy you two go get the stuff." And the two women in the back seat got out of the SUV and strolled into the house.

Debi rubbed her hand up and down the inside of Connie's legs as they sat in the drive and the black men slowly walked up and surrounded the truck. "Hey, what-z-up, Red." One of the younger men said leaning in on the drivers side.

"Not much, James, just here to pick up a bag for a little party we are going to have in a while." Erin said pushing him back out of the window.

"Why don't y'all get out and we'll have a party right here and now?" another boy said

"Because the party is Rodale's" Debi explanted smiling at Connie while moving her hand closer to the spot at the apex of her legs.

After about fifteen minutes the two women returned to the car, and crawled in beside Connie. Joann's hair was a mess and her knees were red her lipstick was smudged her blouse was unbuttoned to her belly. Her firm young breast visible and also looked red. She had something in the corner of her mouth, Judy was laughing as she handed Debi a paper sack. "Did every thing go alright?" Debi asked taking the bag

"Sure these guys are easy." Judy said.

"Easy!" Joann shot back, Next time you do Tyrone that big son of a bitch is much to rough." She said while using her shirttail to wipe her mouth then moved in closer Connie. She ran her hand behind the young wife's back and eased the other up between her legs and cupped her love mound. She looked up into Connie's eyes and said "I want to eat you pussy again."

"W-w-wha-uat are you talking about? I'm not a lesbian." Connie said trying to push the blondes hand from between her legs.

"Nobody said you were." Judy said pulling Connie's hand back, "but you should let the girl have some fun after what she just did for you. That stuff she got would cost a pretty penny."

"We know you're not, I mean no lesbian can suck cock like you did. Debi said as she lit the pipe in her hand, " None of us are Lessees, sweaty." She said and handed the pipe to Judy who immediately took a long drag on it. Then placed it to Connie's lips.

"Here take a hit on this and everything will be alright." Judy said as Joann lowered herself into her floorboard and reached up under Connie's short skirt and pulled her cotton panties down to her angles, then off of her feet. Spreading her legs she then moved her face up between the frightened young woman's legs until her lips were pressing against her hot cunt and her tongue slid inside scooping up the nectar that was beginning to build there.

Connie took the end of pipe into her mouth and sucked the smoke deep into her lungs, as she felt her but being raised off of the seat and pulled forward so that her new friend could get to her pussy with more ease. As she begain to drift off into a daze she could hear the other women talking. "That girl loves to eat pussy, don't she." Debi said

"I guess anything is better than rimming Tyrone, he made her eat his ass out before he would give us the stuff." Judy said as she unbuttoned Connie's shirt exposing her firm. "The nasty bustard."

"Well then let her eat all that pussy she wants, she deserves it." Debi said as she rubbed her hand up and down between Joann's legs.

"What about me, I had to let that nasty Dee Dee fuck up my ass!" Judy replied.

"You'll get your turn. Erin said while driving back to the big house.

"I better." Judy said taking one of the firm tits in her hand and covering the nipples with her mouth and sucked as she ran her hand underneath the woman's but and slowly eased her middle finger up into her asshole. Connie took another drag on the pipe as the long finger pushed deep into her rectum.

The dope and the attention she was getting was having an effect on Connie, she moved her hips on the finger in her ass, while pushing up against the mouth working on her pussy. "God what have they done to me, I'm not like this." she thought as the pleasure build deep inside of her. Judy sucked on one while pulling, twisting and pinching the other tit

"O-o-o-oh Ga-a-awd! W-w-w-hats hap-p-p-ing to meee!" Connie cried as her orgasm build and the young woman between her thighs lick deep inside her cunt then sucked her clit into her mouth while inserting two fingers deep into her love tunnel and worked them in and out. Judy was now working her finger in and out of the frantic woman's bunghole as well driving her over the edge. She moved her mouth up to covered Connie's and worked her tongue deep inside just as the young wife let go with the biggest orgasm she could remember ever having, she bucked her hips up rolled her cunt into the mouth eating her out, while she returned Judy's kiss.

Joann sucked up the juices as they flowed out of the dazed woman's cunt, while she moved her ass back and forth e on Debbi's fingers that were now buried deep inside her pussy. "I knew the little bitch could bring her to life if anyone could." Debi said as she pulled her fingers out and sucked Joan's cum from them. "I believe this is going to pay off for us don't you."

"Well hopefully our husbands will get that big raise Rondale keeps telling us they'll get, so you girls just get her ready." Erin said as they pulled into the drive. "If he has as much fun today as he did last night I'm sure he will reward us all."

To be continued:

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