A Hard Valentine's Day


"That's Patti." I said. She kissed me deeply again and that just told me that she was okay with anything that was going to happen that night.

More movement and shadows from behind the blindfold and suddenly again a sweet surprise was presented to my mouth, but this time the skin behind it was smooth and I could smell a fragrance over the chocolate. Sticking my tongue out I realized that it was an ass cheek covered in chocolate. I reached my hands up and my hands found a firm waist with pants pulled down and I realized it was Beth's ass I had in my face. Licking the chocolate delicately I intentionally moved my hands to her inner thighs and slid my tongue suddenly into the crack of her ass, then kissed each cheek and licked them firmly. The smell of her pussy made it obvious that she was aroused. I heard her moan and the other two giggle. Before I could explore very much she moved away and I could hear her pull her pants back up.

"That was Beth." I said. "And she tastes delicious." Again, I was greeted with another pair of lips on mine, but this time they weren't my wife's. It must have been Beth, and her kiss was softer and even more sensual than Patti's.

By now my cock was rock hard with anticipation about what was going to happen tonight. Obviously Patti was okay with me participating, but how far was this going to go?

My answer came with my next test. After Beth left I suddenly felt a push against my mouth and the sugary taste of chocolate again. It was a large nipple and the tip of it was swollen and rock hard. I eagerly took it into my mouth and started to lick and suck at it, cleaning the chocolate off of it completely. The breast was quite large and again reaching my hands forward I felt a thicker pair of legs that could only be Heather's. I was sucking on her breast with relish and she responded by pushing her nipple even harder into my mouth and moaning. Pulling her one nipple out, she inserted the other one and I sucked harder on it, teasing the nipple with my tongue at the same time. When she pulled away and I heard her pull her top back up, both of us were panting and I could hear heavy breathing from the others as well.

"That was definitely Heather." I was breathless. Suddenly a pair of lips crushed down on mine and a tongue aggressively stabbed into my mouth as I felt hands entwine in my hair and pull hard. She growled into my mouth while we kissed hard. She was definitely the most intense of the three women. We made out for what seemed like minutes and then she pulled away, gasping.

The blindfold was removed and I was treated to all three women in obvious arousal standing in front of me. My wife's blouse was unbuttoned and her bra was exposed. Heather's dress was in disarray, exposing most of her chest and Beth was idly playing with her nipples through her thin top. I wanted to take this a step further and so did the throbbing member in my pants.

Again, my wife took the lead.

"Three correct answers! As your reward, we thought that it would be fair to let you choose where to put the chocolate. You get to place it on each of us in turn and we have to let you do whatever you please. No hands allowed though. Who do you want first?"

Trying to figure out how I wanted to play this card I motioned them all into the living room. Patti picked up the container of chocolate and brought it with us. The other two eagerly followed. I motioned for Beth to sit down in the large chair. As she sat down her legs spread and I could see that the crotch of her pants was damp with desire.

I knelt in front of her and slowly rolled up her tank top, revealing her rippled stomach and the bottom of her large breasts. Dipping my finger in the chocolate I drizzled a trail down her stomach, making her gasp with the heat. I then bent forward and let my tongue follow the trail, making it move slowly across the bumps of her muscles and making sure that it was just enough friction to make her shiver. Her legs and hands were flexing and she started to subconsciously rub herself back and forth on the chair. Her breath came in little pants every time my tongue dipped lower and I reached the point just below her navel where I knew her sensitive pussy was about two inches away.

I glanced over at my wife just to double check that she was okay with everything and was treated to her hand rubbing her pussy over her black panties she was wearing under the kilt. Obviously she had no problem with the way things were progressing. Returning to Beth, I spent my time making her squirm with my tongue without reaching her breasts or pussy. Once I was done she was shaking with the tension.

After a couple of minutes I stood up and took Beth's hand, standing her up. Walking over to my wife I again gave her a deep kiss and brought her to the chair, making her sit down and then spreading her legs wide. Now it was time to see if we were really at the point she wanted to be. I looked her in the eyes and took hold of her panties as if to ask her permission. She nodded, glancing at the other two women who were both mesmerized by the display before them.

She lifted herself up to allow me to slide her panties down slowly. Her pussy was fully exposed and was already puffy and wet with desire under her short kilt. She was breathing hard and had completely undone her blouse so that her flat stomach and small breasts still covered by her lacy bra stood out. Taking another load of chocolate I spread it across her inner thighs, down the inside of one leg, and then around her pussy, being careful not to get any inside of her.

Now my tongue went to work, slowly and gently licking up one leg and down the other. Her back arched and she moaned when I let just the tip of my tongue graze across the lips of her wet pussy lightly. I continued moving around until most of the chocolate was taken care of and then moved my mouth up to her pussy, sliding my tongue slowly down her lips completely and around her sensitive clit. The combination of the chocolate and her juices made her taste even sweeter than usual.

I leaned in and started to suck and lick her pussy harder. She pushed her hips up into my mouth and started to pant and moan together. I had forgotten that anyone else was even in the room in my desire to make her explode into my mouth. When my tongue finally found her clit and flicked it she cried out and I heard her pant that she was going to come. Her orgasm crashed over her quickly and she curled her legs up into the chair, her body spasming as she came down from it.

I looked behind me and both other women had their hands busy in their pussies. Beth's hand was shoved inside of her tight pants and Heather's was under her dress. Both had a glazed expression on their face, obviously enjoying what was going on. Now it was time to see how far this night would really go.

I pulled Patti out of the chair and kissed her, gently placing her on the couch beside me. Pointing at Heather I beckoned her towards me. She approached me with the same dazed expression. Undoing my pants I let them slide down to the floor and finally released my cock. It sprang up, throbbing and proud. Looking at my wife again, I took a finger full of chocolate and slid in down the length of my penis, showing Heather that she was going to have to clean my cock off with her mouth.

To her credit Heather didn't even hesitate. She licked her lips and dropped to her knees, quickly grabbing my cock and sliding her tongue all over it. I looked at Patti again and she just smiled at me. Heather finally put my cock into her mouth fully and almost swallowed it whole. I felt inch after inch disappear into her mouth and then down her throat as her nose tickled my pubic hair. Rising back up to the full length she drove down again, sucking it hard as she slid up and down. The three women must have learned technique from each other because she was just as skilled as Beth had been the night before.

Beth had slid her top up and her pants down and exposed her firm breasts and pussy to me completely, rubbing between her legs. Patti had also undone her bra and she was also fully exposed. As Heather sucked on my hard cock the other two feverishly rubbed themselves.

It wasn't long before I started to feel my orgasm coming to the surface and I grabbed Heather by the hair, pulling her off of me quickly. I was panting.

"If you keep that up I'm going to come down your throat." I croaked.

"It's okay, baby." Patti said from the couch. "Give it all to her." Heather looked over at her and immediately attacked my cock again, sucking even harder than before if that was possible. Knowing that I had my wife's permission I fucked her mouth and let my sperm bubble to the surface quickly. When I felt myself about to go I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into me hard, knowing that my load would explode right down her throat. For all of the grief she had given me over the years I was going to make her drink my load deep.

Soon my cock pulsed and the first shot exploded into her mouth. She grunted and I felt her try to pull away but my hands had her firmly held in place so she started to quickly swallow. I spasmed at least half a dozen times, making sure that every drop was in her mouth before I let her head go. She swallowed one last time and finally pulled my cock from her mouth, gasping with the effort. It was pretty satisfying to see her face after she had just swallowed my seed, but it seemed to turn her on even more.

Looking around and realizing that the other women were mostly naked, she pulled her dress over her head and let her full breasts flop out in front of me. Now all three women were basically naked in front of me and all of them were obviously still horny. My wife had set up the perfect scenario for us to enjoy each other.

Patti broke the silence first.

"Why don't we all get in the hot tub and continue the game?" Beth and Heather both looked at her.

"Sounds great." Beth said, quickly pulling off her shirt and sliding her tight pants down and off. Her pussy was completely shaved bare and her body was spectacular. Her breasts looked like they had been surgically enhanced the way they sat proudly on her chest. Heather was for once in her life speechless but took my hand as Patti got up from the couch, sliding the kilt down over her athletic legs and stripping completely naked herself.

"Lead the way, ladies." I said. My cock was deflated and hanging between my legs but I knew it was only a matter of time before it rose to the occasion again with three willing naked women ready to participate.

We all walked naked out to the back and climbed into the hot tub. Just like the night before, Patti was on one side of me and Beth on the other while Heather was across from me. Seeing all three women totally naked and knowing that I might be able to fuck all of them tonight got my cock stirring again.

"That was a fun game." I said, giving Patti a deep kiss. Her hand quickly moved to my groin and started to massage my member again.

"I'm so glad you liked it. Although you broke the rules earlier so you don't get to make any more decisions tonight." They all giggled. Knowing all of the gloves were off I was happy to let Patti and the others take the lead and enjoy me however they liked.

I turned to Beth and she eagerly attacked my mouth with hers. Her tongue slid into my mouth and she also took a firm hold of my cock, stroking it just like she had previously. It was beginning to get hard again and I wondered which woman would get to receive it first.

"I think we should play another game." Heather said from across the tub. Patti looked at her and nodded. "Let's find out whose pussy is the tightest. But he's only allowed to use his big cock. We each get twenty strokes and then he has to tell us who wins." Immediately of hearing that I was back to full hardness, as if the other women caressing me weren't enough. I looked at Patti again and she smiled, again showing her permission.

"I get to go first this time." Patti said, standing up out of the water. It dripped down her naked body, which shone in the cool winter air. She turned around and presented her ass to me, bending forward to expose her tight little pussy for me to access from behind.

I stood up as well and grabbed her narrow hips, quickly placing my cock at her entrance and pushing myself inside. Her pussy was still incredibly wet from desire and it was easy to slide all the way in. The familiar feeling of her tight walls wrapped around me and she moaned as I reached my full length inside of her. Enjoying the sensation I started to slowly move in and out of her. Heather counted with each stroke, and I could see her hand busy under the water again. Beth leaned forward and started to massage my balls and ass from behind as I fucked my beautiful wife in front of them.

"...eighteen...nineteen...twenty!" Heather cried. I stopped and pulled my cock out of Patti and eagerly Heather turned around and exclaimed. "I'm next!"

Her large ass and thick legs were such a contrast to Patti I could only imagine there was no way her pussy had any tightness to it at all. I had to pull her ass cheeks apart in order to find her fat pussy but quickly had access. Sliding my cock into her she squealed loudly and started to quickly rub her clit.

"Go slow baby, I need to come hard." She growled. Her pussy was definitely not as tight as Patti's but still had a very comfortable warmth and gripped my cock nicely. I slowly would withdraw my member and then slam it back in very quickly. By the time Patti had counted ten strokes Heather was crying out for more. At stroke 16 I felt a warm gush around my cock and she mewled as an orgasm hit her pussy hard. I continued the last few and slowly slid my cock out. She collapsed forward, panting with satisfaction.

"My turn now." Beth announced from behind me. She turned and also presented her gorgeous ass to me. Her muscular legs tapered up into rock hard ass cheeks that stood out proudly just like her breasts. There was no hint of sag so her puckered rosebud and shaven pussy stared blatantly at me as she looked over her shoulder.

Stepping forward to feel the final pussy I placed my cock at her entrance and started to push inside of her. The only problem was that she was so tight it was hard to even get my cock inside. As I pushed harder slow inch after slow inch finally began to penetrate her. She was obviously clenching her pussy muscles to make it extra tight and it worked because she gripped my cock like a vise. It took me almost a minute just to work my cock all of the way into her completely. At the same time Patti stood beside me and kissed me deeply while she watched my cock disappear into her younger sister. Heather was now sitting on the edge of the tub still playing with her pussy.

Like she knew how to read my mind, Patti broke the kiss.

"She's the tightest isn't she?" I nodded at her. Her eyes turned lusty when she glanced at my stiff rod inside of Beth's pussy. "Since she is the obvious winner, do you want to fuck her in the ass? Beth, do you want his cock in your ass? We all know you like it." Beth turned her head and smiled at both of us. Patti removed my cock from Beth's pussy with an audible pop and placed it carefully at the entrance to her asshole.

I slowly pushed again and felt just the tip of my cock penetrate her tight puckered hole. It was even tighter than the fit of her pussy and I really had to ease my cock into it, but before long I had my shaft slowly creeping into her depths inch after excruciating inch. Beth gripped the side of the tub and let out a loud wail as my cock penetrated her deepest regions.

"ten...eleven...twelve..." Patti whispered, watching me slowly piston in and out of her sister. Beth by now had two fingers sliding into her pussy and I could feel them through the walls of her ass. The friction was incredible. "sixteen...seventeen..." I slowed my strokes down to almost a full stop just to continue to enjoy the sensation. Beth finally howled again and I could feel all of her taut muscles contract as she came. She almost pushed me out of her but holding on to her muscular thighs I stayed buried inside of her. "Twenty!" Patti finally announced. I pulled my cock out and sat down in the tub. It was still rock hard but I wanted to see how much further this night would go before I unleashed whatever I had left inside of me.

Beth and Patti again sat down on either side of me and Heather dropped her body back in the tub as well. We all sat in silence briefly, soaking in what had just happened.

I wanted to show my wife that while I had enjoyed the night of fun so far, she was really the most special one to me and while this weekend had opened up a lot of doors that were closed in her family, her and I would always remain strong. I took Patti by the hand.

"Ladies, you will have to excuse us. I'm going to go inside and make love to my wife. "I leaned in and kissed her gently and she responded by sliding her tongue into my mouth again. Of course I couldn't let an opportunity to keep the naked fun going go to waste. "But you're welcome to join us and watch."

Standing up I led Patti into the house. The other two left the tub as well and followed us. The water dripped slowly off of all of us as we walked into the bedroom that Patti and I shared, the rose petals I had strewn about earlier still on the bed. Gently I laid Patti down on the bed and climbed on top of her. Heather and Beth sat on either side of her and positioned themselves perfectly to be able to watch us.

My cock easily found its' way to her familiar pussy and slid in deeply. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, filling her up as deeply as I could and taking my time slowly sliding my cock into her. We kissed passionately and it was like nobody else was in the room. Her hips rose up every time mine pushed into her and we established the rhythm that was so familiar every time that we were together. It was a wonderful feeling. Both other women were sighing while they watched us, playing gently with their pussies.

"I want to make you come. Hard." I said to Patti.

"Why don't we come together, lover." She whispered up at me, gripping me even tighter. The other two women started to rub their pussies harder and moan as I began moving faster inside Patti, giving her stroke after hard stroke of my cock as deep as I could get it. We all in unison started to moan and pant together, one loud orchestra of skin on skin, cock in pussy, fingers rubbing and as the tension mounted in the room we all started to cry out loudly together.

As Patti's pussy contracted and she cried out that she was coming my cock did the same and gushed forth a huge load inside of her. At the same time Beth cried out as well and clenched the pillow beside her, announcing her orgasm loudly while Heather shuddered and clenched her meaty thighs around her hand to show she had done the same. There was so much of my seed that exploded into Patti after the night I had just had it leaked out and soaked into the rose petals below her.

All of us slowly came down from what had just happened. I embraced my wife for one last deep kiss, slowly pulling my deflated cock out of her. All the women were panting and looked at each other like they had suddenly opened their eyes to the events of the last couple of hours. Beth was the first to approach me and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Thanks for a wonderful night." She said simply. Patti sat up and the two of them also embraced in a hug. Their naked bodies touched but in a loving, familiar way. The sexual feeling in the room had gone after Patti and I had consummated our affection. Beth climbed off the bed and left the room.

Heather had stood up, her naked form still prominent and proud.

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