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A Hard Voyage


A lot of tension can build up on a navy frigate. All those people, working together for months at a time, away from their spouses and lovers, away from anyone at all. Needless to say, sexual frustrations run high.

Eva Beecher was the lone woman aboard the fighter. As an officer observing fleet operations, that put her on board alone with three hundred men. Not another woman around for miles. Granted, she got lonely sometimes, but she had always preferred the company of men to that of women. Around men she didn't have to compete for attention.

Not that she needed to compete; she drew attention wherever she went. Dark haired, eyes as bright blue as the sky; she was a natural beauty. She had a classic hourglass figure; curvy and perfectly proportioned. Her breasts were full and round, shaped like wonderfully ripe oranges. Somehow, her nipples always seemed to poke out through the thick fabric of her uniform, teasing the men relentlessly. Her round, tight ass extended out in long, gorgeous legs. How excruciating it was for them to have that gorgeous piece of flesh just out of reach.

She was perpetually out of reach, naval regulations prohibited romance between two members of the same crew. Her social life was a mystery, none of the crew knew whether she was married or involved with anyone. None were brave enough to breach the subject with her, her allure made even the most arrogant man think twice before flirting with her. All they could do was admire her wonderful figure, her femininity only enhanced by the masculine cut of the uniform.

Little did the men know that she was just as turned on by their taught bodies and large muscles. All the men aboard were studs, their wonderfully sculpted bodies on display at all times. She was so horny it drove her crazy; seeing the fabric stretched over hard asses made her cunt tingle in lust and longing. She hadn't gotten laid in months though she had a sex drive to rival some of the men aboard. She needed cock at regular intervals, and not having had it in so long was taking its toll on the long legged beauty.

Often as she walked past, Captain John Burr would watch her perfectly round ass, not even pretending he wasn't ogling her scrumptious body. Her wonderful figure never failed to arouse his large cock. Staring at her, picturing her naked, made his cock rise to the occasion as it strained against the fabric of his pants, aching to be let free. Gosh, he loved her sexy body. His body was nothing to be ashamed of either; he was tall and muscular with a powerful frame. Large shoulders tapered down to a trim waist, set just above an ass you could bounce quarters off all day.

Just as he finished eyeing the gorgeous woman one day, she turned and met his eyes with hers. She caught him looking her over like a piece of meat, and decided to return the favor. She undressed him with her eyes, ogling closely the growing bulge developing in his pants. The starched cotton did little to hide his hard on, and her prying eyes stiffened the captain even more. His dick ached as it pressed against his zipper, only growing harder as she licked her lips seductively. John stopped to imagine how they would look around his dick and felt a drop of pre cum leak out of his rock hard cock.

He hadn't been laid in two months; so needless to say, his dick was about ready to explode. It was such a turn on to see this woman so in touch with her primal urges with pure lust reflected in her eyes. She had to have hard cock right now, and somehow John knew this, and that she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

She walked up to him confidently. "See something you like?"

"Uhh, why, what are you talking about?" he stammered.

"I saw you staring at my nice firm ass. Do you like what you see? It's okay; I know men have their needs. Women have them too" she dropped the words from her lips sensuously, like drops of water.

"And just at the moment, I need dick", she laid her hand firmly on his bulge. He could feel the heat from her hand make its way through to his now throbbing member. He needed release, badly.

"No, Eva, we shouldn't be doing this. You know it's against regulations".

"Fuck regulations. I need a good screw. I would screw this every man on this ship if I could, I'm so horny. I know you want me, I've seen you eyeing me since I got on board. I know you are dying to see what I look like naked, so now is your chance."

With that, she withdrew from him. He felt sorry to lose the warm pressure of her hand on his member. She stepped back, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Slowly, inch by inch, she parted the fabric, revealing her firm, tanned breasts. So round and supple, John felt his dick twitch at the sight of them. In her state of extreme arousal, her nipples poked out, centered in the middle of tender pink areola. Unseen by him, her thong panties were soaked through, and threatening to soak through her trousers as well.

The whole scene had turned her on so much, she had to feel his hard prick inside her warm cunt. She wanted to ride him to orgasm after orgasm. Nothing was more on her mind right now than getting off on this hot man. She felt her juices begin to slide down her inner thighs.

Meanwhile, John was thinking, "No bra! This must be my lucky day". Then she unzipped those navy issued pants of hers, and seductively slid them to the floor. He followed his line of sight from her pants down around her ankles, up past her long, slender legs, also tanned, to the tiniest bikini thong he had ever seen. She turned round once, allowing him a view of her wonderful golden ass. He longed to plant his cock between those gorgeous round globes.

"Take your cock out, now" she demanded.

He had no choice other than to comply, his dick was thinking for him now. Precum was leaking out, there was a big wet spot on the front of his pants. He unzipped his pants, and reached in, touching his rock hard cock. A slight moan escaped his lips as his hand came in contact with his hot member. He pulled his wonderful seven and a half inch cut cock out for her inspection.

Without realizing it, he began jerking himself lightly, fisting his aroused penis. Her pussy tingled at the sight; she had always loved seeing guys jacking themselves off. At that point, she decided to take over. Her hand replaced his, rubbing him up and down. His prick felt so warm and velvety, the skin was so soft. He moaned at the touch of her hand. He was so hard, it hurt, his dick standing straight out in the air.

She jerked him the way he had jerked himself. But the different rhythm was driving him crazy. She teased him, slowly rubbing his shaft one minute, furiously pumping him the next. She could feel him begin to spasm, and decided to slow down for now.

"Take off my panties with your teeth" she growled. He was all too happy to comply, tasting her salty nectar for the first time through the soaked fabric. She was delicious, John couldn't wait for more. He slipped the flimsy strip of fabric past her firm thighs, her knees and then down her calves and then off. He then dove into Eva's dripping wet snatch, attacking furiously with his tongue. She moaned loudly as John tongued her cunt, sucking her clit into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. Her juices dripped down her thighs, oozing out of her hole as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. He stopped just short of her impending cum.

"Oooh, yeah, you gonna give me some cock?" she begged him. "Please, fill me up with that big dick of yours" she pleaded.

Her legs still spread wide; he climbed on top of her, his throbbing dick now aching to fuck her. He pressed the head of his dick against her clit, and began jacking himself off. The vibrations drove her wild, she screamed as he did so, not caring if anyone else heard.

Slowly, John pressed his head against the entrance to her steamy hot tunnel. Even more slowly, teasing her, he slowly gave her inch by inch of his hard, hot dick. He could feel the wetness and the heat around his dick. Eva was so tight, like a warm wet clamp around his cock. He was just easing it inside her the whole way, when four men of the crew burst into the room.

Everyone froze. The men had heard Eva scream, and had thought something was wrong. They were greeted by a tangle of limbs, intermingled with the smell of sex. Now, seeing their captain fucking the hottest woman they had ever seen, they didn't know what to do. Eva made up everyone's mind for them.

"Take off your clothes boys. I know you want a piece of this action and don't worry, you all will get your turn. And John, don't stop hammering my cunt. Don't stop until you have filled my hot little pussy with your cum."

With that, the four men quickly disrobed, their cocks pointing straight outward. They all had developed instant hardons the minute they saw the steamy scene in front of them.

With all this man meat around her, Eva felt her pussy getting even wetter. John had resumed his humping, alternately filling, then emptying her cunt of his dick. He was so big, her cunt was in heaven as he screwed her hard. As he fucked her, the other men began to take position. One eager man immediately stood in front of her head, pointing his cock at her mouth. Eva promptly swallowed the offered penis, swirling her tongue around the head, and bobbing up and down on his shaft.

Two others took their positions on either side of her, as she extended her hands for their members. She pumped their hard cocks fast with her hands, jacking them off onto her gorgeous round breasts. She pressed the hard flesh of their stiff rods against her soft, supple breasts.

She sighed in ecstasy, all these men, just using her body for their pleasure. There was just one problem, as one man was left out. He stroked his dick sadly, looking at her hot body and the four men using it already. "This is going to be a problem," Eva thought.

John emptied his cock from her pussy. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"You'll see"

He then laid himself down on the floor, cock pointing upwards. She immediately walked over to him and impaled herself. Her cunt couldn't go another instant without that wonderful cock of his. She rode him fast and hard, in long strokes. She had always loved being on top because it made her feel powerful. Being in control of another person's orgasm was always a huge turn on for her. She knew she could delay the man's orgasm, or let him cum, as well as herself.

Seeing her tight little ass just presenting itself like that, the man formerly left out decided to get a piece of the action. He grabbed her waist, and pressed his hard penis against her deliciously tight little asshole, lubing himself with her slippery cunt juices. His warm head popped into her tight cavity.

"Oohhh yeah, baby" Eva cooed, "Fuck my ass."

He drove into her further, feeling her strokes on John's cock as well. She was so incredibly tight, her hot ass squeezing the cum out of his dick.

The smells were intoxicating; the scent of her pussy filled the entire room. She resumed her pace on John, just as a man filled her mouth again with eight inches of hard meat. She loved sucking dick and went at it like her life depended on it. Her expert ministrations brought him closer and closer to orgasm, he longed to shoot his hot come into her waiting and anticipating mouth.

They were all in heaven as Eva serviced three men with her warm holes, and the remaining studs with her hands. She filled her hands with their cocks, jacking them off fast and hard, in tempo with her pace on John. Just seeing this hot slut take it from so many guys made those two even hornier. They had the best view of her riding John, while getting her ass plowed and servicing yet another serviceman with her mouth. It wasn't long before she brought one of the men over the brink.

The man getting the blowjob of his life groaned as he filled her hot mouth with spurt after spurt of hot spunk. She swallowed his cum greedily, and the sensations of John's hot cock sent her over the edge as well. She milked John's dick with her pussy muscles, screaming as she came, causing John to blow his load deep inside of her. Orgasms racked both their bodies, and her juices poured out of her hot cunt and rolled down onto his hard, fat cock. His own semen spilled out of her tiny cunt, dribbling back onto his still stiff dick.

The sensations of those two cumming sent her ass partner into intense bliss. Her anus tightened delightfully as she came, and he soon felt his balls tingle as he neared climax. He pulled out right at the exact moment he exploded, coating her pussy in wonderful, drippy white come. She felt the hot jizz as it hit her pussy, the spray hitting her clit exactly, and she moaned at the wonderful sensations.

Eva jerked the other men faster, feeling their cocks spasm in her hands. She urged them to come on her scrumptious tits, and soon they could no longer hold back. The one in her right hand came first, and the sight of her luscious breasts covered in semen was too much for the other. He violently exploded, coating her hand and pooling on her tits.

She was covered in cum, exhausted from her orgasm, but happy as a clam. She licked her lips, smiled up at the men, and became very grateful that she had another month left out to sea out on the ocean.

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