tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Harem Fantasy Ch. 06

A Harem Fantasy Ch. 06


Morganna's rooms were slightly smaller than mine, and decorated in natural colors, complementing her striking beauty. Her walls were adorned with pictures of stark landscapes and lush forests, mountains and grassy plains.

"What are all of these?" I asked as she moved to a stand to pour us some water.

"These are pictures I painted on my travels."

"Thank you." She handed me a cup of water and we sat on the bed. "You really painted all of these? They're beautiful."

"Thank you." She blushed prettily, and I gulped. "Are you nervous?"

I didn't know what to say so I gulped the water down.

"It's perfectly natural. You have lain with the other men, so by now you know of pleasure. It would be my honor to show you just what it is like with another woman."

My hands began to tremble in nerves and anticipation. I thought of my maids, and I wanted to touch her with my hands and lips, hear Morganna's moans, I wanted to know how it felt to have her touch me that way.

"Tonight is a first for you, and all I ask is that you relax, and let me show you more pleasures of the harem. Will you, Virtal? I too did not like women before I came, but I have come to know the harem offers rare pleasures that we cannot live without. Please, accept my offer."

I nodded and she set her glass down, turned back and took mine to set beside it.

She stroked my hair, putting strands behind my ear, and cupped my cheek. Morganna leaned in for a kiss and my breath caught. She smelled of flowers and rain, gifts of the gods, and when her butter soft lips touched mine I tasted nature, wild and free.

She was so much softer than a man, so much more gentle, and I leaned in to touch her face as she did mine. Her skin was like velvet, her hair like spun silk. Our mouths opened as one and her tongue slid against mine as our bodies leaned in close. She tasted sweet, making my head spin, and our breasts met with hard aching tips rubbing against each other.

Her other hand slid into my hair and she bent me back onto the firm bed, her weight atop me. Morganna pulled back enough to trail her lips over my cheek, my jaw, down my neck. I was gasping, clutching her slim shoulders, arching into her.

For a mad moment I expected hardness to push back, but her body was slim, firm, and lushly soft. She parted my tunic and slid a long, cool hand inside to cup my breast. Her mouth returned to plunder mine as she rolled the nipple between her fingers. I gasped, a broken sound, and heard the chorus of pleasure join me in the harem air.

My tunic was ripped open and her small mouth replaced her hand. It was hot, searing, and sweetly delicate. I was desperate for something to hold onto, and my hands found her own breasts beneath her tunic. They were small, firm, the tips pointed, and her nipples were stiff against my palms.

Morganna groaned and found the other breast, her hand returning to my wet nipple. I copied her actions and soon we were squirming against one another, seeking more. She pulled back and peeled my trousers down slowly, her soft hands following in their wake.

She set me on fire; she made me ache in a sweet keening manner I'd never known. Her long hair teased my fevered flesh, her sweet lips drove me towards a peak of purest need.

When her mouth found my center I gasped; a hoarse, broken cry. She kissed me softly the way Lucius had done there, her body cooler than a man's, her fingertips spreading me were sharper, thinner. Immediately she suckled and I grew wetter while she pulled on my clit using hard suction.

I gripped her sheets with none hand and let the other cup the back of her head, pushing her mouth into me as I thrust my hips, raising my wet pussy to her mouth. I cried out, wordlessly begging for more and she began to lap at me with short, hard strokes of her tongue.

I rolled and arched, driven to desperation my hands found my own breasts and rolled the wet, hard nipples. I climbed higher, my body knitting tighter, and then she slid two fingers inside. Instead of the thrusting or curling as the men had done she formed scissors with them and undulated them. Morganna again suckled my clit and the moment of climax arrived.

I screamed as I orgasmed, a moment of pure bliss, and her mouth left to be replaced by the heel of a hand, grinding into me, drawing out the last spasms until I felt deflated.

Panting, I raised my head to look at her. Her eyes shown in the dim light like candles, her chin and lips were wet with my own juices. She crawled up me with the stealth of a cat and when we kissed I tasted my own salty essence on her.

"I want to give you that gift," I said when she pulled away.

Morganna shook her head. "Tonight is nothing but a gift."

Something uncomfortable shifted in my heart and then she was moving to lay down, positioning my body so it was strangely entwined with hers. We each were between the others' legs, our pussies together.

"Follow me," she said softly, and moved our lips open so that we pressed as close as possible. She began to pump her hips and it felt good; I did the same and it was wonderful.

We began a concert together that flowed as our sweaty bodies slapped together, our wet pussies slurping. I felt the orgasm building inside, rising, and Morganna's cries echoed my own.

I reached a frustrating level, found myself staring at her beautiful breasts bouncing, the flush across her skin, the sweat trickling down her firm belly, but I could not go further. She seemed to sense my inability to peak and slipped her hand between us, the pad of her thumb square on my clit.

I threw my head back as the pleasure claimed me, and her shout was a mirror to mine. When the last tremor shook us, when the pleasure burned back down to a simmer, Morganna fell back, exhausted and complete. I myself needed more, I needed to be filled, but I did not want to offend her.

So I moved slowly, pulling back, slinking away. She shifted too, blowing her mussed hair from her face.

"You're going to leave me now," she said as a statement. I remained silent. "There is something to be careful of, Virtal. Listen to me well.

"Unlike the others here I was not raised a priestess of Caldor destined for the harem. My people are nomads, and many of us practice the old religion. A priest saw a vision that a young queen with red hair would be the uniter who ends all war in our lands, a thousand years ago. Since then all high queens have had fire hair. My priest saw a vision it would be a queen in my time, and so I was ordained and sent to the harem.

"When the queen heard the second prophecy she did not refuse me. She welcomed me and made me repeat the story. I have been here seven years, and in that time hopes have fallen. There is more civil war and unrest than ever, and the queen spends her time on pain and paltry pleasures rather than ruling.

"The queen has successfully kept a second from her harem until Cassipe produced you, indisputable proof to one and all that she may not be the last of the line. The queen will not tolerate any displays of power she does not command, such as tonight. Take care in all your actions, do you understand?"

I nodded and slipped on my clothes, feeling lonely, scared, and still frustrated.

"Good night, and thank you," was all I said.

I found the others coming from the queen's quarters and ignored the women. Uloga was waiting for me, his dark eyes sad.

"I have met my duty by the queen and am so not encumbered. Would you like to talk about what has put that worried look on your beautiful face?"

His poetic words made me smile. "Come into my room."

He entered and looked around before sitting on the bed. For a moment I saw his expression as the queen had ridden her consort and dark hunger gripped me.

"Uloga, I need..." Unable to say what I wanted I waited, and after a tense moment his broad mouth cracked into a smile.

He reached for me but I wanted neither gentleness nor tender cresses. I opened his trousers and with my hand quickly worked him to hardness, then pulled my own off and sank down.

He filled me widely, stretching, and husk of his groans was such a sweet contrast to Morganna's soft sounds I lost myself. He moved me with large hands on his hips and I gleefully pumped, riding him like a horse, and we built towards a swift peak as one.

When I found it his shout overshadowed mine and I felt his hot cum deep inside me. My pussy clenched and his cock felt twice as wide as before.

Finally when it was over I gave him a soft kiss and a smile. "I have nothing to discuss as you have removed that look from my face."

Laughing as I rolled off, Uloga made me smile.


Training was brutal. The queen again attended though I was told it was a rare occurrence. Since I was the youngest I was worked harder. I fought the women, and then the men. Uloga was light on me, his consideration, while an affront to my pride, was welcome. Markal refused to fight me but Antal had him whipped by Marxim until he did. I had to be light on him.

Lucius fought me with honest determination, and his skills with a sword were magnificent. If I hadn't been trying to keep from getting my head chopped off, I would have been fairly drooling in admiration.

He won, easily, but he was gracious about it, congratulating me. I merely smiled and promised him we'd fight one day when I wasn't exhausted, and I'd win. For all the pleasures I'd known the heated look in his eyes tightened things low in my body.

Antal dismissed our level as if we were the lowliest of beggars and I walked chatting with Missiply about her childhood and horses. I cleaned myself and, seeking solace and escape from Morganna's fervent attempt at friendship, began to wander the harem.

The rooms for sleeping took up half of the top section of the palace, on the other side were public rooms. The arena, the library, the hall for eating. Below that were offices for the queen's staff and other private rooms for the queen's things. Below that were guest rooms, rooms for public reception and ceremony. Below that was the oldest level, accessible by the harem, I had no wandered there yet and found myself doing so.

I wound down ancient stone stairs until I found a fork in halls. One way was covered with ancient paintings, another well lit, the third dark. Taking a torch from the bight hallway I chose the dark path and came upon two doors. One held endless shelves stacked with artifacts from the reigns of dozens of queens, the other was the hall of records.

I saw no record-keeper which I thought strange, but at the same time I was excited. Whoever had organized it had done so well, all were labeled clearly except for four armoires near a window shaft.

Opening one I realized I was seeing the detailed logs of Antal's rule.

Despite weary muscles, even magical communion with the goddess could not heal tiredness, I lugged a crate to a flat, dusty table. Opening it up I saw the history of her birth. She was born on a trip, her parents migrating. Abandoned to a temple her hair marked her from the beginning. She was raised by the state under Caldotta, a priestess executed for immense cruelty of her patrons.

She entered the harem when she was only fourteen after Caldotta's death. At seventeen she had challenged the old queen, Cassipe's queen, to a duel, and won.

After that many entries were blacked out with kohl, obliterating the ink. There was no mention of rebellions, civil wars, prophecies, or uprisings. I began to wonder about Morganna's tale.

"One doesn't expect to find a warrior down here," a deep voice said over my shoulder.

Gasping I jumped from the chair and whirled into a fighting stance. It was Lucius, and he grabbed my arm easily. "What are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you. The queen was hard on you today, I wanted to say I was sorry to be the one that defeated you. But as you saw from Markal's punishment, one does not disobey our ruler."

"No, I guess one shouldn't."

He looked around the dusty room and down at the crate and open book. "What are you looking for, anyways?"

I picked up the book and pointed to the large black blocks of kohl over the text. "Morganna told me there have been rebellions, civil wars, things that dispute the prophecy of fire-hair. Antal's reign is in unmarked armoires, the text is blacked out like this."

He took the book from me, closed it, and without speaking placed it back in the crate and carried the crate back to the armoire. Closing it, he turned back. "Morganna knows such talk is punishable by death. It is treason. I will speak to her myself and make sure she spreads these rumors no more. Virtal, we must speak no more of it."

Meaningfully he looked around the room as did I. "There are spies?"

He shrugged but pointed at the shaft. Three of them led up to ground level windows and one could easily overhear through them. "Then why did you follow me?"

He strode back with predatory movements. "Tonight the queen will no doubt ask who you have chosen as your consort. Have you thought any more on my offer?"

I had, in detail, but I didn't want to say. Markal and Uloga had both made the same offers, Uloga's spoiling a good mood the night before.

"Do I really have to make up my mind so soon?" He nodded and stepped even closer until I was staring up into his amazing green eyes. "Why would you want that? No sex with anyone else but me. Confined to one partner, denied the pleasures of the harem?"

His hands came up to hold my arms, his rough fingertips making me shiver in the cool room. "A lifetime with you. Every night with you. The sounds of your pleasure in my ears, your face in my vision, the feel of you in my arms, the taste of you on my lips. The pleasure I can find within you; who would refuse that?"

He was unlike anyone I'd ever met. In my world women pursued, men waited. Lucius did not seem to have a shy bone in his body and something about it made me melt.

"Lucius," I said, and then he kissed me.

The kiss was searing, deep, passionate, and wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my toes, desperate to get closer.

He picked me up and helped me to wrap my legs around his waist. Lucius' muscles flexed as he walked over to the door and slammed my back into it. The pain was minimal, spice to the pleasure of his body, and I knew his sudden, frantic need matched mine.

He opened my tunic and latched onto my breast, sucking hard. His teeth bit into the soft flesh around it, making me gasp. He moved his hips, grinding his erection into me, and I clutched his hair in tightening fingers, pleading already. "Please, Lucius, I want to feel you."

"No," he said against a breast and found the other peak. This he sucked hard and the pain was sharp, mellowing into harsh pleasure.


He fumbled between us opening my trousers and his. When mine proved difficult he tugged hard and split them down the middle making me gasp. At last I felt the hard, hot press of his bulbous erection against my wet pussy, and then he stopped.

"Don't stop!"

He chuckled and groaned, dropping his forehead to mine. "Say you'll let me be your consort, and I will never deny you."

"Don't ask me something so serious now! Fuck me!" I demanded. I was a woman, I was second only to the queen. He was to do my bidding, by the goddess. "Now!"

He rubbed the head over my clit and I squeezed my eyes shut, seeing starbursts.

"Let me be your consort, Virtal, and I will let you command me into the underworld itself. Say yes, and I will be yours."

He moved his hips in circles, my mind focusing to a single point where we were joined. Cassipe had awakened an ache in me that I seemed unable to satisfy, and temporary respite was all I craved. Lucius; mine to take whenever, to use however, Lucius to take away the need. I was lost, and hopelessly I cried "Yes!" as he slammed inside me.

He fucked me brutally and the rocking motion was enough. He filled me, made me burn and shiver, and I built quickly until I screamed my pleasure. His mouth on mine swallowed the cries and then he shouted into my mouth, spurting hot cum deep inside me.

Coming down he held me tight and kissed me gently. "Thank you, Virtal. I will watch over you, protect you, do everything a good consort will do. Starting now; tonight when we bring the moon, do not heal Marxim so much, unless the queen commands it."

"And if she does?" I slid down.

He tugged my tunic out of my trousers to cover the tear. "She won't."

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