A Harem Fantasy Ch. 12


"Yes, my queen."

She laughed and my hand automatically went to my sword hilt. She stopped and seemed to grow, gathering her own power. "You will remove your sword or challenge me now."

I paused, considering. Lucius made a murmur and slowly, glaring openly at her, I undid the belt and handed it to Lucius who set it at the head of the altar, he between it and me.

"Now, we can't have you feeling any emotions for you consort. You are heir to a queen, you must be above simple, stupid emotions. Lust and control, lessons you must learn.

"You are going to watch as Lucius fucks the ass of the other women." Again, the ladies of the harem gasped.

"And while you watch this, you arse will be taken by the men of the harem. Lucius will be busy and this leaves only two, so tonight, I reward my consort. For being such a...faithful consort and confessing Virtal's transgressions you will take her arse."

I felt dizzy and sick. The men seemed to hold their breath, expecting punishment. When the queen sat back down they looked to me with apologetic lust. Lucius squeezed my hand, his way of saying we would get through this together.

"Stock, fetch the cream."

Only they moved, the three men rising and slipping behind the curtain into her chambers, the cloth jiggling the potted palms. They quickly returned with it and she bade them to lubricate my anus and those of the other women first.

Cassipe dared to step towards me and bade me the turn and lean on the altar. He knelt and I felt his hands, so tender and familiar, spread the thick cream on me. I shivered in fear and surprise and he cooed softly. A finger delved in, and just as Lucius had taught me I pushed out. The finger sank in, spreading the cool cream inside me.

"Now the men," Antal said with dark joy.

I did not watch this, just closed my eyes, breathed deeply, and called on the goddess for strength.

"Consorts, you will not come, is that understood? All the women shall have pleasure, and Lucius, you must watch Virtal. Virtal, you must watch Lucius as he pleasures your friends." The last word she said the way most people would say "poisonous snakes."

"Markal, you go first, Missiply as well."

I looked to Lucius who's apologetic eyes met mine. He gave a small smile, permission, and I understood. The queen thought to torture us but we could still share pleasure. That was all that mattered.

Markal gave me a small kiss between my shoulder blades and I couldn't help but shiver, all while watching Missiply bend over the altar like me. She gave me apologetic eyes and I smiled at her.

I felt Markal's penis nudge my anus and tried to relax. Lucius' eyes seemed to meet Markal's and in unison they pushed in. My hand found Missiply's as we gasped. I watched Lucius' hand cup her pussy even as Markal did the same, and they began to move.

I kept my eyes on Lucius as Markal filled me, but his hands were strong and rough, the fingers clever, and soon my pleasure rose. Missiply cried out seconds after I did and I knew the men felt our orgasms more strongly in the dark nether holes. Markal cried out and Lucius grunted, slightly pained.

Markal left my with a kiss and Missiply had to be helped by Lucius. Antal ordered Uloga and Annist next and I felt a kiss with teeth. Annist, like her twin, held my hand, her eyes on me like Lucius', mine on him, as we repeated the dance.

Uloga was wider and it was tough, I felt tight after the orgasm. Lucius made a sound of pain, and they began to move. I kept my eyes on my consort even as Uloga used the blunt of his knuckles to capture my inner lips, tugging them with each thrust so they teased my nubbin.

My orgasm came quickly, I could not fight it as my I felt filled, stretched, and teased. I squeezed Annist's hands and closed my eyes with the pleasure, and cried out long before Annist did. Uloga grunted but kept moving, pacing himself. Only when Annist peaked did he allow himself to spill into me, and Lucius made a groan that sounded like a wounded animal.

Again I felt the biting kiss as my lover withdrew. My ass was beginning to hurt and I closed my eyes for a moment. I had seen Marxim's penis and it was larger than Lucius'; longer than Markals and wider than Uloga's.

I whimpered as he was called forward as was Morgana.

The brunette gave me a smile and lifted my hand to kiss it as Lucius' positioned himself. Marxim licked the bit mark Uloga had left then I felt his large head at my entrance. He sank in and I cried out, feeling impossibly stretched achy, hot and needy at once. Morganna made a soft cry and both the men made sounds of painful joy.

I knew my Marxim had been saved for last. In years he had had rarely had an orgasm that had not been painfully wrenched from him by the queen, and he was to be denied again. He fucked me hard and it was a knife-edge of pain. Lucius moved slowly, whimpering, trying to fight the need to cum. I watched his long thick fingers stroke Morganna who gripped my hand tightly, and then I felt Marxim push a thumb inside my aching pussy and press hard on the spot deep inside.

The pain was like a spice that made the dish and I came, wailing. Morganna grunted, close, but not there. Marxim kept going, fucking harder, the cream on us both and the seed from the other men making his way easy.

The burning pain and pressure from his thumb combined with the immense filling of his cock and I built quickly again. Mercifully Morganna was with me and we cried out together. Just as we finished the consorts pulled from us, panting, whimpering.

Antal laughed. I could barely walked and remained bent on the altar, only looking over my shoulder at her. She stood again and walked down place a hand on Marxim's shoulder, smoothing over his disarrayed clothes, and finally trailing a sharp nail along his thick, pulsing cock.

"Let's see if all your talk of love and nonsense allows you to call another blood moon." She laughed as Lucius helped me up.

Defiantly I kissed him, passionately and he froze for moment. I hoped he remembered my earlier command, and just then he returned the kiss.

I leaned on the other women as we left, as did most of the men. The queen ordered Marxim and her stock remain.

I would show her. That night I show luscious with my body what my lips could not yet say. We would call the moon and it would shine red like passion again.

I would not curb my power for the queen. I would let it fly for my people. They would know my power, my love, my mercy. Soon, the queen would know my vengeance.

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