A Harem Fantasy Ch. 13


"The prophecy. You must come, at once!" he disappeared without saying where to, but I heard him climb the steps to the Queen's chambers.

I kissed my lovers and we gathered towels to dry and dressed quickly., leaving our hair wet and long and unadorned. I grabbed my word as we left, belting it on as we climbed.

There were all as before, staring into the sky. The twin moons both shone red. Below the square was filling again with gaping nobles, even merchants and beggars, smiths, and soldiers.

"The prophecy: a child of light will come and make twin moons red; a Queen of all queens who has been born and not bred; she shall lead from the dark once more into the light; vanquished and gone will be the fall of night." Antal said this solemnly, walking in with Marxim behind her. His eyes were dark, serious, and panicked. I could see hers filled with psychosis.

"You are not the Queen!" She yelled and drew her sword.

Before it cleared her scabbard mine was naked, and the room fell silent even as shouts below continued.

"No one need die this day, Antal." I stood my ground by the altar and she came closer, circling.

"That is Your highness, you ingrate!" She spat on the last word and lunged.

The god was still with me and it was his arm that commanded my sword, the goddess who commanded my mind. She thrust and parried and easily I cast aside her blows until I had her on the defense. I swung, not hacking, but fluidly, not to kill or maim, but to unarm.

Eyes tracked us as the sound of swords reached the crowd and quieted them.

"There can be only one Queen and it is me!" Antal cried.

I had her backed against her throne and with a final swing her sword clattered to the ground. She fell against the throne, her arm on the seat, trembling with rage, madness, and fear.

"You are defeated. Guards!" I called out to the queens guard, women who stepped forward t kneel before me.

"Take her to the dungeons and see she is locked tight but given every comfort."

"Yes, your highness," the captain said.

"Marxim!" Antal cried, but her consort turned his back on her, and joined the harem as they sank to the knees to me.

Antal was picked up by four and held tight, still screaming names as they carried her out into the harem where a rush of voices met her entry. I sheathed my sword, panting now that the god and goddess were satisfied.

"My Queen," Marxim said, rising. "She should be killed, it is the way. There can be only one Queen, not a Queen and a prisoner."

I walked back to the balcony, staring at the sea of faces waiting for news. "She is not my prisoner, Marxim. Come, stand beside me."

He joined me and I pointed to the temple at the city wall, directly across from the pyramid palace. The fires were bright and the red robes of the high priestesses were streaming in like blood filling a monster.

"The High Priestess who sought to rule by Antal calls her numbers. A battle is coming and our numbers cannot be strongly counted while hers can." I turned to him and held my hand out for Lucius, who joined me, dazed and stunned by the turn of events.

"I have the one thing she cannot live without. Antal is not my prisoner, you see, she is my hostage."

Cassipe was the only one to smile, and it was enough. The others would come around, but I had to make ready for war.

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