tagTransgender & CrossdressersA Harmless Fantasy?

A Harmless Fantasy?


I lie in bed at night, trying to get to sleep, but my mind wanders. I think of all sorts of things, and eventually my mind heads off into a land of fantasy. In fact, it is one fantasy in particular, and it's one that I have been having ever more frequently over the last couple of years. Each time it grows in detail, and no matter how much I try to suppress it, it just comes back stronger.

I'm in a hotel, in some big city, getting ready for a night out. I head into the bathroom to shower and shave in preparation, but I'm not just shaving the hair on my face, I'm shaving it all. My arms and legs, my chest and back. I even take a woman's razor to my pubic area, shaving around the tiny two inches I call my cock. Soon I am hairless, and washed down with sweet-smelling cleaning products and woman's perfume.

I step back into the room, a new level of naked, and I get dressed. I tuck my small dick into a sexy female thong, pulling the back up into my ass and enjoying the feel of the fabric between my cheeks. Then I put on the bra to match the thong, both with a naughty pink and black design. The padding helps give me the illusion of breasts, and then I don the rest of my ensemble. A low-cut pink top, a very short black mini-skirt, and then attach a wig of long dark hair to my head.

Finally the makeup and nail polish. My eyebrows and lashes are done masterfully, and my fingernails and toenails are done in matching bright pink. Finally some nice black high-heeled sandals, and the transformation is complete.

I look in the mirror, and see a cock-hungry slut staring back at me. She calls herself "Gina" and she is heading out.

At this point in the fantasy I am getting hard, and much as I try to resist it, my hand creeps down my body, and slowly I begin to tease my small erection.

Gina is now at a nightclub, full of gorgeous men with fine well-muscled bodies and rugged good looks. One of them offers to buy me (I mean Gina!) a drink, and I (she!) says yes.

Gina and the man talk. He knows she has a cock under that skirt, for no real woman would be so forward and easy. He doesn't care, and takes her hand and brings it down to his trousers. Sliding it inside, he lets Gina feel the man-meat he has hidden away.

Gina smiles hungrily. Unlike mine this is a REAL cock! She leans forward and whispers in his ear, "Let's go back to my hotel room!"

He agrees, and the two begin to head out of the club. On the way the stranger bumps into a friend of his, and informs the second man that he is leaving early.

Gina eyes up the second guy, just as good looking as the first, and smiles at him. "He can join us if he wants!" She invites.

The two guys stare at her, and at each other, and then join her in her lust-filled smile. The three leave together and grab a taxi.

By now in the real world I am fighting the fantasy even as it gets clearer. I am not Gina! I do not want men! I am straight, I swear it! I want to leave nightclubs with two WOMEN!

Even as I try to resist, I am stroking my cock faster now. My bed clothes have been pulled aside and I am steadily building to a full-on wank. It does feel good, and I just can't stop.

The fantasy is now back in the hotel, where Gina and her two men are getting comfortable. One of them lays down on the bed, pulls out his dick, and with a few strokes it is hard and a full ten inches erect.

Gina does not hesitate. All she wants is cock! She drops to all fours on the bed before him, bends her head down, and takes it in her mouth. The thick meat feels good against her lips, and as her tongue licks his tip she tastes the sweet pre-cum. Craving more, she bobs her head up and down, skillfully giving a blowjob.

No woman ever gave me a blowjob, but Gina is experienced at giving them. She is far luckier with the guys than I will ever be. With girls I mean.

Now the second guys comes into the scene. He has stripped nude, and out of the corner of her eyes, Gina can see his finely muscled body in all its glory. He looks so good, and his cock is just as impressive as his friend's.

Gina takes a break from the cock in her mouth, taking it and jerking it off in her hands as she speaks to the second guy. "Please put it in my ass!"

The two real men laugh. "Oh, she likes to beg!" Says one. "Come on, let's hear more, slut!"

Gina likes being called that name, and eagerly complies. "Oh yes, I am a slut! I crave your cocks! I crave your cum! Please! Please take and abuse this slut all night long! I beg you! Fuck me senseless!"

The guy before her is now also shedding his unneeded clothing, and Gina finds herself caught between two powerful and gorgeous men.

"Have it your way, slut!" Says the guy behind her, and suddenly she feels his warm, firm hands pulling her thong aside, a hard erection ramming into her tight ass. The cock is thick and long, it goes deep and Gina gasps at the pleasure she feels!

Rapidly he begins to drive it back and forth, in and out of her ass, and Gina moans in pleasure, lost in the sensation. Still, he has work to do, and once again takes the cock before her between her lips, resuming her skillful blowjob.

At this point I am lost, lying in bed, jerking my cock, and mumbling Gina's words from the fantasy. The line between her and me is blurring, and I am almost too far gone to care. Part of me screams to stop, the part of me that still claims I am straight, but the voice is dying quickly. Why would I want to be with women when men are just so hot?

Gina, still mostly clothed in her slutty outfit, is now thoroughly enjoying the two gorgeous nude guys in her room. What's more, they are enjoying her. The one in her ass erupts first, and she feels his hot cum deep inside. "Fuck!" He calls, his body shuddering with orgasmic joy.

As he pulls out and begins to catch his breath, his friend cums in her mouth. Gina sucks on his cock and milks it for all its worth, drinking the thick cum and delighting in it.

Gina basks in the feeling of being fucked, and waits patiently for the guys to recover. They soon do, men like them are built for stamina, and the fuck-fest resumes.

It doesn't matter now. In the real world I am jerking my cock, wanking to the delightful image of me being fucked in both ends by two gorgeous men.

Gina in the fantasy is me.

I could be Gina.

It would be fun to be Gina.

I SHOULD be Gina!

Why resist it? Why resist HER? She's in me and longing to get out, and life would be so much better as her!

My thoughts are now a tornado of men, cocks, cum, wanking, sucking, bum-fun, and more perverted things besides.

The fantasy too is out of control, as Gina is getting fucked again. Now she is on her back, with a guy between her legs ramming his cock into her ass, while she gives his friend a handjob. The hard throbbing erection feels so food in her fingers!

Suddenly it changes, they guys have swapped places, and Gina is shouting words of encouragement into their lust-filled faces. Another change and Gina is getting fucked up against the balcony window! "Look at me world!" She is shouting. "I am a cock-hungry slut and I don't care who knows it!"

Another change, and Gina is kneeling before the two men, and she is giving them both handjobs. "Cum for me!" She urges in a seductive tone of voice. "Cum all over me! Cover my face with your thick cum!"

"Cum all over me!" I shout in the darkness, wanking furiously. I have now lifted by legs above my head and am jerking my cock just a few inches from my face. "Cover my face with your thick cum!" I cry, no longer able to distinguish Gina's words from my own.

And then I cum, a mind-blowing orgasm rips through me and explodes out of my tortured two-inch cock, showering me with my own delicious ejaculate. Some of it splashes on my face, but some lands in my open mouth and I taste it, imagining for a moment that it is someone else's.

Then all too quickly the feeling passes.

I am me again, and not Gina.

I regret what I have done, and for a few days go back to telling myself I am straight.

But deep down I know that the fantasy will be back, and so will Gina. She is too strong for me to control. Maybe I should just give in and let her win.

After all, she has much more fun than I do...

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