tagNovels and NovellasA Harsh Reality Pt. 02

A Harsh Reality Pt. 02


In the year 2000, a man by the name William Chancy, a devout Neo Nazi decided to follow the manual Mein Kampf and complete Adolf Hitler's fanatical desire to rid the world of the Jewish Problem, starting with the United States of America. Half of the United States Jewish population had been murdered by 2002 and the other half had gone into hiding and rebellion. By the year 2010, there are only a few thousand Jewish people left in the United States. Any man, woman or child who is proved to be Jewish is shot on sight after hours of torture.


"Good morning," Jacob said as Miriam walked into the kitchen area of the cabin.

"If it's okay, I'd like to take a bath," Miriam murmured.

"Later," Jacob told her, a gleam in his eyes.

"No, please, I hurt," Miriam pleaded. Jacob laughed and yanked Miriam's skirt down her legs and pushed her against the kitchen counter.

"It won't hurt anymore," Jacob told her as he undid the buckle of his pants and pushed them down his legs. She screamed as he plunged within her; Jacob forced Miriam to lift her legs around his waist which pushed him deeper within her.

"No," Miriam whimpered. "Please stop," she begged. The tears in her eyes seemed to spur Jacob on and he thrust harder within her. He groaned in ecstasy as he plunged in and out of her, enjoying the feel of being deep inside her. Miriam stiffened against him as she felt his seed pour into her. Reluctantly, Jacob pulled out and away from her.

"Wait ten minutes then you can go bathe," Jacob told her as he fixed his clothing.

-Months later-

"You wanted to see me Liam?" Jacob asked his new father in law.

"I have one last mission for you," Liam began. He glanced over at Miriam and winced inwardly when he saw the bruises on her face and the fear in her eyes when she looked at Jacob, knowing instantly that he had made the wrong decision when it came to Miriam and Jacob's marriage.

"What is it sir?" Jacob wanted to know.

"We need to wait for one more person," Liam said as Malachi walked into the cabin. "Malachi, good timing," he added. Jacob growled and pushed Miriam back into her corner when she tried to give her old friend a hug. "Miriam, why don't you go visit with Hannah? She's in the main cabin," Liam suggested. Miriam, glad to be temporarily rid of her new husband quickly fled the cabin, sparing a quick glance and smile for Malachi, who looked very willing and ready to kill Jacob if given the chance.

"What is the mission Liam? I'm anxious to get back to my new bride and start rebuilding the Jewish population," Jacob said giving Malachi a wicked grin.

"I have heard rumors that William Chancy is going to be near Lansing. I want you to travel to Lansing and kill him," Liam answered.

"But that could take months!" Jacob protested.

"Then I suggest you get to it then," Liam suggested.

"But what about Miriam? Shouldn't we have some time to ourselves?" Jacob asked.

"From the screams of agony I heard coming from your cabin last night, I'm sure you've had all the time you need," Malachi said harshly.

"You're just jealous that I got there first," Jacob shot back.

"Enough. I am the leader of this group and you will do as I say. Kill Chancy then you may return to Miriam. You have ten minutes to say goodbye," Liam instructed. Jacob nodded, glared at Malachi and stalked from the cabin.

Liam waited until Jacob was out of hearing range before motioning for the man standing in the shadows to come forward. "Did he hurt her last night Ari?" Jacob asked.

"Yes sir, he did," Ari confirmed Malachi's statement.

"We have a visiting group from Green Bay. Take five of their strongest men, follow Jacob and when he's far enough from camp, kill him, but make it look like he was ambushed by Chancy's army," Liam instructed. Ari nodded and slipped silently from the cabin. Liam turned to Malachi. "You may join them if you wish, but there is one promise I want from you," Liam began.

"And what is that?" Malachi asked.

"That when you return, and enough time has passed to please the Rabbi, that you marry Miriam and keep her safe," Liam answered.

"Gladly," Malachi promised.


Jacob looked around nervously; he was hearing sticks break all around him, whoever was out there wasn't interested in being quiet and he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Malachi and Ari standing in front of him. "I'm glad it's the two of you and not strangers," Jacob breathed.

"Look at that, the top warrior is afraid of noises in the woods," Ari sneered, turning the bow in his hand.

Malachi chuckled and gave Jacob a dark look. "We aren't alone," Malachi told Jacob as the visitors stepped forward.

"What are you doing here?" Jacob wanted to know.

"We were sent to kill you," Ari answered as he reached in the quiver for a bow. Jacob's eyes widened and he took off in a run, desperate to get away from Ari. Ari fired the bow and the arrow hit it's mark, right between Jacob's shoulder blades.

"Why?" Jacob gasped when Ari and Malachi caught up to him.

"You abused Miriam," Malachi growled.

"She's a stupid little whore! A semen depository! A brood mare!" Jacob sneered.

"She is Liam's daughter and he values her! Miriam is one of the best fighters we have!" Ari shouted.

"And she is not a whore!" Malachi's voice had a dangerous timber and his face was dark. With one gesture, the visitors from Green Bay attacked the injured Jacob, beating him until he was hardly recognizable.

"What are you going to do?" Jacob asked nervously as Malachi used his hunting knife to slice through Jacob's pants. Malachi grinned evilly as he forced Jacob onto his stomach and picked up a very large, knotted branch.

"Giving you a taste of your own medicine," Malachi answered, shoving the branch into Jacob's ass. Jacob screamed in pain as Malachi rammed it in and out hard and fast. After several moments of sawing the branch in and out of Jacob's ass, Malachi bent down and rolled Jacob onto his back, without removing the branch; the motion caused the branch to embed itself deeper with Jacob making him scream in terror and pain.

"What are you doing?" Jacob asked, his tear filled eyes was drawn to the hunting knife suddenly back in Malachi's hand.

"Making sure you can never rape a woman again, here or in the after life," Malachi answered as he knelt down beside the terrorized man and with one swift swipe, cut Jacob's cock off of his body and shoved it into Jacob's screaming mouth. "You understand why I tortured you like this don't you?" Malachi asked Jacob. Jacob nodded in terror. He understood alright, he just never put much faith in the fact and knowledge that Malachi loved Miriam and had for as long as he could remember. Malachi stood up and wiped the blood from his knife before putting the knife back in the scabbard. "He's all yours Ari," Malachi announced before heading back to camp.


Miriam looked up from her conversation with Hannah as Malachi and Ari walked into camp and gasped. "Chi, are you hurt?" Miriam wanted to know.

"I'm fine Miri, it isn't mine," Malachi soothed.

"Then who?" Miriam wanted to know.

"It is Jacob's," Liam announced. Miriam looked up at her father sharply. "I made a mistake with picking Jacob for your husband. When enough time for mourning has passed, I hope you will consider marrying Malachi," Liam told her.

"How much time?" Miriam wanted to know, glancing at Malachi.

"Six months," Liam answered.

"Papa, I need to speak with you," Hannah said suddenly, giving her sister's hand a gentle squeeze.

"Let's go inside. Malachi, get cleaned up then I need to speak with you about today's events," Liam said with a weary sigh. Liam followed his younger daughter into the cabin. "What is it Hannah?" Liam asked.

"Miriam is in no position to marry right now, or any time in the near future, even to Malachi. Jacob traumatized her, she's never going to be able to have sex with anyone now!" Hannah exclaimed.

"Of course she will. One bad experience should not form lasting impressions," Liam said, rolling his eyes.

"He raped her every time papa! He never took his time and never made it so she could enjoy herself and if she tried to deny him, he would hit her," Hannah told her father, her voice trembling with anger.

"She will be alright in time," Liam said with a sigh.


"Miri?" Malachi asked a few hours later as he dropped to the bank of the river next to her.

"Leave me alone Malachi, please," Miriam pleaded.

"What's wrong Miri? Jacob is dead and can't hurt you anymore," Malachi said softly.

"He's done enough," Miriam whispered.

"Talk to me," Malachi pleaded. Miriam hesitated. "I love you Miriam," Malachi murmured. Miriam began to cry and stiffened when Malachi wrapped his arms around her. "I won't hurt you, I promise," Malachi said gently. He held her until she stopped crying and then reluctantly, let her go when he felt her try to pull away. Malachi watched helplessly as Miriam ran to the river and retched into it. After a moment, he followed her and held her hair back out of her face. "What's wrong love?" Malachi asked gently. He hated seeing the tears falling down her pretty face and wiped them away gently when she was no longer getting sick.

"I'm late Chi," Miriam whispered.

"Late?" Malachi asked, keeping his voice neutral. Miriam nodded miserably. "How late?" he asked, dreading the answer.

"Seven weeks," Miriam whispered. Malachi swore under his breath and forced himself to calm down when he saw Miriam flinch.

"I'm sorry Miri. I'm not angry with you. Are you alright?" Malachi asked.

"He can't hurt me anymore?" Miriam asked.

"No," Malachi assured her.

"Then I'm okay, I guess, but I ..."

"What?" Malachi wanted to know.

"I don't want this baby," Miriam whispered.

"Liam, we have a problem," Malachi said, hurrying into the cabin.

"What is it Malachi?" Liam asked.

"Miriam's pregnant and she doesn't want the baby," Malachi answered.

"We need every single child we can conceive," Liam reminded the younger man.

"Liam, Jacob raped her, do you really think that Miriam is going to want his child as a reminder?" Malachi asked.

"I understand that, and if the circumstances were different, I would agree with her not wanting to have the baby," Liam said. Both of them looked up as Miriam walked into the cabin.

"There is no baby," Miriam said softly.

"What?" Liam and Malachi asked together.

"I took care of it," Miriam murmured.

"How?" Liam asked, his eyes narrowing.

"Just because Chancy has taken over doesn't mean that doctors have forgotten how to perform abortions," Miriam reminded her father. Liam gave her an angry look. "I refuse to have the child of a man I hate," she added. Malachi gave Miriam a look of concern.

"You should be resting," Malachi murmured, gently taking Miriam's hand and leading her to his cabin.


"Liam, I must speak with you," the Rabbi said urgently.

"What is it Rabbi?" Liam asked, tiredly.

"Your daughter was seen going into Malachi's cabin," the Rabbi began.

"Jacob is dead Rabbi and my daughter has suffered a miscarriage. Malachi was being a good friend," Liam said. He had convinced the doctor to go along with the miscarriage story and reluctantly, so had Miriam and Malachi. Nobody else needed to know the truth.

"The boy is in love with Miriam," the Rabbi reminded Liam.

"And when Miriam has healed from the miscarriage and from Jacob's mistreatment, Miriam and Malachi will be married," Liam told the Rabbi.

"Good," the Rabbi said before leaving the cabin.


Malachi sat down in the chair by the bed and brushed a strand of hair back off of Miriam's face.

"What are you doing here?" Miriam asked, pushing his hand away.

"I wanted to make sure you're okay," Malachi answered.

"I'll be fine," Miriam said tersely.

"I'm sorry I couldn't stop him. If I had my way, he never would have hurt you," Malachi murmured. Miriam laughed dryly. "If you really wanted to stop him, you could have," Miriam snapped.

"No, I couldn't. Your father had me elsewhere the majority of the last three months," Malachi protested.

"Just leave me alone Mal, please." Malachi blanched at that; Mal was his code name; it sounded less Hebrew than Malachi and Chi was a pretty huge give away. The only people that ever called him Mal were those he was going on a mission with and he HATED it when she called him Mal; especially when she usually called him Chi.

"Your father wants to talk to you when you're up to it, just let me know; I'll hold him off until then," Malachi told her before walking away.

"You asked to see me?" Miriam murmured as she walked into her father's cabin.

"How are you feeling?" Liam asked, reaching for his oldest daughter. Miriam shrugged as she allowed her father to embrace her.

"I feel fine and ready to go back on assignment," Miriam answered.

"You will not be going back on assignment. You will be recovering and in a few weeks, you will be married," Liam told her.

"No I won't," Miriam argued.

"Miriam, we need the young men and women that are not related to marry and create babies," Liam reminded his daughter. A knock on the door interrupted the argument between father and daughter. "What is it Ari?" Liam asked, annoyed at the younger man's sudden appearance.

"We have received some Intel that could be useful to us," Ari answered.

"What kind of Intel?" Liam asked.

"William Chancey is being pressured to get married. It would be a great opportunity to get someone on the inside," Ari answered.

"We will talk about it at the meeting tonight," Liam said.

"The council wants to meet in an hour," Ari told Liam before leaving the cabin quickly.


"This will be a dangerous and potentially long term assignment," Ari warned.

"I'm willing to take those chances," Miriam argued.

"I forbid it! It's too dangerous!" Liam exclaimed.

"More dangerous than forcing me to marry that abusive oaf?" Miriam snapped, unwilling to even say Jacob's name. Liam fell silent at that.

"You'll need a protector," Liam said finally.

Malachi stepped forward. "I will act as Miriam's protector," Malachi volunteered.

"As will I," Ari added. The two men studied each other. "We will stay at a distance, but close enough if Miriam needs us," he added. Liam nodded.

"Make the arrangements," he said with a sigh.

-Two weeks later-

"Are you ready?" Ari asked. Miriam swallowed hard, glanced at Malachi; his face was dark and his expression unreadable.

"I'm ready," Miriam said softly. She stood up and headed for the door, only to be stopped by Malachi. "What?" Miriam asked.

"Take this and NEVER take it off," Malachi said as he slid a silver and sapphire ring onto the middle finger of her right hand. "There is a small sensor in the bottom of the ring that will monitor your vital signs. If it looks like you're in trouble, we'll be able to get you out." Malachi handed her a small, black cell phone. "This is a pre-paid phone. It has three numbers programmed into it; mine, Ari's and Doctor Rosen. I know you have your cover story down pat, but I still want you to call or text me each night before you go to bed. If you can't text me at night, text me first thing in the morning or I'll be breaking down your door by noon," Malachi warned. Miriam nodded and slipped the phone into her purse before she slipped from the room without another glance at either of the men; she knew if she looked at Malachi again, she'd never be able to leave the hotel room. Miriam took a deep breath as the doors to the elevator opened. It was time for the darkness to end and for the light to shine once more.


Miriam glanced around her and forced herself to smile when she saw a man in his late twenties staring at her before he walked towards her. She took a deep breath. "Don't blow this," she thought to herself.

"Hi," the man said with a warm smile.

"Hello," Miriam said politely.

"Beautiful day," he commented. Miriam nodded as she tucked a strand of red hair behind her ear. "My name is Will," he added.

"I'm Mira," she replied, stepping up to the counter. Mira turned her attention to the bored girl behind the counter. "I'd like a hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, as well as a piece of cinnamon coffee cake," Mira said.

"And for you sir?" the girl asked.

Mira opened her mouth to interject and tell her that Will wasn't with her when she heard his deep voice. "I'd like a hazelnut cappuccino with a slice of the cinnamon coffee cake. And go ahead and put both orders on my tab," Will told her.

"Your tab? Mister, this is a coffee shop, not a dime store! We take cash or charge," the girl snapped. Miriam gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. "What?" the girl asked, giving Miriam a curious look.

"I'm just surprised you know what a dime store is, considering that they haven't been around in a few decades," Miriam said. Will chuckled dangerously.

"Young lady, do you have any idea of who I am?" Will asked.

"Some moron who thinks he can get out of paying," the girl said. Will's eyes flashed and Miriam found herself backing away.

"Get your manager," Will insisted.

"No problem," the girl retorted, walking into the back of the coffee shop. Will turned to Mira.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?" Will asked.

"I, I'm fine. I'm sorry, I get nervous when people start talking like that," Miriam murmured. Before anything else could be said, the clerk returned to the counter with her manager.

"So you want to put your order on your tab eh?" the manager asked. Will turned back to the counter. "Not a problem sir! I apologize for her disobedience, it won't happen again," the manager stammered. He glared at the girl next to him. "In fact, it's on the house. Rita, give Mr. Chancey and his date their orders, NOW!" the manager ordered.

"Chancey? As in William Chancey? The ruler of the United States?" the girl asked. Miriam rolled her eyes; how quickly people forget the truth.

"The one and same," Will said easily. The girl scrambled to get the order filled.

"I'm sorry Mr. Chancey, it's just that you're the third person that has tried that today and ..."

"It's alright Rita, just try to be a little more respectful next time. Never be rude to your customers or you will find yourself without a job," William suggested as she placed the cups and coffee cake on a tray in front of them.

"Are you sure you're alright Mira?" William asked as they sat down.

"I'm fine. I apologize for my reaction, it's just that ..." Miriam took a sip of her hot chocolate, not wanting to go where the conversation was heading.

"It's just that what?" William wanted to know.

"My brother was an asshole." Both William and Miriam looked up to see Ari standing in front of them.

"Alan, what are you doing here?" Miriam asked, glancing at William who had an almost jealous look on his face.

"I came to get some biscotti for Lucy. Damn cravings," Ari answered with a soft smile. Miriam smiled and glanced back at William. "Alan, this is William Chancey. Will, this is my brother in law Alan," Miriam introduced. She glanced back at Ari and saw the hatred that flashed quickly across his eyes. William nodded politely at Ari.

"Nice to meet you. I apologize for butting into your conversation, but I saw you sitting here and I haven't seen that look on Mira's face since before my brother was killed," Ari said. William nodded politely again and Ari hurried to the line to order the biscotti; if he hadn't, things would have looked out of place and William would have been suspicious.

"So, what things do you like to do?" William asked. Miriam hesitated but found herself surprisingly at ease with the man who had sent the Jewish people of the United States scattered into the wind.


"What happened today?" Malachi asked when Miriam called him that night.

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