tagErotic CouplingsAn Erotic Haunting

An Erotic Haunting


Ariana stormed down the lone, country road. The full moon hung high, and stars dotted the sky like spilt salt across a black tablecloth. She wore a kinky Catwoman costume, which blended in with the night: thigh-high boots, gloves that went to her elbows, skirt barely covered her flat backside, and halter-top tied around her neck—all black, latex with cat ears on top of her head. Although petite, she didn't fear the spooky night or the eerily quiet empty road. With a hardened expression, she hugged herself close, shielding her bare arms from the autumn nip, and marched down the center lane. Her dark chocolate hair, fixed in a genie bun which hung down her back, swayed back and forth with her angry pace. After another half-mile, she stopped and sighed in relief.

In the near distance, a grand mansion set on a hill, guarded by a spiked steel fence. Light abound from inside, pouring out several windows. A buzz of lively chatter filled the night.

Ariana approached two husky guards at the gated entrance. "Hey! I need some help. We had a bad wreck down th—" She stopped herself upon noticing the guards' lack of attention.

They stood still, soldierly, eyes staring off into the empty field across the street.

"Hello?" Ariana waved her hand in front of their faces. "What's wrong with you two dummies? You don't speak English. Habla espanol?"

They didn't reply nor flinch for that matter.

"Well, fuck you too. You've been a real help. I tell you I've been in a bad accident and you—" Ariana growled. "You know what? I'm going inside. Maybe, someone in there will be sympathetic to a fuckin' damsel in distress."

The guards remained quiet.

"I'm going in now..." Ariana eased by, expecting one of them to snag her arm. They didn't. She furrowed her brow and turned her attention on the mansion, which looked to be tilting slightly to the left. Bats flittered over the roof in the moonlight. She followed the long serpentine sidewalk to the front porch.

Two doors towered over her, both with golden lion door-knockers. A name plate read: Addams residence.

"Addams..." Ariana mumbled to herself. The name sounded familiar. She shrugged, and without knocking, she entered. The brooding door opened with a howl.

The lobby was congested. People conversed, shared drinks, in a plethora of different costumes: skeletons, vampires, and zombies; Marilyn Monroe, Scooby Doo, and even Ghostbusters. Some even got inventive and mixed two characters into one: James Bean, a string bean with a pompadour and red jacket. Indiana Bones, a skeleton in a brown fedora with whip. And, of course, Ace Ven-fuhrer... just to name a few.

Ariana started making her rounds, but like the guards outside no one acknowledged her. She put her hands on her hips, frowned. "What is wrong with you people?"

"Hello there, Catwoman," a voice said.

"Finally." Ariana wheeled around with a scowl. "Listen, I need some..."

A man approached her dressed in a Batman costume. His hypnotically blue eyes glowed from behind the black mask. "I can see."

"You can?" Ariana asked.

"You're bleeding."

"I am?"

Batman walked her to the connecting kitchen. Everything looked clean, flawless. The white counter tops and cabinets gleamed under the ceiling lights. At the stainless steel sink, he wadded a paper towel, soaked it in cold water, and dabbed her forehead.

Ariana flinched as he put pressure on the wound just above her hairline. "How bad is it?"

"Ah, just a little cut." Batman grinned, showing his pearly white teeth. "I think you'll survive."

"Prrrr-fect," Ariana sighed. She then turned her attention to the grand mansion. "This is a beautiful place you have here. I like the retro vibe."

"Thanks. It's my parents' home away from home. But for years, I've been using it as my party palace. It's cool, I guess."

"Cool, you guess? Someone sounds spoiled."

Batman shrugged and redirected the topic. "So, what happened?"

"With..." Ariana drew a blank. She felt spellbound as though Batman's baby-blue's performed hocus-pocus on her. She shook the feeling and livened up. "Oh! Ha. How forgetful of me. I lost myself for a moment in this beautiful place."

Batman nodded, waiting.

"Um, well, we had a wreck."


"I kinda caused it." Ariana looked to the tile floor.

"You did?" Batman gently pinched her small chin and raised her remorseful eyes.

"Me and my friends were on our way to a costume party. I was in the backseat, minding my own business, when..." Ariana paused. "Well, my friend Laurie—the driver and former bestie—Ugh!—slipped up and confirmed my suspicions."


"Sleeping with my fuckin' boyfriend behind my back." Ariana crossed her arms, pouted.

"I can actually relate," Batman said. "So, what did you do?"

"Without thinking, I punched her in the back of the head. She lost control, and we ran off the road. Hit a tree."

"Is everyone alright?"

"Yeah." Ariana softened her stance. "I left to go get help. There's no service out here."

"It's dangerous to be walking alone at night. Nobody's for miles."

"Tell me about it."

"Do they know what direction you went?"

Ariana shrugged. "I told them, but they just ignored me. They're pretty mad at me."

"I can imagine."


"You did cause a wreck."

"Because my boyfriend cheated on me with that slut!"

"Yeah. But, you don't fight over them," Batman said. "That just boosts their ego further."

"What do I do then, huh?" Ariana asked. "Just let him cheat on me?"

"No. Of course not. Revenge is necessary. But, well, like I said, I can relate to what you're going through." Batman reached for her hand and brushed his thumb over her knuckles. He gestured his head to a golden-haired woman in the lobby chatting up a circle of friends. "See her, that's Carrie. My fiancé. She's been fuckin' my buddy, Jason, for the last year. I just found out a few days ago."

"When are you gonna tell them?"

"Tonight. But, I wanted to let-loose first." Batman looked back to Ariana. "And maybe, fate brought you here for the same reason."

"Possibly." Ariana shyly smiled. "I don't even know your name."

"Batman never reveals his secret identity."

Ariana scoffed. "He reveals his identity in every movie I've ever seen."

Batman winked. He took her by the hand and escorted her out of the kitchen and up the winding staircase.

Ariana went right along with him. Her heart thudded against her chest in anticipation. Maybe, it was the mansion, the man, or revenge, but something stirred inside of her, warming her body.

They eased down the dark, quiet hallway. Everyone seemed to be downstairs. Batman attempted to open the first door. Locked. The second door was slightly ajar. They peeked inside the gloomy room and heard soft moans of passion. Two silhouetted figures entwined on the pool table.

"Oops!" Batman laughed under his breath. They quietly leaned back out and turned to the third and final door at the far end of the hallway. He grasped the doorknob and slowly opened it.

The light was on. The room appeared empty of bodies but dressed with furniture: sturdy armoire, quorum windmill fan, and king-sized bed with satin canopy drapes. A sweet vanilla aroma coated the air.

"So, what do you think?" Batman asked.

"It's wonderful just like the rest of this house, but are you sure no one will—"

Batman shook his head. "Not a chance."

"If you say so." Ariana peered up to him with innocent, puppy-like eyes. Her hand slid down his side and to the costume's rubber crotch. She tapped it with her black nails.

The once charming Batman was suddenly at a lost for words. He gulped.

His shyness boasted Ariana's self esteem. Her smile broadened. "And I thought I'd be the shy one."

Batman flashed a grin.

Ariana looked into his eyes. Her smile sloughed into a more serious expression. She leaned-in and planted a sweet kiss against his lips. She could feel Batman trembling. She flicked his rubber cup once more. "You know how to take these off?"

Batman nodded. On each side of his costumed pants were zippers. With haste, he slid them down and the rubber pants collapsed to the floor. His bulge fought to break through his whitey-tighties.

"Oh! You're excited." Ariana clasped his protrusion, and after another kiss, she released it and stepped back. She seductively posed for him while removing her costume: She unzipped her tall boots. She rolled her hips while easing out of her skirt. She tossed her thong in Batman's face. The strap hooked on his pointy ear and dangled on the side of his mask. She pulled off her halter-top. Her breasts were perky A's with tiny dark nipples. She left her cat ears on and prowled across the mattress. As Batman approached the bed, Ariana placed her palm against his chest. "Wait." She removed her polyester socks, one by one, stretched them like a slingshot, and shot them at him. "Aren't ya gonna get undressed?"

"Haven't you ever wanted to fuck a superhero?"

Ariana's brows jumped with arousal. Her eyes fell upon his bulge. "Is that a trick or treat?"

Batman's underwear expanded with each throb of his cock. He stepped to the bedside once more, and this time, Ariana welcomed him with an open mouth. She crawled to her knees and slipped her fingers under his waistband. She licked her lips and jerked them down. The cock was long, thick, more so than she'd imagined. Her cheating boyfriend paled in comparison. Gazing in wonderment, she wrapped her hands around it, stroking it slowly.

Batman quaked, gnawed his lip, and uttered a Frankenstein groan.

Ariana smiled up at him. "Breathe," she teased.

Batman nodded. He closed his eyes and expelled a deep breath. But as Ariana put her mouth on it, sucking him up and down, he shivered.

"You better tell me before you cum," Ariana warned before continuing her sensual blowjob.

"Hang on, hang on, hang on." Batman stepped away and paced for a moment, calming himself.

Ariana lay back to her elbows, sprawling sideways across the bed. She glowed with pure enjoyment at his reaction. "Just let me know when you're ready."

Batman turned to the tan vixen. The lights caused the lotion on her skin to sparkle. He grasped her ankle. His eyes then trailed up her slender unblemished legs and to her center—trimmed fuzz on top of a tight little slit.

Using her slender feet, Ariana pinned Batman's cock to his stomach. She rubbed her soft soles up and down his length, tickled his balls with her purple pedicure toes. She spread her knees, inviting him for a closer look. As he climbed between her warm thighs, she grabbed the pointy ears of his mask and laid back. His lips peppered up her inner thigh. His tongue parted her. She thrust her hips up and tossed her left leg over his shoulder. Her moan quivered like a ghost. The sensation was surprisingly intense. She massaged her humble breasts, jokingly purred. The sensation, however, was far from a joke.

Batman sat up, much to the dismay and protest of Ariana. "That was just to get you primed," he said.

Ariana rolled her eyes, slightly miffed by his quick job. She felt unsatisfied, but as his cock slid inside her moist opening, she clenched her jaw with a reinvigorated spirit. She gave him a sloppy kiss as his thrust gained momentum. "Oh! Your cock fee—Uh!—Your cock feels so—Mmm!"

Her aroused tone fueled Batman's hips. He pounded away, shaking the four post bed. "Breathe," he mocked her from earlier.

Ariana gave a breathy laugh. She curled her toes, straightened them. Her brown nipples stiffened, pointing directly up. Batman buried his face between her breasts. He kissed the side of her neck and cradled her chin. She dug her head into the bed and bowed her back off the mattress, like the spider-walking Exorcist. Each strong heave pushed out a slight whine from Ariana, which sounded similar to the 'Eee! Eee! Eee!' of the Psycho prelude. As he chuckled, she realized she no longer dominated the room, her confidence transferring to him. She wrapped her legs around him, locked her ankles, and used her hips to roll him to his back.

"You scared?" Batman asked to the change in position.

"Are you?" Ariana shot back. She straddled him and hooked her ankles over his thighs, adding space and spring. She rode his broom like a witch, halfway down his cock before rising. She was slow, patient, and in control. Her pace, however, didn't seem to matter. The tickle persisted. Her intimidating leer softened. Her hips gyrated faster.

"That's it, momma." Batman squeezed her bony hips and pulled her down, adding to the pressure.

Ariana fell forward but caught herself. She moaned in Batman's face, nose to nose with his mask. She tried to appear enigmatic, like him, but her face contorted in flashes. It would soften, harden. Her eyes would drift off before refocusing back on him. Sweat began to unravel her tight genie bun, loose strands frayed out from her hairline. She oozed all over his cock, making the ride slippery. The rhythm in her bounce faltered. Her mind told her to go one way, but her body jerked another. "Oooooo! Hoo-hoo-hoo!" Although dressed like a cat, she subconsciously hooted like an owl. A tingling pressure exploded causing her to lurch off his cock. Her forehead smacked the headboard.

"Damn, girl." Batman halted. "Are you alright?"

The impact didn't faze Ariana in the slightest. Enervated, she just laid her cheek atop his rubber chest and caught her breath. Her legs were sprawled out, twitching.

"Just let me know when you're ready," Batman, again, mimicked her from earlier. He smacked her cute little ass, and she jolted back to life with a dirty look. He grinned. "Is it my turn again?"

Before Ariana could decide, Batman rolled her off and stood at the bedside. He snatched her thin ankles and dragged her across the mattress.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to fuck you until you cum... again," Batman boasted. As she crawled into position, on all-fours, he worked himself, good and hard, before squeezing back inside her.

"Ch-ch-ch-ch!" Ariana shuddered, resembling the theme of Friday the 13th. She dropped her head forward, but her back bowed like a frightened cat. "Fuck!" she shrilly cried in a tone which exposed her surprise.

Batman yanked on her genie ponytail, pulling her into the impact.

Ariana clutched the sheets. She was broken, like she'd never been before. With a ghostface expression—mouth agape and eyes distended—she tried her best not to scream, "Oooooo—Fuck!"

Batman closed his eyes, picking up the speed.

"Uggghhhhh!" Ariana spilled out, verbally and physically. She squirted all over his cock, which took the life out of her. She hunched with a lost look in her eyes. "You better—Ah-ah!—tell me befo-ooohhhh you cum-um."

"I'm cummin!" Batman shoved her face-first to the mattress and climaxed all over her flat ass. He collapsed on top of her, and cheek to cheek, they shared labored breaths and vacant gazes. Batman kissed her sweaty forehead.

Ariana didn't move. The weight of his body lifted off of her, his footsteps led out the door. But she lay still, naked, sprawled across the entire mattress. Her body continued to glisten, but more from perspiration now than the sparkling lotion. Her tight genie bun was loosened and strands stuck out in several directions. Her cat ears set sideways on her head. She just breathed, wiggled her toes and fingers, and calmed her mind. Her wits were coming back, little by little. The remnants of the body-wilting orgasm slowly faded.

"Ariana?" a voice called from the bedroom door.

Ariana didn't budge. "How'd ya find me, Sidney?"

"It's a quiet night. Your voice carries," Sidney said. "I thought you were going to get help. What are you doing here?"

"Don't worry about it."

"You've really messed up," Sidney said.

Ariana bolted up for a rebuttal but noticed the atmosphere around her: The room became dark, cold. The sweet vanilla aroma transformed into wet wood. The walls mildewed, along with the ceiling. A thick layer of grime covered the floor. The tattered mattress set sideways on the rusted springs. She jumped up, covered herself. "What the fuck?"

"Why are you hiding out here?" Sidney asked. "And, why are you naked?"

"I'm not hidin—"Ariana hurried to collect her clothes. "Where's Laurie? Pamela?"

"Luckily, a car stopped not too long after you left, some family. They rode back to get a tow," Sidney said. "You never answered me though. What were you doing in here, in the Addams' house?"

"You know this place?"

"I know you've only been here half a semester, but you've never heard the stories?" Sidney crossed her arms while looking around the decaying room. "Some little spoiled college kid poisoned everyone at a costume party 20 years ago, including himself."

"What?" Ariana shook her head. "This can't be."

"A lot of people thought it was revenge," Sidney said. "He found out his fiancé slept with his best friend."

The color in Ariana's face drained. She backed against the wall, covered her mouth. "What just happened?"

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