A Haunted House


Tammy, frozen, said nothing.

"And don't tell the police. Well, you can, but we have a copy of your ID and all the info you gave us for our waivers. We'll come take care of you, maybe bring you on as a traveler. That wouldn't be fun."

The second handcuff came free. Tammy swung in the sound of the womans' voice with all her might. Her hands exploded in pain as she smashed the woman's head with both fists. She heard the woman go down on the ground. Tammy felt the woman with her foot, and kicked as hard as she could. She welcomed the satisfying crack of the woman's ribs. The woman cried out, gasping for air. Tammy tore the mask off and worked to undo her gag, getting three more kicks in. Her toes were smashed from the unprotected impacts but she didn't stop. Enraged, she lifted her knee to her chest and stomped her heel into the woman's abdomen. A soft popping noise, followed by a scream, came from the woman's body. The tiny heel punctured her skin and was in her stomach. Tammy pushed down, grinding her heel into the woman's torso.

"Too bad there are nothing but screams here," she cried out, sobbing. She had never inflicted injury on another human being. The woman's hands feebly pawed at her ankle. Tammy leaned over and punched her in the face. Her knuckles flared with pain as they made contact with the woman's mouth. She heard the brittle rattling of teeth being knocked out. The woman slumped, passed out.

Tammy bent over and hiked her underwear and skirt up. She wiped away cum dripping from her pussy. She pulled her tube top up over her breasts and fixed herself. She wondered if the woman was going to die. Blood poured from her stomach and oozed out her mouth. Her body spasmed as she choked on some of it. Red bubbles popped from between her lips. A group of men came up the hallway.

"What the fuck? This is messed up," one of them said.

Tammy smiled sweetly. She noticed the bars were really a large gate.

"Ever seen the movie Crash with James Spader?" she asked. She pulled the pin that locked the gate off it's hinge.

A few guys nodded.

"They have sex with people who are injured because it's hot, right? Here's your chance."

Tammy pulled the dying woman's pants down her legs and kicked her over to the men. She pulled the pin locking the gate up over its hinge and allowed the door to swing open.

"It's okay, she's an actress," Tammy said calmly, "The best one we got. Have fun!"

She turned and walked towards the green glowing EXIT sign. She stepped out into the cool night air as the men were piling into the room, tearing clothes of the dying woman.

Tammy would wait 20 minutes, then go talk to the two uniformed police officers parked across the street.

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