tagGroup SexA Haunted House To Remember Ch. 02

A Haunted House To Remember Ch. 02


In addition to playing Dracula, I work for a university teaching a course. Monday came and went as usual, my class ending at 3. I thought I saw long dark hair that looked familiar leaving the rear of the room. After I got back to my office I thought about it and looked through the online pictures of my students. It didn't take long to find Jill Wilson. Miss Wilson bore a striking resemblance to the two Indian squaws that were my "reward" for being a good sport during the haunted house. In many ways I hoped she wouldn't put together who Dracula was. For the next week, I had a pretty good feeling that she hadn't made the connection. Getting involved with one of your students was a quick way to get canned. It was bad enough if you were involved with a student, but if that student was in your class you were dead meat. I hoped that she either wouldn't put it together, or she would keep it to herself. Fortunately age wasn't a problem, since most of my students were nearing their twenty first birthdays.

The following Monday came, and any hope of her not figuring it out evaporated. The lecture of my class was given in a fairly large auditorium type setting. The room had seats for twice the 90 students that I had. As was typical in most classes, there were a few that sat toward the front, but most stayed toward the back half of the room. This day I had an obvious student in the third row straight up from where I normally stood while I was lecturing. This particular student, with long dark hair, was wearing a white short sleeved turtleneck shirt and a very short denim skirt. Her outfit was finished off with flip-flops. She sat there smiling at me as I prepared for lecture.

I was half way through my lecture before I temporarily lost my train of thought and had to pause to collect them. That derailment was caused when I looked up at Jill and she was using the end of her pencil to trace back and forth across her right breast, bouncing it across her hardening nipple with each pass. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra, and the slight attention she was paying to one of her nipples had them both growing hard, poking out of the white shirt at me. I regained my composure and continued with my lecture, trying not to look at her so I could keep my train of thought going, and my dick from growing into an embarrassment. I couldn't resist looking back from time to time though, and once again I lost my train of thought. She had allowed her legs to spread under the writing arm of the seat she had her free hand under her desktop slowly pulling the hem of her already very short skirt up farther. It wasn't long before she had it pulled far enough up for me to be able to see she wasn't wearing anything under. Again it took me a moment to get my thoughts back on track and continue with my lecture. Somehow I managed to make it though the rest of class, finally dismissing the students. By then she had her legs far enough apart and her skirt far enough up that she was able to give me a good enough view of her pussy that I could see moisture glistening on her lips. Almost as soon as I had gotten a good look, her legs closed and she smoothed her skirt down as she stood up. Her notebook closed and was pulled tight to her chest, covering her hard nipples and she disappeared out of the room with the rest of the class.

I stayed and answered student questions and tried to put the view out of my mind. I was mostly successful with that until evening. When I closed my eyes a vivid image of her wet pussy lips leapt to my minds eye, immediately getting me turned on again. The night ended up with a nice porn movie to release the tension. Since there wasn't any more class that week I didn't see her again until Monday.

Once again she was sitting in lecture with a button down shirt and plaid pleated skirt. Her long dark hair was loose, hanging down over her shoulders, reaching well past her tits as she bent over to get her notebook out of her backpack. Class started and I began lecturing. It wasn't long before my eyes were drawn to Jill. She was sitting with no one close, and her hair pulled over her shoulders so that it laid on both sides of her chest. Between the two shocks of hair spread over her shoulders and chest, was a strip of tanned skin disappearing into the light blue button down blouse.

As class continued, that strip of skin continued to grow, until I was easily looking at the sides of her tits, the shirt undone practically to her navel. Every so often she would reach to her front and push the material around, until, very subtly, she had one tit mostly exposed, covered only with the hair laying across it. As her head moved up and down to take notes, her nipple slowly worked out between the strands until it was fully in my view. Nearly at the end of class she reached between her legs and I saw them spread slightly while she looked down at her paper. Her hand disappeared between her legs, pulling the skirt up until I had a clear view of her pussy. I practically choked when I saw her finger disappear into her pussy, and then sliding out again, glistening with her juices. I did my best to sound coherent in my lecture. When her finger went to her lips and sucked the juices off I was beyond keeping track of what I was saying. I finished my sentence and then looked at the clock.

With ten minutes to go, I announced a pop quiz and quickly wrote a question out on the board. With that done, I was able to stand back and watch Jill as she pulled a piece of paper from her notebook. She shook her head, and pulled her hair back, giving me a brief look at her fully exposed breast. The material was quickly closed and she buttoned it as she wrote the answer to her quiz. As most of the class was getting up to hand in their quizzes, I watched Jill as I looked over the bulk of the room. She closed her legs only when she thought someone might see her. I saw her hand disappear between her legs one more time just before she stood up. She walked up to me and handed me her quiz, running her finger over my hand. I could feel the trail of moisture she left there. After the room emptied, I reached my hand to my nose and the scent of pussy was clearly there. I picked up my stuff and headed back to my office, horny as hell.

Wednesday came and homework was due. Jill came in toward the end and set her paper on the pile, giving me a look as she did. She went to her new spot in the third row and sat down. She was wearing a white zipper down jumper, white stocking and heals. She looked like a million bucks. She sat down and I watched the clock to reach 2 for the start of class. I picked up lecture where I had left off last time. I worked through my material, glancing occasionally at Jill. I was getting better at keeping my eye on her and my mind on my lecture. She was trying that today though. Her jumper, had a single zipper, but it apparently had two pulls, one from the top and one from the bottom. It wasn't long before those two zippers began to move toward each other. My next surprise was that her stockings were not pantyhose, but stockings with a white garter. Before the end of class she had exposed more than half of her tits and I could easily see all the way to her shaved pussy. The end of class came and the zippers were quickly closed. She winked at me as she got up to leave. I picked up my stuff and headed back to my office.

When I got to my office, I pulled out the homework, and looked through until I found Jill's homework. I thought I noticed a note, and sure enough, there were a series of numbers. Three rows, labeled N, W and T. I sat and puzzled what they meant. It was late in the afternoon before I realized what the first two were. GPS coordinates. I quickly pulled up google earth and plugged in the numbers. The location was a spot north of town along the river. Now all I needed to do was figure out the T number. It was obviously a time and place, but what was the time? It took a while to figure out that if I calculated the number of hours from the beginning of the year, it would be exactly at noon on Saturday. I figured I should let her know that I understood, but how? I sent an e-mail indicating that I had a question on her homework, and would she stop by my office at a time of her choosing. Now all I could do was wait.

Jill showed up in my office on Friday afternoon.

"you wanted to see me?" Jill asked as she stepped into my office. She was wearing what I could only describe as a spandex tube that went from just over her tits to mid thigh, fitting like a glove over her curves.

"Yes. I was looking at your homework and I didn't understand what you had put down for one answer, but I think I figured it out since then."

"Oh good." She said as she sat down in the chair next to my desk. She had her back to the door and her legs facing me. She slid a hand down to the bottom hem of the dress and pulled it up until I could easily see her pussy. "I was hoping you would understand what I had put down."

"It took me a few minutes to puzzle it out, but yes, I finally got your point."

"oh good.!" She said with a smile, letting her hands leave the bottom hem while she spread her legs slightly, giving me both a better view of her pussy and holding the material tight so that I could still see. " I wasn't sure you would understand what I meant." She continued, keeping her voice even and professional in case someone overheard. Her hands, however were far from professional. She used both hands on the top of her dress, pulling it down until it was hooked under her bare tits. She then squeezed her arms together, pushing them tighter together and out toward me. She smiled at me with a huge sexy grin.

"I'm glad I got my point across. Do you think there are any other problems with that?"

"No, I think I completely understand. While I don't want to give the appearance of special treatment I think I can give you a fair grade with that information."

"Thank you. I guess I'll see you in class on Monday."

"Unless we happen to cross paths before that. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend."

"I will, thank you! You too!" she said with a sparkle in her eyes as she covered her tits and pulled her dress back in place as she stood up. "Bye professor."

"Bye Miss Wilson." I said as she walked out of the office wiggling her hips seductively. If there was any doubt left in my mind of her intentions, they were gone now. The only question that remained was how long I would keep my job if this ever got out. I went back to work trying not to think about the weekend.

Saturday came sunny and beautiful. We were having a nice Indian summer, and today was no exception. By ten o-clock it was nearly seventy. I did some chores around the house, anciously waiting for eleven thirty. I figured it would take me twenty minutes to drive to a good place to park and another ten to hike in. I didn't know if there was a trail or anything, but I had my GPS and I could easily go cross country. The biggest problem was that I didn't know which side of the river the spot was located on. It wasn't deep, and this time of year didn't flow too fast, but the water was bound to be cold. I packed a towel in my backpack along with my water and other normal daypack stuff. The time finally arrived and I headed out.

I got there a little less than twenty minutes later pulling off the highway and down a small dirt drive toward the river. I parked and headed for the coordinates using my gps. I didn't see any other cars parked, so all I could do was walk to the coordinates and hope that I found Jill there. I approached the coordinates and saw a clearing through the woods. It was not an easy trek, but I did find a nice deer trail to follow for part of the way. It was also a good thing I wore long pants, because the brambles were not nice.

I stepped into the clearing and was greeted with a pleasant site. Laying on a lounge chair was Jill, wearing a tiny white bikini, basking in the sun.. She stood up as soon as she saw me and stepped to the middle of the clearing.

"I wasn't sure you would come." She said as she reached behind her and untied her suit top.

"I wasn't sure I would either. You know that something like this could get me fired." I said as I watched her untie her bottoms and let them slide to the ground with her top.

"I won't tell if you don't." she said as she moved over to me and started pulling my t-shirt out of my pants. She quickly pulled it out and over my head, tossing it aside. Next she knelt down and untied my hiking boots and pulled them off, tossing them over her shoulder. She straightened, still on her knees, and undid my pants, pulling them down to my ankles, my hardening dick springing out as she pulled my briefs down with my pants. "Oh I have been waiting so long for this." She said quietly as she engulfed my dick with her hot mouth. I hardened the rest of the way very quickly, her slurping and sucking working me quickly toward a climax.

"I'm going to cum if you keep that up." I told her between clenched teeth.

"Good" she mumbled as she increased her efforts.

"AHHHHHH" I cried out into the woods as I started unloading buckets of cum into her mouth. She worked valiantly to swallow down everything I gave her, letting just trickles come out the corners of her mouth. Finally she decided she had me sucked dry and pulled her face from my crotch. Without a word she helped me step of my pants the rest of the way and then stood up, pressing her tits into my heaving chest and her lips to mine. I felt her tongue invade my mouth and tasted the saltyness of my cum on her. We stood there kissing, tasting, practically devouring each other for a long time. Finally she pulled from me and took my hand.

"I want to be eaten out so bad right now. Please tell me you eat pussy." She said as she pulled me toward the lounge chair.

"I've been waiting to taste your pussy ever since you flashed it at me in class that day."

"I wasn't for sure you were Dracula until you reacted to me. The look in your eyes after class told me I was right."

I knelt at the end of the lounge chair after she sat down. I helped her scoot down to the end toward me and she hooked her legs over my shoulders as I reached out and inhaled her scent. I licked gently at first, working my tongue between her already engorged lips, eliciting a moan from her. I continued to work on her for many minutes, my tongue starting to tire as she began to come. I felt her body shake and shudder as she screamed out that she was coming. The woods was filled with oh gods and oh fucks as her body continued to convulse as I attacked her clit. Finally she pushed my head away and pulled me up toward her. She moved up the chair, pulling me along with her. It was clear what she wanted, and right then I wanted it just as much. She cried out again as I drove my dick into her sopping pussy. She held her legs wide in the air, allowing my thrusts to plunge my dick in until my head was bumping her cervix. Her orgasm quickly built back up and she screamed out to fuck her harder as I plunged in and out, my own cum boiling up in my balls preparing for release. Her pussy began to spasm around my dick as her climax hit new heights, triggered by the first shot of my hot cum invading her pussy. She clamped the two of us together, pulling me deep into her as her body shook and convulsed with each new pump of hot juice. I finally collapsed on top of her, drained of both cum and energy.

After what seemed like an hour, we rolled to the side, my softened dick having long uncorked the flood of juices from her. "My god that was good." She breathed as she moved her head to nuzzle my neck.

"I have to admit that was one of the best fucks I have ever had."

"Ohhh you like me then?" she purred.

"I have to admit you great at sex, but as a person, I'm not sure what you're like."

"Well, Maybe I'll have to give you some lessons on that second part. I'm kind, considerate, sensitive, and oh yes! Very very turned on by you."

"That last part I could tell, but why?"

"I don't know. When I met you at the haunted house, I was just there for a good time. I hadn't really ever done anything like that, so when Deb dared us, I couldn't resist. She promised that it would be unforgettable. The reality is that it was. When I saw you in class the next Monday I knew it was you. I just had to have you again!"

"Well you did. But I could easily be fired, having sex with one of my students."

"Well then maybe you better not get caught." A voice said from the side of the clearing. My immediate reaction was 'oh fuck'. "you remember me professor? I'm Jill' sister Jenny." She said as she walked into the clearing, holding a video camera. "You two make one hell of a porn video!" she said.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Jill asked, sitting up, anger clear in her face. I was afraid I had been set up by Jill, but one look at the pure rage in her features told me she was as upset as I was. "You had no right!" She shouted as she got out of the chair and went to confront her sister.

"Oh I had every right dear sister. You planned on keeping him for yourself, and I wanted some too!"

"So you do something this despicable?"

"Sure? Why not? When you took the boat out I knew where you were headed. It didn't take me long to guess what was up. I'm just glad I got here in time to capture the grand finally."

"You fucking whore!" Jill screamed at her as she took a dive at her sister. The two of them fell into a pile of flying arms and legs. Jenny got up and tried to run to the boat after pushing Jill away. I followed as the two ran the short way to the shore. Jenny jumped into a boat tied to a tree on the shore and was just getting ready to try to start it when Jill flew though the air and landed both of them in the water. The ice cold water knocked the wind out of both of them and I quickly waded in to pull Jill out and then help Jenny into the boat. The two of them sat shivering in the boat, Jill swearing at her sister like a sailor. "You ruined everything you fucking whore!"

"Not likely." Jenny shivered as I used a towel I found In the boat to dry Jill off. "you just wanted to keep him to yourself." She finished.

"Come on." I said as I started to undress her from her sopping clothes. She was shivering uncontrollably now, her lips turning a nice shade of blue. "Stop fighting and get these wet clothes off before you go into hypothermia!" I snapped. Jenny slowly helped me get her clothes off while Jill sat in the sun and tried to warm back up. By the time I had her naked, her lips were completely blue. "Come on. Both of you!" I said, half carrying Jenny toward the bow of the boat. I climbed out and then waited for Jill, still shivering to climb out after me. She held my arm as we made our way back into the clearing. I helped Jenny sit on the lounge chair and then spread the towel and blanket that Jill had previously brought out, on the ground. I helped Jill lay down in the sun and then went to get Jenny. Once I had her on the blanket as well, I sat down between them and pulled the blanket over us. I lay down and pulled them both close to me under the blanket. They were both cold as ice and shivering, but they slowly warmed up, or I cooled down, I'm not all that sure which. We lay there, letting my body heat and the sun on the brown blanket heat the girls back up. Somewhere along the way I fell asleep with them.

I was aroused by two noses nuzzling my neck and a hand gently stroking my already hardened dick. I really wasn't sure what to make of this development. Last time I recalled, Jill was pissed at Jenny, and Jenny was planning on blackmailing me into having sex with her. The fact that I now had both girls hands on my body, and neither was objecting had me confused. That confusion grew when Jill slid up my body and fed me one of her luscious tits and Jenny, I think, slid a leg across my body and gently impaled herself on my dick. I heard Jenny moan as she began to gently ride me, using her hands to both kneed my chest and use it for support. I licked and sucked the tit that was being fed to me as my arousal grew. I felt Jenny shudder and make small mewing noises as she began to climax on my dick. Jill replaced Jenny after she slid off my dick. Jill was much more aggressive in her bouncing, leaning forward to let her tits play across my face as she rocked on her knees. I nipped and licked at her nipples any time they came in range, while my hands squeezed her tight ass in time with her bouncing. She sat upright and changed positions, putting her feet on the ground and using her hands on my hips for leverage. Now she was bouncing straight up and down on me, screaming out in pleasure and using language a street whore would blush at. The woods was filled with her cries about how she wanted to feel my "fuck juice" fill her and how she wanted me to turn her into her "fuck slave". Her pussy contracted around my dick, indicating another orgasm was upon her, but she kept on bouncing, just more erratically.

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