A Haunted House


There was something about this Black Widow. As I was being violently attacked he was kind and gentle. He slowly began to rock his hips causing his cock to gently fuck my now open mouth. I realized that I was no longer crying. I felt my insides begin to tingle from the relentless fucking I was getting. Only in my wildest fantasy would I ever get gang banged like this. But here I was and it was really happening.

I felt my toes begin to tingle and realized that I was grinding my hips to meet my attackers thrusts. I began bobbing my head as the Black Widow continued to fuck my mouth. I couldn't stop now if I wanted too. I just hoped and prayed that I wouldn't get hurt and that Richard would understand.

Suddenly I felt my body begin to cave in. Moans were escaping my cock filled mouth now as my body began to tremble and shake in orgasm. I began devouring the Black Widow's cock as I suddenly collapsed. The bindings around my wrists were all that kept me from falling to the ground beneath.

Suddenly I felt Frankenstein begin to grunt and groan. His rhythm intensified and suddenly he pulled his cock from my twitching trembling pussy. As Dracula continued to fuck my ass and the Black Widow continued to fuck my mouth I felt something warm splashing on my breasts and then my stomach. I realized that Frankenstein was standing before me pulling on his cock and cumming on me. Splash after splash of his hot cum began to drip down my breasts and my stomach. That only turned me on even more.

Suddenly I felt the Black Widow's cock begin to swell even more in my mouth. "Oh God" I thought to myself as I realized that this unknown attacker was about to cum in my mouth. I just hoped and prayed that Richard would understand afterwards. Just then I felt the Black Widow push his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I fought to keep from gagging and that's when the first spurt of my attacker's cock bathed my throat with cum. I began to swallow as fast as I could. The dirty thought of being forced to suck this mans cock and then to swallow his cum turned me on to heights never before thought of as imaginable. Before I knew it the Black Widow withdrew his cock from my mouth and began pumping the tail end of his orgasm on my face. If these attackers only knew how much it turns me on to feel cum splattering my naked flesh.

The Black Widow finished cumming and began to crawl down the web. I felt Dracula's hands slide up my stomach and cup my breasts. "Oh God" I screamed as he pinched my nipples and pulled on my nipple rings. Dracula continued to pound my ass and pull on my buds as I watched Frankenstein and the Black Widow standing before me. They just stood there watching Dracula fuck my ass and play with my breasts. The flashing strobe light, the loud thumping satanic music, and the chilly foggy air was too much. Dracula slid his hand down and began to caress my clit as he continued to pump my ass. These two other attackers who were standing before me and watching me really began to turn me on. I felt my pussy begin to drip and quiver. I began to pant as I felt the first wave of ecstasy race through my body. My breasts tingled and my pussy began to throb. I could feel this one building deep inside. Dracula's cock fucking my ass, one hand pulling on my nipple, the other rubbing my clit, tied up and forced to fuck these three attackers and having an audience was just too much. I gripped the web with my hands and began to gyrate my hips to meet Dracula's thrusts. The thought of Richard was out of my mind at this moment. I just wanted to cum so badly that I could taste it. I cried out as the first spasm of pleasure raced through my pussy. I began to buck back at Dracula's cock as he continued to slam into me. Dracula began to grunt and groan as my orgasm now controlled my body and soul. I could feel his member swelling even more in my ass. Just then I felt him begin to cum. His grunts told me he was pumping his load deep inside my bowels. I could feel his cum hitting my insides as I stood there helplessly before him. I trembled and shook violently as the assault continued. I thought I was going to pass out from the intense pleasurable feelings I was experiencing.

I felt Dracula pull his cock from my ass. I could feel his cum dripping out of my ass hole and down my thigh's. He walked around in front of me and stood with the other two. I felt so degraded as I remained tied to this web in front of these three men. "What are they going to do next" I wondered as I felt more cum begin to drip down my inner thigh's. Before I could even begin to wonder what was next, Dracula and Frankenstein began walking towards me.

I watched as they bent down in front of me. They each took an ankle and foot and untied me. My wrists remained tied over my head and I thought that they would untie them next. I was wrong, very wrong. Suddenly and without warning Frankenstein and Dracula took my feet and yanked them out from beneath me. "Arrr..." I screamed as I hung by my wrists. My legs were pulled up in front of me and spread wide. "Oh God" I screamed and I watched the Black Widow begin to walk towards me. "Richard" I screamed out loud as the Black Widow walked between my forced open legs. I could see his rock hard twitching cock in the flashing strobe lights. Looking down I watched him grab his cock and rub it up and down my wet slit. I have never been forced to submit like this before. I felt my legs being forced up a little higher and spread open a little farther. I could feel my cunt open up and form a tunnel for the Black Widow. Suddenly the attack began.

Frankenstein and Dracula began pulling on my feet and legs together. I watched as the Black Widow stood in one spot before me. "Oh God..." I screamed out as I was being pulled onto the Black Widow's cock and then pushed back off again. I was actually being forced to fuck the Black Widow. They pulled my legs and swung me back and forth from the web while my pussy continued to impale my attacker's member. I was so turned on because it was almost like role reversal. It was like I was fucking him. They continued to pull and push me back and forth. My eyes were now nearly closed as I stared into the beautiful eyes of the Black Widow. There was something about him that eased my fears and turned me on. He reached up and held my hands as the bindings dug into my wrists. I watched in the flashing lights as he moved his face closer to mine. I could feel him breathing on my hot skin as I was still being forced to fuck him. Suddenly the Black Widow placed his lips upon mine. Instantly my mouth opened to find a warm wet tongue. The Black Widow and I began tongue kissing as my body was still being forced to fuck this handsome spider. Frankenstein and Dracula began to pull and push me harder and harder until I couldn't stand it any more. I felt my insides begin to tremble. My nipples brushed the Black Widow's chest and that set me off. I began t moan and cry out into my attacker's mouth as we continued to kiss. I began to see stars as my body began to shake uncontrollably. Wave after wave of pleasure continued to rage throughout my body.

As Frankenstein and Dracula continued to force me to fuck the Black Widow I never knew such intense pleasurable feelings were possible. Suddenly I watched the Black Widow raise his hands up to his face. I have never been so man handled like this before in my life. The chilly foggy air, the satanic music and the flashing strobe lights added to the excitement. As I was still being pulled on and off the Black Widow's cock I couldn't believe what I was about to see. Suddenly he began to pull his mask off. "Oh God" I thought as my attacker was about to reveal himself. As I continued to impale his beautiful cock I watched his mask fall from his face.

I couldn't believe my eyes. My senses shot into overload and my skin began to tingle. Suddenly I began to cum like never before. "Oh my Goddd....." I screamed. My eyes were glued to my attacker's beautiful eyes and smile. My toes curled and my pussy began to convulse in the most powerful orgasm of my life. As I stared at my attacker I watched him mouth "Happy Birthday." I smiled as I continued to cum as I hung from his web. As I continued to stare into the soul of my attacker I watched him mouth "I Love You" to me. Instantly I mouthed "I Love You Too" back at him. I felt myself coming down from my orgasm when I watched my attacker mouth another sentence to me. I wasn't sure what he said so I just stared at him. Again he mouthed "Will You Marry Me." I began to tremble again as I somehow began to cum as I was still being forced to fuck his beautiful cock. My eyes closed as I mouthed "Yes Richard I Will Marry You." I began to tremble and shake and I realized that Richard untied my left wrist. I opened my eyes to watch him place the most beautiful diamond ring on my ring finger. The flashing strobe lights caused the ring to sparkle magnificently. As he slipped the ring on my finger I began to cum again. Richard now began to support me as only one wrist was still restrained. He began to pump me as I wrapped my legs around him. As my orgasm subsided Richard laid his soft lips upon mine and we became lost in a soul searching kiss.

Richard untied my other wrist and I stood before him, Frankenstein, and Dracula completely naked except for my heels. Suddenly Frankenstein removed his mask. It was Jacob who was Richard's best friend. Looking over at Dracula as he removed his mask I was surprised to find it was Derek who was Richard's college roommate.

Richard knew this was my fantasy and he made it a reality for me. I walked up to Jacob and kissed him lightly on the lips and hugged him. His warm hand cupped my ass as he hugged me back. "Thank You" I whispered into his ear. Next I walked over to Derek and hugged him. "Thank You" I whispered in his ear as I kissed him on his cheek. He too cupped my ass as we hugged briefly. Next I walked over to Richard where he was holding my black leather coat open for me. I looked at my dress and thong laying on the floor as I put my arms through the black leather sleeves. I pulled the coat around my chilly naked body and Richard bent down and picked up my clothes. He tossed my dress to Derek and then my thong to Jacob. "Souvenirs Guys" Richard shouted to them over the music.

Derek and Jacob both left out the exit door and Richard and I followed behind them arm in arm. As we walked back out into the haunted house I never felt a rush like I was feeling at the moment. I was completely naked except for my coat and I just had the best sexual experience of my life. We finally made it out of the haunted house and walked out to the car. We drove home and started to celebrate the rest of our lives together.

Please send me any and all feedback pertaining to this story. Thank you for your support and please enjoy my other submissions.

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