tagErotic HorrorA Haunting

A Haunting


"Goodnight sweetheart," Alicia said leaning over to give her fiancé a quick kiss before he turned off the light and rolled over.

"Goodnight." Justin whispered as he absent-mindedly returned her kiss, sleep already beginning to overtake him.

Letting out a small sigh she watched in mild frustration as he quickly drifted off.

Truthfully she didn't blame him for falling asleep so quickly; for him it had been a long trip after a long day with only a couple of stops to get gas and stretch before they were on their way again, but it was still frustrating.

She herself had gotten a little sleep in the car but Justin hadn't. As per the usual, his ego had insisted he do all the driving, and because he wanted to get there as soon as possible, he insisted on driving straight through.

The Bed and Breakfast where they were staying was a big, beautiful house dating from the early 1800's. and if you were to believe the rumors, it was also haunted. The elderly couple who ran it laughed at the suggestion and swore there was no truth to the rumors.

'Haunted or not' Alicia though. 'this place is gorgeous!'

With their various health issues, long trips were out of the question so the couple had bought it as part of their retirement. They loved meeting new people so the B&B seemed like the perfect solution. A chance for them to live vicariously through the lives and vacations of their guests.

Alone in the room however, the owners promises of safety and even their smiling faces were of little consolation as Alicia lay there, every sound of the old house opening her eyes just a little bit more.

'There's nothing there.' She chided herself. 'It's just your overactive imagination!' but that didn't make her feel any better either.

Soon however, the soft white noise of the fan Justin needed to fall asleep was lulling her on to dreamland as well.

Justin had long since fallen asleep himself when she was about to submit to her own exhaustion. On the verge of dreamland she felt a soft caress on her leg and smiled. Moving up to her womanly hips the soft caress left goosebumps in its wake.

'Mmmmmm! Guess he's not asleep after all. ' she thought with delight, her senses suddenly awake.

This would be perfect! A good hard fucking was just what she needed to help her ignore the anxiety she was feeling inside.

Still laying on her side, she pretended to be asleep as his lips started kissing her shoulder and then the tender flesh of her neck.

"Mmmmm!" she vocalized when his lips found the sensitive spot just behind her ear while his hand moved off her hip and up to her firm breasts.

Her breasts had always been sensitive and Justin knew how much she enjoyed having them played with. Acting as if she was slowly waking up, she took a long languid breath. Stretching out with her arms behind her head, she arched her back, forcing her breasts and hardened nipples even more into his exploring hands.

Wiggling toward him, she sighed again when she felt his body nestle up against hers.

She loved how her body fit so well into his. It always made her feel complete. Feeling his erection between the cheeks of her butt had her moistening in anticipation.

"Mmm Mmuh!" she pouted in the darkness when his hand abandoned her breast. Her disappointment faded quickly as it continued down her chest and over her flat tummy, before disappearing into her sheer panties already slick with her juices.

Parting her legs for his ease of access, she gasped when she felt his fingers slip into her soft wet folds to find her little love button.

That little bundle of nerves practically begged for his attention but after that initial graze, Justin seemed to studiously avoid it, toying, stimulating, and paying attention to everything around it instead.

It struck Alicia as odd in a way, this wasn't like Justin. Usually he went straight for her clit, oftentimes over-stimulating her to the point of pain. Tonight though, he seemed to have an entirely different technique and she was LOVING it!

Between the kisses on her neck, the sensation of his cock, and his fingers toying with her pussy, she was soon worked to new heights. Her breasts had firmed up, her nipples hardened, her pussy was practically dripping, and she was rapidly approaching what could only be described as an intense orgasm, yet he had STILL not touched her love button.

With her body writing, her mouth opening and closing in a silent scream, she neared that exquisite threshold. Desperately she prayed for that blissful release yet Justin had still not touched her in the one spot that guaranteed she would become a pool of liquid sex cradled in his loving arms.

With the slightest shift she felt his other arm snake underneath and around her body to cup her breast while his other fingers began a rhythmic dance on the center of sex. She had been too close for too long though, and now even with the direct stimulation she had desired for what seemed like hours, she still was not climaxing. Instead she was being taken even higher.

Spreading her legs even wider for him, she whimpered aloud as he drove her to the edge.

Feeling a quick nuzzle at her neck, Alicia turned her head, eyes still closed to find those lips.

Her lovers lips found hers first and as his tongue slipped into her mouth she screamed, panting with release, her long sought after orgasm crashing over her wanton body.

Her whole body shook with the strength of it and she was thankful for the seal the lips provided to mask her screams of ecstasy. Sharing that sweet moment with Justin was one thing, sharing it with everyone else in the B&B by waking them up in the middle of the night was something else entirely.

Trembling in the aftermath, his kisses took on a different tone, soft, sweet, and loving.

Oddly, in that moment just when she expected Justin to line up and penetrate her to the core of her being, or at the very least ask her to go down on him and suck his dick, his presence faded away.

Rolling over when she no longer felt Justin's presence, she was surprised to find him with his back turned, a full arms length away.

She expected him to be looking at her, smiling like he did whenever he was messing with her. Instead, there he was, on the other side of the king size bed, chest rising and falling with the slow steady rhythm of one fast asleep.

At first she was confused. Surely he had to be messing with her! But the steady rhythm of his breathing and the rapid darting of his eyes behind the lids let her know unequivocally that he was, and had been, fast asleep.

There could be no mistake though, someone HAD been toying with her pussy, she HAD just had an orgasm. Not just ANY orgasm either but the single best orgasm of her life and yet the only man who could have given it to her was three feet way and fast asleep!

Every hair on her body suddenly stood on end and a sense of panic overwhelmed her. Sitting bolt upright in bed she quickly scanned the room for intruders, yet there was no one there. Nothing to see.

Sliding out of the bed she tiptoed cautiously to check the bolt on the door, yet it too was locked.

"What the hell!" she whispered.

'This could NOT have been my imagination.' She thought in panic, the feelings of sexual bliss still dominating her senses.

Climbing back into bed she closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep but the adrenalin flowing through her veins had heightened her senses and her attention was repeatedly drawn to detect even the slightest disturbance in the room.

Rolling onto her side and pulling the covers up over her shoulder, a bit more aggressively than she normally would have, she tried falling asleep again.

It was a foolish thought, her heart was beating too fast, her awareness too high.

Again she felt that same soft caress and a sense of something otherworldly slammed home in an instant, every hair on her body standing on end.

"Wha ...." She began to say as she sat bolt upright in bed, but that was the only sound that made it out before she felt something being pressed into her mouth.

She had sucked cock often enough to recognize the soft, yet impossibly firm, tube sliding between her lips and over her tongue. Once you had done it there was simply no mistaking that sensation. Yet there was no one in front of her and Justin was on the other side of the large bed sleeping the night away.

She tried to resist, first by pushing in front of her but her arms merely passed through the air finding nothing tangible. She then tried pulling away and twisting her head from side to side.

With a pop the dick in her mouth slid out. Continuing her retreat she backed all the way up to sit against the headboard.

'Why did I close my eyes too?' Alicia questioned herself briefly before she felt hands begin to pet her face softly, in an almost reassuring fashion, as if to say. 'It's OK. You're going to be just fine. Trust me!'

Alicia opened her mouth in confusion, a million questions running through her head, and then, taking her open mouth as an invitation, suddenly the cock was back.

It wasn't as forceful this time though, it was more gentle, even loving in a way.

Accepting that there was nothing she was going to be able to do to stop it (seriously! How would YOU stop a ghost from having its way with YOUR mouth?) she began with a little lick.

The invisible pulse in her mouth told her she had done something right.

'Oh this is SO WEIRD!' she thought to herself.

With a quick glance over at Justin, Alicia began paying attention to the invisible phallus in her mouth and did her best to imagine it was her fiancés cock. Justin always love it when she sucked his dick, especially when she swallowed his cum.

Sucking, and bobbing her head, in her mind she could almost hear Justin's deep throated moans of approval. Feeling her own arousal rising, she began using her tongue to put pressure in the all too sensitive spot just below the head.

Closing her eyes she lost herself in her work and nearly missed the soft touch on her thighs. It was only when her legs parted on their own that she questioned anything.

Turning her head side to side, the cock in her mouth slipped out long enough for her to see Justin, still fast asleep on his side of the bed, it also revealed in those short moments, before the cock retook its position, that the space between her creamy thighs was filled with nothing but air.

'or at least nothing I can see!' She thought to herself. 'I wonder how long it takes to make a ghost cum?' she thought with a strange curiosity as she reluctantly resumed sucking on her invisible lovers shaft.

It was that moment when she felt the first soft flick across her clit. It was soft, sweet, perfectly aimed, and nearly took her breath away.

'Well this is new!' she thought, her breath trembling.

The gifted tongue worked her pussy into a lather and soon she was no longer fighting the cock in her mouth. In fact, as she felt her needs being cared for she began to revel in it, nurse it, coax it. She wanted nothing more than to satisfy her supernatural lover because she knew somehow her own orgasm wouldn't be far behind.

She was cold and her body slick with sweat when she felt like what seemed to be hands on the back of her head. Reaching out, she wanted nothing more than to hold whoever or whatever was granting her such pleasure but there was still nothing there, no hands to touch, no body to hold.

Reaching out for Justin to give her something of an anchor to the real world, she breathed a sigh of relief when she found his hand. Interlacing her fingers with his she brought her other up to squeeze her breast and pinched her hard nipples.

The cock in her mouth was moving faster now, deeper, more frantic.

Around that cock she mewed her own pleasure as the tongue working her pussy ramped up as well.

With a shudder she felt the cock in her mouth unload it's seed. She could feel it in her mouth, warm and sticky. She could feel it going down her throat, leaving a chill in its wake when she swallowed. She could feel it overflowing her mouth and running down her chin. She attempted to wipe it up to put back in her mouth but it was like a whisper, there, and then gone.

Any logical thought she might have had at that moment though were obliterated as her whole body began to shake with an orgasm even more powerful than the last one she had felt.

Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure crashed over her and she was sure she would soon drown in the pleasure of it all.

Thankful of Justin's fingers still interlaced with her own, her breathing slowly returned to normal as that tempestuous sea finally began to calm. Somehow, she knew that tenuous connection had been the only thing to save her. Somehow, without that contact she would have been blissfully sucked out to sea.

Giving one last shaky exhale she let go of his hand to run it over her body. She still tingled everywhere, but most especially her breasts and pussy. Even her mouth felt empty without the massive cock that had not so long ago invaded it.

Looking over at Justin, she was sure he hadn't even moved a little while she had been writhing around, twice now, in the throes of ecstasy.

Tossing the covers back and swinging her legs out of the bed she staggered drunkenly to the bathroom connected to their suite supporting herself on tables, dressers, the wall.

Not wanting to disturb Justin, she closed the door before turning on the light. Looking at herself in the mirror she wasn't surprised to see the skin of her face and chest were flushed. Her hair was also a mess, and her pussy was dripping from the stimulation it had just endured.

"Oh my God!" she whispered to her disheveled reflection, her voice shaking.

Never in her life had she ever been so thoroughly worked over, so completely pleasured, certainly not by Justin.

Justin was in a lot of ways the stereotypical male. He never had a problem whenever she went down on him but he considered it disgusting to go down on her. As such he seldom if ever returned the favor.

Picking up the antique silver brush left out by the B&B, she put it to her long hair. Drawing it through her hair slowly she focused on her breathing.

Timing her breathing to those long slow strokes, she came down slowly from her orgasmic high.

Finally content she had calmed her nerves enough she turned off the light and grabbed the doorknob.

Remembering she still held the brush she stepped back in the dark and set it on the counter. Before she could release the brush though she felt hands on her hips. Large, strong, manly hands and she gasped as they pulled her back into what was without a doubt a massively erect cock.

Her fingers curled back around the brush when she felt those hands slide up under her nightie and into the soft cups that supported her firm full breasts. Closing her eyes, she reached down and back with her hands trying to imagine in her mind where the figure behind would be.

"Ahuh!" she mouthed in pain when her hard nipples were pinched and pulled on.

That instance of pain was like a starting bell for all the juices in her pussy for she felt herself getting warm and wet, again!

Her previous calm gone in an instant, she nearly whimpered when the hands pulled out of her nightie and away from her breasts.

Feeling the hands again, this time on her back, she sighed as she felt them push her forward. Pressed up against the bathroom counter as she was, she had nowhere to go, no choice but to bend over.

Even in the dark with her eyes closed she could picture all too well the scene.

Her long brown curly hair slowly falling over her shoulder. Her nightie, bright red satin with black lace accents that Justin had just bought her, riding up past her tight buttocks, the matching G-string plainly coming in to view.

She should do something. Say something. She should at least scream! Shouldn't she?

Instead she shivered in anticipation when she felt the hand pull her G-string aside.

Was she going to let this happen? Was she going to let this progress!?

Trembling with fear and excitement she didn't know.

One hand pulled back on her hips while the other pushed forward on her back until she was practically laying across the counter. Her breathing rattled a little and her eyes were wide open, trying, hoping to see what was happening but her vision still had not adjusted to the incredibly low light condition.

The hand on her back moved to join the other on her hips. Together they drew her up until she was standing on her tiptoes. When the hands released she sank back down only to have the hands draw her back up. After several times and a firm crack on the ass she realized that she was being set up, she was supposed to stay that way.

Unable to believe she was going to allow this she turned her gaze down to look at the black marble.

'I can't see anything anyway.' She thought, her legs beginning to tremble.

The hands were back, caressing her body. All over they explored, up from her hips to her neck, around and down to her breasts, then her hips and thighs before coming around to her clean shaven pussy and finally ending where they began, on her hips.

Lifting her up a bit more, one hand held her there.

This was a position she knew all too well, it was one of Justin's favorites. Her's too actually but this was different. As her vision had finally adjusted and with the mirror in front of her it had an indirect voyeuristic feel to it but with direct stimulation.

When she felt the head press against her mound she raised her head, hoping to see not her own reflection but who or what was behind her

As he pressed in, her eyes swelled with disbelief.

'Oh God!' she thought with a gasp. 'This is gonna hurt!'

The head had barely slipped past her entrance and already she felt like she was being stretched to the max but onward and upward her spectral lover worked.

He must have known how massive he was and didn't want to hurt her because he was slow, considerate, methodical.

'It's too fucking big!' She thought is panic. Her legs began shaking and even though she was standing on her tiptoes, she tried to lift herself up just little bit more, trying desperately to get away from the massive ghostflesh that was slowly impaling her. She tried ... but there was nowhere to go.

For how large it was, she was thankful her lover was so gentle. He didn't force himself into her tight reluctant pussy, instead, he coaxed her pussy to accept his girth. Inch by, excruciatingly pleasurable, inch he slid in.

She gasped again as that hard cock drew back and pressed back up into her waiting pussy. It wasn't just big, it was HUGE! Far larger than anything she had ever had in her before. Drawing back, it pressed into her again, a little further this time taking away her breath.

Accepting the inevitable Alicia focused on her body and relaxing her sex to be more accommodating.

Tremble, clench, release.

Tremble, clench, release.




As her pussy opened up Alicia was amazed at how fast her body was acclimating.

Finding her rhythm, the ghost pressed in in time as she slowly loosened up.

By the time she was fully impaled, her whole body quaked, her breathing was being made difficult from the massive ghost flesh occupying her love tunnel. As uncomfortable as it was at first, now it's presence was beginning to feel good.

It was just at that point when she realized it wasn't hurting anymore that he began moving.

Slow at first, he would barely draw back before pressing gently in. Slowly he ramped up his pace as well as the depths to which he was exploring.

Standing up she leaned back against his hard chest. Legs spread wide, pussy penetrated to the hilt, his hands moved down to her thighs to lift her up off the ground.

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