tagRomanceA Heavenly Dinner

A Heavenly Dinner



I am writing this letter so that we both remember the wonder of that evening. It was a beautiful spring evening. The fiery red of the setting sun filled the broad windows of the restaurant high a top the hotel. There was a rotating bar upstairs but we were meeting for dinner. I had a small booth in a back corner of the room. I could see the door. I could see the skyline. Yet, it was as private as it gets in a public place.

The tables all had long linen table clothes. The smell of garlic and pasta filled the room. It seemed like a nice Italian restaurant with a well-trained and discrete staff, available but not hovering. The silverware glinted as the staff began lighting the candles on each table. The setting seemed perfect. I fidgeted. My thong underwear was new. A little surprise for if the evening went well. I looked at my watch for the fifth time...no, you were not really late yet.

I looked up. It was worth the wait and more. There you were in the doorway. You were talking to the maitre d’ ….my heart skipped a beat. Even from here, I could see you have pulled out all the stops. Your hair shone in the candlelight. Gently pulled back, your hair cascaded down your back. Your smile alone was enough to warm a man’s heart. I stood in my business suit so that you could see me…a dull companion for your beauty.

You glided over towards our booth followed by the maitre d’. At that moment you captured my heart. Your dress was an elegant black that shimmered in the candlelight. The bodice was a simple halter that highlighted your cleavage. The dress was full and flowed around you creating a sense of mystery; mocking my eyes in their attempts to pierce the veil that hid your perfection.

The maitre d’ pulled the table out so that you could slide in. You slid about half way round to the back of the booth. Your almost bare back looked so smooth and lovely. I slid back in and the table was slid back in. My knee touched yours. It was electric. I took your hand and kissed it gently, first on the back and then on your palm. All the while I looked deep into your eyes seeking a signal or sign that I had found favor in your eyes. Was the restaurant okay? Did I get a good table? Was my tie straight? I was as nervous as a teenager on prom night.

Our server arrived and asked if we wanted something from the bar to start. I said, “ no…. just a bottle of sparkling water…to cleanse our pallets and allow us to enjoy the entire evening”. You said nothing…. and just nodded. You face was a perfect mask, your beauty shining out, but no hint as to your thoughts and plans.

We started to examine the menu. The appetizers looked wonderful. Everything looked wonderful. I suggested that we share a handful of appetizers, and have a salad and dessert. Again you just nodded, letting me lead on. My confidence was slowly returning. I signaled the server. I quickly told him our plan. He smiled a knowing smile and promised that everything would be perfect.

We started with two Caesar salads. The lettuce was crisp and fresh. The dressing was bold and aromatic. You asked about my day at the conference. I told you about a new project. You told me about your day. We shared the idle small talk that couples make when they are at dinner. And the salad course was done. With bolstered confidence, my right hand slid over to take your left. It seemed perfect that you were eating with your right and that I was eating with my left. I gently caressed your hand. It was cool and dry.

True to his word, our server magically appeared and whisked the plates away. Almost as if by magic, he reappeared with our first appetizer, an artichoke stuffed with shrimp and a sauce to die for. With a wink to me, he asks if we will need a second fork as he placed the plate between us. I looked at you and said, “no I think one will be enough.” You smiled, almost a mischievous grin.

I slid around to sit closer to you. Our thighs touched along their whole length now. The last glimmers of the sunset were just fading. The sun’s fiery departure was being replaced by the fire of our passions. I reached toward the artichoke and you stopped me telling me that I had been working hard all day and that I should sit back and let you do some of the work.

Your carefully began pulling leave off the artichoke and applying shrimp and sauce to each one. You fed me and then yourself. I licked your fingers gently when they lingered a moment longer than necessary. I was in heaven. Slowly the artichoke became a pile of spent leaves. The sauce was all most gone. The evening could have ended then and I would have had pleasant memories. You knew that I was far from sated. Sitting close, I could just smell the fruity scent of your shampoo. I wanted to reach out and free your hair to cascade where it would. As we finished the artichoke, you deftly removed the last leaves and took the heart into your hand. You brought it to my lips. I took a small bite. You took a small bite and we savored the heart to the last nibble.

Our server stopped by to check on our progress and took away the artichoke residue. I asked if you liked it. You smiled and gently licked your fingers in a most suggestive way. The second appetizer arrived, baked Brie, roast garlic and steaming hot French bread, one of my favorites. This time I took the lead preparing delicious morsels for each of us. The roast garlic was sweet and pungent. The Brie was just the right age. You leaned against me as I reached over to feed you. Your soft breast pressed against my side. I did not want to stop but soon the cheese and garlic were gone.

The next appetizer was a pasta dish with a light sauce filled with sun-dried tomatoes. The pasta was like mini cannelloni stuffed with crab and cheese. You took the fork and portioned out each of the little shells. My right arm slid around your shoulder. The bare skin felt so wonderful and smooth. My hand just touched your left breast through the fabric of your dress. There was no bra...but I had known that. Your body melted against mine. I knew then that the evening would exceed all expectations.

Our server stopped by again and with a discrete cough asked if we are ready to move on. It would be just a moment because the pizza needed to cook and would be served directly from the oven. We were ready so he cleared the table. Without the distraction of food, my hand slid around to caress your breast again. I kissed your neck. Your left hand found its way to my crotch. You could feel my rigid cock through my pants. You gently rubbed along its concealed length. I did not want the pizza to arrive. I wanted the moment to continue forever.

That was not meant to be. Our pizza arrived, cut in very small pieces. Each one was bite size. Again our server had guessed our wishes and was earning a nice tip. I offered you a bite size piece of the pesto-laden pizza. You opened your mouth, accepted the pizza, and licked my fingers in a most suggestive manner. Your hand did not leave my cock. I alternated between feeding you and myself the delectable morsels. You had your eyes on another target. My fly came down. You reached inside to seek a new treat. My thong strained to contain my swelling manhood. You pulled it aside and a snap popped. My cock was free. You gave me an appraising look. You thought I was too conservative to wear even a thong but a thong with snaps was inviting. Your hand gently fondled my swelling cock taking my breath away.

You could tell that I was very distracted now. The pizza delivery slowed. My hand slid inside the bodice of your dress and was caressing your hard nipple. We were getting that satisfied feeling of a wonderful meal now. It was time for dessert. Right on cue, our server cleared the pizza dish and delivered a crystal goblet filled with strawberries and a touch of whipped cream and a truly decadent chocolate torte. I fed you a strawberry and you fed me a bite of torte. We fed ourselves and proceeded to share the two desserts. Your left hand was still caressing my cock and you told me that you wanted to keep it hard all night. My right hand moved to your lap. I pulled the front of your dress to your waist. Silky crotchless panties covered your mound. My hand caressed your sweetness gently. Your eyes had that dreamy look of a woman well contented. The dessert course was slow and heavenly.

Soon it was time to move on. Without a word, you rewrapped my cock in my pants. I allowed your dress to fall. I signaled our server and signed the check; leaving it on my room and including a generous tip for our discrete server. With the bill paid, our server slid the table out so you could rise. He offered a hand to help you up and I followed. With a slight grin, he wished us a pleasant evening.

I followed you towards the elevator. Your ass attracted my gaze. The soft curves were caressed by your swishing dress. We had started early so there were many people waiting to be seated. Many of the women were frowning as their men folk stopped talking to stare at you as you glided by. I felt like I had a jewel beyond price as you paused to take my arm as we entered the elevator.

The doors closed. We were alone for the first time. You turned and kissed me passionately. My hands caressed your ass and slid all over your bare back. I undid the tie on your top and let it fall to your waist. Your breasts were perfect globes. I drew first one and the other into my mouth to suckle. The elevator approached the fifteenth floor. I scooped up your top and held the ties behind your neck as I pulled you to my side. The doors opened and we almost ran to the door of the room.

As I opened the door, you reached over and felt my rigid cock. You looked in my eyes and saw passion burning brightly. You knew that I would love you and love you tonight until my body was spent. You glided into the room. Away from my hand, your dress fells to your waist again. Your breasts were exposed to my eyes. I guided you to the edge of the bed and helped you sit. I knelt and removed one sandal and then the other. You could see the tension building in my eyes but you were ready and willing to give me release. You unfastened my pants and let them fall to the floor. For the first time you saw the skimpy little thong with snaps on each side that strained to contain my hard cock and balls.

You popped the two snaps with no ceremony or hesitation. With a simple command you told me to do you. You stood and pulled your dress up to your waist. Your silky panties were exposed. Your cute ass poised to accept me in your pussy. I could not resist the invitation. I stepped forward and plunged my cock deep into your wet pussy. The foreplay of the meal had prepared you well. I took long deep strokes in and out of your pussy. You hung on the baseboard at the foot of the bed. You were pushing back to accept me. You encouraged me to come fast this time. You wanted me to fill your pussy with my seed. Harder, faster you urged. I gamely complied. Your sweet body accepted all that I could give.

Your pussy was so wet and inviting. Your urging and caring were so emphatic that I could not hold out. You could feel my cock swelling and filling your pussy. I pulled your ass against me. You knew with a little push I would go over the brink. You reached back between your legs and caressed my balls. You told me to relax and release it all, to fill your pussy now. With a gasp, I released and you could feel my juices surge into your depths. You held still for a moment to allow me to regain some control. I began sawing in and out to extend the moment You turned your face towards me and with a sly wink told me that I had better not be done for the night. There was no risk there. My cock was not ready to relax.

With my cock still in your pussy, I unzipped your dress and caressed your back. Reluctantly, I withdrew my cock. It felt so good in your pussy. Your dress dropped to the floor. Your panties soon followed so that I could see you in your full glory. I lifted you and carried you to the open bed and tucked you in. The maid had left two chocolates on the pillow. I unwrapped one and fed it to you. You smiled so I fed you the second as well. With a glint in my eyes, I told you that I had another surprise for you.

I reached into the closet and into my suitcase. I told you to close your eyes and to stroke your pussy. You were not allowed to cool down. Then you heard it, that distinct hum. You knew what I had for you. The covers shifted and you felt my hands glide over your body. The vibrator gently hummed along your tummy and moved towards your pussy. I slid it into your treasure and told you to use it to stroke your pussy. Your smile told me that I had pleased you.

While you are happily engaged, I proceeded to hang up your dress and slowly removed the rest of my clothes. You were pleased to see that my cock was again quite erect. You caught me gazing at you as I slowly removed my trademark cufflinks, the silver ones with the Viking longboats.

You knew that I was captive to your passions. You knew that I would do anything I could to please you. This thought sent you over the top for your first orgasm of the night. I saw you shutter as the waves of passion washed over your body. I encouraged you and told you to ride the wave.

I was naked before you. My cock was semi-erect. There was passion in my eyes. I could see that you were well on your way to that blissful state where you have orgasm after orgasm with each touch. I turned off all but one light. I slid into bed beside you. My body slid under your raised knees. My cock was poised at your opening. You withdrew the vibrator and pulled me into you with your legs. Gently we coupled. The urgency was gone but the passion was still there. On and on we danced. In and out. You could feel my cock sliding past your nether lips. The hot fullness was so much nicer than a vibrator. And it was even better because it was me.

You wanted me deeper now. You pulled me between your legs. I willingly complied. Your legs wrapped around me and pulled me in. I could feel your cervix now. The last resistance was gone. You had given yourself to me, body and soul. You allowed your legs to relax and I pushed them back opening you as wide as possible, struggling for every fraction of an inch. In and out I stroked my cock.

I could feel your pussy beginning to contract. A new wave was building. The thought of pleasing you so much caused my cock to swell. My breathing was labored. I panted. You were pulling me in again with your legs. You told me no to stop. You wanted it now. We were so close. I erupted and the wave crashed over your consciousness. We embraced as we rode the wave. My cock poured its life force into your pussy and your pussy milked it. For a moment, time stopped. We gazed into each other eyes. We were one. If the world had ended, we would have died at peace.

I rolled over and pulled you on top of me. We were still coupled. You could see that I was content and could feel my cock cooling down this time. I was still holding you tight. You knew I wanted to please and satisfy you but that I needed to gather some strength. My hands caressed your ass. I enjoyed the smoothness. It was so different than my hairy chest. You lips found mine. We kissed deeply. Our tongues danced. The look in your eyes told me that you have been fed but that you were not sated.

My hand reached out of the bed and seized the vibrator. I turned it on and ran it along the curves of your ass. You kissed me again. I knew that you wanted and needed more. You were there and know how I pleased you on into the night…the vibrator, the bath, the romantic story, doggie style….and so much more.

Thank you dearest. I hope you cherish the memories of our time together.

Sweet Dreams

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