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A Hedonistic Vacation


Author's Note: This story is in response to a reader request. The reader vacationed in Jamaica at the Hedonism II resort. He sent me an account of what he did and what he witnessed and asked that I write about his experience. I will call the main character Jim although that is not the requestor's real name. The story is fiction based on the reader's account of his vacation. All characters are fictitious and they are all at least 18 years of age. There are any number of categories that this story could be listed under so I chose the novel and novella classification. The story contains hard core sex including some bi-sexual and gay accounts as well as group sex and inter-racial sex. The reader did not provide any details about what he did or witnessed; he simply listed the encounters. As in all stories all characters are at least 18 years of age.

















Jim Hunter had just broken up with his girl friend Cheryl of three years and he was bummed out. He refused to date immediately after the break up but he still hung out with his buddies. Jim's close friend Bill told Jim that he should get away on vacation. Bill said that Jim should go somewhere wild and crazy to get Cheryl off his mind. Bill told Jim about Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. Apparently Bill and his buddy had vacationed there once and they had a wild time. The more Jim listened to Bill the more he was convinced that Bill was right. Later that day Jim called the travel agent and booked a week at Hedonism II.

The travel agent told Jim that since he was traveling alone that Hedonism would assign him a roommate since all rates were based on double occupancy. Jim decided that he would pay the extra cost so that he could be a single in the room. Jim was not quite ready for the company of a complete stranger and he was concerned that a gay guy might be assigned to the same room.

At 27 years of age Jim was handsome fit young man. He was 6'1" tall and weighed 180 pounds. He kept himself in good shape and he knew that he would not be intimidated on the beach. He also was well endowed with a cock just over 7" which was not huge but more than adequate and to most girl's liking. So Jim knew that if he mustered the nerve to venture onto the nude beach that he would not be worried about displaying his manhood.

As Jim flew to Jamaica's Montego Bay airport he read the information that he had printed off the internet about Hedonism II. Jim liked the concept of the all-inclusive club as he would not have to carry cash around with him at the resort. He read about all the amenities offered by the resort and he was anxious to explore most of them. Jim was an avid tennis player and SCUBA diver and he had brought his tennis racquet and dive gear with him. Jim looked over the agenda for the evenings and he was pleased to see so much live entertainment.

He had heard that swingers frequented Hedonism II but he assumed that they had their own crowd and that he would not encounter them. He looked around the plane at the other passengers and he noticed a number of couples and singles. He also spotted what he felt were single girls traveling together and some gay guys. Jim wondered which of the passengers if any would also be staying at Hedonism II. As he was assessing the other passengers the airline captain announced that they were on their final approach to Jamaica and that everyone should be in their seats with their seat belt fastened. Several minutes later the plane touched down at Montego Bay airport.


Jim gathered up his luggage and placed it on a cart that was designated for Hedonism guests. The cart was wheeled out to a bus pick up area and within minutes Jim was on a bus traveling to the resort. The ride through Montego Bay was an experience for Jim as he had not expected things to be so third world. It was obvious that the corporate owned resorts were not putting money back into the island. Once through the city he looked around on the bus and scoped out the other passengers. There were three couples, four girls and eight guys on the bus. Jim was seated at the back of the bus with one couple seated across from him.

Jim found himself thinking about the resort and the rumors about what went on there. He wondered what kind of people especially single women would subject themselves to such a place particularly since there were many other all inclusive resorts to chose from. He figured that he would probably find out before the week was over. Jim looked at the couple seated across from him and they seemed very nice. Jim decided to strike up a conversation with them.

He learned their names were Melissa and Tom and they had been married nine years. Jim wondered why they had picked Hedonism and not a resort like Couples but he did not ask. Jim explained the purpose of his vacation and told them about the breakup with his former girlfriend. Tom smiled and told Jim that he would probably forget about Cheryl after this week. Jim smiled and nodded as if he knew what to expect. Just them Jim heard some of the guys laughing and talking louder.

"I'm telling you that if we go to the nude beach there is now way I am standing anywhere near Robby," a guy named Jake said boisterously.

"Why are you a little intimidated?" laughed another guy.

"You bet your ass I am. That guy is hung like a horse," Jake blurted out.

"What do you mean by that?" Melissa asked shocking everyone on the bus.

Jim thought that she couldn't possibly be that naïve to ask such a dumb question. Jim looked at Tom who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Doll what I mean is that even when he is soft he is bigger than anyone else when they are hard," Jake announced to the laughter of his buddies.

"How big is that?" Melissa asked and again Jim was dumfounded by her question.

"Show her Robby," Jake yelled.

Robby was a big guy and he looked like someone who could handle himself but he also seemed very quiet and shy. However after being hounded by his buddies and encouraged to strut his stuff he stood up and walked back to where Melissa was seated.

"Are you really that naïve or are you just putting on? Do you really want to see my meat?" Robby asked softly.

"Yes show it to me. I don't believe anyone can be that big," Melissa replied.

Jim couldn't believe his ears and what was about to happen. Robby stood in the aisle of the bus and blocked the view of those seated in front. He unzipped his fly and pulled his shorts down exposing his underwear briefs. Melissa stared at Robby's crotch as she anxiously awaited his next move. Robby then slid his shorts down and Jim saw the biggest cock that he had ever seen flop out between Robby's legs. Even soft it looked to be at least ten inches and as thick as a soda can.

Jim had seen plenty of porno movies but he had never seen a cock like Robby's. Melissa continued to stare at the imposing cock and then she asked another dumb question. At this point Jim sensed that she knew exactly what she was doing and what she wanted.

"So does it get bigger than that," Melissa had asked.

"It does when it's hard and it's starting to get hard," Robby gasped.

"Tom is it okay if I touch it?" Melissa asked her husband.

"Of course dear, that why we're here," Tom approved.

Melissa reached out with her small hand and gently took a hold of Robby's thick cock. Her hand looked even smaller when she tried to wrap it around the swollen shaft. Robby got stiff immediately and his cock looked to be at least 12 inches long. Jim couldn't imagine a girl being able to take a cock that thick in her pussy. Jim watched as Melissa stroked the huge cock and then she smiled and licked her lips.

Melissa leaned in and took the head of the cock in her mouth and she had to open wide to accommodate its thickness. Robby's cock was uncut so he didn't have a big mushroom head on the end of it but it was still and effort for Melissa to take it in her mouth. Melissa skinned the cock exposing the sensitive head and then she nibbled on the soft meat teasing Robby to no end. She was able to get about 3 to 4 inches in her mouth and her mouth was stretch wide. Robby held her head gently but he did not force his cock into her mouth as he let Melissa control the action.

Just then the bus slowed and came to a stop. The driver, a man named Samuel, had pulled off the road and stopped at a roadside stand. Jim saw the others get off the bus when the driver announced that they were stopping for a break. The roadside stand sold Red Stripe beer and marijuana as Jim would learn in a few minutes. Jim, Tom and Jake stayed at the back of the bus watching Melissa suck Robby's cock. It appeared to Jim that Robby was getting close as his eyes rolled and he tilted his head back.

Then the driver spoke, "Come on mon it's time for a beer." Then he saw what was going on and stepped closer to the action. "Hey mum, you can't be sucking cock on my bus unless you suck mine too," the driver said as he took his cock out of his pants.

Jim watched in amazement as Samuel took out his impressive black cock and stroked it into hardness. Melissa kept sucking away on Robby's cock until Robby groaned and announced that he was going to shoot. Jim expected Melissa to take the cock from her mouth and jerk Robby off but she didn't. Instead she fastened her mouth tightly around the thick shaft and took his load in her mouth.

"Oh baby here it cums," Robby moaned and then he screamed, "Oh yeah, take my load take it all."

Melissa never removed her mouth from Robby's cock as she sucked him dry and swallowed every drop. She rubbed his taut ball sac as she sucked him and then she nibbled on the sensitive cock head after she had swallowed Robby's cum. Robby groaned loudly and pushed Melissa's head away from his cock as he could not stand the sensations caused by her mouth and teeth any longer. Just as Robby stepped back, Samuel squeezed past him and shoved his black dick in Melissa's face.

Without hesitation Melissa took the ebony cock in her mouth. Samuel was not as long or thick as Robby and Melissa handled his cock easily. Although she couldn't take the entire cock in her mouth she continually tested her gag line. Melissa's blonde head was bobbing up and down on the black cock and the contrast in skin color made it even more erotic. Jim had never seen a blow job in person although he had seen plenty of them in porn movies. Jim's girlfriend Cheryl had never let him cum in her mouth so Jim was surprised when Melissa let a stranger cum in her mouth.

"Oh mum, you real good mum," Samuel said as he caressed Melissa's hair.

Jim watched as Samuel's body stiffened and he thrust his hips forward. He groaned loudly as he shot his wad into Melissa's mouth. Jim watched as Melissa once again swallowed every drop without removing her mouth from the cock. Samuel stepped back and put his black snake back in his pants and then spoke to Melissa.

"Thank you mum, you are very good mum. But no more cock sucking until you get to the resort. Now everyone, go and get a beer," Samuel said and then turned and walked off the bus.

Robby walked off the bus but Jake hesitated as he had hoped to get a blowup too. Jim's cock was erect in his pants and it was obvious to everyone especially Melissa. She smiled at Jim and patted him on his erection and spoke softly.

"I'm sure that I will see you at the resort," Melissa said in a sexy voice.

"What about me?" an excited Jake asked.

"Oh I know that I will see you and your friends again," Melissa replied sexily.

At that point everyone got of the bus and had a beer or two at the roadside stand. Some of the people bought marijuana too but Jim didn't smoke and he didn't do drugs so he passed. After everyone had finished their beers, used the bathroom and concluded any other business dealings they got back on the bus. As Jim took his seat and looked over at Melissa and Tom, he still had a difficult time coming to grips with what he witnessed. Jim was still amazed at how Tom could watch his wife suck two stranger's cocks. As they rode out to the resort, Tom and Melissa explained to Jim that they wanted to spice up their married sex life but they wanted to do it where they weren't known to anyone. Jim just nodded and accepted their reasoning. Jim hadn't even gotten to the resort and he had already witnessed people having sex. He already had a story to tell his friend Bill when he arrived home.


After the bus arrived at the resort, Jim checked in at the front desk and then was escorted to his room. As the bellman escorted several people along with their luggage Jim checked out the grounds. Jim was the last one to be shown to his room which was close to the nude beach. Just as they arrived at Jim's building two couples came down the steps wearing nothing but towels wrapped around their waists. Both women had good looking breasts and Jim couldn't help starring at them. The women smiled at Jim and then walked by with the men at their sides.

"They are going to the nude beach," the bellman said.

Jim nodded and made up his mind that he would indeed check it out later. Once in his room Jim looked over the map of the resort and located the various amenities. He changed into a tee shirt, shorts and sandals and walked around the resort to check everything out. He decided to save the nude beach for last. Jim located the tennis courts, basketball court, the dive center, fitness center, the disco, various bars, the swimming pools, beach and finally the nude beach.

The nude beach also had a nude Jacuzzi which looked more like a swimming pool and there was bar at the nude beach. Jim had a drink at the nude beach bar and checked out the people on the beach. There were singles, couples, young and old on the beach and they were all naked. Some people were very fit and others obviously out of shape. After a few drinks Jim returned to his room as it was almost time to get ready for dinner.

Jim showered, changed into his evening attire and then made his way up to the main building where the buffet dinner was served. Guests had two options for dinner, the buffet or an Italian restaurant. Reservations were needed for the Italian restaurant each evening so Jim opted for the buffet the first day. Jim had a couple of drinks at the bar before the buffet was open and he looked over the schedule of entertainment and activities.

On Sunday night there was an Elvis impersonator, Monday there was calypso singer and on Tuesday evening was lingerie night at the disco. Wednesday evening was Reggae night and Thursday evening was the toga party at the disco. Friday was an open evening with a dance party at the disco. There was also a sing a long bar open every evening. A tennis tournament was scheduled for Thursday and Friday during the day. There were snorkeling and dive trips scheduled each day and pick-up basketball and volleyball games happened almost every day. There was something for everyone.

The buffet opened for dinner so Jim fixed a plate for himself and found a place to sit down. The dining area was huge but it filled up quickly and soon there were seven other people sitting at Jim's table. Everyone was very friendly and the dinner conversation was pleasant. After dinner, people made their way to the disco or to the sing along bar. Jim opted for the disco. At the disco he ran into Melissa and Tom again and actually danced with Melissa a few times. Robby, Jake and their friends were also there and they too danced with Melissa as well as with some of the single girls.

Jim chatted with Tom as Melissa danced with the other guys. Jim watched the other guys dance with Melissa and they were very obvious about squeezing her ass. Jim was still amazed that her husband Tom had no reaction to Melissa's behavior. Several hours later, people started leaving the disco. Many of them went to their rooms, changed clothes and headed for the nude Jacuzzi. Melissa invited Jim to meet her and Tom at the nude Jacuzzi. Jim accepted the invitation although he had no idea what to expect.

Jim put on his bathing suit and headed to the nude Jacuzzi. When he arrived he saw several people already engaged in sexual activities. The two women that he saw earlier that day were standing in the Jacuzzi and they were sucking the cocks of their partners who sat on the edge. Jim quickly realized that he was the only one wearing a bathing suit so he shed it quickly and sat down on the edge of the Jacuzzi with his feet in the water. Jim looked around and saw another pretty blonde licking the pussy of a brunette woman sitting on the edge. A man was behind the pretty blonde fucking her as she ate the brunette's cunt. Jim wondered if the guy was with the blonde or the brunette.

Jim then spotted Robby, Jake and a couple of their friends. Jake and another guy moved behind the two women sucking cocks and began to fuck them. Then Jim noticed that the women's husbands had their heads back and the women were bobbing up and down quicker on their cocks. Jim was sure that the two husbands had cum in their wives mouths. Jim continued watching the foursome and then he saw the women lift their heads up from their husband's cocks. The women then kissed each other and Jim wondered if they were swapping cum with each other. Robby then sat down of the Jacuzzi's edge between the two husbands and within minutes the two women had Robby's enormous cock standing at attention.

The two women seemed enamored with Robby's impressive organ as they played with it, kissed it and sucked it. They passed the cock back and forth to each other and they appeared to be in no hurry to make him cum. Jake and his buddy continued to fuck the two women from behind as they worked on Robby's cock and their husbands just sat by and watched. Jim looked over at the pretty blonde and she was still eating the brunette's pussy but a different guy was now fucking her from behind. Jim realized that his cock was rock hard so he lowered his body into the water to conceal his erection.

Just then Melissa and Tom arrived and they began kissing and sucking almost immediately. Tom started out eating Melissa's pussy and then he sat on the Jacuzzi's edge while Melissa sucked his cock. A young buck with an impressive cock moved in behind Melissa and slipped his cock into her pussy. She never even looked back to see who had entered her from behind. The young stranger must have really been turned on because he ejaculated into Melissa's pussy within minutes of entering her. Then Melissa's husband Tom came and she sucked him dry not missing a drop.

Jim was still watching Melissa when she beckoned him to join them. Jim moved quickly and sat on the Jacuzzi's edge in front of Melissa. Melissa smiled at Jim and told him that he had a nice cock and then lowered her mouth to it and swirled her tongue around the shaft. Jim gasped aloud and moaned softly as Melissa performed her magic on his cock. Jim too was extremely turned on and it didn't take long before he was shooting jets of semen into Melissa's insatiable mouth. Melissa swallowed every drop and then she did something with her mouth that Jim had never felt in his life. Chills ran through him and goose bumps covered his body as Melissa nibbled on his cock in her special way. Jim couldn't stand the sensations for very long and he pushed Melissa's head away from his cock.

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