tagErotic CouplingsA Help From Arnold's Teacher

A Help From Arnold's Teacher


"OK boys that's it. Wrap it up for today" Mrs. Francess says to her class full of 18 year old boys. She was really hot, with long black hair, gorgeous legs and beautiful breasts accentuated by her sports bra.

"Arnold, Come see me in my office" Arnold walks into her office and waits to find out what the problem is.

"What is it Miss?"

"You spent the whole of the senior year sitting out on gym class"

"Well Ma'am, I've.. er.. got asthma"

"Don't lie to me, I've seen no doctor's note. If you have a legitimate reason, you know there's no problem in just auditing the class"

"Do you promise not to tell anyone Miss Francess?"


"Well... I... I.... I have a really big penis." He mumbled out. "I mean normally you can't tell, but when I'm wearing gym shorts, it's really obvious"

"How big can it be? This big?" she put her hands about nine inches apart.

"When it gets hard... it gets to be about twelve inches."

'Oh my God,' thought Miss Francess, 'this stud has a foot long cock. I'm getting wet just thinking about this'

"I understand how you feel, but there's no way you can get me to believe that you have a cock that's twelve inches when hard."

"But it's true, I'm not lying"

"OK then, show me"

"What?" He said aghast

"You don't expect me to believe you otherwise"

"OK, I'll show you if I have to" Arnold proceeded to pull down his pants, revealing a soft but obviously long, and quite thick beauty of a cock. Miss Francess gasped and couldn't help but grin at the giant cock in front of her.

"My God you're right, it would take both hands to hold it soft"

"So Can I...?"

"Yes, yes no problem, I'll give you a passing grade on one condition, you have to let me test you privately." And with that she grabbed hold of his giant penis . Mrs. Francess grabbed the huge dangling penis and yank. She looked Arnold in the eyes, saying, "First things first, let's see if you really do reach the foot long mark, Arnold."

The lengthy piece of meat was too much for just one hand too handle, so the gym teacher spit into her free hand and began pumping the quickly inflating cock with both hands. Her husband's five-inch penis looked puny next to this beast of a cock. Mrs. Francess softly bit her lower lip as felt the monster begin to grow rigid in her busy hands. "I bet you love to jerk your huge penis when you're in bed at night, Arnold, don't you."

"Um.." Arnold was in a daze. His sexy gym teacher playing with his penis had pushed all other thoughts from his mind. "What?"

"I said you must love to jack this thing off every night, Arnold. Please pay attention during your tests, Arnold." The throbbing veins monster was sticking straight out in front of Arnold now, pointing at Mrs. Francess' considerable bust. "Have you ever had a girl touch your penis like this before, Arnold?"

"No," Arnold said in an almost ashamed tone. "My parents told me that I should wait until I'm married to have sex."

"That's too bad," Mrs. Francess said as she gave it a few final yanks, "I'm sure you'd be very popular with the girls if they knew you had this thing in your pants..." She pulled a ruler out of her desk and set it against the side of his cock. She found that the purple head of his cock actually hit the thirteen inch mark. "I must really have gotten you worked up, Arnold. You're an inch over the foot mark." She gripped his gigantic member at the base both hands and tried to move it. She could barely move it an inch in any direction. 'Good Lord,' she thought to herself, 'It's like a baseball bat sticking out between his legs!'

"So, Mrs. Francess," Arnold asked slowly, "Do I pass gym class now?" Mrs. Francess stared at the humongous cock in her hand and gave it one good final squeeze. "Well, Arnold," she said as she continued to stare at the cock, "You've certainly passed the length test. I may have some other tests for you tomorrow, but that will be all for today." She turned to her desk and began sorting through some papers. She looked up from her papers to see Arnold still standing there, his monster cock still pointed at her. "I told you we're done here. You can go to your next class now, Arnold."

Arnold gave her a nervous look. He obviously had something to tell her but couldn't spit it out.

"What is it, Arnold?"

Arnold glanced around the room and towards the office door. "Well," he said softly, "I can't leave because I can't pull my pants up over my penis hard like this. It just won't fit, Ma'am."

'I'll help you release some pressure,' Mrs. Francess thought to herself, but then had a better idea.

"Well," she said in a faked irritated tone, "You can't stay in here like that. What would people say if they found us in here like this, Arnold? The quickest way to make a penis shrink down that I know of is to orgasm. If you have to, you can jerk yourself off over in that corner." Mrs. Francess pointed to the opposite side of the room.

"I don't know..." Arnold began.

"Arnold," Mrs. Francess said sternly, "I don't have time for this right now. Either go to the corner and start jacking off, or go out the office door with that log shoved down your pant leg. It's your choice." "Ma'am?" Arnold asked, moving over to the corner of the room, but facing the Phys. Ed. teacher.

"Yes, Arnold?" Mrs. Francess asked, trying to sound exasperated as she looked over to him, but secretly enjoying the opportunity to eyeball that big bat of a cock once again.

"When I.. uh.. pleasure myself, I usually have something to look at to make it go quickly," the student admitted, embarrassed.

"And.." she said, looking up from her desk, tapping her pencil on the desk repeatedly. She was enjoying torturing the boy so.

"I was wondering if I could look at you."

"You're looking at me now, Arnold."

"I mean, uh," Arnold looked down, unable to complete another sentence.

Mrs. Francess was beginning to enjoy this. She pushed back her desk chair with a screech on the linoleum tile and got up and walked around to the other side of the desk.

The noise got Arnold's attention. He looked back up to see his teacher poised against the front edge of her desk. She leaned back expectantly, even sexily. His mouth watered as he followed her spandex-clad, aerobic zed contours.

"You mean in a sexual way, Arnold?" Francess asked, knowing full well what he meant.

He meekly nodded back to her.

"That would be highly irregular, Arnold. after all, I am your teacher!" she husked to him. "P-Please?" Arnold asked as he looked at the gorgeous Physical Education teacher mere feet before him. He couldn't even meet her big brown eyes anymore. He just studied the way her healthy breasts heaved inside the spandex trappings of her navy sports bra. Averting his eyes lower, he watched her flat abdomen move back and forth as well. Then, there were the shiny blue tights that matched her top, a broken white stripe followed her sexy legs to her blue aerobics shoes.

"Very well, Arnold. I guess this is a highly irregular situation to start with, and that is certainly an irregularly sized penis!" his teacher said, pointing to his cock as it continued to point back at her.

"What is it you find most appealing on a woman, Arnold?" she asked, with a sly grin as she stroked her hand over a breast, down her bare belly and along her hip.

"On you, e-everything," Arnold answered, in a hallucinatory haze. The teacher had him under her spell. He didn't even notice that he had started to jack the long length of his thirteen inches.

"Thank you, Arnold," she smiled sexily at her student. "I bet you look at the nudie magazines when you do this at home. I may be a bit overdressed. Maybe it would help you finish sooner if I took something off. What do you think, Arnold? Are you a boob man?" she teased, pulling at her shoulder straps as he continued to jerk. "Or are you a leg man?" she offered, putting her thumbs in her leggings' waistband. Arnold ran his eyes over the sexy body of his gym teacher as he continued to absent mindedly stroke himself and they kept coming back to her large jutting breasts. "I'd like to see your breasts, please," he said slowly.

"All right, Arnold," Mrs. Francess said as she spread her legs a little wider, "Breasts it is." She reached up an pushed one strap off her shoulder and then teasingly slid the other off. She pushed her large bra-clad breasts together creating a deep valley of cleavage. She watched Arnold pulling on his gigantic cock and saw the look of anticipation on his young face. She slowly lowered the bra off of her left breast until her pink, erect nipple popped into view. Biting her lower lip and pinching the pencil eraser sized nipple, she looked into Arnold's eyes. "Would you like to see more, Arnold?"

Arnold had quickened the pace of his stroking. "Ugh... yes, Ma'am. Definitely."

Mrs. Francess smiled as she slipped the other side of the bra down her chest, revealing her other erect nipple. She pulled her arms free of the sports bra straps and slid it around her waist, leaving both of her large breasts in full view. She gently squeezed each breast and lifted them as Arnold continued to stroke himself. She knew that she had spectacular breasts for a woman her age. Despite having a double D sized chest, there was very little sag to them because of her vigorous exercise routines. "Do you like my breasts, Arnold," she asked him, already knowing the obvious answer.

"They're beautiful, Mrs. Francess," Arnold said softly. He began jerking himself harder and faster as he watched her play with her large breasts. He had always been attracted to women with large breasts and the set in front of him were perfect. He found himself licking his lips, wondering what it would be like to put one of them in his mouth and suck on them. He wanted to push his face in between them and...

Between stroking himself and watching Mrs. Francess squeezing her breasts, Arnold had reached the point of orgasm.

Mrs. Francess saw that the throbbing cock was oozing pre-cum and she knew he was about to explode. "Arnold," she said in a commanding tone, "Cum... "Cum in my mouth, Arnold!" the overexcited Phys. Ed. teacher instructed him with a lusty growl as she dropped to her spandex-clad knees before him.

After she moved her busy hands from her generous breasts to his cock shaft, she tried to tell him her motivation for such an un-teacher-like decision.

"I don't want a mess if this big boy shoots an unusually large amount of semen, Arnold. That way, it will be easy to tell if you provide more than average, if I compare it to my husband's," she told him with a blush.

Arnold couldn't believe his normally strict gym teacher was about to take his plum-sized cock head into that sexy red-lip mouth of hers. As she enveloped him in the hot, wet, cavern of her mouth, he could hold no more. He lurched forward along with his cock.

Mrs. Francess' sexy eyes bugged when she felt the size and force of the cum load unleashed from his cock head. She couldn't even keep it all in her mouth, she had to keep swallowing the thick go as it shot out of her student's piss hole. She breathed a sigh of relief through her nose when she felt the torrents of cum ease into a slow dribble.

After she lapped the lad's cock head clean, Francess picked herself up and covered her heaving breasts with the spandex bra.

"Maybe you better go now, Arnold," she softly suggested, her hormones raging as she turned away from him.

"But, Mrs. Francess.." "Yes, Arnold? What is it now?" the exasperated woman asked. She wanted nothing more than to find a quiet place and finger her pussy. Playing with her student's plus-sized cock had her mind swimming and her twat boiling inside her spandex leggings. She turned back to him to see what could possibly be the problem now. After all, she had just taken what felt like a quart of his seed into her stomach.

"It's.. it's not going down, ma'am," he said quietly as he looked first to his beautiful phys. ed. teacher, then to his bloated cock.

"My God, Arnold! No wonder you can't wear gym shorts! You've got a perpetual hard!" the married teacher exclaimed, trying not to stare at his still-wet dick as it wobbled before her in the air.

"It isn't always like this," Arnold managed to stammer. "It's just . . you're so beautiful and sexy, as I looked at you as you turned away, I.. I got excited all over again."

"You really think an older lady like me is sexy?" his teacher asked, cocking her head and placing her hands just above the leggings' waistband, on her bare chiseled hips. She couldn't help but smile at his innocence.

Arnold blushed. "Yes, miss."

"I'm a married woman and your teacher. Do you think your thoughts are appropriate? And if you do, what more do you want me to do about them, Arnold?" the spandex-clad beauty asked, more to herself than to her student. "I.. I just don't know what to say, ma'am," Arnold stammered, looking at her questioning face as she looked over her shoulder.

"Well, I don't think you were entirely honest with me before, Arnold," the sexy gym teacher said, as if she were talking about cheating on a test, and not the reason for his resurgent erection.

"Ma'am?" he asked, unsure of her line of questioning.

"I think if you got hard that easily when I turned away, that you are more of an ass man than a breast man." She stared wantonly at Arnold's throbbing erection, then turned away from him and started to roll the waistband of her leggings over on itself.

"Well," Arnold admitted, "girls don't mind you looking' at their asses 'cause they don't see you."

"So true, Arnold," the teacher replied. She had continued to roll the spandex down until it was just below the inverted valentine of her smooth ass. "I don't mind if you look at mine, Arnold."

She noticed a silence for a couple minutes and smiled to herself. He must have been studying it intensely.

"What do you think of when you look at a girl's ass, Arnold?" she asked, bending forward to jut her tight buns out further towards him.

"Well, you know.." he answered, blushing.

"I can't let you do that of course, Arnold," he said. Then she turned back to look at him. "Got any other thoughts, young man?" "Well," Arnold said, flushing a beet red under his teacher's anxious gaze, "I sometimes think about rubbing my cock on their asses from behind and shooting.. my stuff.. all over their.. butt cheeks."

The teacher was kind of surprised at the extent of Arnold's revelation, but realized he must finally feel comfortable to let his guard down with her. She was secretly pleased.

"Well, Arnold, that's quite the fantasy!" she admitted. "Not something these young schoolgirls would probably appreciate, though. If you promise not to try this on any of your pretty classmates, I may find it in my heart to allow you to do what you want," the gorgeous Phys. Ed. teacher told him, her heart-shaped ass still on display before the perpetually horny lad, the lyre leggings still rolled below her fair-skinned buttocks.

She tried to suppress a smile when she saw Arnold's face just light up at the idea of creaming all over his favorite teacher's ass cheeks.

"Hurry, Arnold!" his teacher directed. "We don't have much time!"

Arnold needed no further prompting. He sluiced his incredibly long, hard cock through the crevice of his teacher's tight buns, wheezing in his excitement as his balls churned. He jack hammered back and forth for nearly a minute, his pre-cum lubing the slice of her cheeks.

The teacher tied to remain passive, but couldn't. As Arnold slid his cock along her sensitive skin, she lunged her ass back against him, ready to cum herself.

"Aaargh!" Arnold wailed, taking his big cock in his hand and jabbing it mid-air.

The sexually stimulated teacher furtively came on the fingers she had jammed in her pussy as she felt her student's come spatter all over her smooth ass globes.

"Oh, Arnold, you're just amazing!" she cooed, admiring his resolve and resiliency. The gorgeous brunette quivered in the afterglow of her cum, the glaze of semen from the shy student behind her congealing on her exposed ass cheeks as she tried to find words. This sweet young guy had given her the orgasm of her life with his big thirteen inch dick. And he was still technically a virgin! She couldn't just let him walk out of her classroom. Mrs. Francess heard him shuffle around, as if readying to leave. She tried to find a way to stall for time as she continued to prop herself up against her desk.

"Uh, Arnold," the Phys. Ed. teacher called out, looking over her shoulder to face him.

"Yes, Mrs. Francess?" the eighteen-year-old asked as he finally was able to redress, his erection substantially diminished.

"This is a bit of an awkward situation for me. Would you mind helping me clean up? It's kind of hard for me to reach, if you know what I mean." Francess gave him a plaintive smile.

Arnold knew he could hardly refuse. After all, he made the mess. He looked to her for further instructions.

"There's a roll of paper towels in my desk drawer here," the stunning teacher informed, pointing to a drawer on the opposite side of where she leaned. "If you could be a dear.."

"Sure Mrs. Francess," Arnold answered.

Moments later, the instructor's fingers practically dug into the hard Formica desktop as she felt the hung young stud gently massage away the cum splats from her taut, aerobic zed buns, the paper toweling feeling extra sexy under his touch.

"Do it gently," his teacher husked. "Mmmm.." Francess Jones mewled as she continued to lean against her desk, her bare ass cheeks pushing against the rubbing hand of the eighteen-year-old student working diligently behind her. She enjoyed the sensation the paper fiber made on her smooth taut buns.

Francess didn't care anymore that she was his teacher, that she had a comparatively small-cocked husband waiting for her at home. All she could think of, in her aroused state, was the idea of being the first to feel Arnold's thirteen inches of cock flesh inside her tight pussy.

She saw Arnold getting ready to leave, tossing the soiled towels in her wastebasket.

"Don't go yet, Arnold. My butt still feels.. sticky," she lied. "would you mind terribly using your tongue on my ass, Arnold?"

The tall, lanky lad just looked at his teacher kneeling there, that sexy ass still thrust at him.

"I don't know, Mrs. Francess.." Arnold said, even as he walked back towards the gorgeous brunette.

"I think you do, Arnold," Francess husked, as she looked over her shoulder beguilingly.

"Lick my ass, Arnold!" his teacher pleaded.

Arnold gave in, and dropped to his knees behind her. Francess Jones propped herself up against the desk before her, her well-toned ass bare and thrust toward her incredibly endowed student. She waited to feel the touch of his tongue on the sensitive skin of her ass globes.

The Phys. Ed. teacher waited for a few long seconds, feeling nothing. She wondered if his strict upbringing was keeping him from going through with her request to lick his cum glaze from her ass cheeks.

The married woman smiled from beneath a tumble of long, curly dark locks. She felt the warm wet feel of his tongue, tentative at first, on the upper globes of her buns. She pushed her ass back at him, eager to show her pleasure.

The licks became longer and wetter as Arnold became more aroused at licking his sexy teacher's ass. Mrs. Francess arched up on her toes, bringing his tongue to the lower curves of her cheeks, and the neglected area nestled below them.

"Very good, Arnold. Very good. You are an excellent student," Francess cooed. She backed towards him further. She could feel his hot breath tickle her pubes as he worked his tongue on the bottom clefts of her cheeks. Francess reached back and pulled her meaty cheeks wide, giving the eighteen-year-old more surface to pleasure.

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