tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Helpful Halloween Treat

A Helpful Halloween Treat


My next door neighbors moved in about 6 months ago. John was a divorced father with a teenage daughter named Mindy and a 6 year old son named Ben. Mindy was 18, slender, 5'3, with long auburn hair, a tiny waist, and perky C sized tits. Her legs were long, her stomach was tight, and her ass looked like you could bounce a quarter off of it. How did I know this? My neighbors had a pool that Mindy and her friends enjoyed most of the summer much to my amusement.

Halloween is a big night in this neighborhood and all the kids are out and about. John worked a night shift so he wasn't able to take Ben trick or treating. So, being the good big sister she was, Mindy agreed to take Ben around before she went to her own costume party at her boyfriend's house.

Ben was dressed as Superman and Mindy was dressed as a sexy French Maid complete with fishnet stockings, black heels, short dress, little hat, and feather duster. She had her hair up high with 2 curls cascading down either cheek. When I opened my door and saw them both there I patted young Ben on the head and said to Mindy, "Great costume." I was so turned on by the sight of her it took everything I had to play the passive neighbor card.

They both stepped inside and I gave Ben some candy which he gleefully accepted. Before they left, Mindy set her feather duster down on my entry chair in order to adjust Ben's cape and forgot about it. I noticed it the moment she forgot it but didn't say anything as I was dying to see her again in her costume.

About 3 hours later there was a knock on my door and there was Mindy. "Did I leave my feather duster here?" she asked, "I just tucked Ben into bed and was leaving for my boyfriend's party when I realized it was gone."

It was a windy night and she was coughing as she spoke because of dust in her throat. I realized this was my chance... possibly my only chance. Seeing this luscious little teenager prance around in her bikini all summer had done something to me, and now, seeing her in this sexy maid outfit crossed me all the way to the dark side. I HAD to have her.

"Can I offer you a soda?" I asked. She accepted with a smile. "I'm sorry but I don't have your feather duster Mindy, but I might have another one around here somewhere you can use." I lied to her.

I went to the kitchen and opened a can of COKE, then opened up 3 codeine capsules I had a prescription for and poured them in.

Mindy was thirsty and gulped down her soda as we talked and I looked for a feather duster she could use.

"I'm really tired tonight." she yawned "Must be from all of that walking with Ben."

"Must be" I innocently replied

"Is it me or is it hot in here?" she sighed

"Maybe you should lie down for a few minutes." I suggested trying to sound concerned.

"Maybe I should but only for a few minutes." was her slurred response.

I was helping her down the hall when she passed out. I snatched her into my arms and carried her into my bedroom.

I laid her on the bed and then waited a minute or so to make sure she was out.

"Mindy??" I whispered as I shook her shoulder gently "Mindy honey? You awake??"

She was out cold and laid out like a gift wrapped present for me.

First thing I did was to pull out my camera as I was determined to get as many photos from this experience as I could.

I snapped pictures of every level of her undressing. I gently slid my hands all over her young body. She was out like a light and totally under my control. I unzipped her costume down back and slowly removed it an inch at a time, revealing her soft white skin. I slid the dress down and off her helpless body and photographed her laying there in a black bra, matching thong, black hose, heels, and maid hat.

I rolled her onto her back and spread apart her nylon covered legs. I buried my head between her legs and began to lick and nibble at the sweet surprise waiting behind her thong. As I tore thru her nylon crotch with my teeth my hands slid up her belly and underneath her black bra.

Judging from her hard nipples and hot, wet pussy, her body was ready to be fucked, even if the rest of her was out cold.

I took her own feather duster and teased her pussy and tits with it. Her body was responding to this and began to moan.

I ate her young pussy and played with her beloved young tits for the better part of an hour before I decided to stick my dick in her mouth. I took off my pants and boxers, knelt over her, and guided my cock in her mouth.

Here I was, face fucking this perfect ten 18 year old that I lusted after for half a year. I couldn't believe my luck! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better Mindy started to wake up but was tuned on and out of it.

When I pulled my dick from between her ruby red lips she muttered, "Fuck me Josh honey!" Josh must have been her boyfriend.

Her eyes were still closed but she moved her hand to her cunt and started to finger herself!!

So before she could figure out what was happening, I spread her legs (still in nylons and heels) wide, wrapped over my shoulders and plunged my cock deep inside my neighbor's daughter.

She loved it and began screaming out in ecstasy, "Yes Josh baby! Yes!! Yes!!"

I fucked her hard and deep, then roughly flipped her tiny body over, yanked her to knees and hands and plunged my naked cock into her from behind. As I did this I tore off her open bra and flung it across the room.

"GOD YES!! FUCK ME BABY!!" she called out again and again. "Just remember to pull out this time, OK baby?"

Thinking Josh was inside her made realize I could what I wanted so before she could protest I shot my hot load of jizz deep inside her unprotected womb.

"Dammit Josh. I told you not to cum in me again. You know I'm not on the pill right now!" she mumbled angrily "But that did feel good baby. You feel much bigger than usual."

I said nothing but pulled out of her dripping cunt and then spooned her from behind until she passed out again.

Then, as she lay there asleep, I posed her with her thumb in her mouth, the feather duster in her pussy, and various other things while I snapped away with my camera.

When I was finished with her, I dressed her, except for the bra which I kept as a souvenir, carried her to her car, drove her close to her boyfriends house (she had told me where it was earlier) and then taken a cab home.

I spoke to her a few days later and asked how her party was. She seemed embarrassed and said she didn't remember much of anything from that night.

A month later she found out she was pregnant and was crushed when her boyfriend dumped her and her father threw her out of the house. She miscarried a few weeks later but still didn't know where to go.

Luckily... she has neighbors like me who will take her in. I'll find SOME way for her to earn her keep.

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