tagLoving WivesA Helping Hand

A Helping Hand


I arrived home to find Tracy looking as gorgeous and sexy as ever in sweat pants and a sleeveless top that was cut short to display her flat and lightly tanned belly. The stud through her navel caught the light and, after she'd given me a big kiss – and had a quick feel of my prick – she asked me if I liked it.

'Very nice. Very discreet.'

'This one's for you. I know you don't really like the dangly one.'

When she was working, she invariably wore one that had a little chain which I thought was too obvious. She said the punters liked it though.

'Good choice,' I told her, stroking her ass as I admired it. 'Listen, are you working tonight?'

'No,' she said, wriggling against my hand.

'Then how about I take my sexy girl-friend out for a meal?'

'That would be great,' she sighed regretfully, 'but Mandy – that black girl I work with – has got a problem that you might be able to help with, so she's coming round later. Is that all right?'

'What sort of a problem?' I asked, pulling a shoulder strap to one side and nuzzling her neck.

'Mmm – that's nice! A computer problem of sorts. I'll let her tell you. God, Harry! Stop it!'

As well as nuzzling her neck, I now had a hand down the back of her pants and was fondling her bare ass. I was just able to reach her cunt with the tips of my fingers and I could feel her getting wetter by the second.

I stopped playing with her only long enough to use both hands to push her pants down and off her hips. Then I dropped down in front of her and, as I started licking her hairless and already slippery cunt, I pulled her pants down around her ankles. Instinctively, she lifted each foot in turn, allowing me to remove them completely. All the while, she was letting out a stream of little sighs and moans and finally she grabbed my hair to pull me up again.

'Enough! Jesus, Harry, stop messing about and take me to bed!'

Tracy was twenty-six years old and had ten years of fairly intensive sexual experience behind her. At sixteen she had been seduced by one of her mother's many partners and, when her mother eventually found out, had been thrown out along with the now ex-partner. He quickly tired of her and, for the next five years, she had provided for herself as best she could. Working as a check-out girl in the local supermarket had gone some way to paying her rent; working as a part-time hooker had made up the difference.

We had met when she came to my assistance as I was being mugged for the laptop I was carrying. Quite possibly I could have fought off the attacker on my own, but when Tracy waded in and hit the guy over the head with one of her high-heels, he soon abandoned his attempt to rob me and staggered away, cursing and holding his head.

We let him go and Tracy leaned against me while she slipped her shoe back on. Then I took her for a drink. After that, having discovered she hadn't had anything to eat for the last six hours, I took her for a meal. Coming out of the restaurant into a downpour she abandoned her plans to return to her street corner and, instead, let me take her back to my flat.

There she made use of my shower while I made us both coffee and poured a couple of brandies for good measure. When we'd finished those she took another look at the rain lashing down outside and suggested we went to bed instead. Five years later, she's still suggesting it. She gave up the supermarket job when she moved in with me – and took a job as an escort shortly afterwards. Despite my oft repeated suggestions that she give up her work in the sex trade, she always refuses.

'I really don't mind it,' she admitted. 'In fact I enjoy being taken out by all those different men and I get a kick out of knowing almost all of them want to have sex with me. And the beauty of it is, it's entirely up to me whether or not I let them. That apart, I need to keep my independence and earn my own money.'

She viewed sex differently to most people and regarded her body as an asset to be used as such. Emotionally, she was as committed to me as she could ever be to anyone, but she thought the idea of only allowing me to have sex with her was ridiculous. I couldn't really argue with her – she was over twenty-one and it was her body, after all. Plus, the money she made from those she did sleep with, paid for a pretty fancy holiday every year as well as a lot of luxury items for the flat.

Carrying her through to the bedroom, I laid her on the bed and then quickly undressed. She giggled when she saw my erection.

'My God, Harry! Anyone would think you hadn't had a woman for months.'

'It's you, you minx. Even now, after five years, I still get hard just thinking about you.'

'Damn right! Don't you ever stop. Now bring my favourite dick over here so I can give it a kiss.'

Tracy's idea of kissing my prick is to try to swallow it, balls and all. She loves oral sex and, more than once, we've spent an entire afternoon and evening performing nothing but oral sex on each other.

We quickly moved into a sixty-nine and, after an enjoyable ten minutes or so, we moved onto some oral sodomy - something we both find extremely arousing.

'Harry,' she panted, as we paused to draw breath, 'will you fuck my ass?'

'Love to.'

She quickly knelt in front of me, waggling her beautifully rounded ass provocatively. I gave it a playful slap and then began anointing her with oil. We used to use KY until one Italian holiday when the only thing to hand was a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil. It did the job perfectly and, the fact that it was extra-virgin tickled Tracy because every vestige of her virginity had gone years before. Ever since then, we've used olive oil whenever we've needed lubrication.

By the time we were ready, her fingers were working busily on her clit.

'I wish you had two dicks, Harry,' she sighed, as she felt me easing slowly in.

'Why's that?'

'Then you could fuck me both ways at the same time.'

'We could always find another guy if you wanted to try DP,' I offered.

'Maybe for my thirtieth birthday,' she said, panting a little as I began to fuck her. 'Oh, God, yes! That feels so good!'

By the time Mandy came round we had showered, dressed and eaten and I was feeling like I normally did after a good romp with Trace – smug and satisfied. It didn't stop me ogling Mandy's breasts, though. The white shirt she wore outside her jeans would have been thin enough to show most of Tracy's lightly tanned breasts. As it was, Mandy's coffee coloured ones were strikingly obvious.

Mandy was almost as cute as Tracy. Although taller and heavier, she was nicely in proportion and I could understand why she was as popular with the punters as Tracy. Although Mandy's husband knew she worked as an escort, he had no idea about the things her customers paid for at the end of the evening.

'The only way he lets me keep working as an escort is because I've promised him that I don't fuck the clients,' she confessed, taking a sip of her wine. 'He'd go mad if he knew I did. He's not cool about it like your Harry – although he's happy enough to spend the money.'

'But what's the problem?' I asked.

'I'm being blackmailed,' she said simply.

'About what?' I prompted.

'About me having sex with my clients, of course! There's this one guy who's actually been quite a good client. He's asked for me half a dozen times and, although the first time we went to a hotel, all the other times we did it back at his place. Anyway, the bastard had only set up some hidden cameras, hadn't he? He edited it all together and came up with three or four fifteen minute sex tapes. Now that would be bad enough except that I made the mistake of telling him my old man doesn't know I put out for some clients.'

'"Some"?' Tracy sniggered. 'More like, most!'

Mandy ignored Tracy's interjection and took another sip of wine.

'Now he's threatening, not only to publish the films on his web-site, but to tell Leon – unless I start fucking him for free. Unless I can figure out a way to get those films back, I'm going to have to go along with him – which means he can keep filming me and charge people to watch them over the Net.'

Mandy finished her wine with a big gulp. Tracy quickly refilled all our glasses.

'Trace tells me you're a whiz with computers – is there anything you could do?'

'Possibly,' I nodded. 'Depends on his security. You say he's got a blog?'

'Yeah. He brags about the women he's had and he's posted some pictures of them. I think he's trying to build it up to a sex site – with me as one of his main attractions.'

'Let's have a look then,' I said, turning to my laptop which was already up and running. 'What's his address?'

We spent a few minutes browsing his site. As Mandy had said, it was full of his tacky sexploits – half fact, half wishful thinking. The hit counter showed a reasonable number of visitors though and he probably could make some money with the right product.

'What a creep!' Tracy spat in disgust as we skimmed an entry which detailed how he'd picked up and reamed out a black girl.

'If that's supposed to be how it happened with me, it's pure bullshit,' Mandy snapped. 'I mean, I guess we did pretty much everything he says, but no way was I begging for more and then pleading with him to stop because he'd worn me out. And he conveniently forgets to mention he had to pay for it in the first place. Shit!'

'Leave it with me,' I told her. 'I can't do much tonight, from here and on this laptop, but tomorrow, in my workshop, I'll see what I can do. Do you want to be there?'

'I'll say I do! Thanks, Harry.'

Once Tracy had seen Mandy out she came back and curled up on my knee.

'Will you be able to do anything?'

'As long as he's keeping Mandy's stuff on a computer connected to the Net, probably. But if he's burned it to a DVD or something, then I don't see how I can get to it.'

'What a bastard!'

'Of course, you could always seduce him, find out where he keeps the files and then destroy them.'

'I might have to, if you can't do it,' she muttered grimly.

'Then I'd better make sure I do,' I grinned.

'You know,' Tracey said thoughtfully, grinning wickedly, 'I rather like the idea of using my body to gain secrets – rather like that Mata Hari woman.'

'Yeah, well just remember what happened to her.'

'Oooh! What did happen to her?'

'Well, for a while she had a good time bedding lots of powerful men all over Europe. But then the French decided she was spying for the Germans and shot her.'

'Hmm. I could manage the first bit, but maybe not the second.'

'I would think it's easier to be shot than to fuck loads of men.'

'Well of course it would be – but it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun! What did you think of Mandy, by the way?'

'Cute. Sexy.'

'Fancy her?'


'Fancy me?' she grinned, not at all put out that I found her friend attractive. 'Definitely!'

'How much?'

'About eight inches?' I suggested.

'That'll do me,' she giggled.

'It has done. Many times,' I reminded her.

'If I suck it, will it do me again?'

'It'll do you again whether you suck it or not.'

'I'll see you in the bedroom then,' she said, slipping off my knee.

I tidied up the lounge and went into the bedroom to see what she was up to. I found her lying across the bed, her head hanging off one side, her legs wide apart and bent at the knees off the other. She was stark naked.

'Now there's an interesting sight,' I grinned.

'You can have a choice of ends,' she giggled.

'I want both ends.'

'Good choice!'

I started by fucking her cunt. Then, just before I came, I withdrew, moved around the bed and plunged my prick into her mouth.

'Jesus, Harry!' she moaned, as best she could. 'I love the way you make me feel.'

The guy only had basic security on his system and it proved remarkably easy to hack into his computer. With an enthralled Mandy hanging over one shoulder and Tracey hanging over the other, it took no time at all to locate a folder containing a dozen or so fifteen minute videos.

'Are those the ones?' Tracey breathed excitedly.

'I can't be sure without opening them,' I told them, looking pointedly at Mandy.

'Ah, what the hell!' she said with a careless laugh. 'I've always wondered what I looked like.'

She looked pretty good. I worked methodically down the list, opening each file in turn. As it happened, Mandy's were the last three we looked at. The other nine featured four other girls, two of whom were escorts known to Tracey and Mandy.

'Wow, Mandy, you look awesome,' Tracey giggled, as we finally found the files we were looking for.

'I do, don't I?' she agreed, careless of the fact that we were currently looking at her, lying naked, legs wide apart, taking the guy's dick with every indication of pleasure.

As we watched, the guy pulled out to allow Mandy to roll over. Then he squirted some lube over her ass, applied some to his dick and eased himself into her.

'Oh my God, Mandy!' Tracey squealed. 'I can see why you don't want Leon to see these. I'm not so sure Harry should be seeing them, either.'

'Why not?' I asked innocently. 'Don't tell me you let your punters do that to you?'

'We-ell...' Tracey demurred.

'Exactly,' Mandy chipped in. 'Two hundred quid is two hundred quid. I mean, Leon gets it for free so it's not as though I'm holding out on him. What about you, Harry? I bet you love that cute little ass of Trace's, don't you?'

'Christ, yes!' I grinned.

Tracey laughed and ruffled my hair before turning her attention back to the computer.

I took the hint and quickly skimmed through the remaining files to confirm they were all of Mandy. Then I closed them and looked at Mandy.

'What do you want to do with them?'

'Can you erase them?'

'Sure, but then he'll know someone's been in his machine. A better plan would be to leave him a little present.'

'What sort of a present?'

'A nasty little virus that, once it gets loose, will wipe everything off his hard drive. And the beauty of it would be he won't know where it came from or who did it.'

'But my stuff will be gone?'


'Do it!' Mandy urged, fiercely.

'Just bear in mind he might have copies.'

'Shit! How will we know?'

'The only way you'd know for sure would be for you to call his bluff. You know, if he repeats his blackmail demand, ask for a copy to prove he's not bluffing. Be careful though. Don't sound as if you know his computer's crashed.'

Before I left his machine, I planted a bug that would be activated the next time the guy opened an email. I guessed he'd assume he'd been sent it. I pushed my chair away from my computer and looked at the girls.

'That's it. With a bit of luck you won't hear from him again.'

Mandy threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug.

'Fantastic, Harry! How can I ever thank you?'

'I know how,' Tracey said, with a wicked grin.

'Huh? How?' Mandy asked, still draped around me.

'Give him a freebie,' Tracey replied.

'Oooh! Now there's an idea,' she giggled, trailing a hand down over my chest to my groin.

'He's told me he fancies you,' Tracey continued, shamelessly.

'Do you Harry?' Mandy asked delightedly, her fingers tracing the outline of my rapidly stiffening prick.

I nodded, weakly, not trusting myself to speak. Mandy swung herself astride of me as I sat there and started to give me a lap dance. Tracey watched critically for a moment or two before leaning in to hike Mandy's skirt up around her waist. Then she deftly unfastened my jeans and tugged them down.

I groaned as Mandy began rubbing herself along my rigid shaft. With only the thin material of her thong between my prick and her cunt, I could feel, first her heat and then her wetness.

Abruptly, Mandy stood up and back. I watched in fascination as she swiftly unfastened her skirt and stepped out of it and then took off her thong.

'Go girl!' Tracey breathed excitedly.

'Shit, Trace! At least make sure the door's locked,' I grunted, not keen on the idea of a customer or client walking in on us.

She giggled and quickly did as I asked. Meanwhile, Mandy, now naked from the waist down, resumed her slow rubbing of her cunt along my prick.

'Like that, do you, Harry?' she grinned, her voice not quite steady. 'Have you ever had yourself a piece of black ass before?'

'Never,' I groaned, hoping like hell I wasn't going to spoil it all by coming too soon.

But Mandy was too experienced to let me go too far. Lifting her shirt and placing my hands on her breasts, she reached for my prick, guided it between the lips of her cunt and sank down with a sigh of satisfaction.

'Not bad for a white boy,' she conceded. 'Hey, Trace, seeing this is his first taste of black, shall I give him the full treatment?'

Tracey, who was leaning back against a workbench, her fingers busy under her skirt, grinned and nodded.

An hour and a half later Tracey and I were driving home. I was still a little dazed and Tracey had to repeat her question.

'I said, "Did you enjoy yourself back there?"'

'Christ, Tracey, what do you think?'

'You certainly looked as though you did. Is she better than me?'

'No way! She's good. And she's different – and the way she twitched her ass with me inside it was awesome, but if I had to choose between the two of you – no contest. It would be you every time.'

'Maybe I should learn to do that twitching thing, though,' she said thoughtfully, 'if it's that good.'

'You give better blow-jobs though.'

'I do?'

'God, yes. And, although she was good to fuck in the conventional way, you're better.'

'So it's just really that ass thing?'

'I guess so.'

'Then when we get home, we'll start practicing.'

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