tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Helping Hand

A Helping Hand


Under the dinner table Amber felt his hand on her thigh... and froze. Mr. Neil's fingers crawled under her skirt like fat spider legs.

Was this jerk really trying to molest her, with her parents sitting inches away? Amber wanted to chop his stupid hand off. She grabbed the carving knife but her mother snatched it away.

"Did you hear that Amber? Mr. Neil has just offered to pay your tuition. He's such a nice man."

Mr. Neil grinned. "Ah yes, I just love giving good girls a helping hand."

The good girl felt his helping hand push under her panties, and Amber's face turned as red as her hair. She tried to cross her legs but his helping hand clenched her pussy lips. Gritting her teeth she glared at Mr. Nasty.

Amber's mother offered up a plate of rolls. "Help yourself Mr. Neil."

The man took a roll while helping himself to Amber's hole. She felt his long finger shove straight up her pussy slit. "Ouch."

Her mother whispered. "Amber stop squirming and eat your food like a lady." The girl nodded, trying to eat like a lady while getting finger-fucked like a whore. The man sure had long fingers.

Blushing she remembered the church camping trip, and how his long finger made her super wet. She was super wet now.

After dinner her parents left the room to get dessert. Amber hissed and tried to push him away. "Stop it you bastard!" Mr. Neil winked as his finger tickled her clit. "Don't— not my clitty!"

He smiled. "I know you like the clitty-tickle."

"Please no sir... not again..." But he continued to finger her love button, flicking it up a down like a light switch. Amber bit her lip as her pussy trembled with a small orgasm.

The door flew open and her mother walked in with dessert. "Here's some peach pie." Her mother winked. "Amber made it herself."

The little redhead didn't say a word as the man slipped a second fat finger into her too-tight twat. She hated it... but loved it. Finger fucking did feel good, really good. And the man was so nasty, doing it right in front of her parents.

Amber felt ashamed as her pussy quivered in climax again.

Her mother stood up. "Well it's late. Me and your dad are off to bed. Now Amber make sure you're extra nice to our guest. Be a gracious hostess and offer Mr. Neil some pie."

Her mother beamed. "We're so proud of our little Amber. She was always advanced for her age. In fact she was the first girl in her class to grow breasts."

"Wow how talented." The burly man grinned wide, staring down at Amber's abundant boobs. Amber crossed her arms over her chest.

Her mother winked again. "Now Amber take Mr. Neil to the sofa where it's more comfy. Oh and honey don't forget to give Mr. Neil a nice piece of pie." Her mother flashed a menacing smile and walked out leaving young Amber alone with this old pervert.

But Amber always did what she was told, and led the man to the sofa. Mr. Neil stared down at her bulging tits. "So what's your age sweetie?"

Amber blurted out, "36D... oops I mean eighteen."

He laughed. "Wow 36D and eighteen. I love a young lass with big boobies... big delicious boobies." He licked his lips. "Sweetie I'm going to keep you nice and sore."

"Wh-what do you mean sir?"

Mr. Neil walked across the room. Amber held her breath, hoping the man would leave. But her heart sank when he shut the door and locked it. The burly man turned around and faced her, rubbing the lump in the front of his pants.

"Now darling give me your dress." Amber blushed and shook her head. "Do it lass or I'll do it myself."

Biting her lip little Amber dropped her dress and kicked it at him.

"Now off with the rest."

"Why? Y-you're going to rape me aren't you? Tell me the truth." Mr. Nasty didn't answer he just stared at her like he had x-ray vision, peering through her bra and straight into her panties.

Amber stammered. "You-you expect me to just get naked and let you have your way with me?"

"Yes deary, now let me rub your panties." Amber bit her lip as the man's big hand squeezed her pussy mound like a ripe peach. "Now get naked."

"Noo!" Amber ran to the door, grabbed the knob but hesitated and slowly turned. "Um Mr. Neil... are you really paying my tuition?"

"Every penny. Your mum said they're broke as paupers, so we made an uh... arrangement."

Suddenly Amber knew what her mom meant by 'a nice piece of pie.' With her face burning in shame the young girl turned her back to the man. She gently unsnapped her bra, releasing her plump jiggling tits. Then Amber pulled down her panties and kicked them off.

"Wow, nice ass lass. Now turn around and let me see the rest." Amber did and felt like a piece of naked meat on display.

Mr. Neil inhaled. "Awesome knockers and gorgeous ginger hair," he said not looking at her head. "Mind if I play with your ginger?"

Amber whispered "...help yourself." She watched the man's big fingers twirl around her curly red pubes.

"What a lovely fleece of fur." He winked. "Sweetie I'll bet you were the first in your class to grow pubes."

Amber giggled and blushed. "Yes I was, the girls in gym class were super-super jealous."

"Fantastic. Now deary let me suck those ripe, luscious boobies." Feeling like a tuition whore Amber leaned over and let her plump boobs dangle above his open mouth.

The man's big lips clamped on her long nipples. "Mmm... I love the taste of teat." He sucked her nipples so hard she thought they'd pop off.

"Ouch! Hey my nipples aren't chew toys."

Mr. Neil laughed and laid her back on the sofa. He dropped his pants and his long prick sprang out ... super stiff and super-super scary. Amber stared at the one-eyed monster. "Are you going to f-fuck me?"

"Aye." Mr. Neil brought his cock up to her face. "Now lass, your turn to suck. Suck my prick and lube it up real good or it'll rip your pussy apart like pink tissue paper."

"OH NO!" The wide eyed girl quickly opened her mouth for his fat cockhead and blushed as she sucked it hard. Her tongue licked his pee slit and lapped up and down his long shaft, slathering it in saliva.

Amber felt slutty when the man grabbed her ankles and spread her wide. "Now open your lovely labia."

"Wh-what's a labia?"

"You're pussy petals— spread your lovely petals like a spring flower."

With two fingers the blushing girl parted open her pink petals. Amber felt the man's stare penetrating deep into her open pussy. His face moved in close, so close she could feel his hot breath inside her hole. Mr. Neil's lips kissed all over her furry mound making Amber squirm.

Suddenly they heard a loud squeak... and more squeaking.

Mr. Neil chuckled. "Ha-ha! Did you hear that lass?"

Amber listened. Through the wall came the sounds of sex... squeaking springs, a headboard hitting the wall and heavy moaning.

"Hah! Girl your parents are shagging like rabbits." Mr. Neil laughed, rubbing his swollen cockhead against Amber's tiny slit. "Let's be rabbits honey. This will be fun."

"NO you're thing is way too big for me! You can't possibly—"

"—Can't I?" Neil grinned and Amber knew what was expected of her. Covering her eyes the redhead spread her legs so wide they hurt. "Now beg for it college girl. Beg me to fuck you."

"Um... fuck me please... pretty please." Amber looked up. "Like that sir?"

"Louder you little tart!" He smacked her ass. "Louder!"

"Fuck me!" Dammit fuck me hard you dirty bastard!"

Squirming on the sofa, spread legged and naked, begging an old man to fuck her... Yes it was depraved but it made her pussy burn for cock... big fat fucking cock. Abandoning all modesty the naked girl wanted prick, a hard prick shoved into her tiny fuck- hole...

And Amber wished he'd hurry up and do it!

Mr. Nasty leaned over her and stroked up and down his cock shaft... From the next room her mom moaning in orgasm. Hearing her mom's orgasm was really-really gross... but it made her really-really tingly.

And it made Mr. Neil's big prick throb. The young girl gripped the sofa as his long prick moved between her legs and shoved into her tender cunt. Little Amber did the virgin squirm, feeling his fuck-pole tear through her hymen. "OOOUCH!"

"You're twat's so tight." The big man reared back like a bull and rammed his massive prick deep inside her, again and again, piercing the very core of her womanhood.

"IT HURTS SIR!" Amber felt her pussy walls get torn apart and stuffed with cock— stuffed with too much cock. The man hammered deeper into her tiny twat. "NO JEZUZ NO!"

"YES JEZUZ YES! You need this!"

Amber felt her tiny pussy stretching around a cock as long as her arm and wide as her fist. Every time she gasped he fucked harder and faster, making her pussy ache... wonderfully.

He was right, she needed it. She need fucked—fucked like a wild slut! Amber felt her hips move on their own, lifting her quivering cunt to meet each thrust of the man's steel shaft.

"Oh yes—yes screw my tight twat you dirty old man!"

He kissed her lips and pounded her pussy, his fat balls slapping her ass. When the man sucked her tits, Amber gripped his hips with her legs... and felt an orgasmic jolt shoot up her spine.

"Oh sir... oh sir... I'm... I'M CUMMING!" Her legs flew up. "AIYEEE!"

Mr. Neil's burly face grew flush and his thrusts faster... and he grunted. Inside her swollen love hole she felt his prick throbbing. Gosh he must be cumming inside of me! Soon the girl felt globs hot-wet goo leak from her pussy crack and down her ass.

With a final thrust Mr. Neil gripped her soft tits and collapsed on her sweaty body. She could hear him panting.

After a minute the big guy rolled off. Amber quickly looked between her legs and saw red tinted cum leaking out of her swollen, ravaged pussy.

Little Amber stared up into the man's brown eyes.

"Did you like it Mr. Neil? Was my pussy really-really tight?"

"Aye lass, you're tight as a velvet vise." He rubbed her moist twat. "Now pack a bag lass. And I hope you're ready to share my bed tonight."

Amber smiled. "And I hope you're ready for a workout old man."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/16/19

slut isn't an awful word...

... As long as you understand it's play and treat women with respect. Sometimes sex is about saying and doing things that are bad by society's public standards.

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by Anonymous04/20/19

So, so

The idea is reasonable but executed in a rather hard way. It could have been a lot more subtle, a lot more gradual and with pleasanter, with less crude, language. I am not at all sure Amber's readinessmore...

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by Anonymous01/03/19

Proofreading is not a sin

When did you're become a possessive pronoun?

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by Winstanley12/10/18

Sick and disgusting

I don't know what's become of the "First Time" category. It is supposed to be about the loss of virginity, but has become about "1st time swinging," or 1st time cheating, or about gay sex (I have a bimore...

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by Averygoodlay12/09/18


mom sold her daughter's pussy and got off while being fucked herself

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