tagInterracial LoveA Helping Of Dessert

A Helping Of Dessert

byEnglish Bob©

Maddie was in good form. She was always a willful and defiant wife and the five beers that she had so recently consumed had fuelled her already effervescent personality to the point where she could hardly keep still or stop chattering.

It was her twenty sixth birthday. We had planned a full celebration later on in the week but, this night, rather than prepare a meal at home; we had decided to eat at one of our favourite diners just on the outskirts of town. The place had been quiet when we arrived; just a few customers stopping off for a bite on their way to wherever they were going. But now, as I checked my watch for the fifth time and glanced around, I could see that the restaurant was all but deserted.

Sam, the cook and owner of the diner, mooched around behind the counter obviously keen to lock up for the night. He was a giant of a man; tall and black as night but with a smile and easy personality that I had seen few women able to resist

"Guess we better make a move, hon." I said sneaking a peek at my watch yet again. "It's nearly eleven thirty."

Maddie had broken off from her inane chatter only long enough for me to speak briefly and was about to prepare her next oration - probably about one or other of the girls that she worked with and how she was being so badly treated by a boyfriend or husband – when my comment about the time made her look up at the clock.

"Oh, Chris. I'm not tired yet. Can't we stay a bit longer? Maybe another drink or some dessert?

I sighed silently. When Maddie gets in one of these moods there's usually little that anyone can do to change her mind. I was fairly sure that another beer was a bad idea, but I supposed that some cake or pie wouldn't hurt.

"What would you like then?" I asked in a tired, plaintive voice.

Maddie's eyes twinkled as she leaned over the Formica topped table so that her face was closer to mine. I could smell the fragrant moisturiser that she used and the scent of her shampoo filtered through as her long blonde hair fell over her face.

"Something rich, dark and really naughty!"

I studied the menu for her looking for something that would fit her desired choice.

"Like Sam!" she whispered with a giggle, nodding her head towards the large black man.

For a second my brain seemed to stop working. I continued to stare at the menu but the list of hamburgers, steaks and fries could have been printed in Greek for all the sense they made to me.

I looked up at my wife's grinning face. The twinkle in her eyes was still there and her full lips curled into an immoral looking smile.

"I think someone's had a beer too many!"

I laughed. But the sound was hollow and empty. Maddie remained silent but continued to smile at me furtively. I had seen that look before; it was a look of excitement. A look of lust!

"What the hell are you saying?" I screamed the whisper across the table.

"Just watch!"

A little unsteadily, my young wife pulled her chair back and got to her feet. Sam looked up; the prospect of his last two customers leaving seemed to lift his boredom for a moment but as soon as he realised that this was not the case, he resumed his interest in the sports magazine that was spread out on the counter before him.

It seemed to take a long time but, eventually, Maddie managed to manoeuvre herself all the way to the other side of the diner where an old-fashioned juke box stood silent and inviting against the wall. I could hear the chink of small coins being inserted into the slot and, immediately following this, the sounds of an early Beatles track filtered through the antique speakers.

As the music continued, my wife began to dance. She was still quite drunk; her movements not quite co-ordinated enough to make the routine perfect, but she was still putting on a good show – a show that I soon realised was for Sam's benefit rather than mine.

The Beatles track came to an end and was immediately replaced by Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street. I knew this to be one of Maddie's favourite songs and as her body gyrated, swaying around so that her short skirt flared around her thighs; I glanced quickly over at Sam.

The sudden activity in the quiet diner had roused his interest and he was now watching my wife with as much, if not more, attention than I was. His round, dark face opened into an appreciative smile and his eyes seemed incapable of, or at least unwilling to, leave Maddie's lithe body.

"Sorry about this, Sam," I called over, "She's just had a little too much to drink!"

For the briefest of moments Sam tore his eyes away from my wife and glanced over at me. The instant that our eyes met was enough to tell me that, even if I was sorry, he most certainly was not!

"Don't you think we'd better get going?" I'm not sure if my voice carried over the level of the music but, if Maddie did hear me, she chose not to acknowledge me. Instead, Sam answered for her.

"Nah, let the lady dance, man! We don't often get this sort of entertainment in here!"

Encouraged by these words of wisdom, Maddie continued to dance. The music was loud and she seemed lost in a world of her own as she twirled and spun around the room. As her body twisted this way and that, her skirt flared further and exposed more of her legs. The air was warm and a little humid and her blouse had become damp with sweat and clung to her like a second skin. It was quite obvious to both Sam and I that she had not bothered to wear a bra!

Maddie's dance had now left its earlier more traditional format and, as she quietly popped the first few buttons of the blouse, I realised that she was now performing more of a strip-tease. To be honest, the whole routine was beginning to turn me on and I wondered how far she would go.

Sam cheered wildly as, with the music finally coming to an end, Maddie popped the last few buttons of her blouse and opened the garment with a flourish exposing her bare breasts. She stood in the middle of the room. All three of us looked at each other. I suppose we all wondered what was going to happen next.

Sam moved quickly. Raiding the till for small change, he dropped a few more coins into the juke box and began pressing buttons. I watched as Maddie began dancing once again to the sound of The Temptations.

The black cook turned away from the juke box and looked over at me. He seemed to be seeking my approval. I shrugged resignedly; I knew there was little point in trying to stop my wife and, anyway, I was enjoying the view as much as Sam was.

But Sam wanted to do more than just watch. Standing behind my semi-clad wife, he began to gyrate his body in accordance with her own slow, sensual movements. His arms came around her and rested on her hips and I gasped slightly as I saw his lips brush against the soft skin of her neck.

For several moments I continued to express my voyeuristic side, watching Sam and Maddie as they danced closely and embracing. His hands moved up her body slowly, luxuriantly; touching her, caressing her. I could see Maddie's breasts heave slightly as she took a deep breath, looking down through watery eyes as large black hands enveloped the milky-white orbs. Her lips parted in a quiet sigh of pleasure.

The music now seemed forgotten as Sam continued to feel my wife up. Her arms were reaching up around his neck; her back arched gently and her stiffened nipples pressed into his palms. Slowly Sam's hands moved back down to her waist. Maddie seemed disappointed at the sudden lack of touch but then gasped out loud as, with a swift, practiced movement, Sam pulled the short skirt down over her hips so that it pooled around her feet.

Now standing in only an open blouse and tiny red bikini panties, Maddie looked extremely sluttish. The expression on her face was one of pure, animal lust and I knew that this evening was not going to end with just a dance. I could feel my erection pressing urgently against the material of my jeans. I didn't want it to end here. I wanted it to continue. I wanted to watch Sam fuck my wife!

As if reading my mind, Sam scooped my wife up into his arms and sat her on a table. His fingers hooked into the waistband of her panties and, with a deft movement, the tiny garment was discarded on the floor together with the skirt.

For a long moment Sam looked between my wife's legs, spreading them wide so that he could inspect her most private area. He pulled off his t-shirt. The muscles rippled beneath his dark skin and he licked his lips expectantly.

Sam didn't waste any time. With my wife's legs well spread and her pussy open and on display, he dropped his head between her thighs. I watched fascinated as his long, pink tongue darted out and lapped gently at the folds of her vagina.

Maddie squealed as her clit was laved slowly and gasped out loud. She held her own legs back to enable the black man to take the swollen bud between his lips and raised her butt from the table eagerly as he began to eat her properly.

The first orgasm came within seconds and I realised how turned on my wife must already have been. I saw her legs tremble and her toes curl as the waves of ecstasy crashed over her, the initial climax now giving way to multiple smaller quakes that rocked her body. Sam's expert tongue and lips continued to excite her for several more moments before her eventually came up for air.

Sam was moving quickly now. His hands fumbled at the belt of his jeans as he tore the garment open and pulled it and his underwear down over his tree-trunk black legs. Both Maddie and I gasped at the same time when we saw the long, thick, girder-like appendage that protruded from between his thighs.

Sam's big cock was as hard as granite. The swollen, purple head twitched as Maddie's fingers gently stroked up and down the veiny shaft; caressing the sensitive skin and cupping the large hanging watermelons that passed for his balls.

"Mmmmm…that feels good, baby!" Sam cooed as he pressed his lips to my wife's and kissed her hard.

Maddie's fingers continued to play with their new toy as they gently spread the leaking pre-cum around the swollen, bulbous head. I watched as the two lovers' mouths locked in battle, their tongues dancing and entwining gracefully with each other. As Maddie's fingers struggled to grip the wide girth of Sam's cock, he bucked his hips forward and began fucking her hand. Two of his own fingers were deep inside her pussy and he pushed her back slightly so that he could get a third digit inserted into her tight, puckered anus.

As Maddie felt the intrusion into her pack passage I watched her face screw up in an expression of joy. She came again, harder this time, and flooded Sam's hand with her juices.

"You like black cock, baby?" Sam grinned.

Maddie was in no position to reply. Her body was still jerking and contracting as the final throes of her orgasm washed over her.

"I bet you wanna taste my big black dick, don't you? I bet you wanna suck me dry!"

Maddie's eyes opened quickly. Although she did look a little drained now, the sparkle was still quite evident. She smiled up at her lover and I saw her hand squeeze his tool gently. She smiled and nodded her head quickly; her blonde hair was damp with sweat and hung sexily about her shoulders.

"Oh, God, yes Sam! Yes! Yes! Please let me suck that big cock!"

With a playful grin, Sam pulled my wife unsteadily up onto her feet and led her to the counter. In one athletic movement he jumped up and sat facing her with his muscular legs spread. His swollen cock stood up in front of him like a black tower block.

Maddie moved slowly in between her lovers' thighs and kneeled. Her eyes were glued to his solid erection and her fingers gingerly stroked up and down the length again watching it swell and throb beneath her touch.

Gently, her head tilted forward. Her trembling fingers brushed the hair from her face as she extended her tongue and licked slowly at a blob of pre-cum that had oozed from the eye. Sam moaned incoherently and closed his eyes, preparing himself mentally for what he must have hoped would be a wonderful blow job.

Maddie's mouth opened as her head dropped. I looked on as the tip of Sam's tool disappeared between her painted lips; streaks of red smearing along the hard shaft. Her back was towards me, her legs still open and I could see the way that her pussy and asshole were still spread open after the fingering that Sam had given them.

Again, Sam moaned deep in his throat as my wife swallowed his huge member as best she could. Actually, she was doing a very impressive job; her lips were open as wide as they could possibly go and she had managed to bury more than four inches of turgid black meat inside her mouth. I could see that she was desperately trying to get some of the head into her throat but, the way it swelled and throbbed, combined with the sheer size of the appendage, made this a difficult if not impossible task.

But Sam was trying to help her. His fingers were entangled in her blonde hair and he was pulling her head ever downwards, thrusting his hips up and encouraging her to take more of his weapon. Maddie gagged and spluttered but, undeterred, still continued to suck the enormous black cock as hard as she could. But Sam was good; very good. His stamina amazed me and as he smiled down at Maddie I could see that he had the whole situation under control.

"You like to feel some of this in your cunt, baby?" he drawled.

Again, Maddie, with a mouthful of hard, black meat, was in no position to argue even had she wanted to. And from the look of expectant lust on her face, I knew that she didn't.

With knees that were still barely able to support her, my wife, with Sam's assistance, managed to scramble up onto the counter and join her naked lover. They kissed again fiercely, hands caressing, fondling and probing.

"Tell me what you want!" Sam growled through tightly clenched teeth.

"I want you…inside me…please!"


"In my pussy…I want you in my pussy!"

"You mean in your CUNT? You want my big cock up inside your wet cunt?"

Maddie gasped. "Yes. Yes…in my…in my cunt!"

I watched as Sam's hands gripped my wife's buttocks and pulled her towards him. She swung a trembling leg over his groin and, with a deep sigh, guided the thick weapon into her pussy.

Sam thrust his hips upwards, cruelly penetrating her. His hands squeezed and manipulated her ass cheeks, pulling her onto him and ensuring the best angle for maximum depth. Maddie cried out as she was so brutally impaled, but it wasn't a cry of anger or pain. Her voice resonated with a deep longing.

Again and again Sam rammed himself up into the body of his lover. She no longer looked like my wife; she looked more like a bitch in heat! Her voice was deep and full of previously unspoken obscenities as she berated her black lover and encouraged him to fuck her harder and deeper.

Sam's ass was bouncing; feverishly pounding up and down on the counter as he drove his tool deeper and deeper with each thrust. His cock was a blur of speed as he fucked her. Maddie's hands gripped his shoulders tightly for support as she was thrown about and her pussy looked wider and more open than it had ever been as it struggled to accept the massive tool.

"Shit, baby!" Sam suddenly cried. "I think I'm gonna cum!"

In almost an explosion of arms and legs, the two lovers thrashed about as they coupled. Their bodies twisted into each other and then finally rolled from the counter and landed on the floor. If they were at all hurt it never showed. Sam didn't even miss a beat. With Maddie now sprawled on her back, he straddled her chest. His eyes were tight shut as he pointed his throbbing cock directly at her face. As if by rote, her mouth opened willingly to accept him, the first strong jet of cum coating her tongue

Maddie continued to swallow Sam's thick emission as it spurted in strong fountains from the tip of his mighty weapon and it wasn't long before her face was almost awash with his sperm. She licked and sucked at the black cock, ensuring that she had got every last drop of the precious fluid from him and cleaning him off like a dutiful whore.

As Maddie sucked and licked at Sam's cock I watched in amazement. I'd heard it said that some guys could do it but, of course, I'd never actually witnessed it. Slowly but surely, as his tool slid in and out of her mouth, Sam was getting hard again. The long black snake started to swell and grow as if Maddie was blowing life back into it. He stood with his hands on his hips and looked down proudly as the monster once again filled my wife's mouth, stretching her lips wide open.

"She's nearly ready." He said with a quirky grin. "I can usually tame a wild woman quicker than this, but this one's very wilful! Its gonna take just one more thing!"

Sam pulled out of Maddie's mouth and she looked up at him with a disappointed pout.

"Don't worry my little slut!" He cooed, "There's a bit more of Sam to come yet!"

Reaching down, he pulled her by the hand until she was standing then, gently manoeuvred her towards the bar. He positioned her carefully; legs well spread and facing the counter with her hands planted firmly on the surface for support.

Kissing the back of her neck gently, Sam placed his hands once again on my wife's buttocks and slowly spread them apart. Her ass still looked open and dilated from the earlier fingering her had given her and as he eased two of his digits back into her rear passage, the hole acceded to him willingly.

Sam twisted and probed inside my wife's body again, widening and loosening her for what I was sure was soon to come. I didn't have long to wait to find out. Once satisfied with the open hole Sam lined his cock up and grunted as the first two inches slipped into her ass. I heard Maddie gasp and cry out. This time she was clearly feeling a little pain but from her expression it was obvious that the uncomfortable sensation had quickly left her and been replaced by something much more enjoyable.

"Who's bitch are you now, slut?" Sam intoned as he began to grind himself in and out of Maddie's asshole.

"Ohhh…yesssss!" Her reply was apparently not what Sam wanted to hear. With a thrust he buried another two or three inches inside her.

"WHO'S BITCH?" He cried

This time Maddie's reply was immediate.

"Yours Sam. I'm your bitch."

"You like to be butt-fucked, bitch?


"You like it hard?"

"Oh yesss…please…harder!...fuck your bitch's ass harder…PLEASE!"

I watched with a straining erection as Sam plundered my wife's ass over and over again. There was a constant obscene dialogue from both of them as he slammed her faster and faster, building up a substantial head of steam.

And then the inevitable happened. Again, I was surprised that he had managed to hold onto his cum for as long as he had and it came as no shock when the big black man finally wrenched his swollen tool from within Maddie's asshole and spurted his thick cum all over her ass cheeks.

Sam was right. Maddie had been well and truly tamed. It worked well for me too. Never now does she complain of a headache when I want her. She is subservient and willing and will offer any of her holes to me whenever the desire takes me. But of course, Sam will always now have first refusal. His diner has become our regular and, in fact, only eating place. We always eat late and Maddie always finishes with a good helping of Sam's special desert!

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