A Hickerman Party Ch. 01


All the women are tall statuesque beauties, one blond, a red head, another with jet black hair and a brunette. All have large, round breasts, at least DD if not bigger. They are obviously professional dancers of Las Vegas quality.

As the men come upon their partners, the women, slowly and gracefully extend an arm high above their heads. Reaching up the men take that hand as the ladies twirl underneath it. Slowly in time with the music they dance into a rotating circle, closing in tighter and tighter, then expanding the circle back out again. For another five minutes they gracefully join and rejoin in any number of other formations.

As the music finishes they return to the slightly bowed line. The women bow their heads on their partner’s shoulder, one toe on the floor the other brought up and pointing straight at the ceiling. Each man had grasped the calf of their partners raised leg with one hand and palmed her right breast.

Suddenly the music blared out a rendition of Bob Sejer’s Night Moves. As the girls spin away from their partners, off comes the bras. The girls dance now more in the style of strippers, but very well choreographed. The men just stand there taping their toes and swinging the bras to the beat of the song. The girls strut and bow, bending over letting those massive orbs swing between their legs. They do the splits and spread their legs for all to view. At the end of the song they return to their partners side. Down on one knee, the other behind the man’s leg, with their head resting against his hip, one hand runs up his back, while the other circles his belly. At the very last drum beat of the song, their hands all drop in a blur to their partners bulge along inside his thigh.

For a moment they are frozen their. Angel takes the opportunity to reach over and begin to caress Bill’s leg in the same manner. Only difference is that instead of having to caress it down along his thigh, it is already pressing straight up, hard against his zipper, aching for release.

The next song comes on very softly with a slow beat. In time with that beat the ladies begin to stroke the incased meat before them. Everyone watches in silence as all the appendages begin to rise. The ladies work their men until they are all standing straight up, but still incased in the tights. Abruptly with a loud beat of the drum the music changes tempo. Along with that loud beat of the drum the women quickly pull their hands away, taking an oval patch of the cloth with them. There is a loud ripping sound as the Velcro releases its grasp, completely exposing these huge cocks. None are less than at least 10 inches of thick, pulsing meat.

The men now dance and shake their dicks around to the pleasure of all the ladies, who hoot and holler much louder than the men had for the women. At the end of this number the men returned to their partners sides bent down on one knee as the woman had done before.

The next number again starts out slow. The men’s hands slowly course over the women’s bodies, across their stomachs, over their breasts, down their thighs, until like their predecessors with a loud beat of a drum, they ripped off the women’s thong. Naked except for their nylons and garter belts, the woman strut and dance in unison till the end of the music.

Angel’s hand had been at work and had deftly released Bill’s cock from its constraints. As the women dance she lays her head on his shoulder and strokes him slowly. Bill’s hand has also been working as his fingers massage her inner thigh. Unfortunately for both of them, his angle is such that he can’t quite reach all the way up between her legs.

“This must be really getting to you.” Angel perceives, whispering in his ear and while she’s there, takes a quick suck on his ear lobe.

“How’s that?” Bill replies without taking his eyes off the show unfolding before them not even fifteen feet away.

“Your cock is actually hot and it’s got to be as hard as I have ever felt it.” She explains.

Turning to look at her, smiling he whispers “Well then, why don’t you just role your leg across my lap and climb on.”

“Don’t tempt me.” And she kisses him hard on the mouth, her tongue stabbing deep inside, licking his tongue and roof of his mouth.

When she breaks the kiss, he says, “I’m not tempting you. I’m begging you. I don’t think anyone would even notice with all this action on the stage.”

“Ummm, I think… no, I know I’d love that… But we don’t want to miss anything. Do we?” she declines with mixed emotions.

“Well at least turn this way a little bit and spread those legs, so I can give you a little of what you are giving me.” He suggests.

Letting go of him, Angel turns on her couch so she is facing his side. She pulls up her right leg and slides behind his back, the other is still stretched out normally to her front. With her legs spread wide, she grabs his hand and pulls it up into her muff. Bill is amazed at how wet she is and says, “This must be getting to you just as much as it is getting to me. You’re dripping wet and your pussy feels like a radiator.”

“Just shut up and watch the show.” She says, beginning to stroke him again and planting a kiss on his neck that will ultimately become a hickey.

Meanwhile, the women on the stage have finished the number by dancing around their partners and removing their shirts. In doing so they end on their knees directly in front of the hard, pulsing cocks before them. During the short lull in the music they bend completely over backwards, bringing their heads down to touch the floor and showing their breasts to the audience. The men reach down and massage the bare orbs.

As the music begins again the ladies slowly rise up on their knees and take the head of the cock in front of them into their mouths. The music sort of turns in to a dirge, repeating the same notes over and over again. At the end of each set of notes a base drum beats. With that beat all four heads drive instantly down the length of the cocks in their mouths. During the three or four notes that follow they slowly pull their lips back up to the crowns, only to instantly drive down the length again on the next hard beat of the drum. Slowly, in unison the couples turn to show their profiles to the audience.

Two couples face to the right, the other two to the left. Slowly the tempo of the music increases and with it so does the pace of the ladies. The heads of all the ladies move up and down in unison with the music. Up and down the length of their studs shafts, the girls heads move at an ever increasing tempo The men with their heads rolled back, lightly run their fingers through the ladies hair. Not enough to have any effect on the girls manipulations, but certainly adding to the already erotic scene.

After another minute or so the pace of the dirge has the girls’ heads flying, like four pistons they work their cocks. And even still the music speeds up and so do the girls. Their heads a flying, almost a blur, for another full minute.

Suddenly the music stops with a loud clap of thunder. The girls pull their heads free, but keep stroking their partner’s cock. Within two or three strokes, three of the men begin to cum all over their partners faces, necks and breasts. The second from the right is about four strokes behind his queue, but is soon drenching his lady as well. “Oh, God!” Angel bursts out. “I’ve got to have some of that.” And with no further ado, drops her head forward into Bill’s lap, taking his entire length down her throat.

Tonya – sitting between Bill and Jeff, who is stroking his cock as well, while Jeff with an arm over her shoulder caresses her left breast – reacts by saying, “Hey girl, need to save that for the initiation.”

Angel stops and looks up at Bill for a decision with the head of his cock still in her mouth, as Jeff adds, “Yeah, suck all his juices out of him, now. Hopefully, he won’t be able to compete later.”

“Hey sweetie,” Bill replies to her unspoken question. “Makes no difference to me, either way I’m going to be satisfied.”

Meanwhile on the stage, the ladies slowly slide up the body of their partners. Once standing and wrapped in their partners’ arms, they kiss passionately. Slowly turning they roll around each other still embraced and slowly exit the stage, kissing all the way.

Closing her eyes, Angel drives her face down, burying her nose in Bill’s pubic hair. Quickly she pulls her head back up and then strokes his length several times with her lips sucking him hard and her teeth lightly dragging on his skin. Bill moans and throws his head back on the couch. Despite the pleasure she knows she is giving Bill and herself, Angel decides to pull away.

“Well, I’m not sure we will stay for the initiation.” Angel declares, “but, I guess we aught to save that for a little later, just in case, if you don’t mind.” Taking his cock back in her hand she squeezes it and then begins stroking it very slowly.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Jeff exclaims befuddled by her remark, …not sure we will stay… “You two are a couple of naturals. Look at what your doing, what more could they ask?”

“Doing this up there with everyone watching, for one thing. Worse they could ask five guys or more to gang bang me. There’s just couple of things I can’t do?” Angel illuminates her fears rapidly, letting go of Bill’s cock to emphasize her points with her hands.

“Actually,” Jeff presumes, “if you two pull out, that will almost insure Tonya and I will win. Look over at the other two initiates.” He points over his shoulder. “Dressed pretty conservatively and haven’t started taking anything off yet.”

“You seem to know a lot more about this initiation then we do.” Bill declares, as the lights slowly increase and the bare breasted waitresses begin bringing out the dinner.

“Not really. All we know is that initially there is a ritual we all have to go through blind folded. Everyone here has gone through the same ceremony.” Jeff enlightens, ignoring the trays of food being placed on their table. “Then after pledging secrecy, they come up with a competition that is different each time.”

“Exactly my point!” Angel exclaims. “What if the competition is to see how many guys the women can take on?”

“Ummmm,” Tonya moans, “The more the merrier.”

“Or what if we have to exchange partners?”

“Ummmm,” Tonya responds again with even more desire in her voice. “I’d really like that. I can have Jeff’s long cock any time.” Reaching over beside her she grabs Bill’s cock. “But I haven’t had a thick cock like this in years. Now Angel, Jeff’s cock will reach places in you Bill has never been.” The whole time she is speaking, she looks Angel straight in the eye, while stroking Bill’s cock. “And while Jeff is hitting places Bill’s never been, This beautiful cock would be stretching me wider than I’ve been stretched since I was in college. Must be twelve years. Ummmm, this would really feel great up my cunt.”

“Aren’t you afraid of disease?”

“Baby… are either of you diseased?”

“Augh!” Angel gasps in frustration. Tonya just smiles continuing to stroke the cock in her hand, while Jeff turns to the food, starting to prepare his plate.

“Angel, don’t get all worked up.” Bill butts in. “I’ve been assured we will be told exactly what the initiation entails and we can make a decision at that time. I assure you I will abide by your decision and will not pressure you to change it.”

“Yes, I know,” Angel wines a little with a sad face, “I just don’t want to disappoint you, that’s all. I love and adore you so much.” She pauses, turning her head towards the food. “I guess we should eat before it gets cold.”

“Good idea.” Bill says, rolling out of Tonya’s grip and pinning Angel to the back of the couch. He unbuttons a couple of her buttons, pulls the front of her blouse open, lowers his head to her breast and sucks it in with passion.

“Oooohhhh, God, Bill.” Angel moans and pulls his head tight to her chest. “That feels great. But if you keep this up very long, I’m going to be all over you.” Bill just sucked in that much more of her breast, his head rolling back and forth all over her tit.

“Jeff quit feeding your face and look at these two.” Tonya shouts to him in awe of the performance before her. “I had his cock in hand and he just rolled out of my grasp and attacked her tits. I suspect my idea of getting that fat cock of his to stretch my poor deprived pussy has been rejected.

Bill hadn’t taken her suggestion seriously anyway. He knew what he had with Angel, one hell of a hot lady, and he knew how she burned. He had no idea how hot Tonya might be, but he had his doubts. All wood burns. Tonya reminded him of those towering cottonwoods - tall statuesque, beautiful trees; compared to Angel who was maybe an apple tree - short and spreading. However, the cottonwood is full of water and is hard to ignite when its green, and when dried it burns quickly with very little heat and certainly no intensity. And before it is ready to burn (cut down and aged) it has some nasty habits. It's a high maintenance tree, dropping sticky seeds, then cotton fluff and leaves all summer long. The apple on the other hand, burns well even when green, but when properly cured, burns three to four times longer than an identical sized piece of cottonwood and with great intensity. It has beautiful blossoms in the spring that smell so fresh and provide succulent, sweet fruit in the fall. The leaves turn late in the fall and come down quickly all at once to be quickly cleaned away. Angel is his apple tree, while Tonya was just another cottonwood, who but Angel could he pick.

“Hay you two!” Jeff yells, threw a partially filled mouth of food. “Need to save some of that for the initiation. Besides you’re missing out on all this great food.”

Bill pulls his head away just long enough to say, “I’m getting all the nourishment I need right here.” Promptly he lowers his head to Angel’s other breast, giving it the same treatment.

“Ooohhh, God Bill.” Angel moans. Oooohh! Yes, that feels so good. Suck my tits, Babe. You’re making me hotter every second.” Bill sucks as much of that breast into his mouth as he can, flicking his tongue across the hard little nipple with force and speed.

“Augh! Oh! Yes!” Angel moans even louder. “I’m close to cumming, Babe. Suck ‘em harder!”

Bill does that for just a few seconds more, but then pulls out from under her grasp and kneels down before her in front of the couch. He grabs her skirt, flipping it up; grabs her thighs, pulling her to the edge of the couch and dives down into her muff. Without teasing or even searching his mouth pushes the already swollen lips aside. Puckering his lips until he finds her clitoris, he spreads them out to tightening the skin around it. His tongue immediately begins flicking back and forth across the tender little nub with as much force and speed as it had on her nipple.

The moment his tongue makes contact with her clit, Angel arches her back and thrusts herself up into his wonderful mouth. The sensation takes complete control of her body the rumblings of her orgasm deep at the base of her spine begin to erupt immediately as she lets out a low, guttural, “Aaaaaauuuuuuughhhhhh!” that grows louder and louder, until everyone within three or four tables stops whatever they were doing, turns and stares.

The sensation beginning a the base of her spine, quickly runs up her back into her neck, across her chest making her nipples harder and more sensitive. Her stomach knots, while simultaneously the muscles in her legs and arms contract. While all these sensations are rapidly engulfing her entire body, she holds her last thrust firmly into his mouth. Angel’s hips and arched back hover above the couch, every muscle in her body taught, she holds her breath; until suddenly all these sensations move rapidly from throughout body and simultaneously explode deep in her cunt. With that and the her last Auuughhh just tapering off, she renews it with yet another deep and loud, “Aaaaugh!... Oh Myyyyyy God!... I’m cum… mmm… ing!” she almost screams as the spasms take over. At the end of each one she relaxes her back down to the couch, only to arch it again and thrust even harder into his mouth as yet another consumes every part of her body. Bill continues to flick his tongue relentlessly across her clit, grasping her thighs tightly with his arms in order to stay with her. Her hands pull at the back of his head, holding him tight to her pussy. Bill just loves this part, where he is in total control of her. He loves to feel her responding to his wiggling tongue and sense the desperate need in her clutching fingers.

“Oh God, Yes!... Oooh, oooohhh, Yes!” She screams, over and over again between spasms, her head rolling back and forth into the cushions of the couch. She squeezes her eyes tightly shut and her face is all contorted in response to the rapture surging throughout her body. “Oooh, yes!... Eat me!... Oh my God!... Yes!... Ooohh, yes!...” she yells over and over again.

As Bill continues to assault her clit with his wagging tongue, the spasms continue, growing stronger and stronger, until suddenly the intensity is just too much for Angel. Releasing her grip on the back of his head, she pulls her hands to his forehead and tries to push him away, begging, “Oooohh, no!... No more!... Too much… I can’t take… anymore!... Please stop!” Gasping a few more times she continues to plead, while Bill has no intention of halting his onslaught. “Please fuck me!... I need your cock!... I need to be fucked!... Please fuck meeee!”

Unable to withstand her pleas any longer, Bill reaches down, grabbing her ankles. He pulls them up onto his shoulders, pulls his head away from her snatch and slowly stands up, pulling her bottom slightly off the couch. Standing there with his hard outstretch dick even with her cunt, he tries to thrust himself into her unsuccessfully. After several missed stabs, Angel frantically grabs for his cock. Finally grasping it she guides it to her need. Bill thrusts with one hard, swift thrust and buries himself to the hilt. Cheers from all over the building, drown out Angel’s relieving gasp of, “Aaaaauuuuughhhh!...” But is soon followed by screams of ecstasy, for all to hear. “Ooooooh, yes!... Fuck me!... Feels soooo good!... Ooooohhhh God, yes!.... aaaahhhh!... oooooohhhh!... Yeah, Bill!... Fuck me!.... Fuck me!... Fuck me!...”

Bending over, Bill places his hands on the couch just to either side of her shoulders. Laying down on her he continues to thrust into her as hard and as fast as he can. Angel gasps as a new series of spasms begin to take control of her body. Slightly different than the others, for as his cock slams into her pussy, not only is her clitoris hammered, but the head of his cock rides along the roof of her vaginal canal, rubbing against that very special spot that just drives her wild.

With her legs bent back almost to her shoulders and Bill holding himself just slightly above her, he can thrust with deep long strokes, reaching deep almost to the opening to her womb. Thrusting and thrusting he keeps her in a state of orgasm. Although, not as intense as it was when his tongue was attacking across her clitoris, none the less very satisfying for Angel, as proven by her cries of passion. “Ooohhh, yes, Bill!... keep me cumming!... Fuck me, Babe!... Fuck me, harder!... Drive your!... fucking cock!... Drive your… hot… cock… up my cunt!... harder!...” she moans and gasps between spasms.

Bill, always dedicated to giving her as much pleasure as possible, tries to do just that. Summoning as much strength as possible he slams into her even harder and at the same time tries to increase the speed. Angel responds, “Yes!... Yes!... Ooohhh, yeah!... That’s it!... Give it to me!... Fuck me!... Fuck me!... Yes!... Yes!... Oooohhhh God, YESSSS!...” Her last yes is louder than the others as a very intense series of spasms begin to sweep over her anew.

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